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02-24-19 01:23 AM
Shandathe Chapter Approved isn't really a matter of 'allowed' in this case... It's the newly adjusted point costs that GW expects to further improve game balance. These are final (until the next Chapter Approved or faction Codex comes along) and simply the 'current' point cost for Matched Play. These are probably the reason most people pick Chapter Approved up in the first place.
02-21-19 04:34 AM
High_Seraph Well I'm not sure if he is allowing chapter approved or not yet as I haven't been able to talk to him yet about some of the rules as we haven't been able to meet face to face yet.
02-20-19 10:25 PM
Shandathe Yeah, the T8 Knights are a pain if you're not prepared for them. The Knight Castellan has an especially heavy footprint on the meta right now as it's both very killy and very hard to put down. Seems to come almost standard with the Ion Bulwark warlord trait too.

So not only do my poor Sisters need to get into range through its withering fire, then the meltaguns that hit bounce off it half the time, and half what remains gets saved. Never mind Rotate Ion Shields potentially making it even worse

Two Knights in a 1000 point game without a warning beforehand doesn't sound all that friendly TBH. Hell, I tend to remind people to bring enough anti-armour against Mechanized Sisters

At 2k points though, you should bring the tools to deal with a Knight. Someone may show up playing Imperial Knights and nothing else except maybe a small CP-generating Batallion. Vision blocking terrain is your friend.

Anyway, back to list-thinking. Can't only think of Knights, have to deal with all comers. Well, 2 lists means you may have the option of picking which you use for each game so you can specialize at least one of them, but let's think all comers for now. Chapter Approved 2018 means a large reduction in point costs, but you'll want to check if the Beta bolter rules apply.

Actual stab at a list to be made when I'm fully awake.
02-20-19 09:32 AM
Grokfog Your opponent brought two knights to a friendly game at 1000 points?

Your opponent deserves to have those knights stuffed up their arse.
02-19-19 03:39 AM
High_Seraph To be honest most of my special weaponry is plasma guns/pistols with a small smattering of flamers and meltas. Heavy weapons is more missile launchers than anything else with a small smattering of lascannons and plasma cannons. I do have enough rhinos/razorbacks to comfortably sit most of my army. Did have a friendly game where my opponent brought 2 knights at a thousand points and I used deathwing and land raider crusader with two preds, one full las the other auto cannon and heavy bolter. Just got wrecked though. So not really liking this new edition but imma try to move past that.
02-18-19 10:25 PM
Shandathe Hrmm. Let's try and work this out logically then, starting with HQs. None of the new shit means everything Primaris is out, but in a Company-sized toolbox of marines you can probably find models that make good Lieutenants/Ancients. No Special Characters (that's gonna sting) limits the selection further though. Masters, Chaplains and Librarians in several varieties remain available at least.

Between Grim Resolve and the Dark Angel penchant for Plasma weaponry, a Lieutenant should probably be the first HQ. If we're aiming for some Ravenwing, putting in a Talonmaster would similarly be a good idea (if you've got a model that can serve).

Master might add some more mobile rerolls if we're footslogging, though I'd normally recommend just going with Azrael then...

What does the armoury look like? What kind of heavy/special weaponry do you have available?
02-18-19 01:58 AM
High_Seraph Yeah doing a fun 40k campaign and need two 2k point lists but I do have the models for the lists just not any of the new shit. Free campaign just doing ir for fun.
02-18-19 01:44 AM
Shandathe Unless you've already signed up for something, I'd very much suggest playing a smaller game or two to get a handle on things before worrying about a 2k points list.

While I think you've got a good core, you may need to find some more anti-armour for a 2k list... That's the sort of territory where the Knights Valiants live
02-18-19 12:50 AM
High_Seraph Ah that's fine oldman just glad to get any advice as any list building skills I may have had have gone away.
02-17-19 11:41 PM
Old Man78 Most people just use the points values. Power level makes for quicker list building, using standard unit sizes with the cost of sny upgrades included in the power level. As for the D.A I have the codex but not gone through it really. Unlike a lot of people I hate the new primaris marines, that being said inceptors are too good to pass on really.

I don't have the codex to hand but with what you have listed you would s decent army based around the predators, the crusader and ravening squads, that be half your points right there. Marines are s bit lacklustre this edition but the D.A have good stratagems and some unique flying units. Not really helpful I know, but im a collector not a gamer really
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