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  Topic Review (Newest First)
06-01-11 03:51 AM
Raptors8th None of the lists have more than 1 HQ and one troop each, that's what the tourney required.
05-31-11 11:55 PM
Bauz @Space Wolves list, don't you need to have a minimum of one HQ and two troop choices?
05-30-11 02:27 PM
Hammer49 I quite like Raptors8th suggestion, and it seems to be a very solid list for the two parts.
05-30-11 02:21 AM
Raptors8th Doubles tourneys fall largely to which army combo can get the best gimmicks, and BA+SW can get some pretty amazing ones. You're not using any of them though. BA have one of the most amazing bubble-buff units in the game in the form of sanguinary priests. They're libraians also have psychic hoods, which is important in this case (I'll explain why later), and can spam fast melta better than almost everyone. So take advantage of this.

500 point BA to complement SW:

w/ JP
Sanguine Sword, Blood lance

2 Sanguinary Priests
w/ JPs

10 Assault Squad
w/ 2 meltaguns, Infernus Pistol, PF

So this is your roaming group, and provides the core of your anti-tank force (melta, BL & PF/sword). Combat squad the Assault marines, stick a meltagun and a priest in each squad, and put the libby in the squad without the sarge.

So now for the gimmicks. Sanguinary priests+Thunderwolf cav. Your damage soaking rock just got another save, and also hits harder. Also, Rune priests get runic weapons, which stack with hoods for double psychic protection. Very nice thing to have. So:

500 point SW to complement BA:

w/ CotS

5 GH
w/ WS, meltagun

4 thunderwolf cav
1 w/ TH, SS
1 w/ SS
1w/ MB

So pretty simple, GHs hang back or walk up to midfield objectives whil RP LLs stuff, switch to murderous hurricane+bolters if anything gets into assault range, and the cav rush forward with the jumpers to mash face. Easy. Feel free to drop me a PM if you've got any questions.
Good Hunting

EDIT: Give the Rune Priest a WTT, your five points short and it just makes your psychic defense even more ridiculous.
05-27-11 09:51 PM
Asura Varuna Starting with Blood Angels then:

Librarian is fine, provides some nice Psychic defence and the like as well as being able to get to where he's needed.

I don't like BA Tactical Squads. I think the writes are trying to make you take Assault squads by simply making them much better. Unless your collect is not permitting, I strongly advise that you turn those tactical marines into assault marines. Perhaps consider:

9 Assault Marines (remove jump pack); Powerfist, Meltagun, Rhino

That way you get a solid assault element which can be supported by the Grey Hunters.

As for the scouts, I'd rather take a Sanguinary Priest with some power weapon or other; I consider a fist quite risky on a one wound Independent Character, so perhaps going for a Claw might not be too bad a choice in this situation. That also comes out 20 points cheaper than the Scouts. He can hop in the Rhino with the Assault Marines and give them some pretty epic FNP cheesiness. :D

As for the Landspeeder, although it's yet another change to your list, I think the Assault Cannon is massively overpriced for what it does. For those points I'd be tempted, personally, to take a Typhoon Missile Launcher instead, and then sit back and pop transports. Unfortunately though, to do that, you've got to be pretty stationary (6" movement), which forgoes your greatest defence in Skimmers Moving Fast. Another option would be to give it a pair of Multimeltas for tank-popping-goodness.

Now for Space Wolves:

Wolf Priest is fine. I'm personally more partial to the Rune Priest, but with a Librarian in the combined force, I think you're set for Psychic defence as it is. A Rune Priest would offer you a chance to get Jaws of The World Wolf into your list, which is particularly appealing. That said, Oath of War isn't too shabby either.

Wolf Guard are nice, they offer loads of opportunities for customisation, which I see you've capitalised on. Personally, I'd field a forth, in power armour, with a power fist. He could be joined to your Grey Hunters for a stronger CC kick as well as a leadership boost. A Wolf Guad with a Power fist is 38pts, and has 2 attacks; a Grey Hunter with a Power Fist is 40 pts and has 1 attack. Seems a no brainer to me. That said, it would mean you'd have to drop a Plasma Gun from your Hunters, as the squad size drops below 10.

Hunters look good, I've already mentioned my thoughts on the Power fist guy, and how that would affect the second Plasmagun. I'm more a fan of Melta on these infantry squads (as you may have noticed ;)) so perhaps swapping out the Plasmagun for a Meltagun could be a good idea (assuming you drop the squad down to 9 men for that wolf guard). The remaining 5 points could then give the Wolf Guard a Combi-melta for a bit more anti-tank in a single shooting phase.

Apologies for the number of alterations I've suggested - I know that often, the models won't be available for these sorts of changes for a list, but they are, in my opinion, the alterations which would make the lists as strong as they could be.

So what I'd take:

Blood Angels:

Librarian - Sanguine Sword, Wings of Sanguinus, Jump Pack. [125]
9 Assault Marines remove jump packs - Meltagun, Power Fist, Rhino [222]
Sanguinary Priest - Lightning Claw, Infernus Pistol [80]
Landspeeder - 2 Multimeltas [80]


A little different from what I orginally suggested to make up the points, but the thoughts there still stand. (perhaps you might want to rework the last 40 points (the Jump Pack and Infernus Pistol) a little bit o suit your liking)

Space Wolves

Wolf Priest - Terminator Armour [120]
4 Wolf Guard:
- Terminator Armour, Storm Shield, Thunder Hammer
- Terminator Armour, Pair of Wolf Claws
- Terminator Armour, Chainfist
- Power Armour, Power Fist, Combi-melta

9 Grey Hunters - Meltagun, Rhino [175]


Hope that helps you a little.
05-27-11 05:52 PM
1000pts Blood Angel/Space Wolf doubles tourny

Hi me and my friend are entering a doubles tourny together. Its 500pts each with 1 Hq and 1 troop each as compulsory.

Blood Angels

HQ-Libby w/ sanguine sword, wings of sanguinius-100pts

Troop-Tactical Squad w/ 5*extra man, melta gun, missile launcher, rhino-225pts

Troop-Scout Squad w/ 4*sniper, missile launcher-85pts

Fast Attack-Land Speeder w/ heavy bolter, assault cannon-90pts


Space Wolves

HQ-Wolf Preist w/ terminator armour-120pts

Elite-3*Wolf Guard w/ 3*terminator armour, storm shield, thunder hammer, 2*wolfclaws, chainfist-159pts

Troop-10*Grey Hunter w/ 2*plasma guns, powerfist, rhino-220pts


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