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01-09-18 06:54 PM
Lord of the Night
Originally Posted by Khorne's Fist View Post
Fantastic job on Morty. The wings look great. They to me are the hardest part, trying to handle the transitions on organics on an otherwise nonorganic mini.
Thanks KF! They were a challenge certainly, but a fun challenge. I've never spread a wash out like that but it has produced a great effect, one that really captures the mouldy organic nature of Mortarion's Daemonic appendages.

01-09-18 06:18 PM
Khorne's Fist Fantastic job on Morty. The wings look great. They to me are the hardest part, trying to handle the transitions on organics on an otherwise nonorganic mini.
01-09-18 06:06 PM
Lord of the Night Been a while since i've updated but my time over the Christmas break was put to good use! Mortarion and the Deathshroud have been completed, though I have separated the Nurglings from Mortarion to paint them separately before attaching them to his base, just so that they can look their very best. Both of them were painted in the same style as the rest of my army, which is to say I followed the How To video from the Lord of Two Thin Coats, though I substituted Mephiston Red on parts of the fabric to tie them into the rest of the Crimson Company. Since Mortarion is a Daemon I had the idea that he would manifest differently depending on who he is fighting with, hence he has a red tabard when he joins the Crimson Company in battle.

I also went with bright yellow eyes rather than pale cataracts for Mortarion to connect him to the rest of the Daemons that are in, and those that will be added, the army. I just like the idea of a sickly yellow glow emanating from their eyes. For the Deathshroud's smoke I went with the same style as Typhus to connect them to him as Typhus' own Deathshroud, with dual loyalties to their commander and their Daemonic lord. The rocks on Mortarion's base were painted with Mechanicus Standard Grey, washed with Agrax Earthshade and then drybrushed with Dawnstone, with Screamer Pink washed with Druchii Violet and glazed with Nurgle's Rot for the fleshy growths.

Very very proud of Mortarion, he's the first Lord of War that i've ever painted and I feel like he is my best work yet!

11-21-17 03:16 PM
Lord of the Night And now I can begin assembly and work on the reinforcements i've gotten over the last two weeks. Very pleased with them all and looking forward to starting on them. Plus the shipping box for Morty and the crawlers didn't go to waste!
11-21-17 03:14 PM
Lord of the Night Finally, for now, the Poxwalkers!

For these guys I stuck with the Ready for Battle scheme that I used previously, but to mix it up I did the first batch with an Athonian Camoshade wash over Corax White for the skin while I used Reikland Fleshshade for the second batch. This was to give variety to a set of two of each of the same figures. Mostly I went with the same details across them all, rusted and near useless weapons to denote their status as cannon fodder, bloody boils for the green-skinned zombies and slimy boils for the pale-skinned zombies, while uniting them with the crimson fatigues and the yellow Daemon eyes, or dull Soulstone blue lenses for those with goggles. For the two leaders I went with black and red for the first to infer that it was a Commissar at some point, and white splashed with Blood for the Blood God for the second to get a sort of mad-doctor look. Stirland Battlemire based and the unit was done rather quickly.

11-21-17 03:01 PM
Lord of the Night The Blightlords are next and these were another fun kit to paint, the level of detail on these guys is insane!

I kept to the colour scheme established across the army and newer details that I tested on previous units. The overflowing flesh on the first Blightlord has the same scheme as the skin on the second Plague Champion, while to paint the insect carapace on the second Blightlord I went with Kantor Blue washed with Druchii Violet and drybrushed with Teclis Blue. For the Flail of Corruption on the third Blightlord I used the same scheme as the smoke on the Lord of Contagion's totem, but with a thinner drybrush of Ulthuan Grey to give the smoke a dirtier look. For the toothy grin on the fourth Blightlord I went with Ulthuan Grey and washed with Nuln Oil Gloss, I wanted the smile to be white but still have a creepy appearance and I think the gloss wash achieved that, the pristine look of the teeth really seems off surrounded by the rot and infected flesh. The rest of the details I kept in line with the rest of the army.

11-21-17 02:45 PM
Lord of the Night Next up is the second squad of Plague Marines, made up of the Easy-to-Build kit along with the Plague Brethren LE kit and the clamp-pack Icon Bearer to make a full squad of 7 (Nurgle!)

With these guys I wanted to expand the colours used, so I added Caledor Blue and Daemonette Hide to some of the tentacles and fleshy bits, washed them with Druchii Violet and then drybrushed with Teclis Blue and Slaanesh Grey. I feel that the various brighter colours really stand out nicely against the earthy and worn tones of the rest of the armour. For the Champion I went with a Druchii Violet wash over Rakarth Flesh followed by Carroburg Crimson, which gave a really nice look of infected flesh. I also brushed Blood for the Blood God across the maw on his chest to give the appearance that it's either recently fed or afflicted by rot. Apart from those extra details I maintained the same colour scheme as the rest of the army on this squad.

For the Icon Bearer I also used the brighter colours for the tentacles, but the Icon itself is where I started to innovate. I used the Soulstone Blue effect on the helmet lense there to link it with it's wielder, carefully applied Nilakh Oxide onto the brass sections to give a weathered appearance while trying not to overdo it as I feel I did a bit with the Noxious Blightbringer. For the skulls I went with the same idea as the Biologus Putrifier and painted basic skulls but then used Blood God to create the effect of bloody tears streaming down the cheeks. Once that was done I based all seven figures with Stirland Battlemire and the second squad, an anti-vehicle squad, was complete. To maintain the rules the I switched the Blight Grenadier over to the first squad so they have two anti-infantry special weapons and added a basic Bolter/Knife Plague Marine into this squad.

11-21-17 02:30 PM
Lord of the Night Next up is Typhus the Traveller, commander of the 1st Company and the Zombie Fleets!

Very proud of this figure and I consider him one of my best so far. I wanted to keep Typhus' appearance similar to the rest of the army so I used my army's details rather than the boxart to paint in the areas where he differed such as the robes and the eyes. The white helmet was a coat of Ulthuan Grey, recess shaded with Agrax Earthshade and the eyes in Soulstone Blue. I went with Screamer Pink for the larger tubes to mimic the previous figures and because fleshy wires are so much more Death Guard than just black and yellow hazard markings. For the Manreaper I went with the worn brass appearance, but heavily drybrushed Stormhost Silver across the blade to make the edge sharp and to make the rest of the scythe look rusted. Dryad Bark washed with Druchii Violet for the wooden handle, and the little Nurgling hanging off him was a wash of Athonian Camoshade over Rakarth Flesh.

The Destroyer Hive was a full coat of Celestra Grey followed by a heavy wash of Guilliman Blue and then Waywatcher Green. I went for a smoky look for the flies, they are literally made of the smog rather than being real creatures in it, but did their eyes in yellow to reflect a Daemonic nature. Finally I painted the shattered Imperial masonry in Mech Standard Grey, the pipes in Leadbelcher, and washed both heavily with Agrax Earthshade. A base of Stirland Battlemire completed the figure, and i'm very happy with the result!

11-21-17 02:23 PM
Lord of the Night It's been a while since I last posted an update, but that is because I was entering my Death Guard into Armies on Parade and wanted to debut them fully there. I did and it went very well! So now that Armies is past I can post them here at last. We'll start with the Foul Blightspawn and the Biologus Putrifier, two brilliant character kits that were damn fun to do!

For the Putrifier I went with Thousand Sons Blue and Daemonette Hide to create the various vials and grenades hanging from his racks. I then painted thin lines of Ahriman Blue and Slaanesh Grey onto them to create a swirling fluid effect, though I went with Moot Green and a brighter green (that I can't remember anymore) to create the wire running into his injector and the blight grenade he has in his hand. The skull shaped bottles and vials I painted in bone to give them a more intimidating look, and ran Blood for the Blood God into the eyes and down the cheeks to mimic bloody tears. Nurgle's Rot into the pitted sections of his armour gave it a slimy look without having to work in another colour and potentially disrupt the filthy green. All the other features are in line with the rest of the army.

For the Blightspawn I wanted to give him a fleshier look, hence the hose of his weapon and nearly every wire is done totally as flesh, the idea being that they are intestines or something that he's stitched into his armour and to his weapon nozzle. The incubatum tank was a coat of Fenrisian Grey, Nuln Oil around the partition between tank and glass, then Moot Green along the bottom with a lighter green ran in a jagged line across to simulate fluids shifting, and white spots dotted across to try and make it seem realer. The fluids dripping from the nozzle were done in the same green for continuity. I also ran Nurgle's Rot lightly along the bottom of the tank and underneath the glass section to make it look as if the seals are loose and the noxious fluids are leaking out. As with the Putrifier the rest of the figure was done in line with the rest of the army.

Both were based with Stirland Battlemire to create a muddy warzone look, like a trench.

10-11-17 06:16 PM
Lord of the Night Finished the first ten Poxwalkers earlier today. With these guys I decided to go with a simpler method of painting shown in the Ready for Battle video from Warhammer TV. Considering their in-universe and in-game status as fodder, I have forgone the advanced stages of painting, namely drybrushing and highlighting, in favour of a washed look that makes them easier to finish. It was also the fact that I don't particularly care about these figures that had me choose an easier paint scheme. I collect Death Guard for the actual Death Guard, not their zombie cannon fodder. Of course my alteration to Duncan's scheme was to add the crimson fatigues on the walkers to signify their service to the Crimson Company, I had the idea that the Company likes to infect Imperial Guard regiments that wear red or have a form of red in their names, hence why the leading Poxwalker is wearing a Commissar's greatcoat.

In addition a lesson from the manager at my local GW has finally allowed me to get a handle on spray painting colours that aren't Chaos Black. My ability to spray Corax White and Death Guard Green has improved dramatically, hence my choice to paint the Poxwalkers next as they required a spraycoat of the former, that when washed with Athonian Camoshade produced the repulsive green skin that makes up most of their finished scheme.

Next up is the Foul Blightspawn, a figure i've been looking forward to painting for the unique details on it and the chance to add my own bloody and slimy details to the classic paint scheme.

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