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  Topic Review (Newest First)
06-20-09 01:09 PM
dark angel WOW i loved this probably one of the best fluff ive ever read you should definatly write a sequal i need to know what happens
02-25-09 11:25 AM
Originally Posted by Gambit14 View Post
excellent, love your work
cracking read ,presses all the right buttons ,
well done Dirge

love it
02-15-09 07:19 PM
Dirge Eterna I write for fun, in between work and Xbox.
02-15-09 07:07 PM
Iron Corsair Excellent ending, Dirge! I love this story! You should be a writer when you come back home, BTW. I think you'd make a brilliant 40k writer and any other genre, for that matter!
02-15-09 04:01 PM
Dirge Eterna I doubt it. Maybe though. Certainly not directly after this. I'm writing The Unsung War first. If I get enough positive feedback for a sequel I'll cook one up.

02-15-09 06:50 AM
waltzmelancholy_07 Yeah....Is there a sequel to this?....
02-14-09 11:27 PM
Gambit14 well done, love the conlcusion
02-14-09 08:06 PM
Ordo Xeno Commander Brilliant, is there going to be a sequel?
02-14-09 07:56 PM
Dirge Eterna Thanks guys, it really makes me happy to see people post feedback. Lets me know this is appreciated.

Ferrus Mons, 1712 hours

"Set the charges! We have to go now!" yelled Strom. A heavy lift suit placed the bomb next to the Mons' fusion reactor. Better lose the Mons then lose every Steel Talon trying. Gregor was dead. Doloun was wounded. He only had twenty-five Knights left, against close to seven hundred enemy machines.

The Knights stomped down the hall, exiting the Ferrus Mons, the engineer's suit behind them. Enemies were crowding the main hall, and the Knights crushed them with every step. Vulcan and Plasma fire hammered machines to the ground.

Strom and the last Talons made it to the edge of Liberation Fields, their machines complaining at the constant exertion placed upon them.

"Do it." he ordered the engineer.

"I have. Several times. The det's not working." the man replied. "Maybe we took too long. If the power was cut, the detonator won't work."

"What's that noise?" asked Strom's guard. A series of cracks grew beneath the Knight's feet.

Two hydraulic claws exited the ground and grabbed Strom's comrade, crushing his engine and cutting off his screams. The massive Imperical-class engine towered over the Knights, almost the size of a Warhound. It's horns screamed in victory as it stampeded over the unit, crushing the engineer and rending another two Knights apart in as many seconds.

Strom dodged as the machine stormed past, slashing at it's leg. His blade rebounded off the shields. He noticed a large, disc-shaped object attached to the back.

Shielding. The tau've upgraded this monster.

A slight rumble grew under their feet.

"Move!" yelled Strom, expecting another machine to burst from the ground. Instead, a bolt of silver flew from the hole the Imperical had come from, a blazing powerblade held in it's fist. The Deus Aquilia came down on top of the enemy machine and stabbed the blade into it's cockpit. The vox howled, and the enemy engine toppled, a mighty crash sending waves of dust onto the Knights.

"Thank the Emperor." breathed Strom. "You saved the First."

"Eryk did." replied Wright. He looked around.

"Where's Rickert and Matthews?" he asked cautiously.

"Rickert's dead, son. His machine died at the gates. Matthews was with the Astra Irae when it retreated. I don't know where he is."

Wright cursed lowly. The Aquila's manifold opened up to him as it sensed his mood, a pool of energies untouched since the Heresy gathering at the tip of the Knight's powerblade.

Without fully understanding what he was doing, Wright placed the blade against the ground, and closed his eyes.

A shock wave rocketed outwards, making Strom and his Knights step back to keep their balance. The miners and Tau were crushed by the immense force, but the uncanny intellect of the Manifold's technology saved the Steel Talons from it's wrath.

It was felt by Master Doloun, fighting to secure Master Gregor's body. The six Knights left under him looked around in surprise as the enemy was obliterated.

It was felt by Eryk, deep below Ferrus Mons. The Enginseer smiled slowly as the tremors rocked the Librarium.

It was felt by Shas'O Le'der'na, the leader of the Tau contingent attacking Ferrus Mons. The white-armored battlesuit threw up it's arms to protect it from the force, but within a half-second it was stripped to the struts, Le'der'na torn apart by the razorwinds unleashed.

An odd calm descended on Ferrus Mons, the Knights looking at each other. A cheer rose from the battlements, and every Knight echoed it, a single battle cry floating skywards.

Strom looked back to congratulate Wright, but the suit was face down on the ground, smoldering.


Ferrus Mons, three weeks later

Wright opened his eyes.

Matthews smiled, standing above him next to a medicae. The Lancer had a horrific scar across his face, and his arm was in a sling.

"You look like shit." said Wright. Matthews chuckled.

"You don't look half bad yourself."

"Took a hell of a risk there. You could've been killed."

"Rickert was killed."

"I saw. I was at the gates."

Wright sat up, twinging as the stigmatic wounds from Sierra Tempest's fall throbbed.

"Lay down." said the medicae, pressing him back. "You're staying here for a few more days."

"What... what happened to the Deus Aquila?" asked Wright.

"The energies burnt out the power cells, Wright. She's dead."


"Don't say that. Doloun's hailing this as one of the Great Victories. Someday initiates will walk by your picture in the Librarium."

Wright frowned as he saw the book the Medicae was carrying. The Book of Heroes, those fallen the Steel Talons' service. Dozens of new names marked the list. He saw GRAND MASTER GREGOR at the top of the list, LANCER RICKERT directly under it.

Matthews patted his shoulder.

"It'll be alright. We're the Steel Talons. We always pull through."

Strom walked in. "Yes, we do, lad. Now get healthy. Doloun wants an armed patrol to scout the Titanicus Mons wreckage. Just because this planet is peaceful again doesn't mean we can sit on our laurels."

"Sir, yes sir." said Wright and Matthews.


Far below the surface, unknown to all, the Sierra Tempest sat in a smoking pile where it had fallen. In the opened cockpit, a cracked cogitator crackled to life.



Thanks to all who posted feedback, or read this! Look for my next story to start in less then a week, I need to think up a good title.

02-14-09 08:14 AM
Ordo Xeno Commander Dirge, have I ever told you that your stuff is made of pure awesome?
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