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Default Magic: The Gathering Players!

Hi guys I've been looking around heresy and I haven't found many threads to do with Magic: The Gathering. As my local warhammer retailer also stocks 'Magic' I thought there might be some other 'Magic' enthusiasts out there.

So on this thread feel free to post anything about 'Magic' within reason!
Just to get started off I play a Red, Green deck and I like upgrading creature to inflict as much damage possible in the game (stuff spells!).

From that comment you can probably tell I play BTs!!!

EDIT: Sorry my computer had a spaz and I accidently posted this 2ce!

People can have their own opinion, but not their own facts.

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nice boy, daft though !
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i was quite the addict when i was younger, i started playing in 1994, along side playing 40k and roleplaying games, My friends and i picked it up as something to play while others were on the 40k board or to play at the pub,we also played some 6 player games with stupid large decks, i remember also almost ending face first in my birthday meal because i have played magic for the previous 36 hours with no sleep, my girlfriend at the time was not amused, One of my friends was particularly good and went to tournaments and did pretty well in the seedings for the UK, the rest of us would loan him cards to tailor his deck as well as checking the local game stores for second hand rares.
I havent played in years, but did enjoy it, have played a few other similar card games including the star wars ones, but magic was just the best. I tended to play green with either red or white.

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I play edh(commander) and type 2 red/black vampires. Problem is everyone netdecks now days so you get to play the same deck 3 times in a row....
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A few of my friends play so I just started. When I was young I went crazy over buying more and more cards for a another ccg (yu-gi-oh if your wondering, looking back I wonder what their card designers were smoking) so I decided for magic I will never own more than 300 cards.

I now have a white and blue (with hints of green) deck I have yet to play.
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I've always been pretty into Magic. Since moving to Washington I've gotten to know people who work at WotC, and have toured there twice. Each time I got probably 100,000 cards for free, because the playtesters literally have so many cards they don't know what to do with them. They were quite literally giving me bagfuls of packs and decks.

As you can therefore probably imagine, I have several decks. The three I use most often, however, are a Black/Green, a Black/Blue/Artifact, and a straight Blue.

I also have a Black/White, a Black/Red, two White/Blues, a White/Green, a Black/Blue/Red, a Green/Red/White, a Red/White, and a straight Green.

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Used to play quite a bit, even some Pro Tour matches. I kind of grew out of it after a while, but I'd been playing for a long time by then. I started with Unlimited (collecting at Revised) and finally stopped actively playing/collecting after Kamigowa, so that's around 12 years. My reasons for stopping was price of playing the game competitively, and a desire to try other table top games like 40k, Fantasy, and other CCGs. I still play every now and again with friends, and I try to take part in at least 1 draft tournament when I go to Gencon every year.

I've played decks of all types and colors, but my favorite deck to play was my 5 color Legend deck from the Invasion block (Invasion, Planeshift, Apocalypse). It was a tournament viable deck that got me into a few semi final matches but it just wasn't strong enough in the block to make it to the final victory.
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well i have my Angels EDH deck. My type 2 Myrsplosion deck (named by a friend) and my all black vamp deck, which safe to say is one of the more hated decks, along with one friend blue control decks. Im the guy known for making these random decks that some how work, that or using card mechanics that everyone else swears sucks to great effects.

Some days i swear my dice are trying to get me killed.
Is it bad sportsmanship to cackle evilly during ones game?
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Yes all quite interesting,

I've only been playing a while and since I started the artwork has been relatively good XD
At my local magic store Friday nights are pretty big and all the randoms who play 'yu-gi-oh' get banished to the back of the store!

People can have their own opinion, but not their own facts.
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I have been playing magic since far as decks go the one I play most competivly is a 2 land charbelcher deck.

Necrons 2-1-0
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Mad as a sack of Squigs
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I play a blue/black that makes opponants discard cards and suffer damage
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