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04-18-09 10:05 AM
Originally Posted by Tim/Steve View Post
assault squads with lots of flamers
Contrary to popular belief, flamers aren't that great against hordes, sure they have a template weapon, and what, they'd fire that once or twice before being bogged in close combat for pretty much the rest of the game? Instead, you could have a bolter, fire a few turns, rapid-fire and statistically kill more orks. Maybe in Tactical Squads where they're free, but otherwise I wouldn't. Really, bolter drill comes to mind, the str makes it easy to wound (we already hit on 3s) and the AP is just right, unless the enemy spends points on toyz to prevent it, in that case, they have less bodies to sustain fighting.
Whirlwinds work wonders, 'nuff said. Vindicators can also work against the nobz, the high str, low ap and large blast make it perfect, it can also double as simpleton troop killing aswell (although things with better saves have higher priority in the vindi's books).
Combat Tactics to pull out of assault and rapid-fire the remaining orks to pieces, safe gamble seeing as space marines can't be wiped out due to sweeping advance.
Vindicater vs Whirlwind
It's range vs. firepower, one of each will do fine.
Plasma weapons are almost silly against a race that the base save is 5+/6+,
although they can take down the big 'uns, the chances will be few and far between, seeing as HQs will usually hide in big mobs of nasties, and those big mobs of nasties will get cover saves from the screening mobs. Rendering AP2 near useless.
although marines are pretty decent at assault, they are better at shooting
Space Marines are the jack-of-all-trades, master of none
The best part of our race is our flexibility, and how easily we can send another squad to do a different role, won't see that in too many xenos armies.
Edit: Read that the other way around, previous point still stands however.

A unit of Sternguard vets would really help add to the firebase, and you can give them decent close in weapons too.
Doing that will make the squad too expensive, it's a specialist squad trying to do a different job, give them bolters, leave it at that.
Also, a starting point for what tactics you usually employ helps. A list works wonders as well.
04-16-09 05:00 AM
Triangulum If I were you I would focus on taking a ton of troops, give em all plasma cannons and plasma guns, then drop the crusader and buy another termi squad with assault cannon, take as many template tanks as you can (Vindicater vs Whirlwind doesnt matter as much v orks) Have the lot of them lay down massive amounts of fire then have the termis wade in to deal with the survivors after they mow down the unit with ranged fire. With luck you should be able to wipe out decently sized units with 12 shots and then 15 power attacks, 12 of which are from power fists.

I like the librarian choice cause you can give him a kickass shooting power like Vortex of Doom which shouldnt mess up to badly cause hes got BS 5 and then a great CC power so you can use that force weapon to rip the heart out of tough units.

On the other hand a Chapter master with a relic blade, hellfire rounds and digi weapons would get you a S 10 AP 1 template on the first turn then a couple rounds of wounding anything on a 2+ then some more 2+ in CC with a reroll once per CC phase.

I would consider a Chaplain with no upgrades as a 2nd HQ for fighting orks just so that your power fists can reroll their to hits which you really cannot afford to miss. This is one of the only times I would advocate a 2nd HQ for this size list.

I would also point out that although marines are pretty decent at assault, they are better at shooting. A unit of Sternguard vets would really help add to the firebase, and you can give them decent close in weapons too.

That said, I still say spam tactical squads with plasma cannons and watch em burn. If you want more specific advice, describe the ork list a bit.
04-15-09 05:57 PM
Originally Posted by battleboy17 View Post
wht would you recommend ginst orks
Buying the new codex.
04-15-09 12:23 PM
Tim/Steve Speeders with 2 heavy bolters, whirlwinds, assault squads with lots of flamers, razorbacks with heavy bolters and dreadnaughts with assault cannons and heavy flamers... mebbe also a vindi and/or a plasma cannon on a dread/foot for any mega armour peeps that might egt fielded.
04-15-09 11:41 AM
battleboy17 wht would you recommend ginst orks
04-15-09 11:34 AM
Tim/Steve The points are still off... I'm guessing you dont have the new dex still- its an absolute must before you start making lists.

I would say my normal- assault termies in transports... or shooty termies DS/on foot. Putting shooty termies in a LRC is either a waste of their guns or taking an extra transport that isnt needed (LRC's guns arent worth its points-it needs to be used as the assault vehicle it is).
Assuming that your LS are actually worth 50pts each that means they have either a heavy flamer or a single heavy bolter... if your gonna use them with heavy bolters give them the 2nd for an extra 10pts. With heavy flamers is very specialised and will only work vs hoards... again I would give it the second HF for +10pts or give it some ranged firepower with a different weapon.
04-15-09 10:07 AM
battleboy17 How bout this one...


Epistolary librarian 115 pts.


10man marine squad with flamer and missile launcher 166 pts.
10 man marine squad with rhino and frags 210 pts.
5 man scout squad with Heavy bolter 80 pts.


8 terminators with assault cannon and Land Raider crusader 605 pts. (Ouch)

Fast attack.

5 man assault squad 110 pts.
2 land speeders 100 pts.
3 man bike squad with attack bike 116 pts.
04-13-09 11:41 PM
Triangulum I would also point out that even with the new 'dex spending a ton on your HQ is a sure way to get you screwed over 9 times out of 10 cause the couple of tooled up characters just cant take on the pts equivelent in enemy units as you spent on them.
04-13-09 06:14 PM
Crimson_Chin errrr ...

step 1 - buy updated codex. Lol.

Are you working out of a 4th ed codex? You need to grab the new one. Your ideas on your list might change slightly with the new book.
04-13-09 04:10 PM
Lord Ramo I agree i would boost the tactical squads up to 10 men so that i could have heavy and special weapons. I would scrap some of the HQ's as you can't have all three and the Land Raider Crusader would go. I would then use the points to buy some anti tank fo example a predator or devastator squad and see if you have enough points to invest in some Terminators or assualt marines.
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