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05-29-16 08:33 AM
Loli I've always had a soft spot for Airships, and l like the idea of Orks fashioning one from a SM flyer. And the mesh netting on the top is a great touch.
05-29-16 04:08 AM
Medic Marine I love it!
Ork players some of the most creative minds around for modelling.
05-28-16 07:16 PM
Lord_Murdock Hello everyone, it's been a while. A long while. Sorry, but I just don't have the kind of time to work on my projects as I used to.

That being said though, I do try to make time wherever I can. And even though it took much longer than anticipated, my ork blimp is finally finished! It was a rather large project. Maybe not quite the scale of the Stompalith, but still a pretty massive undertaking. I'm pretty happy with it though. Like just about all of my ork kreations, I was literally making things up as I went along. Pieces seemed to fit together here and there, so that's how it was done until the end product was achieved. I hope you like it!

There it is. It didn't fit on the chair I usually use to take pictures on, so I had to move it to the floor!

Some mesh to hold the balloon in place. It isn't attached, I don't think I'd be able to take it anywhere if it were!

A bit of patchwork on the other side. Floral print, very trendy.

The back.

Large Deffwingz iconography painted on to the front in red. And a poor, captive Tau drone. My camera's flash makes this look a lot shinier than it is.

The pilot.

The crew. If you bend the walls just right, you can take the roof off and see inside! I went all out here.

And a bit of a closeup on the body. Note the crashed Chimera on the base! I don't know where that came from. I must have used the front (and only the front) of a Chimera for something at some point. The things I find on my workbench.

And with that, my last ork project is completed. I have no others thought up at the moment. That's not to say there won't ever be any more, but... for now it feels good to be done. I guess this is an ork Bomma if I were to put rules to it, but it doesn't look like it should be able to move that quickly. Whatever, it's orks!

Looking back at my old posts here... The first one is from 2009! It's come a long way. From Rhinos and lootas to this.

Comments and critiques are always appreciated! Let me know what you think!
10-13-15 05:18 PM
Lord_Murdock Hey everyone!

First of all, I have finished Kommodore Hindenbork. Here he is:

A nice white uniform, a little worn around the edges, to match those found on many of my other tank kommanders. His is significantly fancier though.

Now, progress on his blimp has been progressing a little more slowly than I had planned. I have finally gotten the body looking complete though, so I can show you some pictures of that.

There is a grot sitting in the pilot's seat, and there will also be an ork inside with another bomb. The balloon will sit on top, with the back end supported by the Stormraven's tail, and those two... things... on top of the engines supporting the middle. Unfortunately, I used the wrong kind of glue on the balloon, so all the little things I put on it keep falling off. It's made out of some dryer tube and a 2L pop bottle cut in half and put on either end, if you want to envision it. Lots of plasticard too, and extra engine bits and parts. It should be pretty cool when it's done.

Anyway, that's what I've been up to recently. C&C are always appreciated!
09-07-15 05:44 PM
Lord_Murdock Howdy everyone, I'm still alive! My armies are both so... I dunno... "established" at this point that it's hard to think of things to add. That being said, I have a couple small additions here today, as well as news of a larger addition in the future.

First, there's this guy. The old metal bosspole nob. I think this was a limited edition model too, but I'm not sure. I got him a number of years ago, built and primed him, then forgot about him. Now he can finally be complete!

Then, there's this guy: a new Warboss. He's pretty bare-bones as far as upgrades go, with just 'Eavy Armour, an 'Uge Choppa, and a twin-linked Shoota. But hey, I used him for the first time in a small 1000 point game, and he did quite well, so I guess he has his place.

Yes, I greenstuffed that whole greatcoat on him. I got him on eBay a little while ago for a good price, so I just had to give him new life! He actually came with that little hat on his head, I guess he was originally a Deathskull or something. At first I wanted to replace it with a bigger one to match his rank, but as I added more greenstuff and made him look more imposing and bulky, I decided that his teeny hat was just too funny to remove! I call him Air Kommodore von Hindenbork, lord of my ork fast attack section.

Which leads into the larger thing I'm adding to the army shortly. Obviously, Hindenbork requires his namesake airship. So, I'm working on a Zeppelin that will count as an ork bomber. Somehow I'm making it out of a Stormraven. I'm literally making it up as I go along though (as I do with all my ork tanks, in true ork fashion), so I don't really know what the final product will look like. Hopefully I will have it built within the week.

That's it for now. C&C are always appreciated!
07-23-14 09:22 PM
Lord_Murdock Hah, yes that earthshaker loota always gets lots of attention!

Anyway, here's another Meganob:

This one is another squad leader, in case I want to run two squads of three.

I have a pack of stormboyz I haven't assembled yet, so maybe they will be my next ork project. Or maybe not. Who knows?

C&C are always appreciated!
06-27-14 05:22 AM
neferhet that earthshaker cannon-wieling loota is just
you are mad!! i like it!!
06-27-14 12:30 AM
Lord_Murdock Thanks everyone!

Well I ran out of primer the other day, so I couldn't prime the two Monoliths I have to paint (ugh). That means... Orks!

Here are some more lootas I've fashioned out of random stuff:

And a couple close-ups:

And a group shot of all 20 of my Lootas:

If the rumours are true, Lootas are becoming Heavy Support. Whyyyyyyyyyyyy?????? That makes me sad. They halve the points cost of looted wagons, and immediately rain on my parade by making lootas compete with them for my heavy slots? Ugh. And what about spare battlewagons? Wow... I'm an ork player who is more concerned with his tanks than his troops. How odd.

Oh well. I'll figure something out.

I'm getting another old metal meganob in the mail at some point, so he will be the leader of the second squad if I ever need two squads of three. I also want to make a Morkanaught out of a Knight Titan at some point. that will be my next sizable ork project.

C&C are always appreciated!
05-14-14 02:32 AM
The_One Thanks for bringing this back to the front page. Just went through all 19 and there was much inspiration to expand on my customization in my future Orks! +Rep
05-11-14 08:38 PM
Jacobite Nice use of magnets and I love that jaw! Best stompa I have seen so far, doesn't look so much like a fatty in a moo moo like the GW kit.
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