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12-13-07 11:19 AM
Sister Sin Hmmm. Overall I like all three.

1st board needs a bit more in the desert areas I think, and the road system makes no sense; arrange the settlement around the roads and continue said roads into the desert; doesn't really make a huge difference from a playability standpoint, but it is something I think would improve the board.

2nd board has Siege of Vraks written all over it. WWI anyone? Good job!

3rd board has a lot crammed into one end...how about some subhabs type stuff in the section next section petering out into wastelands or something? Just a suggestion.

Good work overall though.

Sister Sin
12-13-07 03:31 AM
RedApostle Without going into detail::

I think the first design would be my favorite to play on, I personally like symetry and organization,

i'd end up pissing myself off if I played in your design number two, I dont like seemingly random placements
[[me simple]]

and your third design would be a sometimes fun for me, I think city terrain can be a good change-up if i played maps like your number 1 alot

So i'd probibly be more into you're board numero uno
12-13-07 02:54 AM
Sinizter 1st Board - Looks strange but with some rock formations, small buildings outside in the desert is very playable. I find the roads strange.

2nd Board - It's well planned out, looks cool, but having played on a trenchboard they play horribly. Whoever builds one it's typically a sign they play a shooty non-mobile army, and want an edge against assault style armies. At least thats the guy I know who built ones excuse.

3rd Board - Best of the 3 IMHO. More akin to the style of table I typically play on at tournaments. As always there is a comfort factor in familiarity with a particular style or design.

However my suggestion is to combine the design elements for all 3. For example the occasional trench battle is fun. So take the trench table make it a little less trench crazy, the gap filling pieces could look like roads. Allow for terrain pieces to fill in the trenches.
Or bridges to lay across the trenches, or both.

You wind up with a table that can be both urban, or open. Trench warfare, street to street warfare, or bridge crossing warfare with open or urban terrain. Or mix both.

You wind up with a single table that can play like several tables.

Conversly design the bridges so they are flat topped, with pop off railings. Then you can flip the trench filler/street pieces inverted, and then you can lay them upside down on top of the bridge pieces to make a rolling sandune style table.

So many combo it would be an awesome table. Just the type of table I would want at my house so me and my friends could have 1 table that constantly different.

Give the buildings a more desert look.
12-13-07 01:45 AM
Dirge Eterna Good lord, man! I wish I had planned out Kasr Lutien like that! It wouldn't be so rambling and disorganized....I always liked nonmodular boards better...they're easier to build, easier to organize, and you can make some kick-ass boards! (The Lustria diorama at GD France comes to mind). I know I always entertained the idea of a half-trench board and a half-city, like a seige was going on. I later built a board where Chaos troops had already breached the city walls, with trenches and jungle outside the city.

I like that second board of yours. Trench boards have a lot of character.
12-13-07 01:09 AM
Design 3

Ok guys, here’s my third and final idea.
After the trench board I was racking my brain at something that could top it, and a friend of mine bought the “Cities of Death” codex, so naturally I took a look. It really made me want to try and design a city board that we could play “Cities of Death” on so here it is:

Design 3
This board is more about the buildings themselves than the board. And I’m intending of using machine cut MDF for pretty much everything in this, As I can get the computer to cut out all the windows and doors in the walls and then do the detail myself.

Here’s The Board

As you can see it’s all buildings (I was thinking about also adding razor-wire and tank traps from the trench board – let me know if you think that’d be a good idea or not, or maybe some barricades or something)

The board is in three sections, each constructed probably using MDF or Chipboard, or maybe ever hardboard (It’s normally pretty expensive but a friend of mine has offered me a 6’ by 4’ board of it – it would be much lighter but still really tough and would take paint well so maybe)

The buildings themselves take up the space of one of the sections exactly (each square base being 8” by 8”)

This makes for pretty easy storage, as it’ll happily stack one on top of the other.

There are 3 types of buildings, Triangle Based Ruins, Square Based Buildings, and The Centerpiece.

Triangle Based Ruins
Here are the Triangle Based Ruins, there are 10, with 5 different types.

Their Design is very similar to the ruins from the first board design, but with more respect to the height of the models, and dimensions that will fit into 8” squares.

Their construction is pretty simple, two walls and 1 to 3 floors.

Square Based Buildings
There are 5 Different types of Square Based Buildings.

1 Here is a more detailed view of the first square based building.
This is building would have looked like the third building originally, but battle has demolished one corner and damaged the lower windows.

2 Here is a more detailed view of the second square based building.
This is the tallest of the buildings, and has taken minimal damage. Notice that it also features a ladder so that models may travel from the ground floor up to higher levels.

3 Here is a more detailed view of the third square based building.
This building is made from the original template (set to 3 floors) and has no damage added.

4 Here is a more detailed view of the fourth square based building.
This is the most damaged building, only a small amount is left standing – and is the only square based building that has 3 walls. It is also the lowest of the buildings; with only 1 storey.

5 And finally, here is a more detailed view of the fifth square based building.
This building has a removable roof so that models can be placed inside. The highlighted close-up of the corner shows the lip that the roof rests on (to stop the roof from falling in).

For all these buildings I used a basic template that has all the measurements of the third building. I simply cut away the template to emulate battle damage. The second building is only slightly different as I added an extra floor.

Finally we are left with the centerpiece, a large building that occupies the space of 4 of the square-based buildings and is 3 stories tall.

Here is the centerpiece.

And here is an exploded view.

The centerpiece has 4 floors that models can use – each with stairs up to the next level. The floors and stairs can be taken out to give players access to the interior. Some of the windows are boarded up to represent the building being used as a stronghold.

The centerpiece is actually so big that a small game or special scenario could be played solely inside this building – like Kill-Team even a Combat Patrol.

NOTE: One problem which I didn’t really think about when I was designing the building is that its SO big that it would take 5 turns to reach the top from the bottom, so if you choose this design I will make the building one level lower so that it could actually be used, and maybe have 1 big staircase rather than one on each level

Below is a ground-plan of the interior of the centerpiece. (Where the numbered stairs lead to the numbered gap on the next level)

And Finally – this is the table set up ready for a game.

Features - Summary
Design includes:
  • 6’ by 4’ Three sectioned board.
  • 10 Triangular Based Ruins.
  • 10 Square Based Buildings.
  • 1 Centerpiece.
  • 1/3 Board Coverage.
  • All buildings on movable bases.
----Project Participation - Design 3---
So what do you think?
1.What do you like about the design?
2.What don’t you like about the design?
3.Rate my design out of 10.

Keep the comments and suggestions coming? And please give each board a score out of ten if you can, so I can write up an evaluation and finalize the design. I want to have a decision off you guys before the New Year – Which will mean I’ll start making it in the first week of January ^^

---- Which Design is you’re favorite and why? ----
Design with the most votes will be the one I make!
11-26-07 04:35 PM
Vashtek 1.What do you like about the design?
Design 1-

Nice idea though roads are not right as someguy has suggested

I like the combination of desert and urban terrain which lends itself to numerous scenarios e.g invasion from the desert to city for a recon mission, objective grabbing etc all makes the game 'feel right'

2.What do you think could be improved?

Not very realistic setup- roads should be straight. Also I just want to make sure that the 3 different boards could fit together in different ways so you could have hills in the middle rather than at each side. Bear in mind that big hill at either side of the board with a vally in the middle makes for dull games dominated by firepower.

3.Rate my design out of 10.

8- nice idea but room for improvement

Design 2

1.What do you like about the design?

It will look really nice.
2.What do you think could be improved?

I've played a few games on 'trench' boards and in my experience, they don't really work. The trenches are fiddly, models fall down into them, it's difficult to place vehicles, the rules are unclear on how to use them, get out of them, in to them etc etc.

Also trench warfare just wouldn't work in 40k- stuff just moves too fast, deepstrikes, skims etc.

The games become similar due to the unvarying nature of the terrain and everyone just goes back to playing on a normal board.

3.Rate my design out of 10.

6- will look really cool but not great for gaming (in my experience)
11-26-07 12:00 AM
Someguy Feedback.

In general the presentation is to a very high standard so thanks for that. You show what you are doing and how in a way that's very easy to understand.

Design 1.
1.What do you like about the design?

This all looks very good. However the road layout doesn't seem right in my opinion. I suggest you look at some plans of small settlements - you will find that there tends to be a road (or river sometimes, or whatever) and buildings are put next to it. In your design you have buildings in the middle and roads that go around the outsides, which seems a bit odd.

2.What do you think could be improved?

Take some of the functionality you have in the second design and incorporate it here. You could have a road going the "long" way across the table that went up and down the hills, maybe across a gorge, river or something, and could be set up in any combination. The "town" board could have a road going in the other direction (or a river or something else of course), making a cross roads with a few buildings around it. That way you would have a believable town of the sort that tend to appear at junctions in trade routes. Additional types of buildings from the basic burned out tenament block then suggest themselves. A fuel depot, maybe a repair yard, some kind of security post and a hotel, for example.

It's interesting to have two of the boards with a higher edge. This restricts your options for how you set up the board a little, but it also makes the board a bit more realistic overall. Maybe each section should have a high and a low edge.

3.Rate my design out of 10.

7 or so. The quality is very high but you could go a bit further on the detail planning.

Design 2.

1.What do you like about the design?

I really like this. Very versatile and looks good for playing games on. It's nice how you have arranged it to be set up in so many different ways. and with so much extra stuff like barbed wire and tank traps you can add.

2.What do you think could be improved?

I think it's great so not much to change, though some things you might consider:

Making the trench walls vertical (apart from at the ramps) would make a few things easier. For example I think that where two boards meet you will find that the angle of slope may not necessarily match up if an angled trench meets a straight one. Also you can't stand figures on a 45 degree slope so these areas are "wasted" space in a game.

You could try having bunkers that are dug into the ground rather than built above it. After all if you are digging trenches anyway it would make sense to do this as dug in bunkers are massively tougher. The downside of this is that they wouldn't be as flexible. An option here would be that you could have roughly square holes in your boards into which you could fit bunkers, ramps or tank emplacements as required. Your current bunker design is very good, but it seems slightly strange to make buildings standing above the trenches when you don't have to. Dig for victory!

Having said that, it is still nice to have some relatively big stuff that can block lines of fire and prevent heavy weps totally dominating. Some burned out farm houses, wrecked vehicles or dead trees maybe, or just some hills.

3.Rate my design out of 10.

9/10. Very nice.
11-25-07 06:54 PM
Second Design

Sorry for the delay, but I think you guys will like this ^^

Ok so here's the concept:
a modular trench board of three sections that can be arranged in as many different ways as possible, and I've come close to the limit - with 24 unique layouts on this one ^^

Design 2
This board basically was born from wanting a trenched board but more versatile than one you might find in a Games Workshop store.

Here’s a plan view.

As you can see the trenches run from short board edge to short board edge.

The board is in three sections, each constructed of two layers a hard underneath with a softer top – probably chipboard base with polystyrene top. Here’s an exploded view.

The important thing about the design of the trenches is the fact that in any combination of the three boards will work. These pictures show how the trenches line up.

And this Picture shows some example combinations (there are 48 combinations in total, with half of these being duplicates – giving 24 unique combinations).

With the basic board sorted I went on to designing some terrain to populate it. Craters, Bunkers, Razor Wire, and Tank Traps – all valid for use with the Fortifications rules.

Here’s the Bunker.

Here’s the Crater.

Here’s the Razor Wire (Just really a 3D illustration of the Packaged Razor Wire – Pictured).

Here’s the Tank Traps.

And this picture shows the scale of the Razor Wire and Tank Traps.

And Finally – this is the table featuring its terrain pieces in all its glory.

Features - Summary
Design includes:
  • 6’ by 4’ Three sectioned board.
  • 6 Rows of Tank Traps
  • 6 Rows of Razor Wire
  • 2 Bunkers
  • 8 Large Craters
  • All terrain fully movable.
  • 3 unique board sections with built-in trenches.
  • 24 different board layouts.
----Project Participation - Design 2----
So what do you think?
1.What do you like about the design?
2.What don’t you like about the design?
3.Rate my design out of 10.

Keep the comments and suggestions coming – one more design on the way.

[EDIT: Spellchecked]
11-20-07 04:54 PM
Dartanyun I wish I planned out my 40k terrain so well.

The design is great, just the right amount of static terrain and modular sections.
Small blocks of wood cut in triangles make good barriers; tooth picks and twisted wire make good barbwire.
Also a lip is a very good idea, I have seen a good number of dice careen off the edge.
It would help you more to finish the main part first, and then add additional pieces that can go on top. Each one added will multiply the number of variations you can have.

I built a table using the 2'x4' table section method and it works well. My terrain is made up of modular 1'x1' sections. Each one is 1" tall base so that all ditches canals and trenches can be cut into it. I have a canal set, a large trench set (I blame imperial armor 5) and a few craters. There are also a good number of blank sections to fill in spaces and to put other free standing terrain on. It makes great city fight terrain and each piece added increases the number of combinations.
One other suggestion is maybe a tower or 2. It takes the game vertical and makes a great place for infiltrators, heavies and objectives. These could be oil tanks or watch towers.
11-20-07 10:20 AM
First Design

Ok I’ve FINALLY got my first design to show you guys. Unfortunately I’ve been having some problems with my scanner so I wont be able to send you all my crappy pencil sketches – I’ve only got my Google sketch-up stuff (whether that’s good or bad is up to you ^^). What do you think?

For my first design I decided on a combination of a desert and city themed board inspired by a modular cityscape board at a Games Workshop store. My board has an urban area in the middle, and desert on either side.
I started with a plan view sketch and then proceeded to render the design in 3D.

The objects labelled “regular model”, “large model”, etc - are there for scaling purposes. From left to right they are roughly the same size as: a Space marine, a Terminator, an Attack Bike/Dreadnought base, a Leman Russ battle tank, and a Land Raider. The black strips represent vehicle tracks.

Here is a plan view.

Here is an exploded view – showing all the components.

The raised tiers would be constructed from High density polystyrene, and the base board would be constructed from chipboard, ply-board, or MDF.

This shows the scale shapes on the roads, showing the roads are about 3 regular models wide, just wide enough for a regular sized tank.

The grey Triangles in the design are to represent the modular bases for the urban section. These bases can contain ruins, rubble
Here are some images of ruins designs based on a guide in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook.

And here are images of the Ruins substituted onto the board.

  • The board is in three sections measuring 2’ by 4’.
  • The two desert sections have 2 raised tiers, to add a difference in height across the board.
  • The city section has roads running through it (pictured as the grey strips) and between the roads - tarmac areas (pictured as the black areas). The main feature of the city section however, is the removable triangle bases; they can be moved around and placed in any combination on the board. Each triangle represents a building/part of building, or a rubble pile on a triangular base. These triangles would then be able to be placed on the board wherever the players choose.
There are other details I would explore if I take this design further:
  • Rock formations (on movable bases)
  • Extra triangular based modular pieces of rubble, low ruins, etc. as well as ruined buildings.
  • One or more larger square based buildings that would be the same size as two of the triangular bases.
  • Road-Blocking obstacles made from rubble or walls.
  • A set of obstacles such as razor wire and tank traps for special missions.
  • Adding an extra surface, or extending the existing one along the long board edges to place miniatures drinks books etc.
  • Adding a lip so that dice do not roll off the table.
In summary
This is a 6’ by 4’ board, made up of 3 equal sections. One section has a modular urban area, the other sections are desert. The modular nature of the urban section and the ability to move the sections of he board into different combinations allows for flexibility. There is also potential to add more terrain pieces, and would be more than enough to fulfil the 25% coverage recommendation.

---Project Participation---
Let me know what you guys think:
1.What do you like about the design?
2.What do you think could be improved?
3.Rate my design out of 10.

Comments and suggestions welcome ^^ and I should have a second design soon.

[EDIT: I Have resized the pictures, should be easier to see]
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