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Yesterday 12:16 AM
Subtle Discord
+++ Warning! ∙ Procrastination Scrap-code Detected! +++ Progress Assessment ∙ Diverted! +++ Critical Action ∙ Primary ActivityÖ Halt! +++ Primary Motive Cache ∙ DumpingÖ +++ Primary Motive Cache ∙ ResettingÖ +++
07-31-20 08:00 AM
Subtle Discord *Subtle clenches his eyes shut and blocks his ears with his hands in a futile attempt to stop the endless ideas that lurk in the dark corners of his brain*

No no no! I have things to do! Please stop temping me with distracting ideas! *Binaric screeching* Lo, the Omnissiah offers inspiration so that I might find my way in these dark times.

∙ Yes! I know! I am to take the concept of the Forge World Ordinatus and blend it with this glorious AdMech mega kit-bash.

∙ Look! Can you see?! I have begun gathering the required components and have contemplated my plan. Can you see it?! I can see it!

It will happen, and itís sooo tempting to get started on it because itís begging to come into existence, but Iíll settle for this much progress as a proof-of-concept and put it aside. For nowÖ
07-27-20 03:46 PM
Old Man78 Your kitbashes are great, they look like were designed that way! And congratulations on your little organic kitbash😁
07-27-20 08:50 AM
Subtle Discord See, what else is new? I want to be writing to finish up my last post but then all of this showed up and I had another task to get done. I was planning on getting this at a later point but a recent windfall let me invest in a new ventilation hood and two 5íx3í solid steel workbenches. Getting the 68 kg (150 lbs) benches down into my cave, err, basement studio was fun to say the least, hereís hoping they donít have to get back out. Iíve been looking at these for a few years and the price kept creeping up so Iím glad to be able to get them sooner rather than later in case another increase is in the cards, which I suspect is likely.

∙ Great, a much needed 500 CFM upgrade to my ventilation but now I gottaí figure out how to fit it in and connect all the ducts.

∙ Now thatís a respectable upgrade to my modest Manufactorium thatís instantly helped with my organization and equipment layout.

The setup is still rather humble but itís almost starting to look like I know what Iím doing. It might seem odd that something as simple as a large sturdy flat surface would make me downright giddy but Iíve been dealing with a cobbled-together collection of tables that were less than ideal up to this point so itís a simple but significant improvement.

Next up I need to get a small clay slab roller so I can speed up my mould making process and save my poor ageing hands from the torture of doing it with a rolling pin. After that, I will be upgrading pressure camber ĎAí and ĎBí to match the heavier ĎCí chamber and the two lighter chambers will be put on permanent mould making duty to help the process further since casting and mould making wonít need to share the same pressure chambers. But for now, this setup will let me hit the ground running again with my current plans and have room for improvement soon. The next update should be my finish to my last wall-oí-text where Iíll give an outline of what Iím planning and to look for any input or feedback that might be forthcoming.
07-23-20 12:19 PM
Yduros I spent so much time seeing your pictures. I just started gathering some pieces. I'd like to have all your stuff. You're such connoisseur. Thank you , you make my day.
An all time classic for all your board games https://www.dadi-online.it
07-23-20 09:45 AM
Subtle Discord ∙ Disclaimer: Talk of the real world is going to find its way into this and some future posts because the tabletop gaming hobby and real-world conditions converge in the studio Iím trying to create. Earlier failed attempts at writing an update were going to do their best to avoid this but given the scope and scale of world events, Iím finding it difficult to untangle everything. In the spirit of being relaxed and civil, I donít have any desire to bring up really heavy-handed economic, social, or political, subject matter that will cause friction in a place intended to help distract from such subjects of the real world. However, I find it all but impossible to talk about the hobby as itís related to the studio without touching on some of my perspective about the structures and conventions of society that are having such a huge impact on my personal plans and the world that impacts us all. I welcome any dialogue that might arise from anything Iíll be talking about over the coming weeks, months, and years, but I insist that in public it remain casual, civil, and tied somehow to the subject of tabletop gaming; if itís going to go too far off into the weeds please take it to a Private Message.

TL;DR ∙ Please see the end of this post for a summary of these extended musings. Abandon all hope ye who enter; here, there be monstrous walls of text.

Well then, itís been a while. I really enjoy writing, but when there are too many things pulling at my attention, itís so hard to do. Where to start? How Ďbout, the begending?

I didnít invent the word but the mashup dawned on me a while back and seemed fitting as I came to the realization that so many events donít really have a formal start or finish. Some events do have a discrete start, middle, and finish, but so many beginnings represent the end of something else, and so many endings are the beginning of something new. While I was coming to this understanding on a personal level, world events had me noticing that itís even truer when it comes to the flow of history. There is no arguing that we are in a unique moment in history and it seems like it might be a once-in-a-lifetime begending on a massive scale with outcomes that we can only guess at right now. So what was originally going to be more about my own recent begendings, well, world events have made it difficult to ignore a larger picture.

So, last spring (Oh yeah, weíre going back a bit, but just for a quick recap) I managed to injure my hand when I had an altercation with a cat weíd adopted. I donít hold it against Oakley because he was still mellowing (Heís nothing but a good-tempered suck today) but heís a huge cat and bit me really badly. He managed to nick the bone, hit a nerve, or something, in my right hand ruining my grip strength, and cats have bites that are notorious for getting infected so it took two rounds of antibiotics to get that under control; watching the infection spread across my hand, even after starting the first round of antibiotics within 24 hours, had me a little nervous until a switch to a more effective antibiotic made things right. I figured it would heal in a few weeks but it turned into more like a few months where I had no strength in my hand so it was all but impossible to cast or make moulds in the studio. All things considered, it was not lost on me that the same reasonably minor injury in another part of the world would have come with far more cost and/or complications but for me, it was an inconvenience that sidetracked me for a while.

∙ I was able to paint, 3D model, contemplate, and procrastinate. This beauty is an example of my distracted 3D modelling but it also got me thinking. Want to help me make it real?

Initially, I created this APC as a bit of a flight of fancy not really considering it for production any time soon; it seemed too large and ambitious but I wanted to model an entire tank, so I did. But, the more I considered my situation the more I could see that small kits arenít working right now. Crucial to perfecting my printing and production process, smaller kits are also very easy to get distracted with because theyíre generally less work to design, consume fewer materials, and very prone to tempting flights-of-fancy; but, I simply canít produce enough small kits by myself to make them profitable enough to fund faster studio expansion. I have the ambition to try and make it work by myself while I have no other realistic choice, but the cold reality is, the only way to make smaller kits work is to ramp up production by dividing the labour between more people; itís fascinating how diving a complex task has a compounding effect on the output, so doubling or tripling the labour actually produces more than double or triple the output, and that will be the key in the future. So, for now, Iíve decided to really curb smaller ideas, keeping them for side projects and when I have proper studio space that can accommodate the extra people I can really focus on the smaller ideas to produce them in volumes that make them sustainable.

Until that can happen, I need to do larger kits like the APC pictured above that command a higher price per kit, and these kinds of larger projects will lend themselves to individual crowdfunding drives; if I can get 50 people to support a $100 kit, thatís $5,000 upfront that can let me really focus all my attention on the project for the weeks itíll need to finish. Up to this point, Iíve been doing lots of labour and investing in materials upfront to get a kit ready for production and then waiting for it to recoup that investment with sales. I wish I could simply keep doing it that way but until I get some kind of a proper cushion of funds to work with I need to at least have a selection of kits that provide healthy returns as a foundation that fund progress. Even if a funding drive is less successful I can still make it work but the pace will be slower, and if itís more successful I can slog to finish knowing Iím obviously on to something and gain more momentum to expand the studio that much faster. With everything Iíve done so far, Iím very confident in what I can produce, just not how quickly I can do it, but once I get a few done Iíll have a better idea going forward. With each kit successfully put into production Iíll have an ever-broadening selection for future customers and some upfront profit to take the pain out of the process. Once Iíve got a large enough selection of kits that can do some heavy lifting the cycle should be able to become self-sustaining as long as I can keep the ideas up and Iíve got plenty of ideas. So that was the plan, put the smaller stuff on the back burner to simmer and get the larger kits cooking, and then life happened, quite literallyÖ

∙ Hello Begending. You didnít think I was only going to reference current events and the like when I was talking about the real world, did yaí? Iíll see your expectations and raise you a baby!

In case youíre wondering, heís about 7 minutes old in the picture above, and heís about 7 months old today. So, right around the time, my hand was finally healing properly and I was getting the above plan sorted out this little guy became a future considerationÖ and promptly melted my brain. Preparation for his arrival combined with contemplating how he was going to fit in with everything I thought I had just sorted out, well, that was enough for my brain to start overheating for a while. At some point in the next 3-4 years, my house is going to need another bedroom and at least part of my in-house studio space is now on the chopping block to provide the room. If Iím starting to get cramped for space in my studio now, well I guess my timeline just got much more concrete. If Iím going to do the studio now I have no choice but to get really serious about it, or, let it go. *Sigh* Back to pondering and weighing proís, conís, timelines, and all sorts of other things.

∙ I had plans of showing more in-progress images as the Onagers received their paint but that kindaí got lost along the way as I became absorbed in it as a meditative distraction.

Iím fortunate to have some contractual work during the fall and winter months at the college I attended. Itís a mixed blessing since itís nice that it adds to the household income but it also takes away some of the finical motivation to get the studio up-and-running. It can be frustrating when it feeds into my procrastination, but in this case, I was feeling more than a little distracted so Iím glad I have it to fall back on and provide some outside structure to my weeks. With that, I set to work on the modest task of three Onagers so that I might meditate through the act of painting; it isnít my favorite part of the process, but I do like it for the trance-like state you can attain, that can then be used to block out some of the excess noise of the universe. My little nurgling pictured above (Producers of saliva, urine, feces, vomit, vectors for contagion of all manner, and yet so adorable and entertaining, yes, infants are essentially nurglings.) arrived in early December 2019 so there were only a few weeks until a hectic holiday season of visiting family followed up by a new year settling in discovering the kind of routine that a baby creates. No two are the same, so it takes some time to learn the routines and rituals of placation that work.

∙ Despite the Onager competing for space in AdMech lists these days, Iím still very pleased to have a Ďunití of them ready for the tabletop.

Iím not sure Iíd choose to do three of them together in one go again, but I can say that despite being much larger they were less daunting than painting three of the Sydonian Dragoons at the same time. Gluing the flip-down foot component to the base using the legs as a guide, and then keeping the legs loose during painting was a good plan. The AdMech model range benefits from (demands?) painting the models in sub-assemblies much more than other miniatures Iíve painted over the years, but theyíve given me an appreciation for what you can get away with if youíre careful during final assembly. Iíve learned that you can make surprisingly delicate/obvious connections between components without harming the paint job if you use Extra Thin solvent glue carefully; the simple trick is to be ready to aggressively blow on the join after applying the glue to quickly evaporate any excess that will cause damage or wrinkle the paint. However, the join must be plastic-on-plastic if you want it to properly fuse and have any serious strength so carefully masking all of the touch points with poster-tack before priming and painting adds to the modelís preparation. Personally, the reduced headache of trying to paint some of the many challenging nooks-and-crannies of the AdMech models is worth the effort.

While Iím pleased with how the decals turned out Iím a bit frustrated how obvious some of the edges are even after ample Micro Sol/Set application. They snug down to curved surfaces perfectly but it doesnít soften or blend the edges. Being new to making decals Iím certain I was too heavy-handed with the spray-on film so I think I might need to try a few experiments to perfect the process of making them. I did some research to see if there are any other options for dealing with this and discovered that you can put a heavy coat of hard gloss varnish over the decal and then use really high grit sandpaper to blend the edges away. Naturally, I learned this after I had applied some softer satin and matt varnish in hopes that they would do the trick by themselves. Iím fighting the urge to be impatient and trying to very gently sand the edges with some 1200 and 2000 sandpaper, but Iím forcing myself to try it on something that isnít a finished model first. Iím not pleased with it but itís ultimately very minor and Iíd hate to make a bigger mess trying to fix it.

∙ As the Onagers were finished it started to dawn on me that, hold on a moment, *Checks his to-do list* IíveÖ got aÖ painted armyÖ ? ... Iíve got a painted army. Iíve got a painted army!! And look at that, a begending.

Now, the points have changed over the many months of painting and building, my understanding of 8th game mechanics and tactics changed (and now 9th is here), along with the AdMech faction getting some new toys, so I knew already that my 2,000 point list was going to change. (More on that in a moment.) Iíve also still got to do the decals on all of the troops, and some final little touch-ups and overlooked details, so thereís still a bit more work but the end of this phase is in actual sight at this point; Iím finally at the tipping point that going forward all I need to do is paint units to add to the greater whole and thatís always a lot less daunting. *Binaric screech of glee* So, even if the list is going to get an adjustment I have enough painted models to put a proper table-ready list together and actually venture out into the real world and start checking out what the scene in my area is like. I get out, start throwing some dice, meeting some people, and let my models work as conversation starters; I need to find at least a few talented individuals to grow the studio so Iíd rather try and find a gamer or two who appreciates the hobby and this strange obsession with little plastic toy soldiers rather than someone just doing a job. To be perfectly honest, I have no desire to be a boss so why would I want someone whoís just an employee? (Again, more on that in a moment.) I finished the custom bits, assembling, basing, and priming the Onagers in December and painted them over January and February as the little nurgling settled into his routine, my brain settled back into my skull, and I reassured myself that yes, I can make this work. Iím sure you can see where this is goingÖ

What could possibly happen in March to stop me from being able to go out into public?!

*Subtle sslloowwllyy tilts his head as his eyes grow wide and his expression becomesÖ disturbing*

Huh? What the heck is a Novel Coronavirus? *Entire regions of the world begin grinding to a halt* Aw jeez, now thatís a begending.

I think Iím gonnaí need another distraction, or several, and some time to process this turn of events. Whatís that, stay at home orders? Well looks like Iíve got the time part sorted out.

∙ Umm, what else needs some paint? Some Breachers and another Dominus? That works for me! Because of my procrastination, these are actually finished at this point but thatís another story for another post.

Ok, this is somewhere in the middle of what Iím trying to write, but I got tangled up trying to convert my thoughts into words, and then I got pulled in a few directions by some studio stuff and more real-life events to distract me.

So, this will be a To Be Continued post that I hope to follow up within something resembling a short while.

TL;DR Ė See the end of my next post for a summary of my prolonged wording.
07-13-20 12:23 AM
Subtle Discord Ok, Iíve got no choice but to trim more out of the large post Iím working on. Iím stuck at a certain point and these images/projects simply take the post off in another direction just when Iím explaining my thinking and then I need to pull it back to what Iím trying to get across.

∙ With no AdMech kits left to assemble but a mound of bits to work with I found myself compelled to create this counts-as Daedalosus and it turned out better than I expected.

Like with the other Daedalosus I showed previously everything except the Electro-priest legs is spare bits bashed together, even the outer robe from the Infiltrator kit, that Iím so amazed it fits as seamlessly as it does; I kept looking at the spare Infiltrator robe and the E-priest legs and it seemed like they would fit together very easily but I had to chop them up to find out. Given that the robe adds a lot of motion I fiddled around with the arms quite a bit to try and get a pose that compliments the happy accident I had created. Itís very dramatic combined with the rather static legs so I tried to give a sense that heís spinning around to take a shot with the pistol at a target the servo-skull as picked out. This was my first try at making an Eradication Pistol and it wasnít bad, but the solution I came up with for the other Daedalosus above was so good Iíve replaced the one pictured here with the improved version.

∙ Iím not that fond of the official Manipulus model and I still had another set of Electro-priest legs kicking around (*Groan* Dad joke? *Nod* Dad joke.) so I picked over the pile-oí-bits again to see what I could come up with.

Ok, so I need an Omnissian Staff and some kind of shooty gizmo that can counts-as two obscure weapons. Yeah, Iíve got enough odds-and-ends that I can come up with that. Iím happy with the staff, but while the rule of 40k is that over-the-top is usually a good thing I think the shooter might be a bit too, err, over-the-top-heavy. Itís not the worst solution but I think Iíll keep looking for another opportunity to bash something together thatís more suitable for the role. Iíve also just noticed that I overlooked that the Manipulus has Mechadendrites (Considering the official miniature, of course he does, until you break them all off one-by-one) so Iíll have to see what I can come up with to evolve this idea just a bit more. But, not bad for a start of just bashing spare bits together to see what comes out the other side.

Adeptus Mechanicus is comfortably settling in alongside Chaos as a favorite for converting, bashing, and scratch building, with so many opportunities to mix things up. I canít wait to get back to my Chaos to explore some darker ideas, and then blend the two factions as I start to contemplate my proper Dark Mechanicus and how theyíll be made real. I still suspect that GW will make them a proper faction someday, but who knows how far out that is, so until then Iíll keep working towards my own Darker goalsÖ
07-11-20 10:24 PM
Subtle Discord Ok, time for a shameless bump, because, why not?

∙ I literally ran out of AdMech models to assemble but have so many bits at my disposal I was able to create this chap (and others) with some Electro-priest legs and nothing but spare bits.

I have too many images for the proper update Iím working on (yeah, big wall-oí-text incoming soon), so hereís a better look at one of the kit-bashed counts-as Daedalosus I came up with recently. It's a shame that his current rules limit him to one in an army because I had so much fun making the first one that I could help but make this second one.

Eradication Pistol ∙ Check. Servo-arc Claw ∙ Check. Omniscanner ∙ Check. Looks like a Daedalosus to me.

Iím particularly pleased with how the Eradication Pistol turned out but I need to tweak the wrist since its drooping ever-so-slightly and aiming a bit low for my taste. Iím not completely sure Iím sold on the small Ďreactorí backpack solution I came up with but it does accommodate the servo-skull really well, which I like, and I guess itís a bit of a contrast to so many Tech-priests that are bulky and strapped with all manner of gubbins. Maybe once I add a few pouches and other bits itíll fill him in a way that works for me. Itís fine if I canít come up with something better, but heís still a work-in-progress that has room to evolve because heís not the only experiment in bits-bashing that Iíve been having fun with.

Ok, back to smashing the keyboard with my brain in hopes of finding the right words to finish my full update.
07-06-20 12:08 AM
Subtle Discord
+++ Comm-Link ∙ Active +++ Data Exchange ∙ Compiling +++ Progress Assessment ∙ Insufficient +++ Message ∙ Complimentary Motivational Encouragement Servitors directed to assist with data compilation. +++
07-04-20 09:18 AM
Subtle Discord ++++
Comm-Link ∙ Active

Damn it. I feel like Prince Herbert in Monty Python and the Holy Grail; ďÖ but I donít want to get married, I just want to, sing!Ē Ö ďNo no no, thereíll be none of that!Ē


+++ Decrypting Uplink ‧ Halt! +++ Neural Congress ‧ Initialized +++ Data Uplink ‧ Corrupt +++ Decrypting Uplink ‧ Repairing +++

I donít want to write, I just want to, build! I just want to, paint! Ö No no no you donít, thereíll be none of that procrastination; get writing!

Motivation Subroutines ∙ RecalibratingÖ *HARSH BINARIC SCREECHING!!*

+++ Exchange Output ∙ Inadequate +++ Incentive Reprimand ∙ Administered +++ Information Exchange ∙ Adjusting ParametersÖ +++
Praxis Protocols Initialized ∙ Motivation SubroutinesÖ Altered
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