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03-27-17 04:10 PM
Deloth I don't understand why someone would post a character and then disappear off the face of the planet like that... it's a shame
03-25-17 05:16 PM
Euphrati *sigh* Seems like the dust is settling here.
03-14-17 09:40 PM
darkreever Still waiting on the changes from @dmart29 and @Drohar . If you both are still interested in partaking than you need to make those changes or its not going to happen.

Right now we have three accepted characters, and I know @Wulf has expressed interest so we may have a fourth, and the above two would mean six. That is, assuming dmart and Drohar are still interested.
03-02-17 11:22 PM
Originally Posted by darkreever View Post
... welcome Cato.
Thanks! The Relictors are probably one of my favorite Chapters, and easily my favorite of the more obscure ones. Looking forward to this RP.

Originally Posted by darkreever View Post
Neither the Lux Infinitum or those calling her home have fled to the Eye of Terror. While some of the Relictors might have fled into the Eye, not all of them did. These last three years have been spent in Imperial space, at this point probably more to the galactic northwest of the Eye.
Sounds good. I had just assumed since I was under the impression that all known surviving Relictors had fled to the Eye, but I have adjusted the backstory accordingly.

Originally Posted by darkreever View Post
The only thing a bit confusing to me is why would the marine that took Cato as a youth remove his helmet? Just doesn't make sense to me is all.
Yeah, having gone back and read it again I don't really like that part either. I've tweaked that out as well.
03-02-17 10:08 PM
Originally Posted by Deloth View Post
Cato Loukios
Cato looks pretty good, just a one thing:

Neither the Lux Infinitum or those calling her home have fled to the Eye of Terror. While some of the Relictors might have fled into the Eye, not all of them did. These last three years have been spent in Imperial space, at this point probably more to the galactic northwest of the Eye.

The only thing a bit confusing to me is why would the marine that took Cato as a youth remove his helmet? Just doesn't make sense to me is all.

Other than that, welcome Cato.

Now both Serp and Deloth have characters going for the tactical squad specialist. I'll make my choice over why it is when the action thread itself goes up.

Still waiting for changes to be made by @dmart29 and @Drohar .
03-01-17 06:09 AM
Deloth It's been three years. Three years since our ranks were shattered, our Brothers brought to their knees at the hands of those too righteous and ignorant to understand we weren't the enemy. They call us heretic and traitor, they say the Emperor has turned his back on us, that we have been cast from his light forever. We are damned.

But for all their righteousness, all their glory in the Emperor's name, what difference have they truly made? The Ruinous Powers grow stronger by the day, and we have witnessed it firsthand. Worlds burn, billions die, and even the greatest amongst the Emperor’s champions have been powerless to stop them.

But we have also seen them defeated, cast down by their own instruments of terror. I have witnessed monsters who appeared to be otherwise unstoppable, lying broken at our feet. For our enemies are as vulnerable to their own weapons as we are, and it is this vulnerability we must exploit if there is to be any hope.

We are damned. But if that is what it takes, if this is the path we must walk… so be it.


Cato Loukios


Standing a modest 7 feet tall outside his armor, Cato’s deep emerald green eyes contrast the ebony complexion of his skin and crimson tribal tattoos that pattern his body. The only hair on his head is a thin black goatee that he keeps groomed at all times.

Cato has always made a point to keep his kit in pristine condition, the Emperor would expect no less. Since being declared Excommunicate Traitoris however, such maintenance has become nearly impossible. His Aquila patterned armor looks to be in better condition than most, but despite his best efforts its appearance has still degraded with time.

Background & Personality:
Cato grew up in the village of Irman, located on one of the larger northern islands of the deathworld Neutra. The people of Irman were very superstitious, and their worship of the God Emperor was filled with numerous myths and legends. They viewed each coming of the Astartes as a gift from the heavens, and to have one from their tribe selected to journey back to the stars was the greatest honor that could be bestowed upon them. However, should no youth from the village be chosen, it was believed to be a terrible omen and a curse would linger over the tribe for an entire generation. It was for this reason that the village of Irman had a strict tradition of grooming their first-born sons in an attempt to provide the best possible candidates.

Cato was not so lucky. As the second son of his house, his place was to join the hunters of the tribe, learning to fend off vicious predators and supporting the needs of the village. When the time came for the Relictors to return, Cato would not even be given an opportunity, his eldest brother Davos would be the only boy from their house to be presented. The rules surrounding this tradition were strictly followed, and the Astartes didn't mind. Having the villagers separate the wheat from chaff for them only made the recruitment process more convenient. But Cato would not be deterred, each night his dreams were filled with images of a hulking figure descending from the heavens to lift him up. Seeing his own reflection in the polished ceramite, he knew this was to be his destiny.

On that fateful day, as the ground quaked and roaring balls of fire pierced the horizon, Cato knew it was time. At the heart of the village the entire tribe had gathered around the two hulking figures that stepped out from their vessel. The tribal Chief stepped foward to present the candidates, Davos among them, to be examined by the Astartes and Cato knew he had to act now or his dream would be lost forever. Pushing his way through the dense crowd he broke through to the other side, and breaking into a full sprint ran straight towards his brother. The crowd was in uproar as they shouted at Cato to come back. Davos turned to see what the commotion was about, but before he even got a glimpse of what was happening Cato's fist met squarely with his brother's jaw.

Everyone immediately fell silent as Davos toppled over into the dirt. The two massive figures looked down upon Cato, the emotionless stares from their helmets cut through his nerves like daggers. The silence lasted for what felt like an eternity until... laughter. One of the Astartes broke into a howl, "You have a lot of guts son!" he exclaimed as he reached down and placed his hand on Cato’s head, "Come boy, your life begins today…”

That was 65 years ago and Cato never looked back. As he advanced through his Astartes training he showed great promise and quickly advanced to the rank of Battle-Brother of the 5th company. Many years later, upon meeting De Marche, who would later lead the Relictors on their first path towards damnation, he quickly fell in line with the ideals presented by the radical Inquisitor. He understood first hand that sometimes you had to break the rules and go against the established system in order to achieve your goals, and while the Imperium may not approve of their methods at the time, Cato was confident that they would change their stance once the results of their methods were proven true.

When De Marche was executed and the Chapter shattered at the hands of the Grey Knights, everything changed. Cato’s idealism transformed into a grim resolve, unwavering in his conviction, he saw the actions against his brothers as misguided fear and ignorance. As he and his fellow survivors fled to the Eye of Terror he swore an oath, that he would open the eyes of the Imperium, even if it cost him every drop of blood in his body. For to abandon his ideals now would mean that the deaths of his Brothers would be in vain.

Cato is a Tactical Marine. Willing to nominate self as specialist unless there is a more suitable candidate.

Cato wears MK VII Aquila Power Armor and carries a standard loadout of frag grenades, krak grenades, and spare ammo.

Bolter, bolt pistol and combat blade.
02-25-17 06:14 PM
Originally Posted by Drohar View Post
So far Fenrik looks good, though I would like you to add more detail to his background and appearance. (What does his armour look like beyond the marks of repair?)

Remember that while Neutra is the world in which the Relictors recruit from, there is no regular schedule for when they would come to get aspirants. If there was a tradition of his village, that a certain sign would be a prelude to the return of the sky warriors (Relictors), than that would explain why his village would emphasize the importance of its youth.

Now the reason I want more detail is because you state that he was almost not chosen, but why? Marksmanship would not likely be a key indicator of selection; chapters need youths in peak physical condition after all.

I am also going to deny your chosen nickname for Fenrik. I understand the desire for such a thing, and have no issue with members of each squad to refer to each other by names like that, but a nickname is like a title, it is earned through deed and action to reflect how others view them. So in this case, perhaps Kyron will choose to refer to Fenrik as ranger or hawk-eye or something similar; you never know.

Also, Fenrik can wield two bolt pistols however he will be limited to a chainsword and not the chain-axe.
02-25-17 04:59 PM
Drohar Name: Decus “Ranger” Fenrik

Age: At 55

Appearance: Just under seven and half-feet, he is a well presented man. He can be recognized from his posture which is always like he would be ready to hail an officer. He looks younger than he is due to him taking care of his appearance and being slightly slimmer than normal Marines. He keeps his black hair short and face always clean.

Personality: Decus is a tidy person, though being after being declared Excommunicate Traitoris he hasn’t been able to clean and repair his armour as well as he used to. It now shows marks of repair and scratches which annoy him greatly. He believes in being pure in the eye of the emperor and is against of using deamon weapons, but while he is not agreeing on the direction the chapter is taking, but he would never disobey an order and keeps his thoughts to himself.

Background: As all the boys in the village he dedicated all of his time training to get in to the Astartes, but that training almost came at a cost for he hadn’t used to venture out in the deadly forest and survive in actual situations. He made it just about into the Astartes by showing excellent marksmanship – a trait which he has gotten to trust even more as time has gone on. But diversity makes a Marine, so he was placed in the Assault squad to develop the hand-to-hand combat skilled. (also he excelled in the use of a jump pack)

In the fight against the grey knights he was deeply troubled, fighting against the emperor’s own. The bond of brother was stronger and he didn’t abandon his brothers in their time of need, but went to the front with his squad. He was dragged out injured from the battle and now has a slight limp in his left leg, which he counters with some cleaver tweaking of his jump pack.

Squad: Decus is called “Ranger” because even though he is in the Assault squad he prefers to fight with his bolt pistol. That means he tends to hang back a bit giving cover fire to his squad mates. Being slightly behind also means he is first in line for the enemies who are trying to outflank the squad – at that point his chain-axe comes off his belt and strikes into the head of an enemy.

Equipment: Frag and krak grenades and spare ammo (loads of spare ammo) and aquilla patterned power armour and a small red towel to wipe dirt and blood off his face.

Weapons: Bolt pistol, chain-axe, combat blade and I’d like to request the extra bolt pistol?
02-25-17 02:05 PM
darkreever Malik looks good to me @Euphrati , though you know me when it comes to things like number of grenades and stuff.

With that, we now have the first accepted member of the assault squad. Anyone making a character for that squad keep in mind that the age range is now set between 50 and 55.
02-24-17 04:39 AM
Euphrati ==Excerpt from the personal writings of Brother Malik Kyron==


It is the name they have given us and, in truth, it is fitting. For, in the dark shadows of the galaxy, we are heretics.

We have done the unforgivable, taken that first step down a path that can only end in darkness. But, that is how it starts is it not? A single errant action. Accepted, even defended in righteousness. So simple to justify in the blood and fire of battle’s heart. The ones that come after are always easier to accept once the first is taken, or so I have been told. No matter how well intentioned that first step may have been.

There is an ancient Terran saying about good intentions.

I once thought that I was above such sin, pure in thought and purpose. My loyalty was absolute, without question to the actions of my brothers and my Chapter. How naďve I was.

I have seen true purity.

I have stood witness as it carved through the crimes of my brothers’ like a flame through oil soaked parchment. Bare ceramite, polished until it shone like liquid silver. The souls that it clad, I cannot put words to their perfection. To do so would be a sin in and of itself. I was shamed and honoured beyond measure to merely lay eyes upon them even as their purity ran with the crimson lifeblood of my brothers.

I have been burned by the flames of truth, yet I live.

I live, however I know now that my soul is forever tainted. There is no absolution for my sins. I have accepted that.

And yet, I wonder of the fate of my brothers.

The few of us that remained scattered like chaff before the threshing. Now my remaining brothers seek a whisper in the darkness. Something they say will be our salvation. Another step down the path. There is only one chance to save their souls from the damnation they willingly embrace.

I pray that I am strong enough when the time finally comes.


Name: Malik Kyron

Age: 51

Appearance: Malik stands at seven and a half feet of corded flesh clad in the dusky skin of the south islands. His shoulders are thick and sleek with muscle like the ghost cats of the deep forests. A stylized tattoo of the deadly feline stalks across his back in the tribal custom of a warrior borne. His eyes are a shade of grey-green that shifts with his humours like the churning oceans. Glossy, straight black hair is shorn tight on the sides and crested on top giving Malik a perpetual air of agitation when he goes helmless. His Aquilla patterned armour has seen better days; the grey surface showing chips and signs of battle that Malik’s best skills of patching cannot fully hide. He tends it as best as their meager supplies allow, the one exception being a deep gouge to his left shoulder guard that runs partly through the white skull of his Chapter. The wound to the ceramite is clean and precise, for it was made by a nemesis blade. Malik refuses to repair it, seeing it as a visual reminder of the sins of his Chapter.

Personality: Malik’s humours have taken a darker turn since the sanctioning of his Chapter. His mood has favoured towards a more somber and morose vein than the candid mirth he had before. He has a history of bluntness, tending to take on a fight straight face to face and has trouble seeing alternative routes. Being on the younger side of the squad, Malik still had a sense of naivety to his own mortality that seems to have been shattered by the recent events. His temper has become dangerously sharp without warning, more often as of late he has lost his temper in the training cages and drawn bloody wounds before stalking away into the dark recesses of the ship in a cold rage. Glimpses of his old self peek through the dark at times, like shards of sun through the tightening over story of the deep, deadly forest. Strangely, throughout it all, Malik seems to have become even more devout to the Emperor to the point of Penitent- what that means for his future and his brothers, however, time will tell.

Background: Borne to the tribal people of the southern islands, Malik childhood world was one of life’s constant struggle between existence and destruction in the green depths of the forest. He learned early on to respect the great predators of the dark, to be swift in his hunting and quick in his kills least he draw unwanted attention. His recollections of that time are more impressions now than true memories, as he was claimed for the Chapter at the age of seven. Within the Relictors, Malik excelled in close combat, his young body taking to the gene-enhancements with seeming relish. His reactions became predator fast, and just as deadly with a blade as with his bare fists. Although he carries a bolt pistol, it tends to go forgotten more often than not- recalled only when a target is frustratingly out of his reach. The fall of his Chapter has been a festering wound to the younger marine’s psyche. Loyalties and orders he would have followed without question before now draw a pause from him.

Squad: Malik was a member of an assault squad, many of his brothers lay dead at the hands of the Grey Knights. Even with his skill in close combat, Malik barely escaped with his life from the battle with the Imperium’s ultimate warriors. A fact that has humbled him greatly.

Equipment: Frag grenades, krak grenades, and spare ammo of indeterminate amount :-p. Aquilla patterned power armour (lightly damaged, mostly superficial). Various personal effects in his chamber (leather bound journal, quill and ink, armour repair supplies).

Weapons: Combat blade and chain sword/bolt pistol for standard equipment. Malik has taken to carrying an additional combat blade as he has a habit of breaking/losing them in battle.
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