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  Topic Review (Newest First)
05-29-12 06:24 PM
spanner94ezekiel Thank you

I see what you mean with the Special Characters overload. I suppose characters like Kraan or even Mercurus could simply be fluff characters (think Captain Agemman or Captain Uriel Ventris for example), but I wanted to put some rules to suit them. Essentially they're there to fulfill the "DA successor" type thingy, as masters of the 1st and 2nd companies.
05-29-12 01:59 PM
demonlord24 In my opinion, I think there's just a tad too many special Characters. Other than that, very good fluff for the chapter.
05-24-12 07:35 PM
spanner94ezekiel OK, so this is my finalised version of Codex: Black Typhoons, excluding Transport options which are the same as the entries found in other codices.
11-27-11 08:46 PM
spanner94ezekiel All units have been updated, plus the fluff, to suit previous criticisms. Any comments would be greatly appreciated
10-18-11 06:56 PM
spanner94ezekiel Thanks a lot for the positive comments mate, it's really encouraging for me.
I'll probably make some edits to what's been writtn so far next week.
10-18-11 03:41 AM
yoyoyo12365 Spanner, I'm quite glad to see that this is not an abandoned project, as I did really enjoy the fluff and ideas behind it. At the time of my first reading this, I was very new to the hobby, and knew very little of the fluff behind armies and wars and the High Lords of Terra. Looking back (on what I remember, not actually rereading, I'm too lazy for that), I can see that there were some fairly powerful units. I do look forward to you continuing with this chapters fluff, editing, revising, and hopefully one day I'll see a completed Codex.
10-14-11 04:42 PM
spanner94ezekiel That's a nice idea, butI probably wouldn't use "oaths" necause I don't go for the entire cultist belief with my Astartes. Maybe something similar though, could work quite well. With regards to Huron and the Badab War, I think I wrote that parricular bit of fluff a while back when I was entirely ignorant of such details, do when I get around to redoing the fluff I'l sort those details out.
10-14-11 04:44 AM
Phoebus You know, the biggest issue I see with such "specialist" Companies is... how could they ever guarantee who they would be fighting in one theater or another? "Oh, crap, Eldar! And I've spent all my time training against Necrons!" (or whatever).

In order for the Deathwatch to do what they do well, they have to recruit from amongst the baddest of the Chapters' warriors. With the Black Typhoons, this now becomes the province of, well, everyone. Here's an idea: why not go the route of the old Black Templars Codex and drop a number of points on an "Oath" concept. For 50 points and some stipulations, the BT got "preferred enemy" against the entire enemy army. This could easily represent hatred toward both Xenos and Chaos.

Where the other characters are concerned, I'd have to look over them again. One thing I noticed the first time around was a typo that referred to Huron Blackheart running around in the 37th millennium... when the Badab War only occurred near the end of the 41st millennium. That would make Huron a time-traveller and Mercurus... very old.

10-13-11 10:55 PM
spanner94ezekiel Cheers for the feedback Phoebus, it's nice to have constructive criticism
I hear what you're saying about the unexpanded fluff and I'll do my best to improve it. I was never really sure about the reasons for Arkyrus' disappearance admittedly. I think the idea of renegade -> redemption is a nice one as it ould mean I could incorporate the basic idea behind the dark watcher without going OTT on special rules. Tbh that character was basically me getting carried away which is why I shifted it to apocalypse so I could remove it from the final codex if I wanted to. In regards to the High Lords, I took the idea from the creation of the Disciples of Caliban (though admittedly the DA didn't get a direct audience with them, so I should edit that). The issue of travel toTerra I could cover in a whole new fluff works, about his transformation from Fallen to redemption. I'd therefore have to make them unofficial as you suggested, so that could help eliminate the issue of the uber-odyssey.
With regards to chapter organisation, it was originally just DA and in retrospect I should probably have kept it that way. The death company was later addition to expand on Arkyrus' mutated gene-seed via warp travel, but a bit of a long-shot so I may well remove that, especially after other similar comments on them. I would like to keep the xenos-specific companies, though I acknowledge this goes against the theme of hunting chaos/fallen. Maybe they have to train against xenos in the battle companies before being proven worthy to fight the ultimate enemy - chaos. Do you have any comments on the other special characters; as I understand some of their fluff needs expansion/revision?
Cheers again for the comments
10-13-11 10:29 PM
Phoebus Apologies in advance... I don't want to sound like a jerk.

The base premise of the Chapter is interesting: a Dark Angel gets sucked through the Warp during the destruction of Caliban and returns millennia later thirsty for revenge against Chaos.

Fair enough. Unique, to say the least, but such is life. And here we go...

1. Why did Arkyrus get sucked through the Warp? As things stand, it's nothing more than Deus Ex Machina. He was sucked in because he was. Why was he the only loyal Dark Angels this happened to? Because.

See what I mean? It's - no offense - just dull for something so critical to happen for no reason other than the fact that this is how you wanted the story to go.

2. How did Arkyrus get to Terra? We're talking about an Odyssey that makes THE Odyssey look like a mundane stroll - a walk to go get the groceries. He literally travelled most of the length of the Galaxy to get to the High Lords and all we get is a one-liner wherein "he just did so"?

Did he hitch a ride? Did he book passage on a cruise line? Did he reveal himself to some agency or another?

3. How did Arkyrus get his powers? Astelan was taken by Chaos for ten millennia, then he returns, and he is promptly captured by the Dark Angels. No super powers. Nor do the Fallen have any special powers of their own in the Codices. Cypher has some pretty cool powers (well, the power of an escape artist extraordinaire and the power to get people riled up and in the mood for rebellion) but at least he has some interesting background. It's not just a one-liner.

4. How did Arkyrus get access to the High Lords of Terra? We're talking about the most reclusive, guarded, and powerful people in the Galaxy. They are surrounded by more red tape than the rest of the Galaxy, and probably more Assassins and warriors than any other place. The solar system itself has more defenses than Cadia. But he just got an audience after some difficulty? A random Astartes who maybe claims to be from six thousand years ago?

There's just so much missing, man.

A lot of folks have already talked about how overpowered your characters are. The last time I felt this way was when I saw the stats for a couple of the characters from the new Space Wolves Codex, or when I saw the new Mephiston. But you could put those Space Wolves and Mephiston together and they STILL wouldn't be able to take on your guys. There's something wrong with that.

I mean, come on. A mortal initiate fought the Chapter Master for hours?

That's alright, though, we're all guilty of that. I remember trying to come up with a home-made character who would be the leader for this awesome Imperial Guard Regiment. His stats ended up making him look like the unholy clone-child of Ursarkar Creed and Lord Solar Macharius, with one of Logan Grimnar's powers to boot.

So let's focus on the Chapter itself.

Blood Angels AND Dark Angels. Why? Why on Terra would Arkyrus want Blood Angels Gene-seed for his Chapter? For that matter, why would the presiding Supreme Grand Master of all the Unforgiven - on whose recommendation this whole thing went down - acquiesce to this? Gene-seed is a religious matter for Astartes; it's the genetic legacy of their Primarch, and their indoctrination makes it more meaningful to them than their mortal bloodline. Additionally, why would the High Lords acquiesce to this? By M37, they'd already seen the horrid results of the Cursed Founding, which focused on such experimentation.

Honestly, it just sounds like an excuse to field a Death Company of some sort.

And then you have all these specialized Companies. The Chapter is such a mix of so many different concepts that it ends being nothing, really. It's Dark Angels (Ravenwing) meets Blood Angels (Death Company) meets Deathwatch (Xenos-focused Companies) meets Red Hunters (driven to hunt down Chaos). In my humble opinion, the flavor and cool factor of the Chapter's core, root ideas are lost beneath a landslide of concepts that make other Chapters cool.

But really, the Dark Watcher is where, frankly, you lost me. You were seemingly so concerned to incorporate all these disparate concepts, but then you introduce an element that contradicts the core of your idea: a Fallen who is somehow forgiven by the last people who would EVER do so (Asmodai and the Dark Angels)... and then not only accepted but put in a position of supreme responsibility by a man whose very reason to create this Chapter was to destroy the Fallen.

I know I sound like a jerk right now. I promise, that's not my intent.

Here are a few recommendations:

What if Arkyrus was taken away because, ahem, he wasn't that good a guy to begin with? What if, after he returned to the mortal realm his adventures didn't lead him to Terra... but to the realization that he was what he hated? This would give him a unique background and a fresh perspective on hating the Fallen.

What if his Chapter is not even sanctioned? Knowing the High Lords would not (realistically) sanction his request, what if the Black Typhoons are a collection of repentant renegades whom Arkyrus gathered by his side over the ensuing centuries?

Under such a context, an Astartes who walked in the darkness of Chaos only to fight the monumental battle of repentance (the Dark Watcher) becomes somewhat more plausible (I would still recommend you don't make him an immortal, unbeatable badass)... since the rest of his newfound Chapter don't have a reason to, you know, torture and/or kill him at their earliest opportunity.

You can bet that the Ordo Hereticus would be curious as hell about this band should they ever hear of them. And I'd dare to offer that this would make for better reasoning than "the High Lords decided to play Coctail with our Gene-seeds".

Just thoughts, man. But right now, it seems as if you have a confusing, uncomfortable mix of couple of Chapters along an unhealthy dose of Inquisition... and the most super-powered Astartes since the Great Crusade.

Please don't throw things at me!

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