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  Topic Review (Newest First)
02-22-16 09:38 AM
Sworn Radical It might be worth mentioning, that you don't need to 'artifice' (I.E. master-craft) the weapon on the Consul Delegatus, since the Delegatus upgrade allready includes a master-crafted weapon option in its points cost.
Not a biggie, but another 5 points saved.

@darkreever your points on the Tacticals plus their Rhinos are off. Mortis has got them right, should be 225 pts. per unit, not 245.

Just some general thoughts:

If you don't go heavy on tanks / vehicles, you might as well ditch the RoW and the Delegatus and make room for another HQ choice. A Delegatus is nice and 'Covenant of Fire' is a great RoW, but at the moment none of its strengths are really utilized by either list.

Also, running 'Covenant of Fire' unlocked by a Delegatus prevents you from taking any other HQ choice, except for a Legion Champion.

Have you looked at all the new RoW that made their appearance in Retribution ?
There's a ton of generic RoW in there, plus one that is Salamander specific.
02-21-16 12:44 AM
Battman As always but the more difficult, possibly allows it to cross the board with cargo intact. Sorry about terms still haven't quite got the new stuff round my head.
02-20-16 11:40 PM
Deus Mortis I think what you are referring to is Armoured Ceremite, which negates the extra D6 you get from Melta weapon (although not Melta-bombs because they have Armourbane which isn't negated). However neither Armoured Ceremite nor Flare Shield comes stock and a Spartan kitted out like that runs at about 340 points IIRC. The other thing worth mentioning is that the Flare Shield only affects shooting on the front arc. Side and Rear don't get the -1 S sadly. Equally, Kraken Penetrators from a Lightning or Graviton cannons with massed Haywire will negate pretty much all of the Spartan's buffs.

Don't get me wrong, Flare Shielded, Armoured Ceremite-d Spartans are brutal to crack. Especially at 1750. Especially if you also run The Covenant of Fire and get a nice invulnerable save against melta, plasma and flamer weapons. However, they are beatable if you have the right tools for the job.
02-20-16 07:18 PM
Battman Hmm thanks didn't know about the other character thing. Was thinking in terms of the current spacemarine book, having a captain and using him a form of beatstick. To be honest of the two ideas I liking the dual landraider list @ darkreever has with the pyroclast and drakes squad even though thats a lot more models.

Thanks to both of you. Definitely gives me some ideas.

Other thoight though, really liking the jdea of the flare sheilding on the spartan, -1 to strength is insane to anything combined with the heat sheilding (forgotten name anti melta and lance) that the spartan has stock. Really thinking that running it as 300 points base always is a good idea, melta can't hurt it at all, S9 only glances on a 6 only things with S10 can actually hurt it but need those "6" plus the 5 hullpoints.
02-20-16 06:11 PM
Deus Mortis I agree with darkreever that a Praetor at <2000 points it often not worth the investment. I assume that the reason you are taking a Praetor or a Deletagus is to be able to take the Rite of War. If not, with the list you've got constructed, you can so you might want to think about it. Also, I'm not sure if you meant you wanted to take a Primus Medicae to go with the Firedrakes because the regular Apothecary you buy as an Elites choice can't join Firedrakes (they have a specific list of units they can join).

If you are buying the Betrayal at Calth box, then (trying to use as much as you can from the box and sticking close-ish to you original list) I would run something like this:


Deletagus + Cataphractii Armour + Dragonscale Storm Shield + Master-crafted Chainfist + Rite of War: The Covenant of Fire = 125 points

(Uses the [email protected] Terminator leader. All you need to do is buy a Storm Shield for him.)


Tactical Squad (10 men) + Legion Vexilla + Artificer Armour + Master-Crafted Power Weapon + Melta-bombs + Rhino = 225 points

Tactical Squad (10 men) + Legion Vexilla + Artificer Armour + Master-Crafted Power Weapon + Melta-bombs + Rhino = 225 points

Tactical Squad (10 men) + Legion Vexilla + Artificer Armour + Master-Crafted Power Weapon + Melta-bombs + Rhino = 225 points

(Uses the 30 tactical marines you get)


Firdrake Squad (5 men) + 5 Dragonscale Storm Shield + 5 Thunderhammers (one on the sergeant is Master-crafted) + Spartan Assault Tank = 645 points

Contemptor Dreadnought + Master-Crafted Multi-melta + Master-Crafted Melta-gun in the DCCW = 190 points

(The Contemptor you get in [email protected] and you could, in theory, convert the Firedrakes from the terminators you get if you so wanted)

Heavy Support:

Whirlwind Scorpius = 115 points

(You would need to buy this, but it's wonderful and cheap in terms of points)

Total: 1750

You've still got 4 scoring units, but everything has Move Through Cover, the Dreadnought gets some free Master-crafted upgrades (which basically makes it's weapons twin-linked) and a lot of your army is getting 5++ against melta/plasma/flamer/volkite. The slight issue you might have is with anti-flyer, but given that the Spartan has 4 Twin-linked lascannon shots and the Contemptor has it's Master-crafted S8 guns and most flyers are AV 10-12, I think you can pretty reliably fish for sixes.

The only slight issue yo might have is the issue of any deathstar list. The Firedrakes + party bus is over 1/3 of your points and so if it dies you might hit a snag. However, it will hit like a tonne of bricks and with the tactical squads zipping around, the Contemptor breaking things and the Scorpius pounding units to dust, I reckon you should be ok.

Hopefully that helps.
02-20-16 12:11 PM
darkreever Betrayal at Calth, not battle.

At 1750 I would recommend a delagtus over a praetorians to be honest. You drop a wound and can't take the mantle but you'll otherwise save a boat load of points for other things.

I'd recommend:

Legion centurion
Delagtus, cataphractii armour, dragonscale shield, thunder hammer, artifice weapon

2x tactical squad
10 strong, vexilla, artifice armour, artifice weapon, power weapon, melt a bombs
245 (490)

Pyroclast squad
Artifice weapon, powerfist
Land raider phobos

Artifice armour, artifice weapon, power weapon

4x thunder hammer, 4x dragonscale shield, heavy flamer (fired rake masters hammer is master crafted)


Total: 1750

Rather than putting the apothecary with the firedrakes, stick him in the pyroclast squad. The drakes are two wounds each, they can take a lot of punishment whereas the pyroclast only have artifice armour.

The above list gives you four scoring units and two tough pieces of armour to deal with opposing armour at range.
02-20-16 10:55 AM
Salamander 30k list (Help Please)

Well as the title says I'm looking into making a list for the salamanders legion, but the main concern unlike 40k which I've got around 7 years making lists, in the 30k game I've got not much.

I'm thinking having a list with

Preitor (3 wound guy if I'm wrong), cataphratii armor, Dragon scale sheild, thunder hammer and Dragons Mantle

Firedrake terminator squad, 4 thunderhammer/dragonscale sheilds, one with hammer and heavy flamer.

Spartan landraider with flare sheilding

Elite apothecary marine to go with terminator

Three squads of

Tactical Marines 10 + rhino

That comes to around 1495

Looking for around 1750 but not sure what else to add, maybe dreads? Looking at buying betrayal at calth so bunch of marines and a contemptor dread.

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