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03-25-20 08:17 AM
Minigiant Amid worldwide chaos I bring you a big update!

The CAD designs for the Tow Guns are near enough complete, and therefore, ready for printing.

A method was devised on how to attach the gun to the cart. A solid connection made more sense than a second trailer hook since that could cause the cart to fishtail really weird in rough terrain. Now there’s a single balljoint connecting the horse to the cart so it is pulled more like one big trailer.

Hopefully the next time you see me I will have the prints done, and something assembled.

03-03-20 06:25 AM
Minigiant Update

Just a quick update today

Progress has admittedly been rather slow, and that is because I am currently under the affect of the COVID19 quarantine in China. On top of that my glue has dried out, and now I am relatively stuck with what hobby I can do in my apartment.

That said, I received an update on the TOW Gun kits that I am commissioning, and the variable lids representing different weapons ammunition has been finished.

Until the next one, have a great day

02-01-20 03:40 AM
Laser Cutting Templates - 40k Truck

Close to eleven years ago, Dave Taylor and Chris Wynn came together to build the awesome truck you see above. (Facebook: Dave Taylor Miniatures)

You can follow the build process here

Part One

Part Two

They then very kindly released the templates for the build so that others can copy this awesome conversion.

Now I always wanted to make this conversion but, was never willing to draw out all the templates by hand, especially if I ever wanted to make more than one. Therefore with currently being under quarantine procedures with the CoronaVirus Outbreak I converted the templates into DXF Files so that they can be accurately laser cut.

I reached out to Dave Taylor and Chris Wynn for permission to share these (Evidence available upon request), and wouldn’t you know, now they can too be yours.

You will want to cut into 1mm thick sheet styrene

Now due to global prevailing conditions I am not yet able to cut these myself but, I will be updating the file from time to time with any minor improvements that may or may not need to be made.

Again thank you to Dave Taylor and Chris Wynn for designing this awesome conversion, and everyone praise them for letting me share the DXF files with you

The Files can be downloaded from here
01-25-20 02:05 PM
Minigiant Drookian Dragoons

I have been riding that surge of hobby energy, and finished off my Dragoon concept and rounded it out with the other 7 standard infantry. Making it one “count as” Infantry Squad currently minus a Heavy Weapons Team.

After removing the riders I had to rebuild
  • The Saddle
  • Baggage
  • Stirrups
  • Reins

The Stirrups while fiddly were not too difficult. If I was to make more I would 3D print them just to save time.

The Reins on the other hand were annoying to do, particularly the ones over the head. The Greenstuff ones are shaper but the Plasticard one has far better shape.

Tow Gun Progress

You will see from the pictures that there are only eight Dragoons, that is because a heavy weapon team will be joining them. Maarten has been chipping away on the CAD files. Here are some of the newest renders (Rivets will be the last thing added)

Future Project

Games Workshop recently announced the new Adeptus Mechanicus Unit: Serberys raiders. I of course looked beyond that and finally saw a far simpler route to making

Bio-Priest Fleshseer AKA ‘The Vet’ (Count as Tech-Priest)

Here is some inspiration I will be working off of for it:

Thank you very much. I look forward to reading what you have to say. See you on the next one
01-18-20 11:09 AM
Minigiant So I have been a busy little bee while waiting for the completed CAD files to come in. No idea what I will be like while they are awaybeing printed. Exciting times ahead

Proof of Concept: Drookian Dragoons

While I am making a Cavalry Regiment, I never once said I was sticking just to the Rough Rider unit; that would be incredibly boring wouldn’t it. I am of course waiting for the Tow Gun Parts to be finished, and while I am waiting have that pent up hobby energy so I decided to crack on and do a proof of concept for a unit idea I had, Dragoons.
Quick history lesson:

“Dragoons originally were a class of mounted infantry, who used horses for mobility, but dismounted to fight on foot.”

Note: I don’t care about the legality of base sizes

The intention of these is for them to count as Infantry if I ever get to play again (Haven’t played properly since 5th). I am of course limited to them not being able to realistically mount up in a Chimera but, the image of having more cavalry really appeals to me


▪My Highlandised Death Rider Horse
▪Puppetswar Cossack Head
▪Victoria miniatures Kilt Legs & Rolled Sleeve arms
▪Death Korp Lasgun
A lot of work still to go with this but, the proof of concept is there. There will need to bit of green stuffing to smooth over the saddle, fix the stowage, and have the reins hanging down.

01-16-20 07:19 AM
Minigiant 40k Willys Jeep

While the CAD Files for the Tow Guns are being worked on by someone else, I have had some time to pursue a side project that I have wanted to do for a very long time; A 40k Willys Jeep.

Now the use of Scale Miniatures in 40k has always been met with mixed results. They suffer from scale issues, and not being ‘heroic’ enough.

Where it fits into my Regiments Organisational Structure I do not yet know, nor do I know what rules I would use for it if it ever graced the table but, what I do know is that I am very happy with it.

The corrent consensus is either a Staff Car for the Command of an upcoming Field Artillery Company or as part of a future kill team (Long Range Desert Group esq)

It has been suggested that with a little moderation to its loadout (Which I note will never happen), it would make a good count as Tauros. To that I say, a 1/48 Wasp Flamethrower Jeep would be an even better replacement.
01-15-20 07:20 AM
Minigiant Tow Gun Progress Part 1

I am excited to say today I can show a sneak peak of what is being worked on. Doing an all cavalry army would get a little boring if it would only be made of only one squad, in this instance Rough Riders. Therefore other squads are being converted to incorporate the cavalry element of my army.

Heavy Weapon Teams are the first to get said treatment, after all it quite clearly said it in the 3rd edition rulebook

Now I am certainly made enough to do such a thing.

Despite my best efforts and some valiant attempts I found it rather difficult to create such a conversion, that would be easily replicated. Therefore I reached out to Maarten van der Zalm, a miniature designer to create the trailer and gun in CAD so that it may be 3D printed and easily replicated.

I now have a few sample shots of what we (mainly he) have been working on.

Please while you are here, take a look at his Shapeways Shop Youbreakityoubuyit

It will mean a lot to me if you can support him

The design eerily resembles the Death Korp aesthetics to match well with the rest of my army. The ammo cart will have a removable lid, inside of which will have magnetisable inserts, each one corresponding to the heavy weapon in tow. Ammo Drums for Autocannons, Power Packs for Lascannons etc

As always I hope you have enjoyed, and I look forward to reading any comments you may have

See you soon
12-02-19 01:02 AM
Minigiant It was suggested to me that my dogs were on the slightly chunky side, and after having a few days to think it over, as well as seeing someone else's work in printing them smaller. I decided to print them again, at 85% the size

People have asked where I got them from, I downloaded the file from Thingiverse, here.

11-29-19 03:58 AM
Minigiant UPDATE

A very kind individual close to me managed to source a few horns from the Empire/Freeguild range in just a couple of days, so I have been able to get this finished promptly.

What is next?

Next up, I am converting/scratch building a fair few to guns to count as heavy weapon teams. Taking these as inspiration

11-26-19 12:00 AM

I have finally gotten around to converting 84% of my command squad

1.The Commissar

The commissar has had a cloak added (mainly to disguise the conversion work done in the body swap), and a fur connector to disguise the join. A servo skull has been added, as well as a stand alone rebreather, and hunting lance sheath to tie them into the squad

2. The Officer

Has a bonnet to further tie in with the Scottish routes of the regiment, a power sword, a lance and personal banner, and a few pieces of additional equipment

3. The Standard Bearer

The simplest conversion. A banner in place of the hunting lance, and a sword for combat. Added rank insignia on the left shoulder

4. The Navigator

Reading a map, and uses his binoculars. Hunting Lance is stored on the back of the horse. Rank insignia added.

5. Medic

I decided the medic would not carry a hunting lance, so instead is carrying a standard lasgun. In addition I thought they would be required to carry more equipment than the others so I added a bit more stowage to the mount, as well as added the medic symbol to the left shoulder

6. Horn blower (Vox) – WIP

See below for more information

Where can I find a Horn?

You may have noticed I didnt share any individual photo of the Horn blower, that is because I have misplaced (Ed: LOST!) the horn I was intending to use on him. I thought the horn works well with cavalry and can count as a vox-caster, as well as can be used to control the dogs.

Unfortunately I have no idea where my piece originated so I am hoping someone can offer some suggestions to a replacement. I was certain the original was an WFB Empire piece but, have trawled the GW website I have had no luck in tracking it down

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