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02-24-12 09:35 AM
Red Corsairs I've not gotten round to writing anything yet. Had lots of other things that I've been doing and still have a fair few things going on, but I'll get around to it at some point in the future (near future I hope).
01-01-12 10:09 AM
Red Corsairs I'll get working on something soon, I have a couple of other things I need to get done first.
01-01-12 04:49 AM
Wolf_Lord_Skoll Yeah mate, it's still going, I've just been extremely busy the last couple of weeks, jsut started full time work O_O
12-23-11 12:24 PM
Red Corsairs
Originally Posted by Graf Spee View Post
@ Red Corsairs: just do it.
I was probably going to anyway, but the way I figured it there's no harm in asking anyway
12-22-11 07:21 PM
Graf Spee @ GrimzagGorwazza: Good one! Cheers

@ Red Corsairs: just do it.
12-22-11 11:44 AM
Red Corsairs Wolf_Lord_Skoll, is this still going mate? I was thinking of doing a write up for Mordheim and Battle of the Five Armies.
11-25-11 10:30 PM
GrimzagGorwazza Gorkamorka

Gorkamorka is an intuitive skirmish battle game fought between two or more warbands in a bid to scrape the meagre resources from the planet before your opponents does. It is set on the desert world of Gorkamorka where ork bands vie for resources and try secure their passage off of this Mork forsaken hellhole. Like Necromunda before it, Gorkamorka is a campaign based game where warbands will develop and change depending on how they perform in battle. Leaderships and loyalties will shift, weapons will be replaced and rivalries will form between warbands as each tries to become the top dog.


The world of Angelis was a deadworld long before an ork space hulk crashed into the planet surface. Forced to rebuild their spacecraft from the wreckage so that they might rejoin the great waagh, it wasn't long before infighting broke out amongst the greenskins and ushered in a new era for the planet. The infighting became a religious war amongst the orks with some believing that the space craft which they were building was an embodiment of the ork god Gork and others believing it was Mork. In the end the war culminated in the destruction of the ship and an uneasy truce between the two factions.

Gorkamorka (or Morkagorka depending on your point of view.) is the name that the orks have given to both the space ship which they are constructing and the planet upon which they have landed.

Now led by a collection of big meks, the ork bands ride out into the desert to gather resources from the wreckage that was once joined to the space hulk when it initially crashed. This scrap is richly prized by the big meks who reward mobs which consistently bring back good loot with a guaranteed passage on board Gorkamorka when the waagh is once again launched into the stars.

Unfortunately the truce doesn't hold true once the warbands are out of sight of Mektown (the only population centre on the planet) and warbands battle each other for the choices pieces of scrap to ensure that they and not their rivals get to make up the new crew of Gorkamorka.

Differences to Warhammer 40,000

The main difference between Gorkamorka and 40k is that while 40k is fought between two large armies; Gorkamorka is fought on a much smaller scale usually with no more than twenty models per warband. Based on Warhammer 40,000 2nd Edition system the rules are slightly more in depth then the current core rules. Models will have to take into account psychological effects such as hatred and fear whilst at the same time stickbombs are actually capable of being thrown and causing damage to a warrior. However with the exception of the close combat phase the games main rules run more or less parallel and can be picked up relatively easily. Models do not use coherency and can roam where they please, running, hiding or lying in overwatch, waiting to ambush their rivals with a hail of gunfire.

Differences to Necromunda
Whilst both Necromunda and Gorkamorka share a core set of rules and indeed play very similarly there are a few core differences that alter the play style of the two games.
Necromunda is set in an urban labyrinth, with crates, oildrums, stairs, girders and rubble inhibiting line of sight and making for a claustrophobic, close quarter gunfight reminiscent of so many classic western films.
Gorkamorka is a vast sweeping desert with sand dunes, and half buried wreckage. It very rarely is played with multiple floors and includes rules for fielding vehicles as well as rules for crashes, rams and engine explosions. If Necromunda is a western, Gorkamorka is grand theft auto.

What Makes the Game Fun
Whilst the core rules for Gorkamorka revolve around the orks, this actually works in its favour by injecting a good level of comedy into the game. Mob members who take wounds in a game can risk the attention of the local Doc, though many are the tales of boys who were shot in the foot and returned to their warband with a brand new steel skull. Damaged vehicles might develop an annoying squeak that reduces the leadership of those riding her. Valuable members might get captured or ousted from their position in the mob by a more charismatic leader. All of this leads to extremely cinematic games with each member of your warband developing their own character and making you want to see how they do in the next fight.

Required Items and Costs
Gorkamorka is no longer available from games workshop, even in PDF form (correct me if I am wrong here people). It is however reasonably easy to pick up cheaply second hand. Also the development of new plastic ork kits and vehicles means that your warbands will now look better than ever and models will be easier to convert to represent the various weapons and bionics which they might accumulate.

Playable Warbands

There are five core playable warbands within Gorkamorka.

Gorkas: Gorkas are orks which revere Gorkamorka as an aspect of the ork god Gork. As such they fight using Brutal cunning and will tend to specialise in skills focussed on weapons and combat.

Morkas: Morkas believe that Gorkamorka represents the ork god Mork and fight using Cunning brutality. This leads to a larger number of sneaky and specialised skills, particularly in the field of driving vehicles.

The Digganob Warbands

Digganob is an expansion for the core Gorkamorka game which added more background, weapons and scenarios to the mix. It also included three new types of warband with which to take to the wastelands.

Rebel Grots: Grots will never be allowed to leave Angelis, they are the only greenskins on the planet that are unable to earn their passage aboard the vessel when it finally departs. Fed up with their lot, some grots led a revolution and to this day rebel grots flock to the banner or the Gretchin Revolutionary committee in an attempt to earn equal rights for gretchin. Rebel grot armies don't possess the ability to build or maintain ork vehicles, so instead they have developed a range of simple, crank or wind powered creations with which to take their fight to the orks.

Diggas: The diggas are the feral descendants of human surveyors who were excavating underground tunnels when the space hulk hit the planet. As such they remained more or less unharmed and whilst they slowly lost their culture over the eons since the crash they are still physically very human. Diggas have since started trading with the orks and are constantly trying to prove that they are just as tough as their greenskin neighbours. Diggas are weaker than orks physically but make up for this with sheer numbers.

Muties: When the Space hulk crashed some of the humans surveyors were able to survive by taking cover within their own vessel. Over time, however, radiation twisted the inhabitants and left them as mutated parodies of their former selves. The most technologically advanced group on the planet the muties are few in number but make up for this weakness with resilience and advanced weaponry. Riding into battle on their riding beasts, muties tend to cause horrific casualties in games which they are present.
09-02-11 11:46 AM
Roninman Think you should add Fantasy Flight games to this list too. Not under Specialist games license though, but they are mostly made of Warhammer worlds. And some of those games are even better than most of these titles on this thread.

You should seriously think add following, suprisingly some of these games which tops easily some of those games on earlier list have hardly anything on these forums

- Space Hulk: Death Angel
- Blood Bowl team manager (released soon)
- Chaos in the Old World
- Horus Heresy
- Warhammer Invasion
03-21-11 11:50 AM
Wolf_Lord_Skoll So it's been a while since I've given this a bump. And I think it's time for another call for content!

Basicaly if there's a game you love to play and there hasn't already been a overview made for it (or there has, and you would like to add something more to it) and you're happy to have a shot at writing one, just post here or PM and you're set to go. Once it's finished, I'll add it to the rest in the Specialist Games Overview thread!

Here's the list as it currently stands:
Standard text means it is still open, Lime is for ones that are being worked on and Red is for those that have been completed.

Blood Bowl
Battle Fleet Gothic
Aeronautics Imperialius
Space Hulk
Warhammer Quest
Battle of Five Armies

If there's a game thats not here but you think should have an overview, by all means let me know and I'll add it to the list

On a final note, Rep will be handed out to those who make a major contribution!
03-27-10 05:21 AM
Wolf_Lord_Skoll Legendary mate! Putting it up now
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