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10-10-17 01:49 AM
Lord_Murdock Well, it took a few months, but I've finally finished my small platoon of Valhallan troops! Here they are:

I'm quite happy with how that pig-nosed officer turned out.

So, now I just have to take a look through the new codex when it comes out to see what changes I need to make to my armies. I'm still super disappointed with what they did to blast weapons (since as I'm sure you've noticed, I make heavy use of them in both my ork and guard armies. Or, at least, I did when they weren't absolute garbage), but besides that I'm pretty excited to see what 8th edition brings! Maybe 9th edition will bring back my blast templates...

I'm also doing some experimenting in an effort to make my Valhallan/Vostroyan vehicles look better. That Chimera I have will be my test dummy, I've done a bit of work on it already. Here's hoping it turns out nicely in the end.

Besides that though, I think I'm gonna go back to painting up some more Necrons for a friend of mine, so my guard and orks will be on hold for a bit. Oh, and are my images going through okay? It seems like Photobucket is going crazy these days, so I might have to switch to some other method of uploading.

C&C are always appreciated!
07-15-17 06:03 PM
Lord_Murdock Oh, it's not the big gun shields over the barrels (I'm not nearly adventurous enough to try sculpting those!), just the little red and white ones underneath. You can see them better in my prototype posts a couple up. Thanks anyway though!

So, my Valhallans have arrived! I've already given them all their gas masks and helmets to match the equipment of my Vostroyans. Here they are, before I prime them:

That's two squads with Flamers and Mortars (I have to make due with what I can get when it comes to these guys...), and a command squad with a Rocket Launcher and a tattered old flag. It's a motley crew of various primer colours/paint schemes right now, but they'll look good when I go over them all myself and start painting them.

I think I'll get another Tauros for my Vostroyan command squad, and use the old Tauros I already have for this one. Turns out, the rules for Veterans right now are pretty bare-bones, so it seems like a good idea to call my Vostroyans storm troopers (Tempestus Scions? I don't remember what they call them now), and keep my Valhallans as regular guard. That way, the models that are meant to have better armour and lots of special weapons can still have them. A good compromise, I think. That, and I can use some of those sweet weapons the storm trooper Tauroses get.

I've ordered the relevant Indexes from Forgeworld, because the normal ones don't have rules for the Vendetta Gunship. Depending on whether I can fill it with troops or not (like I used to be able to back in the day), my Chimera will either remain a Chimera to be used by the storm troopers, or I'll convert it into a Hellhound or one of its variants. I have a set of the old metal fuel tanks kicking around, so it won't be difficult to do.

Anyway, that's enough to keep me going for a while. C&C are always appreciated!
06-16-17 04:14 AM
Nin I can't really tell on the gun shields myself. Would never have guessed without you mentioning they are different.
06-16-17 12:56 AM
Lord_Murdock Thanks! I don't think I've ever really used Nork, but yeah, I'm pretty happy with how he turned out.

Well, here is my new battery of Mordian heavy weapons!

The thing I'm most proud of is the little shields in front. Only three of them are real. The other three I molded myself out of greenstuff! You can't even tell the difference without really inspecting closely. Even then, the only thing different is that the fake ones are a little thicker.

I actually have another announcement to make regarding one of my guard armies: I just bought a whole platoon of Valhallan troops on ebay. Heavy weapons and all. I've looked through the new guard rules, and I know that the whole "platoon" structure is kinda out the window now, but darn it, I'm gonna keep on using it! It's the only life I know. Speaking of new rules, I'm extremely disappointed with how the new blast weapons work. I guess you can't really call them "blast" weapons any more, can you? More like big, unstable Heavy Bolters. Ugh. Why is my Leman Russ' hull-mounted Heavy Bolter going to be more consistently dangerous than its main Battlecannon now? I get what they were going for, I really do, but I still don't like it. Horde armies are going to run rampant now that "blast" weapons are useless (I cry for my poor, ordnance-heavy orks), mark my words.

Anyway, enough salt from me. Point is, I'm not giving up on my Russian army just yet. Heck, even the vehicles. Giving them another good look-over, I realized that my paint scheme isn't that bad, it's just unfinished. All those paint chips just need a good weathering/rusting over, and I think I'll have the look I wanted. Maybe in another 5 years I'll figure out a good way to do it.

C&C are always appreciated!
05-20-17 12:33 AM
Old Man78 Just went through your plog, excellent stuff, your Nork is great, a well deserved rep cookie for you sir!
05-19-17 10:26 PM
Lord_Murdock Hah, thanks! Always nice to inspire people! I do miss the old metal guard armies.

Well, I've finished my two prototypes. One Heavy Bolter, one Autocannon. Here they are:

The other four have just been primed, so hopefully I'll get around to them soon. It feels good to have finally figured out what to do about Mordian heavy weapons!
05-11-17 06:45 AM
The Gunslinger Great to see you working on the guard again! I spent some time looking back through your plog and it has inspired me to get my old metal guard out again, especially now the undead is at 1000 points.
05-10-17 07:37 PM
Lord_Murdock Hello everyone! It's been a few years. About 4 or so. Yeah, life's been busy.

Well, I'm happy to announce that I'm back into building and painting models! Sort of. Nothing major as of right now, but I do have a couple small projects planned/started.

First of all, I finally figured out how I'm gonna handle my Moridan Heavy Bolters and Autocannons. I think it was about 5 years ago that I made a post about that? Wow, I've been at this a while. I've decided to base them on old civil-war style artillery pieces. Similar to my Lascannons seen earlier in this log, but a lot less ornate. These ones are clearly built to be used and carted around, not just for sitting in the back and looking fancy! Here are some pictures of my first prototypes. I like how they turned out, so I don't think any major changes need to be made to the design.

Heavy Bolter


The Autocannons in particular are a bit of a pain to make, because the second member of the crew is holding extra ammo for the "older" style model of Autocannon. That means I still have to incorporate that into my conversions somehow, and I can't simply use the plastic Cadian heavy weapons like I can with the Heavy Bolters. A bit of sawing here and there solves the problem though.

The main body is made of the old metal Lascannon chassis that I no longer use from my old Mordian Lascannon models. Now that I have my fancy plastic ones, my old ones were just sitting on my shelf. Well, now they can be of some use! Combine them with some Lego wagon wheels, and they're good to go! Once again, Lego has come to my rescue. Anyway, I just primed these two today, so hopefully by the end of the weekend I will have them painted up all nice.

Another thing I want to do in the foreseeable future is add a platoon of Valhallan troops to my Vostroyan army. Turns out, a guard army made up of only veterans doesn't work so well on the table. It just doesn't have enough bodies in play! Valhallans still exist on the online store, so I feel like I should get some while I still can. Maybe 30 or so. It'll also be a good way to differentiate between who is a veteran, and who is just a regular guardsman.

Reading through old posts here, it is a shame my Vostroyan tank colour scheme turned out the way it did. I would like to improve it, I really would, but I'm just not... I dunno... Skilled enough? Patient enough? To make that work. Those probably aren't the right words, I feel like I could do it if I just knew... how. I know what I want it to look like, but I just can't figure out a good way to put that vision to my models. It's not that I think they look bad or anything as they are, and at least they're consistent, but they don't really reflect the look I wanted them to. Oh well, they are what they are. At the end of the day, the entire point of that army was for me to get away from gravel/grass bases and tanks with completely uniform colour schemes. Artistic expression, I guess.

Anyway, enough of that. I have two more Autocannons and two more Heavy Bolters to make. C&C are always appreciated!
10-28-13 06:47 PM
Khorne's Fist I agree the red could do with a bit of weathering, but on the whole it's a damn fine job.

Damn, just had a look at armorcast titans on ebay. They go for stupid money. I'm not even gonna ask what you paid.
10-28-13 04:55 PM
King Diablo Sorry for all the double posts, but also: you said it needs to match the infantry. Well, its a slow moving behemoth that was left and forgotten outside in a snowy nuclear Winter wasteland. how about it being covered in snow?
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