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01-06-11 03:40 AM
turel2 I agree with the OP.

The realm of battle board is nice if you can afford the price, but the point of having a board is so you can customise the terrain for each battle.

An added benefit of having a custom board is that you can be as creative as you like. all you need is some ideas and some plasticard/plastic bits/rescued junk.
01-06-11 02:58 AM
TheKingElessar Precisely, Alexious.

As regards the RoB board - my only real qualm is that it removes an element of skill, in distance judging.

If there were a way to blur away the dividing lines between squares, then great!

As is...meh.
01-06-11 12:13 AM
Alexious I dont fathom the hate for the terrain in general.

The fact of the matter is quite simply, after purchasing your army... and painting it the next logical step is to get a gamers dollar by doing terrain. Its a value add sale that GW are going after and it makes sense. Admittedly GW does some fairly basic terrain without looking at different types at any level of detail. It would be nice if they did a river, more light obstruction stuff and different models. BUT... at least they are now having a go at it and a board, which for a lot of gamers, yes can be done with MDF or equivelant... but for some, a plastic pack up fast board that can slide under your bed is a good option. Its up to the individual whether or not they choose to pay the price for it, source their own or make their own.

The screams of GW are a rip off are well and truly overplayed. If you don't want to pay it... then don't. Nobody is forcing anyway to purchase anything. Gw market a system and minatures, if you wish to be involved in their GW events and GW event places, you use their stuff.. sounds reasonable to me. Its a bit like saying... ok lets allow anything to be used for this system... oh thats right... we own or rent the building, pay the TO, pay the people to advertise the event, pay the wages, pay the sundry costs... and people get upset when we say sorry cant use your Victrix models? Well Victrix didnt create the system! LOL... GW would have gone bankrupt years ago if that was the case. It's only for GW events! Or do people have this belief that if its a FLGS event or another independent event that it counts as something less than legitimate? Or something? Nobody at GW is saying the event at your local FLGS can't use count as models or whatever... they just want their models used at their events and their activities. Which they are marketing and paying costs for!

Not that long ago... GW terrain consisted of cardboard bits you got in a basic set with your orginal AOBR basic set or it's day equivelant. As a rules set for its too largest sellers 40k and WFB with TLOS now being so important, I am glad GW is actually doing something with it beyond 3 plastic bits in the box set.

As for WD using it as their we were playing on this surface... well good on em, they created a product and are using it... I would be doing the same thing if it was my company producing it. I would want my product being used not somebody elses. why would I even create a product if I am going to show another?

Do people really think that GW are not a business and need to make money... they do. If you don't want to pay for the product then play something else in general. And I cannot honestly ever see GW saying play on this board with this terrain or your event is NOT legit... even if they did... well its their rules system... its not open licence for anyone, they own it, they created it or own the creation rules for it. They can charge what the market will accept.
01-05-11 08:32 PM
Sethis I agree and disagree with the OP.

I think the (non-RoB) terrain that GW makes is good in quality, is very resilient, and looks better than anything made out of cardboard. It's not massively overpriced for what it is either (per pound of plastic). The Imperial Sector plus a couple of other bits is a fast, easy way to start up the board you just made. Yes, you could do everything yourself, but the odds are that it would look worse and take much longer to build an equivalent volume. You pay for convenience and quality. I have no problems with them using it in all their WD battles or whatever.

That said, I think WD and the hobby as a whole has lost something due to the proliferation of said scenery and lack of articles from GW on the subject. The article at the tail end of 2nd Edition showcasing their "crashed spaceship" terrain (anyone else remember that? It had a huge Thunderbird 2 looking pod, a crashed escape pod with the skeleton of a crewman with a fire extinguisher inside and some more stuff) and how to build it was my keystone for building terrain from age 10-13. It would be nice if more people combined what they buy with what they make themselves.

The RoB is an expensive alternative for people who can't be bothered. That's all it is. Anyone with any sense just buys the aforementioned 6x4 of MDF and sprays it with a textured paint can or something.

Frankly I don't see why WD doesn't have a battle report or two that are run on the tables at WW. As has been said, they are all freaking awesome. I bet it would also increase the number of people visiting GWHQ due to people seeing what awesome tables they are and realising that they could play on them too, if they made a day trip to Nottingham.
01-05-11 08:15 PM
EmbraCraig I'm not getting this thread really. I can see why you'd complain about the pre-built scenery being all that's ever seen in white dwarf - I agree that they used to have lots of cool scratch built stuff in there.

But complaining about the Realm of Battle board being what they sit stuff on for photos? If they weren't using the realm of battle board, they'd use a plain, flocked piece of wood painted, green, grey or desert coloured... is it really that surprising that given the choice of using the kit they make (which they have piles of sitting in the warehouse behind them, including the ones they've painted and flocked for it's own promo shots), or putting together a board from scratch, then they use their own stuff?

Personally, I wouldn't pay for the gameboard... but I don't really see why it's such a big issue that GW sit stuff on them to take battle report photos etc?
01-05-11 07:17 PM
Svartmetall posting from work

Originally Posted by Stephen_Newman View Post
it does make me miss some of the specially created boards like the Basilica featured in the EoT campaign. Apparently it does not even exist in Warhammer World...
If you mean the partially bombed-out cathedral thingy, it basically wore out and fell apart after years of being the number one requested/booked/played-on piece of terrain in the place; I believe there are tentative plans to build a new terrain board along the same lines to replace it. It was great, though, I always wanted to play a game on that one.
01-05-11 03:40 PM
Marneus Calgar
I totally agree with you to be honest, its nice that GW make these for the users. But for the price, you can make something yourself... I could get 6 2' x 2' for a decent table that can be used on pretty much every surface, and then buy terrain/plasticard for the scenery... I reckon I could do that for half the price at least.
01-05-11 12:48 PM
The Son of Horus To be fair, White Dwarf is one big steaming pile of advertisement that they charge you, their dear reader, for. It's not surprising that they only show the terrain they're selling. Or the board they're selling. Or pushing the newest armies in their "Battle Reports" section.

Now, as someone who's built the majority of the tables and terrain at the local store, I'll say this for GW's stuff. It's actually quality product. The single Realm of Battle table we have (which was, funnily enough courtesy of Games Workshop when the things were released-- one was sent to every partnership-level independent retailer) has held up better than anything else, and the tables are used at least four times a week. As the person who also maintains the terrain and tables, I appreciate the sturdiness of the Realm Of Battle-- out of the twenty-six tables we have, it's the only one that has never required more than summary touch-ups of paint. Is the Realm of Battle a bit boring? Sure. But it's easy to spice up, it's easy to store, and it's borderline indestructible. The latter really has become a selling point, in my mind-- if you're going to have a single table, then it might actually be worth what they charge you since you'll never have to really maintain the thing the way something you've scratch-built will need to be.

As for GW's terrain-- it's also convenient, and competitively priced. Pegasus Hobby and Woodland Scenics also make quality product, but ultimately, they're not meaningfully cheaper. I've found the Imperial buildings kits to be fairly straightforward to work with provided you've got a file or a rotary tool with a sanding bit handy (GW can't measure 90 degrees for a damn), and hold up quite well. The moonscape set is also a great buy from GW, I think-- it's like $12 and it breaks up the flat surface of a table quite nicely without being terribly obstructive to things like line of sight and maneuvering. Apart from occasionally needing to re-glue random bitz back onto the GW-produced terrain and touch things up from wear and tear, the Citadel terrain requires very little work to keep in good shape.

Now, all that being said, there are a lot of things that GW doesn't make, and other companies do. And there are a lot of things that nobody makes, and you've got to scratch-build. In fact, more items fit the latter description than anything else. If you want any sort of terrain that goes for a table that's not "temperate woodlands" or "urban" in flavor, you're going to have to do it yourself. And that's fine.
01-05-11 12:27 PM
Originally Posted by Bubblematrix View Post
Do they actually sell these? I haven't ever seen anyone say "I am really pleased with my (lobotomy) realm of battle, I bought it because (I am a stupid GW fanboy) its soo unique and am really looking forward (to my medicine) painting it in my own (excrement) colour choices"
Jeebus, BM... Speaking of needing "medication"...

I actually bought one of the boards when they came out as a Christmas gift to my gaming group. Of course, I then turned it over to ANOTHER guy in the group to paint, as he's the "host" of where we game and also had the room to store it (Though it DOES fit nicely into it's storage bag). He did an excellent job of painting it up, and it looks rather good with our (mostly) painted armies on it. Expensive? Yes. But getting someone ELSE to paint it? Priceless
01-05-11 05:15 AM
DeathKlokk I have one. I won it though. It's really heavy! Very nice but, like most GW non-models, not worth the price.
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