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08-14-08 02:42 AM
Col. Schafer Let’s look at it like this- The Tau can hover and have perfect mobility. The Eldar can hover and have perfect mobility and can teleport (web way portals (If DOW applies))

On the other hand the Eldar had longer to work on it.

Oh, and the Tau are racist, their just willing to allow "inferior races" to jump on the bandwagon.
08-11-08 02:52 PM
Cato Sicarius Eldar aren't really racist. They just say things like "Inferior Humans!", because they're scared that the "mon-keigh" might come along and kick their asses. This way they 1) put this thought out of they're heads and 2)try to intimidate the "mon-keigh", which ultimately doesn't work. They have forseen the days when the Tau own half the Galaxy, the Tyranids are warring with them, the Orks have all ganged up, and ultimately the humans and Eldar and Necrons are being (to qoute from Star Wars) "hunted down and defeated!".

P.S. Ultramarines have had enough insults! Start mocking other armies!
08-11-08 09:52 AM
Red Orc
Originally Posted by arhain View Post
...and how are the eldar racist they are surrouned by people who just want to kill them...
The eldar are racist because they believe their 'race' is better than any other 'race', just like any other racist does.

The odd sensible Eldar (Elda?) like Ulthan the Perverse doesn't change the general thrust of Eldar society. Nor does the fact that their neighbours want to kill them. At least part of the reason their neighbours want to kill them is that they are horrible racists. Just like the Humans in 40k.

The Tau and the Orks aren't racists though, Orks will kill anyone, and Tau will assimilate anyone. Racial heirarchy theories aren't necessary for either of these cultures... in the case of Orks, I use the term "cultures" rather loosely!

:social studies cyclops:
08-11-08 04:50 AM
arhain in the old tau codex has some nice words about the tau from eldrad

and how are the eldar racist they are surrouned by people who just want to kill them

and every one in 40k is arggroant
08-10-08 07:10 PM
cooldudeskillz i think the necrons are more advanced in technology than eldar or tau.
08-10-08 04:55 PM
me987654 The Tau have FTL travel.... .what they don't have is navigators.. .which limits them to very short jumps
08-03-08 10:36 PM
Red Orc I absolutely agree with Angel here... the Eldar are terrible racists (I say this as someone who plays Eldar), and the Tau are unbelievably smug & patronising.

There are [/i]no[/i] good guys in 40k, IMHO. Orks are the closest in my opinion, because they're neither evil not hypocrites, after that it's probably 'nids and Necrons, who are just doing what they do. Oh, and the Dark Eldar, who, though evil, are at least honest about it.

Not high flyers in the "good guys" list usually, any of them, but, frankly... 40k is a moral cesspool. Really. They're only "good" in comaprison to decadence of the Eldar, humans and chaos, and the presumption of the Tau.

:feeling sullied cyclops:
08-03-08 09:44 PM
vorbis eldar dont use magic see clarkes third law
08-03-08 03:23 PM
Angel of Retribution Who's to say what is right and wong? What is right to the Imperium may be wrong for the Tau. What is wrong for the Eldar may be right for the Tau etc....one mans dream is another mans nightmare. I haven't been in 40k very long and i don't have the wealth of knowledge some of you guys out there have but i have seen that the Eldar are racist and arrogant, im sure they would have no problem in handing the Tau their doom. But right now i think they've got their hands full with Slaanesh.

But the Tau are also a magnificently arrogant race...thinking their way is the correct and only way and then destroying those that dont believe. That doesn't seem very righteous to me. Sounds just as nasty as the rest of the galaxy. But if they keep on going like that they'll end up pissing someone off enough to where they get there arses handed to them in bin bags.
08-03-08 02:43 PM
Krovin Rezh I will agree with you on 1 and 2, but my experience with the fluff of the eldar is that they are not interested in crushing other races that are not a threat to their way of life.

The Craftworlds are mainly concerned with the forces of Chaos because they're destroying the galaxy. The Eldar actually do not mind the Imperium so much. They just know how easily the humans can accidentally make things worse for everyone. The only other times the Eldar attack are when Farseers need to change the course of the future to avert greater threats, and if they are themselves under attack.

In the case of the Tau, they have the enlightened leadership of Aun'Va and the Ethereals to keep them from making the wrong decisions. It's hard to imagine a galaxy ruled by the Tau being nearly as bad as the current one, and the Farseers must be able to see that.
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