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05-04-09 12:27 PM
Vaz Yeah, that's the one I meant, 'Vengeance of the Spider God'. It has the exact same effect as 'Wrath of the Spider God', but it's only difference is that it doesn't require Line of Sight or a Range maximum. When people roll that, there's never an occasion when a Goblin Shaman on Foot or Spider can't roll about on Foot or Spider, and target anything in range, and Line of Sight is never really an issue, unless you want to hide it.

It sounds good, but unless you're playing short edges as the the deployment zone, won't have that much benefit, especially for +3 to cast, and would always swap for the Magic Missile. Hence, having the 'Rending' of the Spiders (rather than say 2D6 hits, like most Second Level Magic Missiles) could make it a viable counter Armour Spell (Like Pit of Shades, Rule of Iron, or Cloying Quagmire).

Over the 5+ Ward Save, fair enough. It seems sensible to keep it at that then, as 3+ Ward Save Trappers could result in some Hilarious situations versus Chaos Knights, against which they're already quite powerful.

I just had a Revelation when thinking over the spell list, and remembered that O+G get benefits for being near Locus of the Waaagh, and you also Gain benefits for being near trees in Master of the Wood/Tree Singing, so rather than a direct Copypasta, a benefit to casting would be a goodun, IMHO. It also stops nasty annoying Spamming of Lone Goblin Spell casters on spiders casting Magic Missiles/Rot, by keeping them near the lines, and also links well with Treeside Ambushers. IMHO, anyway. Which Reminds me, I need to get around to working out a Spell List for Kislev. Bah, I'll do that after finishing the units for Kislev.

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05-04-09 12:13 PM
squeek Thanks for feedback Vaz, I appreciate the chance to bounce ideas of people!

The reason I left it as a 5+ ward rather than a +2 is to keep the casting level low (as a 3+ ward on my braves would be pretty groovy). I wanted to avoid the little Waaagh! failure of having stupidly high casting values on the first couple of spells, also the braves are the only ones with a ward save, the forest charms thing is an AS. That said it is definitely an option if I swapped it for a spell further up the list.

Corrupted Fungal Blight is actually inspired by an O&G spell, but you are probably right that with the less nasty miscast table and all it could do with being a 12. I am happy to bump it to 12 as I don't want it to be a beardy list.

With the no armour save do you mean just for Vengeance of the Spider god? I like the idea definitely, just checking what you were suggesting!

I think +1 to cast near woods is genius!
05-04-09 11:10 AM
Vaz Nice Magic List. Few things though -

The 2nd Spell, with the proliferation of Charms, then I think that granting a +2 to existing Ward Saves could be beneficial - for Magic Items, I think a 5+ Ward Save should be maximum, so it doesn't get to a 2+ Ward Save, which could be pretty insane.

Corrupted Fungal Blight? 10+ to target one model? To take an Initiative Test, or Die? Whoa, goodbye Monsters. I think that should be a 12+. It's nasty enough as it is, but it also means that it needs IF on 2 dice, so you can't just spam 4 Level 1 Shamans, and hope to use that, while having hundreds of Goblins/Zerker Trolls. 12+ makes it nastier that it requires IF with Level 1's, or a Level 2 to use effectively, otherwise, a 4 of those Goblins can zoom around on Spiders, and pop off Dwarf Lords etc with Ease. Nice spell, but casting value is a bit low, IMHO.

For the Spiders God spell, I'd make them so that any attacks which roll a 6 to wound ignore armour. Makes it more useful than if they were inside 24", as the Magic Missile would be more useful (unless of course they're protected versus Magic Missiles, but you won't know that).

Otherwise, an Excellent Magic List! One little thing though - If they are within 12" of a wood, perhaps a +1 to cast?

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05-03-09 10:54 PM
squeek Ok here goes for the Forest Goblin's own Magic Lore! The idea behind this is to make them as different as possible to their O&G cousins, they are still the same race, but they have lived apart for so long they have grown to have different customs and so on. What with them being a fast moving hit and run style army with no war machines I think it is only fair that they have half decent magic. Unlike the savage miscast table and often fairly ineffective magic that O&G have.

Forest Goblins revere the great spider god as their patron, the sneaky and venomous ways of the forest spiders are mimicked by the Forest Goblins in they way they hunt (and fight) and their magic, though in reality the spider god is an aspect of Gork and Mork of course! I wanted to stick with a fairly standard selection of spells with a slight twist for their own lore, though I think I will let shaman's choose from the Lore of Beasts, the Lore of Life and the Lore of the Spider.

Lore of the Spider
The fearsome Spider God is a twisted aspect of the greenskins traditional gods Gork and Mork. Greenskin magic normally requires the shaman to focus the mental energy of the Orcs and Goblins around them, though this is not as useful for Forest Goblins as magic of the Waaagh! tends to rely on the mental energy of Orcs, rather than Goblins who have weaker, less useful minds.

Over time Forest Goblin Shamans found that they could channel the latent energy of the Forest and all its myriad creatures, though at the cost that they could no longer summon the wild energy necessary to manipulate Waaagh! magic. Instead they learnt to apply their innate magical ability to the essence of the Forest Mind that they could feel all around them. With the influence of the Spider God this evolved in to a powerful and at times quite unusual breed of magic.

[table]D6 | Spell | Difficulty
1 | Wrath of the Spider god | 5+
2 | Chitinous Husk | 6+
3 | Horrifying Spectre | 8+
4 | Vengeance of the Spider god | 8+
5 | Boon of the Forest | 9+
6 | Corrupted Fungal Blight | 10+[/table]

Wrath of the Spider god Casts on a 5+
The baleful fury of the Spider god fills the shaman causing them to vomit forth a great torrent of poisonous bile. Wrath of the Spider god is a magic missile with a range of 24" that causes D6 S4 hits to the target.

Chitinous Husk Casts on a 6+
The shaman calls on the impenetrable armour of the Spider god to protect a friendly unit from harm. Chitinous Husk may be cast on a unit within 18" even if in Close Combat, if successful the target has a 5+ ward save until the caster's next magic turn.

Horrifying Spectre Casts on a 8+
The monstrous spirit of the Spider god surrounds the targeted unit with a frightening aura. The targeted unit causes Fear until the caster's next magic phase, if they already cause Fear then they cause Terror, if they already cause Terror the spell has no effect. This spell does not stack on a single unit.

Vengeance of the Spider god Casts on a 8+
The shaman calls a great swarm of venomous spiders to attack an enemy unit anywhere on the table. Vengeance of the Spider god causes D6 S4 hits to the target.

Boon of the Forest Casts on a 9+
The shaman calls forth the benevolent spirits of the of the forest to watch over the targeted unit. Boon of the Forest can be cast on any friendly unit within 12" and gives the target Regeneration until the casters next magic phase.

Corrupted Fungal Blight Casts on a 10+
The common blight that infects the fungus reefs of the forests is a powerful hallucinogen, but there is a much more virulent and dangerous form known as Corrupted Blight. Any single model within 18" of the shaman may be targeted (no targeting restrictions apply, this may include a mounted character), Corrupted Fungal Blight bursts forth from the ground beneath the model, its toxic spores erupting in great clouds that will choke an unwary victim. The targeted model must pass an initiative test or take D6 S10 hits.
These are a work in progress, I have taken inspiration from a few places but haven't had chance to think about the balance of the 6 spells together as yet so it is subject to change.
05-03-09 05:37 PM
Vaz Haha, I know the feeling. Bloody Running here there everywhere for me. Literally

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05-03-09 05:36 PM
squeek I've been slacking mate, not looked at this for a whole month! I will see about updating it in the next day or so, I still have plenty of ideas but other things have got in the way recently!
05-03-09 05:29 PM
Vaz *Jo Frost Voice* Oh squeeky? Any work done or have you not done homework?

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03-31-09 04:03 PM
Originally Posted by Vaz View Post
War Machines aren't the target for Killing Blow Archers - Heavy Cavalry/Tanking Infantry are,with their 3+ or better saves, Goblins will struggle to counter them.
Exactly as Vaz says. The Harbingers are to give the goblins a reliable counter to a unit of Chaos Knights, Black Knights, etc. The Fungus Troll is obviously capable of this role too, but then it isn't exactly reliable!

I think next I am going to start work on the Magic Lore, but I may change my mind if I fancy a character or two first.
03-31-09 03:57 PM
Vaz War Machines aren't the target for Killing Blow Archers - Heavy Cavalry/Tanking Infantry are,with their 3+ or better saves, Goblins will struggle to counter them.

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03-31-09 03:37 PM
Dafistofmork at least there are no war hydras...yet.
an 8pt hike sounds fair for these guys-10=80pts, so that is 10 S3 kb shots from a scouting unit-with no armour save and no support, they have the potential to do nothing or remove several expensive war machines.
keep up the good work squeek!
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