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Thread: Horus Heresy Discussion - WARNING: Spoilers - Update 29/9/07 Reply to Thread
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06-11-08 01:54 AM
vindur My therey links up to DoW. Azariah Vidya was first captain of the thousand sons and was sent to terra with a company of marines to warn the emperor. but were lost in the warp.

Blood ravens dont know who their primarch is, have a huge interest in knowledge, have and unusually high level of pyskers and mutations. And their first chapter master is called Azariah Vidya. Also the word bearer in DoW seems to know about their past which would explain the connection between the WB vs Ultras and the 1k son there for no apparent reason.
06-10-08 10:58 PM
Captain Galus i must say BlackApostle, that is a most excellent summing up of Descent; i had a bit of trouble interpereting it myself. theres a lot of speculation surrounding that book, but i think it did exaclty what it was meant to do; make the DA even more shrouded than they were before. Honestly, i think the HH series is going to answer a few important questions, but it will open all new ones because thats the way the 40k universe is. if they gave us all the answeres right now, thered be no forums like this where we talk about what might have happened or how things might have gone down. Personally, i think the way GW is handling the HH series is genius.
as for whether or not the emperor will make an appearance, i dont think so. He may appear in the last three, but i seriously doubt he will be given any character time at all.
although it would be totally awesome if im wrong
06-10-08 10:38 PM
1k sons on battle of abyss cover

Hi all,

Firstly I'd like to say i've never actually played Warhammer 40k. I've just never had the time or the funds to get into it and I suck at painting etc arts and crafts type stuff. However I love the 40k books and have almost all of them and HH is my favorite part of them rivaled only by Gaunt's Ghosts. I was thinking about the 1k sons because they provide a very interesting and tragic story, one of the best of the Heresy I think. After playing through all the DoW games and reading the Blood Ravens novels I think it's somewhat safe to assume that the Blood Ravens are a loyalist remnant of the 1k Sons. Where could this loyalist remnant be that they do not get caught up in the burning of Prospero? Oh, maybe with the ultramarines as pictured on that cover? I think it would be really neat if the Great Father Azariah Vidya makes an appearance here leading a contingent of 1k sons. The only thing that makes think this wouldn't happen is that they would be giving a lot of the "secrets" they keep away. It would still be sweet though and a good way to tie in the "current" history and novels of 40k to the HH even more.
06-06-08 10:59 PM
BlackApostleVilhelm the descent of angels to me is by far the most intrigueing and delves the deepest into any other legion so far. even though on the surface it has nothing to do with the heresy if read carefully it has everything to do with it. it shows how luther was really a standup guy and loved the lion although he was definately jealous. it shed some light on the fact of how luther must have felt because he couldnt become a full astartes so now he was pushed even further away from the lion. it also shows how secretive the lion really was, much like the picture painted of alpharius before legion came out. it shows how the lion never really gave props to those beneath him which is another thing that led to luther's fall from grace. it shows how jealous he was that zaharial and the marines following him were able to defeat the daemon and not him. the lion's pushing away of luther and the dark angels that were following him led them to belive that he didnt care about them at all, which must have been absolutely crushing to their spirit. especially luther who, through everything from finding him in the forest and following him on his campaigns and being there for him through everything and standing by his side and striving to be his best for him even though he was never appraised and then having to deal with not being a full astartes but still leading with all of his charisma and ability only to be pushed away from the one he called brother and left behind. sure he had a weakness when he left the flight deckto let the bomb go off BUT he still came back to fix it and did with zaharial's help. i think its rather tragec really. it also sheds light onto why nobody knwos who the fuck lord cypher is! this guy probably thought the lion was breaking with tradition and whatnot so he defected with luther. who knows!! i really loved this book, i actually loved all of them but this one is really enlightening. it really made me fell for luther, poor guy. my guess is that zaharial took up the mantle of lord cypher during the fall so that he may continue the good fight and not truly be known by anyone.
05-25-08 04:52 PM
Dragonlover The Thousand Son on Battle for the Abyss is currently unexplained, we're assuming some kind of emissary/wrong place at the wrong time scenario with him.

05-25-08 02:08 PM
Holyboltshells Sorry for seeming blind but can someone explain why they believe the Battle for Abyss pic has a thousand son in it, it seems like a Ultramarine to me

The Mech book seems awesome and like the theory about the mech fighting on both sides to preserve themselves seems like something they would do.

Legion has been my best so far though i loved Horus Rising. Best moment for me so far has either gotta be Loken beating Lucius in the practise cage or the revelation of Alpharius Omegon being one soul in two bodies. Worst has to be Torgaddon getting killed, seemed way to easy for Horus Aximand and i expected Aximand to be killed by Torgaddon and then for him to be killed by Abaddon.

The idea of the survivors of the Flight of the Eisenstein being the first Inquistors is sound, although i doubt its quite as perfect as each is the first of each order.

I highly doubt we will see much of the Emperor. If we do it would have to reveal to what extent he knew of his sons actions. Seems more likely he will stay elusive.

I feel that Descent of Angels was definitely the strangest book, having less to do with Caliban then the Dark Angels if you get what i mean. Can clearly see the seeds of discord. Do we reckon Zaherial will stay loyal (but be treated as Fallen) or follow Luther. Personally feel hes the current day Cypher.

Sorry bout the lengthy post but these books are awesome
05-12-08 09:01 PM
Unknown Primarch while all these books will be great i feel that they need to start adding abit of the emperor into the story. i know they will want to leave him out for as long as possible because everyone wants to read about him and it generates interest but they cant possibly do the heresy and just add abit of the emperor at the end of the series.
he has got to be the character with the most needed to be said about as he was either a bumbling idiot or more scheming than tzeentch. anyone else have any thoughts on this?
04-16-08 09:47 PM
Dragonlover The Blood Angels stuff is actually on Signus Prime, not Calth. Calth is the Ultramarines/Word Bearers bit.

They've basically said 'If you keep buying them, we'll keep writing them'.

04-16-08 06:36 AM
darkreever Just finished Legion today and I must say that I loved the little twist dealing with Alpharius. Gave me a whole new outlook on the primarchs, what might have happened to one or both of the ones expunged from Imperial records, and the death of Alpharius after the heresy.

Flights always been my favorite though, since it is focused more on a handful of astartes who were forced to watch as everything they held dear was destroyed by those they called brother and leader. (The fact that it is written well is a bonus considering who the author is.)

I still think that people knock Descent of Angels when they shouldn't though. Its far from the best in the series because it has little to do with the Heresy itself, but the important story of the Dark Angels occurs after the heresy, what leads to it occurs beforehand and has to be done now instead of later.

Fulgrim and GIF are tied for me as the saddest books in the series so far; GIF because you knew what was coming and hoped it wouldn't, watching marines stand up to their own primarchs and overwhelming numbers that they would never hope to defeat. Fulgrim is just as sad because the entire novel is about the gradual fall of an entire legion and fleet, and then how far Fulgrim is driven by his own corruption.

I'm not entirely certain how many books they plan on coming out with, but I do remember reading that there will be one about the Blood Angels on Calth, and the first signs of the black rage that plagues them now; one about the fall of Prospero and the damnation of the Thousand Sons; one pertaining to the trap created by the Iron Warriors to destroy the Imperial Fists fleet in an attempt to cripple a fourth legion; and at least three books for the siege of terra. (With that one, I personally cannot wait for the defense of the eternity gate, with Sanginius alone holding back the forces of chaos as everyone else withdraws, and then see him get some revenge on the daemon that broke his back on Calth...)
04-16-08 04:46 AM
Bishop120 On the Abyss picture I would say that Magnus probably sent a few TS to warn the Ultramarines of Horuses betrayal about the same time as the Word Bearers set the trap for them. Remember.. Magnus knew the betrayal was coming and was probably trying to warn more than just the Emperor.
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