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02-12-11 11:27 AM
gothik i have a 4Ok/RE crossover on here that i have not yet finished (due to personal issues) however this is good, like it keep up the good work
02-11-11 07:51 PM
lawrence96 First off, sorry i haven't posted in awhile. Laptop this was on went kaphlooey so i've had to pik this up more then a year after i started it

I hope you enjoy it, and look out for the upcoming pop. culture references

Chapter 15- Enemy Identified
Blackness. Blackness was all Chris knew for what seemed like an eternity. Slowly Chris’s blackness was invaded by pain. What started out as a slight tingling was soon elevated to eye aching pain.

“Urgh! I feel like I’ve been on a week long bender” Chris groaned at the walls.

Quickly recovering Chris got to his feet and swallowed an analgesic from his med-kit That should end the cacophony in my skull thought Chris as he deftly checked his equipment. Well everything’s still here, I wonder where Rebecca ran off too?

“REBECCA!” Chris shouted

“URGH!” Someone groaned

“Who’s there” Chris demanded raising his hell gun into a firing position

“UURRGGHH!” Replied the unknown person

“Are you an Ogryn?” Chris asked

“UUURRRGGGHHH!” The stranger responded

“Are you hurt?” Chris questioned whilst moving towards the source of the groaning

“I’m coming to help you, stay where you are” chris ordered heading around the corner bumping into the person coming from the other side, a person missing an arm, a person whise skin was a sickly grey colour with patches of raw muscle.

“a zombie” Chris whispered coming face to face with a creature responsible for the deaths of family when he was a child, a creature responsible for chris becoming a Kasrkin. A creature Chris had vowed to the God-Emperor of mankind he would hunt and destroy until his dying breath. A creature Chris cut down with a single precise lasround to the head, without a hint of fear or remorse.

I have to warn the others Chris thought as he pulled out his vox

“Chris to all Kasrkins, Chris to all Kasrkins, Zombie plague carriers spotted in area, repeat Zombie plague carriers spotted in area. Terminate by destroying the brain, repeat terminate by destroying the brain” Chris advised


Hearing nothing but static Chris decided to check his vox, seeing nothing wrong with it he realised the vox network must be being blocked by something.

“Well that sucks” Chris said before noticing a speaker with cables running out of it mounted on the wall

“If there are speakers in this place then that means there’s a control centre for them, if I can find that I can warn the others. All I need to do is follow the cables” And with that Chris set off along the hallway following the cables.

Chapter 16- A Jill Sandwich…..Yum
Another locked door, this time with a sword of some kind engraved on the lock.

“That’s the 2nd one in this hallway alone” Jill grumbled continuing down the hallway determined to find a door she could go through without having to blast the lock off, without knowing what was in this mansion she wanted to save her ammo.

“Finally” Jill exclaimed when she found a door that was unlocked, when she opened it she found herself in a small antechamber with one other door on the other side of the room.

With only one way to go Jill started forwards closing the door behind her, no sense in leaving her back open to attack.

Jill slowly opened the door in front of her, before rushing in with her hell gun raised

“Empty” Jill sighed her frustration. Before searching the room, on the table in the centre of the room Jill found a sandwich Weird, I wonder how fresh it is Jill thought as she ran her Trace scanner over it

“Sandwich, Roast grox and mustard filling, Edibility test- fine” The small machine beeped at her, Score, free food Jill thought as she crammed half the sandwich into her mouth. I had better save this other half for later, who knows when I will find fresh food again Jill reasoned as she put the half sandwich into a baggie in her side pack for future consumption. I wonder what else there is in here Jill thought as she continued searching the room, seeing nothing but some empty drawers, vacant couches and some paintings.
A painting of Holy Terra.
A painting of Stalwart Cadia.
A painting of a shotgun in a glass box.

“Eh? Who hangs a painting of a shotgun?” Jill asked no one in particular. Moving closer Jill found that it wasn’t a painting at all, it was an actual shotgun mounted on the wall. Double score, free food and a free gun Jill thought thanking the Emperor for the turn of good luck.

“In case of outbreak, break glass” Jill read from the tag below the Shotgun. Well I don’t know about outbreak, but this is an emergency Jill thought as she smashed the glass between her and the shotgun.

Carefully lifting the gun down she found a small recess behind it with 20 shotgun shells crammed into it Triple score, Food, Gun, Ammo! All I need know is a hunky man and my day is complete Jill thought with a large grin on her face, not hearing the small click from the guns former home.

“Time to check the next room” Jill said as she headed back out the way she came after hanging the shotgun on a spare strap around her shoulder.

Huh, that’s strange this door was unlocked Jill thought when she tried to exit the antechamber back into the corridor.

Suddenly the ceiling began to lower towards the ground. Slowly but surely heading towards the ground ready to crush anything in its way.

“Well that’s a big pile of grox shit that is” Jill screamed at the door.

“Jill?” Barry voice came through the door slightly muffled by the wood

“Barry, the ceilings coming down, it’s going to crush me and the door won’t open” Jill responded panicking as the ceiling continued its descent, oblivious to the drama below

“Stand back for the door, I’m going to blow the lock off” Barry commanded

Jill moved away for the door and to the side, so she would avoid any large splinters


The krak grenade Barry had fastened to the lock exploded and the door disappeared in a shower of splinters and metal scraps. With scant seconds to spare, Jill dashed through the now open door to the comparative safety of the corridor.

“Thanks Barry” Jill panted

“That’s okay, couldn’t have you becoming a Jill sandwich could I?” Barry said as his stomach grumbled at the mention of food.

“Whoa, who brought the bear to the party? “ Jill chuckled at Barry’s expense. “Here, have this half sandwich I found” Jill said as she handed him the remainder of her impromptu meal.

“Thank the emperor; I thought I was going to starve!” Barry said, his voice muffled by the sandwich he shoved into his mouth whole.

“Where’s your hellgun?” Jill asked her fellow Kasrkin

“Jammed into the handles on the front door, there’s some kind of killer green reptile out there, it nearly killed me when I went to repair the beacon."

“Well since you’re down a weapon would you like this shotgun I found?” Jill offered

“Thanks Jill” Barry said

“Well you did save my life, it’s the least I could do” Jill said giving Barry the potent weapon Bloody hell, I found a hunky man, but lost my food and shotgun Jill sulkily thought as she and Barry continued down the corridor.
07-19-09 02:32 PM
lawrence96 Chapter 14- Beacon of Death

Barry jogged back to the main hall, keeping an eye peeled for enemies
With that guy apparently resurrecting I don’t know what to expect. And now the bloody beacon is down, I thought those things were made to survive almost anything? Well never mind I’ll see what’s up when I get there Barry thought as he carefully opened the main door leading out to the courtyard.

Carefully scanning the courtyard Barry stepped out and headed over to where Jill had placed the beacon, dashing over the open ground Barry jumped over a fallen tree and crouched behind the trunk, peeking over the trunk Barry scanned the mansion he had just left, unhooking his flashlight Barry slowly moved the beam across the exterior. Until the light reflected off something lodged just below the gutter on the upper right hand side. what is that? Barry thought as he unhooked his binoculars.

Bringing them up to his eyes Barry began to focus on the spot where his torch reflected from, carefully holding his binoculars steady Barry once again moved his flashlight’s beam over the spot he was watching. Once again, something reflected the light, though this time Barry saw what it was.

“A camera? This place has CCTV!” Barry exclaimed aloud I’ll sort out this beacon and then I’ll let the others know about the camera Barry thought as he jogged over to the beacon. However when he got there he found that the beacon was destroyed, the wires torn out and the transmitter snapped.

“What did this?” Barry exclaimed, surveying the damage he noticed a something caught on the broken transmitter. Carefully Barry picked it up and examining it, he realised that it was a piece of leathery green skin. Greenskins! Here? I haven’t smelt any, that is strange Suddenly Barrys stomach gave an almighty gurgle urgh, knew I should have had a sandwich before this mission Barry thought thinking longingly of the meal he was going to have after this mission.

Suddenly a piercing shriek filled the air, Barry gripped his Hellgun tightly out of shock while looking around for the source of the shriek. His eyes slowly scanned the area looking for something, anything, out of place. He glanced past the statue of the green gargoyle on the gatepost, looking into the forest convinced the noise came from there. Hang on, what green gargoyle? Barry suddenly realised that the statue wasn’t there before, Barry swung his Hellgun to bear just as the creature leapt with blinding speed, high into the air, landing just in front of him. The creature suddenly slashed at Barry with its claws, though calling them claws would be an understatement, each one was a foot long and looked sharp enough to cut steel, each one of them dirtied by age and death.

Barry swung his Hellgun up to block the attack, the claws slicing cleanly through the barrel of the Hellgun. Acting quickly Barry dropped the now useless weapon and pulled out his Hellpistol, punching the creature in the face, his ceramite reinforced knuckles pulping the flesh underneath. Knocking the creature back stunning it, Barry swung the gun up and squeezed the trigger sending a volley of high-powered lasrounds into the monsters torso. Green blood splattering everywhere covering Barrys armour, slowly the creature began to fall down, shrieking all the way, until it hit the ground spasming.

Taking a few quick breaths Barry advanced upon the now still form of the creature that had attacked him, about 7 feet tall with 4 claws attached to the hands on either arm, a mottled green skin and beady red eyes. The creature looked like it could of belonged in any one of a hundred nightmares, Barry began examining its claws and noticed a patch of skin missing from it’s left arm. Pulling out the sample that he had taken from on the antenna of the transmitter Barry compared it to the creatures own skin. it’s a match, that much I’m certain of, but what is it? Barry decided to take some samples to run through the Trace scanner that Jill carried.

When he was done Barry stood up and glanced once more out into the forest, slowly he became aware of several shapes standing still in the tree line. More of the creatures, just standing there watching him, quickly realising that he couldn’t kill them all on his own, Barry raced back to the mansion. Suddenly they creatures all shrieked at once and began charging after him. Reaching the door first, Barry opened it and rushed inside slamming it shut behind him and jamming his Hellpistol through the handles to prevent it from being opened.

“Well baby, just you and me now” Barry crooned to his Bolt pistol.
07-19-09 02:31 PM
lawrence96 whoa! been ages since i had a response! Ta mate, the encouragement is appreciated.
07-19-09 09:05 AM
Lord Ramo Its good mate. Keep up the good work
06-20-09 11:04 PM
lawrence96 new chapter, if anyone's still reading

Chapter 13- Lazarus?

“He’s dead, and I never got to know him! He was only a kid, joined the force last month. Now he’s dead and he’s never going to get the chance to serve the Emperor!” Rebecca cried hysterically

“Look, I’m sorry about Neros, I’m sure he was a good guy, but he’s with the emperor now. Fighting by his side in the next life. ‘Do not mourn the fallen, for they are truly the Emperor’s finest and shall be by his side forever. No! Do not mourn! Instead avenge their memory, and earn your place by his side for all eternity’ That’s what we were taught by the priest back home” Chris soothed Rebecca

Slowly her tears stopped, until all she was left with was puffy eyes and a headache.

“Yeah I suppose you’re right. So what do we do now?” Rebecca asked

“Well we…” Chris began when suddenly he was interrupted by Rebecca’s ear-splitting scream

“You’re dead! You’re supposed to be dead!

Just as Chris was about to turn around he felt something smack the back of his head, Chris dazedly tried to get up but was knocked back down with another hit. Suddenly arms wrapped around him and he felt a cold putrid breath hitting the back of his neck. Fearing the worst Chris closed his eyes and began to mentally recite the Emperor’s Peace, a poem the Ecclesiarch official had taught him when he first joined the Schola.


The sound of the gunshot reverberating around in Chris’s skull, feeling the weight around his neck drop to the ground Chris opened his eyes to see Rebecca holding a Autogun, barrel still smoking, and a look of horror once more. Woozily he looked at her.

“He was supposed to be dead, that’s what your friend said! HE’S SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD!” Rebecca screamed before running off.

“Rebecca wait! I…..don’t….feel….so good” Chris groggily said before passing out from his injuries and exhaustion.

Rebecca continued to run trying to find a safe place to stop.

In the security centre Wesker smiled
I didn’t even need to do anything there, fate it seems is on my side Suddenly Wesker exploded in laughter, the laughter of an insane man, laughter that would chill the blood of anyone who heard it, laughter that echoed around the mansion on hidden vox speakers scattered around the mansion.
06-12-09 03:43 PM
lawrence96 okay next chapter, enjoy it folks

Chapter 12- Separated!

“What’s with Chris?” Jill asked Barry “He seemed pretty angry over the vox”

“I don’t know Jill, maybe the survivor he found is upset and hearing you bluntly saying on how one of her squad mates are dead made it worse?” Barry responded with a chuckle.

“Well yeah I might have been a little blunt, but remember Draforlia IV? He told that kid, without batting an eyelid, that heretics killed his parents. We have to be detached from our emotions in order to complete our mission, and he seemed a little emotional over the vox” ’Jill replied

“Yeah he did seem a little emotional, but never mind. We have a mission to continue, lets go back to where you found Neros body and look around for a way forwards” Barry said as he crossed to the door the Jill had come through.

Jill and Barry walked up to where Nero’s body had lain, only to find it missing! The only trace that there had been a corpse there was a patch of blood and some bone chips.

“I don’t understand” Jill whispered, “The body was right here, he was dead, where’s he gone?”

“Something isn’t right about this place, I can feel it on my bones” Barry ominously said “Lets head down this passage here, might be something useful” Barry said pointing down the passage.

The pair were half way down the passage when Wesker voxed them

“Barry? Jill? Come in please” Wesker said

“Yes sir, Barry here what’s up?” Barry replied

“The beacon’s signal seems to be breaking up; I think something’s interfering with it. Go check on it please.” Wesker asked

“Okay sir, I’ll get right on it” Barry said “Is that all sir?” he then enquired

“Yes, if Jill could carry on searching your area then hopefully we can get this job done before dawn” Wesker replied.

“Yes sir, Barry out” Barry said moving back towards the dining room, just before he opened the door he said “Jill, are you going to be okay?”

“Yes Barry, I should be fine thanks” Jill replied with a smile

“Okay if you’re sure, I’m going to set my secondary vox channel to Bravo-2 if you need anything just give us a call” Barry said as he left the room.

“Sure thing” Jill muttered to herself, moving down the hallway. Suddenly Jill heard gunshots in the distance

“Chris? Barry? Captain Wesker? What’s going on? Is everyone okay? Who is shooting? Hello anybody?” Jill desperately tried to raise someone on the vox, but got only static in return
What is going on here? First monsters attack us, then dead men walk, and now the vox is down, whatever’s going on here I don’t like it
06-07-09 01:48 AM
Originally Posted by lawrence96 View Post
if i thought for one second that you were telling me what to change or add then i would tell you to fornicate and travel!
Good man!

I'll try to get all of your story read this weekend and get back with you. From the first part that I did get into, it was good.

Good luck and good gaming,

06-06-09 11:52 PM
lawrence96 Okay folks, and you muffinman, the next 2 chapters. Hope you like, if not drop us a line and say why.

Chapter 10- Mysterious Girl

Chris stalked along the hallway, Hellgun raised and ready for action he had been moving along this corridor for only a few minutes when he heard the vox cast

“Barry to Wesker, Barry to Wesker. Come in Wesker” [I] came Barry’s voice

“Yes?” replied Wesker his voice distorted by the vox

“Looks like the shit has hit the fan sir, we got one dead Arbites. And a man Jill shot dead that just got up and charged us” Barry reported

“Say again, it sounded like you just told me a dead man’s just got up and walked”

Dead men walking? Grot faeces, dead men don’t walk Chris mentally dismissed the report

Someone’s here and they are using some sort of voice synthesis to mess with our heads Chris rationalised. Just then, he heard a strange sound, a quiet groaning, and it seemed to be coming from around the corner up ahead. Chris quickly moved up to the wall and continued to move forward at a slow pace. As he neared the corner a loud banging began Chris quickly assumed a combat ready posture, and stealthily he slipped his head around the corner and saw a man trying to bash down a door. Holstering his weapons Chris approached the man

“Sir, are you okay?” Chris enquired the continued groaning was the only reply; slowly the man began to turn towards Chris.

Holy shit!

Horror and repulsion flashed through Chris’s mind as he saw the ‘man’ who turned towards him; somehow, he was missing his chest! All that remained was a cavity where his vital organs had once resided. Reacting quickly Chris shoved the man backwards, losing his balance the man fell backwards slamming his head into the wall with a resounding *crack!* as his neck bent at entirely unnatural angle.

Satisfied that the man was dead Chris turned his attention to the door the man had been trying to break into. Unhooking his Bio-Mass Scanner Chris directed the machine towards the door; clicking into life the scanner’s machine spirit began to scan the room. After a few seconds, the scanner reported the results to Chris via his vox

“Room scanned, one life form, human female, appears to be in good physical condition, may the Emperor protect” the BMS squeaked.

One woman, I can handle that Chris thought with a smirk. Pulling out his autopistol and cocking it and if she tries anything I got this

“Hello, don’t panic I’m here to help” Chris said as he opened the door slowly, leaving the door open as he edged into the room he spotted the woman almost instantly. She was clutching what appeared to be a Laspistol in both hands, wearing a looks of sheer terror on her young face. The badge on her chest identified her as a member of the Legio Medico with the rank of field medic.

Hello nurse! I would not mind me some of that! Chris lusted.

“Hey there, what’s your name?” Chris softly asked trying not to spook the distressed young woman

“R…R…Re…Rebecca, Rebecca Chambers, Field medic attached to the Arbites squad sent out here” the young woman stuttered, “Who’re you?”

“Chris Redfieldens, but my friends call me Chris. I am part of a Kasrkin squad sent here to locate and retrieve you and your team. Are there any other survivors that you know of?” Chris enquired

“Yeah, a few, Captain Marini, Richard Aiken, Forest Speyer, Kenneth Sullivan and the new guy Neros. Edward Dewey died in the crash and the co-pilot died in the crash along with some civilian advisors”

“I better tell Wesker about this, don’t worry Rebecca we’re going to get you and the others out of this,” Chris said trying to calm the girl.

“Wesker this is Chris I’ve found a survivor, a medic by the name of Rebecca chambers, she says there are other survivors somewhere. Captain Marini, Richard Aiken, Forest Speyer, Kenneth Sullivan and the new person Neros. The pilot, co-pilot and a bunch of civvies died in the crash.” Chris voxed Wesker

“Sorry to contradict you Chris” Jill suddenly voxed “Neros is dead” the news causing Rebecca to start crying.

“Thanks for that Jill, next time you might want to use some compassion” Chris angrily retorted.

Chapter 11- Unseen Foes

They were all gathered around the vox receiver, its blinking lights the only illumination in the dark room, listening intently to the Kasrkins vox transmissions.

“The level of communication between them is disturbing” One of them said

“Yes it is disturbing Jon, as is the fact that they are not yet separated fully” said another

“Not to worry Henry, we still have plenty of ways to separate them” the third added

“Yes Steve we still have plenty, or should I say planty of surprises in store for them. Bring in Wesker please Steve” Jon asked politely

Steve walked over to a hidden door and silently opened it revealing a large room filled with computers and on one wall a large monitor bank showing every inch of the mansion through hidden cameras. With his back to him sat Wesker studying the monitors. Steve walked quietly forward, the only noise in the room being the beeping and whirling sounds coming from the computers.

“Yes?” Wesker suddenly said chilling Steve’s blood

How did he know I was here? I am sure I did not make any noise! Steve started backing away nervously

“Relax Steve I watched you on the monitor, see just here” Wesker said pointing to a screen on his right “Wave to yourself Steve” he said as he began to wave at the camera

“We want you inside now” Steve snapped at Wesker

“My my Steve, where are your manners? I am here to help you, but I do require a certain level of politeness” Wesker admonished

“Whatever Wesker, inside now” Steve commanded

“Well yes sir!” Wesker replied sarcastically while mock saluting walking past Steve and into the room

“Ah Wesker Co…” Jon began before Wesker cut him off mid sentence

“Jon next time you want to speak with me I suggest sending someone who isn’t ruder then a pig, I could at any time get the Kasrkins out of here. All I need to do is send them down one hallway where they will find everything they need to get out and prove what went on here. Don’t forget it” Wesker angrily said

Jon and Henry both looked at Steve with a look of rage in their eyes

“Yes Wesker, sorry about Steve, he’s under a little stress at the moment” Jon said apologetically “But we need your help. The Kasrkins need separating more and we need communications blocked. Please.” Jon requested

“That’s better, manners don’t cost a thing. I’ll see what I can do.” Wesker said as he left the room

As soon as he had left the three came together and began furiously whispering

“Steve what the hell are you playing at? You know how volatile he is” Henry said

“Henry calm down, you know as well as I that he won’t survive this mission, remember what the board said. No survivors or witnesses beyond us three” Steve replied with a grin

“Even so you know how volatile he is, and how unpredictable. Best not to rock the boat for now, wait until his usefulness expires” Jon said.

In the darkness, hands clasped and drinks were fetched.

Even further in the darkness Wesker smiled to himself
So they plan to get rid off me do they? Well I will show them, I will teach them not to mess with me Wesker thought allowing a grim smile to cross his lips.
06-06-09 11:41 PM
Originally Posted by Shogun_Nate View Post
Eh...nick..no no no! LOL! I wasn't trying to tell you how to write your story only giving you suggestions lol.
i know you were only suggesting mate, it is just that i found your examples so good that i felt that by either changing them too much or nit using them would be a travesty

if i thought for one second that you were telling me what to change or add then i would tell you to fornicate and travel!

Originally Posted by muffinman82 View Post
NOOOOO! I cant believe I reached the end. Keep going please!!!
Very Descriptive. I feel like I was pulled right into the game, I feel like I was there!
Ah man, zombie blood on the uniform
thanks muffin, trying my best to keep new chapters regular but am finding it a little hard going.. How do you advance a story based on a game that advances the story by wandering around until you find the right items?

Chris walked into the room. The door opened slowly. In the room there was a bed. On the bed there was a handgun clip. A zombie burst out of the closet (those damn closet zombies, never know they're a zombie till they come out). Because he had no ammo Chris had to walk over to the bed and pick up the clip of handgun ammo. Chris shot the zombie.

so yeah i'm trying to write the story while not diverging too much from the games storyline

And just a quick question: What did people think of chapter 6- unseen forces?
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