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01-03-16 05:02 PM
MidnightSun I think that it's a solid take on it in many ways, particularly on the cosmetic front (I've never seen the similarity other than 'they're in big plate armour', which basically all fantasy guys are anyway. Have you seen Warcraft armour?), but I disagree with one line in there.

"[Space Marines] feel little in the way of emotion"

While that is, I think, wrong, the rest of it is a good analysis.
01-03-16 10:04 AM
Lord of the Night Found this recently, a quote from Josh Reynolds on the difference between Space Marines and Stormcast and I think it's well worth a read;

Originally Posted by Josh Reynolds
"Well, for starters, Space Marines are chosen as children, tortured by SCIENCE!, and then drafted into an eternity of being monastic murder machines whose sole purpose is to hold up the crumbling foundations of an omnicidal dystopia in the name of a rotting carcass that eats psykers like chiclets. They're emotionally stunted orphans who were brainwashed and weaponized before being unleashed on a galaxy where EVERYTHING is trying to kill them. They never even had a chance to be people before someone turned them into a gun instead. Stormcast, on the other hand, are dead heroes, chosen for their valour and faith, resurrected and sent to free the Mortal Realms from the abominations currently running the show, on behalf of a benevolent God-King (Though benevolent is seriously up to debate). They're traumatized heroes who had lives, personalities and histories prior to being crammed into primary colored hulkbuster armor and filled full of lightning so that they could go save their descendants from the eldritch horrors of a nightmare dimension. They endure death after death, losing a bit more of their soul each time, in order to prevent anyone else from suffering the fate which befell them. One group are so far removed from humanity as to be utterly alien. The other group are so human it causes them pain. One group feels little in the way of emotion, the other group feels emotion as strongly as they did before death. One group hates and fears the alien. The other group allies regularly with space-lizards, skeletors and green monster-men. One group is the personification of the grim future in which they live. The other is a thing born of hope. The similarities are cosmetic: big guys in easily paintable armor sell better than little dudes with fiddly bits. But the context for those cosmetic similarities is quite different. Think of it this way...Space Marines are Batman and Stormcast are Captain America. Both are super-heroes, both wear costumes, both punch bad guys, both save people. But they ain't the same, are they?"
It also has the side-effect of making the Stormcast sound even more like utter badasses.

08-08-15 12:31 AM
shinros I am currently reading the new book and one thing of note they are much more "human" than space marines. Plus they pretty much tire like normal warriors well I should say they would tire like a chaos warrior.

Honestly I just view them as a "good" version of the chaos warriors/knights that's how they seem like to me imo.
08-05-15 07:32 AM
neferhet In 40k we have skull and space marines as leitmotif, now we have skulls, space marines AND lightning (and hammers). At least it's more variety.
08-05-15 06:29 AM
SonofVulkan Ok, the new Stormcast Eternal dudes with backpacks are pushing it a bit far.

Attachment 959968882
08-03-15 11:41 AM
Angel of Lies I'll admit that AoS is incredibly simple compared to WFB. However, its that simplicity which has actually been a benefit for some of the people I hang around with. Originally we all bought one battalion per person and half-assed painted them and then sat down to play. We never got past a couple of turns because, admittedly, the vast rulebook of WFB typically had us disagreeing on certain points (mainly to due with the stats during attacks). Yea we're probably not very intelligent nerds but alas the lore griped us and we gave it our best shot. The minis have been sitting in my closet for at least a year, if not 2 or 3. I can't honestly remember.

All of us work typically crazy hours so when we did get together we didn't have the time to sit down and really learn the game. AoS has made it incredibly simple. I actually played my first ever Warhammer game (40k or Fantasy) all the way to the end with a friend. Then played another 2 games. The first couple were messes but the simplified rules meant we could get into it easier and enjoy ourselves more.

Yea, I can see why people don't like the lore (which I'm having trouble making sense of myself) or the fact that 25 years of core-lore was kind of whitewashed out of the game, but meh -- WFB never had the following 40k did. At least not in the people I talked to.

As for the Stormcast Eternals, I don't really care. I kicked their ass with my Khorne Bloodbound and my Wretched Host (first time I ever got to play them). My only annoying thing with AoS is the lore could have stood to be a little darker -- but that could just be the 40k fanboy in me.
08-03-15 03:09 AM
The Son of Horus I'm painting my stormcast eternals as Ultramarines. And you know what? I'm having a blast with it. Age of Sigmar is a ton of fun, and I can just go "GROUND MAHRINES, CHARGE!" We've been playing the shit out of it, and at the store, we all just shrugged and went, "You know what? This is awesome, having not Space Marine paladin-y guys who are clearly Space Marines." It's about fun, and if you don't believe Age of Sigmar is about being ridiculous and fun, go look at the Orc warscrolls and tell me you still don't think so.
08-02-15 03:22 AM
Originally Posted by KarnalBloodfist View Post
Actually, I believe the PC term would be "crossbolter"
Heh. I'll buy "crossbolter."
08-01-15 03:28 PM
KarnalBloodfist Actually, I believe the PC term would be "crossbolter"
08-01-15 12:46 AM
Originally Posted by KarnalBloodfist View Post
If these don't say,"5-man SM squad w/ BOWters & ML" ... I don't know what does.
Fixed that for you.
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