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Thread: the most powerful psykers? Reply to Thread
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04-05-17 07:51 PM
Brother Lucian Perhaps its time with an updated list. Ezekiel with his feats in his titular book definitely ranks up there with the other mental powerhouses.
02-18-17 05:16 AM
Originally Posted by darkreever View Post
The thread is three years old now, so keep in mind any opinion brought to the table is going up against slightly more aged material.
Actually Reever, the OP was posted in '09, so really it's more like eight years old.

Also, on topic, since we're mentioning powerful psykers I'm gonna toss out the Doom of Malan'Tai, a zoanthrope mutant that fed off the souls of an entire craftworld and obliterated every living inhabitant of it. And given that it was never found, there's no telling where it might turn up again, especially if it somehow ended up in the webway.
02-17-17 10:07 PM
darkreever The thread is three years old now, so keep in mind any opinion brought to the table is going up against slightly more aged material.
02-17-17 09:33 PM
Shroomance this is a biased eldar players point of view, Ghazkhull thraka started armageddon, Eldrad just saw it coming, if your talking about the war for armageddon, if your actually talking about the end times, again eldrad just saw it coming Abaddon started it, he did not defeat a blackstone fortress by himself he put one in a dormant state and it nearly killed him, Magnus is by far the stronger psyker of the 2, even ranking the Chaos gods in any order is also incorrect, as they have a distinct order of Psychic power, Tzeentch first, come on he is the Chaos God of magic after all, then nurgle, then slaanesh, these to can be debated, slaanesh maybe more powerful, but is a hell of a lot more subtle than Nurgle, than Khorne who despises psychic trickery
09-19-13 08:19 AM
Svartmetall In 'Betrayer', it says that the Warp energy that went into the Ruinstorm that ends up Daemon-Prince-ifying Angron is the single largest amount of psychic energy ever channelled by one being...in this case, that being is Lorgar.
09-19-13 05:12 AM
Omoroule I have dug up some information relevant to the discussion, because what psyker discussion would be complete without some eldar power. Prepare yourselves for text!

Someone earlier mentioned the lack of information on dark eldar psykers. There is a good reason for this, which is elaborated on in "Path of the Renegade."

"The manifold gifts of the Eldar extended to very considerable psychic prowess and their ancient civilization had been built as much with thoughts as hands. But after the Fall the use of psychic powers became a sure way to attract deamons ... It was a hard vice to resist ... but the eldar kindred of Commoragh and its satellites soon learned to shun their psychic gifts, and to destroy those who pursued them despite the consequences. Now every scrap of their mental training focused on internalizing their powers and hiding their presence from She Who Thirsts."
Path of the Renegade pg. 30-31

So the dark eldar do not openly practice as psykers, as it attracts unwanted demonic attention. It is also important to note that the dark kin do not use soul stones, like their craftworld cousins, and instead are regenerated by regrowing their body by the haemunculi using a piece of the old body. It is possible that soul stones offer some kind of protection from the warp, but this is not elaborated upon as far as I can tell...

Secondly, there was some confusion as to who are the stewards of the Black Library are. This subject is touched upon in "Path of the Outcast."

"The Black Library of Chaos - Deep in the weft and folds of the webway is a craftworld unlike any other. It was to here that the Laughing God, Cegorach, first traveled when he escaped the clutches of She Who Thirsts. The scholars who dwelt upon the craftworld were surprised to see the god appearing among them, but he stilled their excitement and related to them his tale, and that of what had happened to the other gods. The Laughing God finished his narrative and disappeared, instructing the scholars and their protectors not to forget what he had told them. Thus was the Black Library founded, and the first of the Harlequins created. From the Black Library the followers of Cegorach travel far and wide, searching for all knowledge of the powers of Chaos and the manner of the dark gods of the Othersea. Artefacts of Chaos are brought here, for study and destruction, and within thousands of grimoires and tomes and volumes and tracts has been gathered an unprecedented literature concerning the warp and its denizens."
Path of the Outcast pgs. 147,148

So there you have it. The Harlequins are the masters of the Black Library, which has been canonized as a craftworld. This makes sense since it exists within the webway, like Commoragh, and the Harlequins are known to be masters of travelling the webway and its myriad pathways. Since it appears to be a vast collection of Chaos knowledge and artefacts then naturally the eldar would not want any Chaos sorcerers gaining entry.

As to the galaxy's most powerful psykers? Well, I am sure at least a couple humans would be up there, but considering that the eldar society nurtures and fosters growth of such naturally talented psychic beings, instead of stamping out most of them, then I am sure they would rank pretty high on the list. Unfortunately, since there has not been much eldar material released aside from codecies, then the main one that we know of is Eldrad, of course.
09-18-13 02:56 PM
Chompy Bits Eh, seeing as it's already been necro'd... Hyperion AKA Zael Effernetti should get a mention IMO.

He is noted as being a particular powerful psyker, even amongst the Grey Knights, which is definitely saying something.
09-18-13 03:09 AM
Protoss119 Just going to throw Magister Sevrin Loth of the Red Scorpions out there, and then I'll be on my way. In addition to his psychic might, he is also unusually martially inclined for a Librarian.
09-18-13 01:49 AM
Originally Posted by WanDeRingLunatic View Post
I find it intheresthing that I did not see any mention of Kaldor Dreigo, one of the most badass psykers alive!!!
Draigo may be badass and a psyker, but that doesn't make him a powerful psyker.

he is untainted by chaos, he has destroyed the realms of the chaos gods many times over and they can not kill him.
The Chaos Gods could kill him at will. They don't because it amuses them. His entire existence is at their discretion, if you don't think that's taint I don't know what is.

On the other hand Kaldor Dreigo burned Nurgles Plague jungle to the ground many times and still escaped unscathed.
As you say, he has burned it down many times, yet every time it returns exactly to normal. The same is true of every victory he has won, every kill he has ever made. Fleeting. A huge effort on his part undone in seconds by the power of the warp. That's why he exists. So the Chaos Gods can rub the nose of the most pious servant of the Imperium in his own uselessness.
09-18-13 01:41 AM
Originally Posted by Over Two Meters Tall! View Post
Magnus would still be formidible assuming his body doesn't flop to the ground useless with a broken back.
Magnus doesn't have a physical body anymore. The last spell he cast essentially turned him into a daemon. His current form is composed of Warp energy hence why it's very hard for him to manifest in realspace

At the time of his turning, Ahriman was very powerful in the Corvidae, but not much in the other disciplines.
He was powerful at everything, he was just less powerful at other disciplines compared to the captains of those other fellowships. Right now, he might be even more powerful because he's Chaos
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