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This is really a crappy piece of journalism let alone writting on the authors part. My grandmother was a journalist and author to boot. Drawing those kind of generalized coorelations is yellow at the very least; deliberate libel and slander in all likelyhood.

Neo-Nazis are very prevelant in eastern europe, britain, and greece as well. They're here stateside too with some in Alabama/Mississippi but now mostly up in the far northwest in oregon/washington/idaho where they mixed in with the doomsday survivalists. Other forms of ideology like communism, fascism, and socialism are extremely prevelant and pervasive over in eastern europe and greece.

Keep in mind the current events of greece and other euro countries at the moment. They are going through extreme financial pressures because of their socialist politics and agendas that allowed greece to fall into dire sovereign financial straits. Everyone over there had whatever they wanted w/o regard to consequences of the present or future (kind of like or USA mortgage housing bubble - not everyone can own a home). Over there the benefits and entitlements are egregiously out of whack with relation to the reality of their taxes, revenue, spending, etc. So now with austerity cuts for the eurobailout, most of the greeks will have substantially reduced benefits, if any at all for that country to even get on track to right itself and will have to go back to work, which leaves so many of the population looking for where to lay the blame for their greed. The author did a nice job also trying to assert a connection with the GW Hobby (its not exactly cheap to play) and peoples jobs/wealth/income/education into a categorical conclusion that would garner resentment/backlash/retaliation from those outside the hobby/community. Oh well if they can afford to play WH40K then maybe they had involvement/responsibility/culpebility in the greek financial crisis. Let's lynch them all, and oh btw they are all neo-nazi racists so it's ok to hate/kill/murder them, they are not people....

Simply put just because a neo-nazi likes to watch bugs bunny or drink pepsi doesn't automatically make those products pro neo-nazi. I just love how the author tries make it soo matter of fact that if you play Black Templars, you are automatically and unequivocally a racist and neo-nazi, no questions asked. I almost guarantee that the author has not even bothered to read even just the tiniest preface of any of the wh40k books/novels or source/rulebooks/codexes.

WH40K is a science-fiction setting about humanites very survival and the trials and tribulations our species has possibly gone through and will have to endure in an extremely far-off future. It's not racist in my opinion. Haven't read any text in any book so far that describes the crusading fleets of the black templars and waging genocide on just those humans of hispanic decent or asian decent or african american decent or off muslim or jewish faith (trying to be PC hehe). Humans are sort of expected to honour and revere the Emperor who did something as trivial and meaningless as reuniting and reconnecting humanity and saving it from extinction, but thats nothing (/sarcasm). And it's not a complete xenophobic principle either because the IG have Ogryns and Ratlings (need to bring back squats - we need space dorfs). The Tau don't want to destroy humans, they think they can do better at governing is all hehe (the greater good). If someone walks up to you on the street and punches you in the face, are you expected to love the douche, hug him, thank him, and then invite him to dinner? [email protected] no and nor should the imperium do the same in WH40K when the eldar would gladly and w/o hesitation sacrifice the entire human species to save just one eldar, or when the tyranids want to consume all the biomass that exists, or when the orks loot and pillage and raid, or when the dark eldar enslave and torture captured human survivors, or when the depravity of chaos engulfs and burns everything in their path, etc, etc. (I play SM, IG, tau, orks, nids so my POV is tilted/skewed to those hehe).

War is ultimately about the control of limited resources; whether it's lives (who provide taxes, labor, or cannon fodder R&F soldiers), water, money, materials, food, air, etc. The game mechanics and fluff and models are there to enact the battles and wars that invariably ensue over control of said resources. I don't see any text that requires you to be a racist if you choose to play the game or teaches you how to become one and that article really pisses me off.

For a bit of history, back around WWII, it was found out that Henry Ford (you know the guy who founded Ford Motor Co.) and the guy who founded IBM, were big sympathizers and supporters of Hitler. The Nazi mass production lines can be attributed to Ford and the punchcard technology, computers, and systems that were used to develop Nazi rocketry were thanks to those who started IBM. Now today we don't hold those companies responsible for something that did happen. Question now should be why is this author specifically trying to make a company like GW, and our hobby community for that matter, be specifically and solely responsible for all the bad elements and issues plaguing our global society that have existed since before most of us?

Used to get put through the ringer all the time by my lutheran aunt because I played D&D and she automatically proclaimed I was into satanic devil-worshipping and witchcraft (actually I always played clerics or paladins and went out to heal people or defeat devils/demons and other evildoer-types' nefarious plans etc but whatever). Oh and she was never wrong and to say otherwise, well you were attacking a christian and hence were attacking god himself, so again whatever hehe. For those of you who don't know TSR = WotC = Hasbro now and hasbro was tossing lawsuits left and right for the longest time when anyone even thought about thinking something bad about D&D when they acquired Wizards of the Coast. Hope GW does the same brings the legal warhammer to bear here and soon.


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Icon HaHa 40k games are racist?

This is the 1st post i have made on Heresy i believe and man what a topic to comment on! I am from rural United States, I am also what this "journalist" would refer to as a war-mongering, American Imperialist (having served my country as a nuclear electrician). For her to coin 40k as racist is comedic. Especially when in her article she (and i qoute) says "George, a mulatto (from a Greek father and a mother from impoverished Louisiana), ". Hell i'm from Alabama and we dont even refer to people of mixed background by that term. and "impoverished louisiana"? Has this journalist ever been to louisiana? or is she using what she may have seen on tv to be fact for what louisiana is? Don't get me wrong, i'm not defending louisiana (lived there will never do it again!), all areas of the world have "impoverished areas".

..."I have seen in the US the ideology of the army and the player matching to a dangerous degree. I've even seen a player with swastikas tattooed all over his body".
First off the U.S. Military does not abide hate or tattoo's all over a military personel's body. If you are found to be part of a hate group while serving in the U.S military that is ground for court-martial and dishonorable discharge from the military.
And if by "US ideology of the army" she means having the courage to stand up for a set of beliefs such as valor, honor, justice, and freedom; to sacrifice time with your family and friends and your life if need be, THEN YES i am HONORED to even be associated with that type of ideology.
I am sorry for ranting as i have and i hope no one takes this post the wrong way. For this journalist to associate nazi's with 40k players and the us military is a disgrace.
I wonder if the journalist has seen a doctor for her medical condition? i believe it is classified as a Rectal-Cranial inversion. Anywho's madcow keep up the good work and it has been a pleasure rading all the posts on this forum.
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I am Alpharius.
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I dearly wish that the GW brings forth the Legalhammer and starts swinging it around...

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I found it kind of funny that she pretty much stated that since they all studied Mien Kamf that they were funny. And yet right before that she said that they were all university graduates or students were there are classes were it is required reading.

And obviously she never paid attention in history class or she would know that Christian Knightly Orders which the Black Templars are based on used red white and black colors way before the Nazis.

See I would find this type of article hilarious if it wasn't for the fact that there are people stupid enough to believe this trash.

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[email protected] is a valid one. My response to the article was immediate. All responses to later emails were copies of the reply I got.

I am Greek, and a friend of Antipope (actually, we are in the same gaming guild, and I also write on the cadia122nd blog). The "38 year-old biotechnologist" is also a friend of ours. That journalist called him for an interview, and the first thing she asked was "have you read 'mein kampf'?" I mean, that's ridiculous..!

By the way, most of the statements made by players were either ironic towards the silliness of the journalist, or there are parts which were not included. You can parallel that with someone saying "I love children about social equality. People should have equal rights regardless of sex", and the journalist publishing that he said "I love children sex."

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I actually dont disagree with a lot of the journalist points. The fluff is based on extreme ideologies etc. However I don't give a crap - its fun and I play it because it is!

I am the White Knight!

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That article is bullshit. 40k is not racist. Anyone who draws racism from 40k wants to find racism in it and will cling to the tiniest thing that could be translated to a situation in real life.

MadCow thank you for replying to this article with a good statement about its utter BS.


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Don't bother sending mail to this institution, that would only make it look like you validate their existence as a news source. As a journalist, I must stress that propagandist and sensationalist sources like these are best ignored (Fox News, Daily Mail, now this) as they are just considered commentary, not journalism.

A hundred years ago, it was "in" to burn books that were "ungodly". A few decades, violent movies were the type of media under scrutiny by the older generation that did not understand them. Now it is video games, and honestly I'm surprised the sensationalist commenter's eye hadn't been directed at Warhammer earlier.

The ignorant will seek to make a villain out of that which they don't understand, and by extension, fear.

Just ignore it and pat yourself on the back knowing that you are too smart to validate such idiocy.

PS: There was also a connection made in Norwegian newspaper VG to Anders Behring Breivik last week to some of the lingo he used in police interviews. He had described the word Justicar Knight, and they had found this word used in WH40K (Grey Knights). However, this news source had the integrity and self control not to use this to launch some kind of crusade against a silly game. (Even if they did print a half-page size image of the miniature in question)

That's how you tell the difference between real news sources and scaremongering static.

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Norway needs another Varg Vikernes.

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I dont really understand why Mein Kampf is such a big deal to the journalist? The only reason she brings it up seems to be because it was written by Hitler and not by it's contents. I actually downloaded the audio book but after 5 hours of listening to the guys moaning and bitching I gave up. I almost fell asleep, it was like some sort of drama series where they drag out a plot over 200 episodes that could have been explained in 1 just to have "content". The book is boring as fuck but it does bring up an interesting point, the need for a boogie man.

In todays world it's terrorists, well for americans it is at least, there is always a need to alienate people in todays politics and the sad thing is it actually works. It goes from; us against them, we are in the right and they are in the wrong, they aren't real people/humans so it's ok to kill them. It unites people to a common cause, this is something 40k reflects very well, mankind against the evil xenos. It doesn't exactly help that all, YES EVEN THE TAU, alien races in 40k are evil in their own ways. This in turn is something allot of, if not all, gamers adhere to. Just ask the question if someone is on the Emprahs side or on Horuses side, you will probably get a very vocalised EMPRAAHH! or DEATH TO THE FALSE EMPEROR OF MANKIND!! but it's all in the spirit of the game.
For a person uneducated in the history of 40k this might seem fascist or perhaps as some initiation into a neo nazi organis......AHAHAHAHAHAHA, I can't even say that with a straight face

This journalist is full of crap, it's pretty obvious to us that she has no idea about anything and is only trying to make a story out of something that was probably pushed on her.
"If I have to make a story about some shitty hobby I might as well try to make it interesting"

This picture I just threw together from a popular meme is the best way I can describer this type of journalism. The sad part is the ignorant masses might believe it's true, then again it would be kinda funny if an angry mob set fire to all the GW stores in Greece claiming they are breeding grounds for neo nazis. (No idea what a neo nazi is but I assume it's worse than a regular nazi as it's used more often or something).
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