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04-04-09 06:59 PM
Baradur Yeah its the +2 attacks xD

Damn fool. those extra attacks could have taken down your Canoness.
04-04-09 06:15 PM
Originally Posted by Baradur View Post
Did the Space Wolves player use his Beserk charge?
whats that? the +2 attacks when Blood Claws assault? if yes, no he forgot it lol.
04-04-09 05:06 PM
Baradur Yeah, thats pretty bad =[ I like a board with terrain

And Long fangs can shoot, at two different targets, so long as the Pack leader doesn't shoot that phase.

Did the Space Wolves player use his Beserk charge?
04-03-09 02:10 AM
Juiceypoop Theres hardly any terrain on that board
04-03-09 01:00 AM
1000p Sob vs Space Wolves(pix)

i came into my LGS on sunday ready to play Orks but my opponent wanted to try a Space Wolves army he picked up.

My List

Canoness: BP, BW, BoHF, BoSL, Cloak, Jump, Frag, MeltaBombs 137p

Battle Sisters: 9+VSS, BP, CCW, BoSL 204p
Melta, HF
Rhino, Smoke

Battle Sisters: 9+VSS, BP, CCW, BoSL 204p
Melta, HF
Rhino, Smoke

Seraphim: 6+VSS, BP, CCW, BoSL 183
2 Flamers

Exorcist 135

Exorcist 135

His List (what i remember)

Wolf Guard Battle Leader: Bolter, CCW
Wolf Guard Bodyguard: 4 guys in termintor Armour with Chainfists

Venerable Dread: TLLC

Grey Hunters: 7 guys, one with a Meltagun

10 Blood Claws

Long Fangs: Pack leader, LC, ML, and HB


Mission: Capture and Control
Setup: Dawn of War

he won the roll and decided to set up first. he put his Venerable Dread and Grey Hunters all the way up to the center of the board. i held back everything so i could move on on my first turn. i choose not to seize.

Turn 1
the rest of his army moved on to the board. he then ran his Long Fangs to get them into a better position.

My Turn 1
both Rhino's move up on my left side of the board and pop smoke. my Exorcists move up to get a lock on his Venerable Dread. (i forget to bring on my Canoness and Seraphim -_- so i put them in reserve to deep strike) in the shooting phase both Exorcists spot and blow off the twinlinked lascannon.
end of turn 1

Turn 2
not much again for him on turn 2. Venerable Dread, WG Battle Leader/Bodyguard and the Grey Hunters move and run closer to my Exorcists. the Whirlwind fails to do anything to my rhino's and the Long Fangs miss or fail to damage my Exorcists.

My Turn 2
Seraphim arrive, scatter 1inch away from the Grey Hunters. the rhino's move toward the center of the board and the Exorcists stay put. in the shootinf phase the Exorcists wreak the Venerable Dread. Seraphim flame and shoot the Grey Hunters for 14 hits. i get Divine Guidance and roll to wound...

the Grey Hunters are wiped out.

Turn 3
his WG Battle Leader/Bodyguard move up some more and his Blood Claws move up to take shots at my Seraphim. in the shooting phase i roll for and get Spirit of the Martyr but it does help. the Whirlwind, Blood Claws, and Long Fangs kill 5 of my Seraphim leaving the Superior and a flamer. i fail my morale and almost make it off the table.

My Turn 3
in the movement phase i use a faith point to make my last 2 Seraphim fearless . my Canoness comes on and scatters into difficult terrain in the center of the board but i save the dangerous terrain test. i move all my vehicles away from his scary chainfist termi's. in the shooty phase i kill one of his Battle Leaders bodyguard with the rhino's storm bolters. my Canoness runs trying to get out of line of sight from the Long Fang's and Blood Claw's.
end of turn 3

Turn 4
WG Battle Leader/Bodyguard move again to get line of sight to my Canoness. the Blood Claws move around the center terrain looking to shoot/assault my Canoness. in the shooting phase a lascannon wreaks one of my Rhino's and fails to do anything to the other one with the missile launcher/heavy bolter (pack leader from the Long Fangs can let the squad split there attacks?). Whrilwind fails to hit anything. he fires 10 bolt pistols and 6 storm bolter shots at my Canoness but i make all my saves. in the assault phase i burn a faith point to give my Canoness I6. she kills 2 Blood Claws before they could attack. she takes a wound and he makes his morale.
Canoness get assaulted

My Turn 4
i move my remaining rhino and Seraphim to the center of the table.(where his objective was) my now foot slogging sisters move and run to my objective. both Exorcists move and take shots at the WG Battle Leader/Bodyguard killing them all. assault phase goes the same as before, me killing 2 and him getting a wound.
end of turn 4

Turn 5
he goes right to the shooting phase splitting his Long Fangs again. his lascannon blows up killing 3 girls in the explosion and they get pinned -_- . the Whirlwind trys to pie plate them but scatters on to my Seraphim killing the flamer girl. in the assault phase my Canoness kills another guy and he fails to wound. he fails his morale and i catch him but he passes his No Retreat save.

My Turn 5
my Seraphim Superior jumps over to help the Canoness. my foot slogging sisters make it to my objective and my Exorcists shoot at the Long Fangs making them very dead. in the assault phase the Blood Claws finally kill the Canoness but fail to kill the Superior so he loses combat again. he makes his morale.

the dice is rolled to end the game...1
Sisters win 1-0 :D

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