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12-02-19 08:52 AM
Originally Posted by Subtle Discord View Post
Thanks for the positive feedback! I'm glad what I'm showing is interesting to those who might be outside of the factions I'm focusing on right now. Here's hoping I can expand to something you collect sometime in the future.
Imperial Guard

I have lots of ideas if you would like to pick my brain
12-02-19 08:17 AM
Subtle Discord Thanks for the positive feedback! I'm glad what I'm showing is interesting to those who might be outside of the factions I'm focusing on right now. Here's hoping I can expand to something you collect sometime in the future.

∙ Hobby-OCD appeasedÖ It's not a massive change but I'm glad I raised the barrels to align them with the round cut in the sloped front armour. The fit just feels more deliberate now.

I also adjusted the details on the barrel a bit to get the match really close to the Stubber under the Neutron Laser and then a quick mirror to make parts for the left and right, because yeah, Iím keeping all three Stubbers. Still lots of little bits to attach, but the custom stuff is done and they're in the home stretch before they get hit with some primer.

Ok, bed ways is right ways now. I have no idea what my next update will be, or when. We'll see what I get up toÖ
11-29-19 08:34 AM
Minigiant Just popping in to try and generate some more conversation is this forum.

I have been a big fan of your work for a long time. Unfortunately I don't have any of the factions you support so instead I live vicariously through images on the internet.

As for your latest update, I think underslung heavy stubbers look awesome
11-29-19 07:30 AM
Subtle Discord Oooo, a cookie!

*Subtle munches away on the tasty cookie*

Not often, but every once-and-awhile something fits just right the first timeÖ

∙ I think the barrels are just a little too low but the bit fits the spot perfectly. If I was someone else it would be good enough but it needs one round of adjustments.

I want to try another iteration with the barrel adjusted up a bit to center it in the round of the cut in the sloped armour. It just seems off that the round element of the model doesnít line up with the round barrel of the bit; it lacks a certain logic that my poor hobby-OCD canít ignore. But, with that minor quibble aside, oh myÖ

∙ Ö what have I done? Now Iím rather tempted to put twin Heavy Stubbers on the Onagers, because, look at it. MmmmmÖ Stubbers.

If I had of known I was going to do this I could have left the Stubber off of the Neutron Laser and just put an antenna detail there, or something. Damn it, why do I do this to myself?! I canít keep changing things all the time, butÖ *sigh* Opinions and/or input?
11-28-19 10:32 PM
Old Man78 Great stuff have a rep cookie
11-28-19 08:36 AM
Subtle Discord +++++++++
Comm-Link ∙ Active
Data-Link ∙ Active
Decrypting Ö
Data File Lo.4313-7 ∙ DisplayingÖ

So, life, the universe, and everything keep pulling me in several directions the last while and thatís got my brain just a bit preoccupied. I want to sit down and write more, but wording is harder than usual right now. While I have been distracted and somewhat sporadic with updates Iím striving to not be idle in the studio or the hobby bench so I figured a nice dump of large images with minimal text was the order of the day.

∙ With decals finally ready to go I can get down to actually properly finishing some models, like the Kastelan ĎBots and Datasmith.

I still think the contrast of white decals would have been interesting but Iím completely happy with the black and ultimately I think itís a better match to the blue-and-black scheme. Maybe Iíll get some white ones done in the future and use them to make alternate units using them or something.

∙ To say Iím pleased with how the ammo hoppers and feeds turned out would be an understatement. They take some tweaking to get rightÖ

Ö but the result is totally worth the effort; now thatís a Kastelan that looks like it could spray out some phosphor rounds. Youíre usually staring at the backs of your models when theyíre on the table so they may as well look good from behind.

∙ Is the Dragoon just a really large model or do I need to consider a larger photography backdrop? I think itís both, yeah?

Being all legs and Tazer Lances the Dragoons are quite challenging to completely frame in the shot as a complete unit without cropping anything. Since the projects are going to get much larger over time *glances at the Knight and Kytan sitting off in the corner* I guess itís time to consider a larger backdrop solution.

∙ I also overlooked priming the backpacks for the Skitarii riders, so theyíre not quite finished yetÖ but so close!

Iíll get around to the backpacks the next time I prime some other stuff, so these will catch up soon enough.

Speaking of things that will need to be primed in the near futureÖ

∙ Patiently waiting their turn for several years itís so nice to finally get a unit of Onagers on the workbench.

The extra time was worth the wait.

∙ Yeah, thatís it, make a build for a model thatís already chocked full of all sorts of bits and gubbins, even more involved. Good call.

Well, itís not like I can stop now, can I?

*Ponders a moment to consider the chorus of whispers endlessly taunting me with ideas and inspiration*

YeahÖ thatís not going to happen.

∙ All dressed up and waiting on the final bits and piecesÖ so many, hoses, cables, ladders, rails, and antennaÖ seriously.

Iím learning to love to hate to love the Mechanicus line. So many little bits to add to the models that make them look excellentÖ and make them more complex to paintÖ and did I mention itís only a matter of when, not if, youíll snap an antenna off? Wonderful, delicate, detailed, frustrating, unique, and tedious all in one. Perfect for my mildly masochistic tendencies really, I suppose.

∙ And of course, I had to add one last bit to the mix. Youíve come this far, so know you saw it coming.

I was going to convert the Heavy Stubber included in the kit but I figured it would just be more straightforward to simply 3D model the entire bit in one go. Nothing too complex so it wasnít hard to whip up. Still waiting on the first prints of this bit even as I write this.

Ok, so you can expect to see much more blue over the coming weeks as I apply many decals to many models and get them properly finished and table ready. Iím already eager to get on to some bigger projects but the foundation and first floor is almost done and I canít get distracted quite yet.

Omnissiah guide my hands of inferior flesh so that I might make your divine inspirations real.
11-27-19 08:57 AM
Subtle Discord
11-23-19 09:28 PM
Subtle Discord ++
Comm-Link ∙ Active
Motivation Subroutines ∙ RecalibratingÖ *HARSH BINARIC SCREECHING!!*
Praxis Protocols Initialized ∙ Motivation SubroutinesÖ Altered

+++ Output Quota ∙ Inadequate +++ Incentive Reprimand ∙ Administered +++ +++ Information Exchange ∙ Update +++ +++ +++ Output Quota ∙ Adjusting ParametersÖ +++
Comm-Link ∙ Active
Update Incoming ∙ StandbyÖ
09-30-19 05:31 AM
Subtle Discord Well then, just as I was about to get my crap together and start talking about my new plans for the studio, life the universe and everything conspired to toss a wrench into the whole works. As if I wasnít trying to juggle and sort out enough stuff an unexpected new twist has come along and really thrown me for a loop, so, Iím still trying to stop my psyche from spinning and find my equilibrium. While the studio is by no means dead the last few months has completely tripped me up just as I was going to get stared and forced me to step back and rethink many things. Life doesnít come with an instruction manual, you just gottaí figure it out as you go. *Sigh* Adulting is hard sometimes.

More studio updates incoming at some point, once Iíve got new considerations fit into the plans. I was already committed to exploring and talking about how I want to take things to the next level and that isnít changing, but I need a bit more time to get things sorted out. Personal projects on the other hand, might just find their way into the gap, so thatís not a bad thingÖ

+++ Ö still waters run deep Ö +++
07-20-19 11:37 PM
Subtle Discord Studio Correspondence Message: I apologize to anyone reading this who may have contacted the studio over the last few months but have not received a reply. I try to keep up but sometimes I get swamped and/or distracted with things inside and outside of the studio and it becomes very easy to procrastinate on replying. I will be sending out a form letter to reply to the bulk of the emails and work to reply directly where it makes sense.

This ties into what I want to talk about in more depth, but Iíve got several things bouncing around in my brain so I figured it would be best to split them up. Right now, letís have a look at what Iíve been working on for upcoming kits and soon Iíll discuss how one thing led to another and a fit of distraction made future studio projects started to take form, somewhat unexpectedly.

∙ With initial work for the Rhino done the venerable Land Raider chassis is next in line.

Now, the Land Raider is an old GW kit to say the least and it comes with a few issues with fit and dimensions; some parts simply donít fit together quite right and there are numerous places where details should be symmetrical, and they arenít, or should align, and they donít. The best I can do is try to average out any differences and remember to provide a bit of tolerance to the fit of components I create. As with the Rhino chassis, once Iíve made some things that can give some feedback on the fit I can dial in the 3D model for future projects.

∙ Itís been sitting on my workbench begging me to give it some attention so I felt compelled to 3D model the Sicaran.

Someone had mentioned a while back that it might be challenging to make add-on kits for the Sicaran and I can understand why since RTV mould cast resin models can have some tolerances that might not be completely uniform for one cast to the next. After dealing with all sorts of strange issues with the Land Raider I figured Ďhow bad could it be?í and got to work. I quickly discovered that itís true and it surprising just how much so. Many of the details are completely different from one spot and/or side to the other where they should be symmetrical or evenly spaced. Even the tracks start at the exact same spot at the back of the model but by the time they reach the front theyíre slightly different lengths; this may have been done on purpose to make them look slightly different, but itís just one of many odd details and off measurements. As with the Land Raider, but even more-so, Iíve simply tried to average out any of the worst examples of this.

Itís still a gorgeous model and most issues are small enough that you canít really tell by looking at it, but it makes it very tricky to create anything with a tight fit over any of the complex geometry. I really just want to give the model some spaced armour plates, a siege ram style Ďdozer blade, and some tread plates that can be attached to the tracks, so I know I can do those without too much hassle. Anything more complex and itíll be too much of a headache I suspect. Initially I wasnít going to model the turret but once I got the rest of the model done I got lured in to the challenge of trying to do it; Iím not sure it Iíll make custom weapons for the Sicaran but at least now it wonít be hard to get started if I do.

∙ Next up, a ĎRaven thatís been sitting in the back of a dark a drawer for far too long.

If itís not already apparent, I really enjoy the 3D modelling process so itís not going to take much arm-twisting for me to get to work on the Storm Raven. Over the years itís been requested more than a few times, so now that Iíve got the opportunity it seems like as good a time as any to get the preliminary 3D modelling done. Iíve finally got the means to really do it right and get the complex fits Iíll need to make add-ons for the ĎRaven.

∙ Whatís that? You were expecting more than these little images of the tank model I previewed before? Looks like youíll need to keep your comm-link active.

Working on modelling so many GW kits I couldnít help but develop a nasty itch to create something thatís been lurking in the back of my brain for years. It also ties in well with some of the other things Iím trying to sort out and talk about, so I figured it would be a good hook for my next update. Everyone likes images after all, especially if itís (likely) going to be accompanied with a wall-o-text.

This is definitely a project for the future, but I really want to show some of the more ambitious ideas Iíve got for future larger kits. Add-ons are just where I want to start but I really do want to create much larger and more ambitious complete kits and I want to start showing off what I have in mind so people can see the images I have in my mind, even if I canít make them quite yetÖ.

But, before I get to rambling too soon, Iíll stop here, and keep it for next time.
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