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10-20-08 11:42 AM
EndangeredHuman UPDATE:


Need something smoother than a brush and quicker than Commissar Cain avoiding a firefight? Something for the pro's here ladies and gentlemen, is an airbrush. Now, if you're starting out, or have been in the painting scene for less than a few years, I'd ignore checking prices for now, unless you're nosey (Like you should be!). An airbrush is a painting device similar in nature to a spray can, paint is propelled by air through a nozzel. They're used primarily for painting vehicles or mass basecoating figurines, however, its true purpose is that more advanced painting techniques can be produced by them, such as advanced vehicle weathering. Airbrushes come in several flavours, but the most important being external air mix and internal mix. External mixers mix the air and paint outside the brush, while internal mixers... well you get the idea. Internal mixers are much, much more expensive and are generally harder to clean, but give a better finish and offer more versitility for advanced techniquies. While externals are the polar opposite. Air can be delivered to them via a car tyre (!) compressed air can (Cheap) or a compressed air unit. With desirability and versitility going up from left to right.


(See above post)


Used in conjunction with styrofoam to create scenery. Styrofoam is weathered down into a nice smooth shape quite nicely by ordinary sandpaper. Some people use this on figurines too, but it's not something I'd ever allow on MY figures!
10-20-08 11:41 AM
Originally Posted by surreal-mind View Post
cool tut but what about styrofoam and such?
Good point, my friend! Styrofoam is a thick, foam substance that can be cut with either a hobby knife, or a hot wire cutter to create slopes, mountains, hillsides, and general cool pieces of miniture scenery. Again, sold in packs or individual, with different thicknesses. For hills, the thicker the better. Packs can be found in larger hobby shops or stores similar to B&Q (Uk) or Home Depot (USA)

That is one of the Big Three of the creation/converting game. Plasticard, Styrofoam and foamboard are all you shall need, good luck!

Originally Posted by dirty-dog- View Post
LOL, great list, definitl;y laughed at the humor.

oh, and definitly +rep for taking the time to explain to newbies.
Thanks mate!!
10-20-08 08:00 AM
dirty-dog- LOL, great list, definitl;y laughed at the humor.

oh, and definitly +rep for taking the time to explain to newbies.
10-20-08 07:20 AM
surreal-mind cool tut but what about styrofoam and such?
10-01-08 03:28 AM
Everything You Need For Warhammer. Ever.

Hello there devoted Heretics. Have you ever sat down to your latest project, be it a simple pinning job or constructing some unholy green stuff object, only to discover you're missing something that could be horribly useful right now? Well no more! Here is the (Virtually) complete list of every tool, vital and not vital, for the dedicated Fantasy Fanatic or Fortyk Fumbler.

Now, please do note, my humble Wargamers (Particular those of you new to the hobby) you will not require every single object here, infact, far from it! You can get away almost entirely with 3 tools on the list (I certainly did, and lived!) but if you don't mind spending the extra few pennies on convinience, then this is the list for you.

I shall be providing this list, in connection with my "Warhammer on the cheap" thread posted shortly. Happy reading!

1. Scalpel (AKA Hobby Knife) *Essential*

Ah yes, the humble scalpel, quite a beautiful little tool for almost anything. This little beauty, on sale either from GW themselves or from most general/art/DIY shops is an essential piece.

2. Cutting Mat

The sexual love that can only come between a scalpel and the furniture victim, is that dreaded wife of a cutting mat. This little baby sports some tough protection from damaging your delicate tables from being scratched in horrible, horrible ways. While not essential, they're not very expensive and easy to store.

3. Superglue

Oh God, not my fingers again! Yes, it's the famous skin ripping product direct from the Vietnam War for sewing up soldiers injured on the battlefield. While it could belong in a recruits medical box, it's much better on your plastic miniatures. Why not get plastic glue, you ask? It's simple. Superglue is a damn sight easier to remove if you make a figure destroying mistake! Unless you're tough, with huge testicles and use Plastic Glue since it makes you look hardcore, superglue is the way to go. Literally used for anything. Models, scenery, injured family members...

4. Lamp

In the beginning, there were no lamps. Lamps are pretty little metal spires useful in dark corners or when you need a little more oomph to seeing what the hell your painting. (The 'is that an eye or an arm I just painted' question will no longer be heard)

5. Daylight bulb

'Lol wut u cant ave daylight in da night timez!' Well yes, you can! This little addition to the party helps improve the lighting around you to greater effect than a standard bulb, as it uses the full colour spectrum rather than a 'yellow-ish' colour as 99% of bulbs. Why don't most people use them? Bloody expensive, that's why! However, for quality, you can't go much better for the quite moderate price tag.

6. Files *Essential*

Flies! No, not flies. Files. Files... ugh. These cute tools are very useful for filing down unwanted flash from plastic models, smoothing, sharpening, removing, shaping, sculpting, another ultimate multipurpose and forever used tool. GW sell them in sets of three.

7. Clippers

Clippers are used for removing the figures from the sprues, and generally trimming up large chunks of plastic-not-so-fantastic pieces on your model. You can use a scalpel to the same effect, so not essential. (No matter what the GW staff say!)

8. Brushes

Huzzar! Probably the most important things. Ever. In human history. For best results, four brushes are required. A Detail Brush, Standard Brush, Dry Brush (Or any old brush) and a large brush. A detail brush and standard brush are your bread and butter in model painting, simply because everything you want to see are produced by these. A large brush is better for large models, such as tanks, to lessen the 'stroke lines' that would be visible while using a small brush. A large brush can be any size at least 5-6x larger than a standard brush, but it's not clear-cut on what size to use, so leave it up to your best judgment. Just make sure it's bigger than the others.

9. Paint pots (x2)

Or, also known as 'Water goes here!' a medium-large sized pot or jar is sufficient to wash out the old paints on your brush. Be it glass, metal or plastic. But why two? Well, simply because of the way paints are produced. It's good practice to use two pots, one for metallics, and one for everything else. Metallics have a habit of 'contaminating' other colours, simply because of all the nasty floaty bits of glitter in them.

10. Greenstuff (6 inches or more)

Converters eat this stuff for breakfast. Dinner, tea, supper... the holy grail of Warhammer is in it's conversions, and this is exactly the stuff to use. There are different brands floating about, but the one labed 'Green stuff' is pretty common and sold in GW stores.

11. Dettol (UK) Simple Green (USA)

Made a dreadful painting mistake? One so bad it won't even make a Uwe Boll film? Man, you're so screwed. Haha, only kidding! These two products are non-toxic (Well, pretty much) and safe to use. There are a few tutorials on using each (*Add link*) but they involve leaving your miniatures inside a diluted jar full over night to remove all traces of paint. (Well, as good as) So, no more detail loss for you!

12. Toothbrush/small wooden sticks

A toothbrush and the small sticks (Toothpicks/coctail sticks) are very helping in the above processes of removing paint, to assist in the cleaning process. Cheap and available everywhere.

13. Plasticard

Plasticard comes in all sizes, shapes and thicknesses and is used for converting or building making, but the choice is up to your imagination! Usually coming in individual sheets or packs. How many Ork Looted Wagons owe their skin to this stuff? Or Space Marine marble floor bases? Oh yes.

14. Foamboard

Similar to the above (a little too similar, in fact) but it is foam in between two think layers of card, which is much better for constructing complete buildings or models than Plasticard.

15. PVA glue

Did you ever go to a childrens party when you were a little girl/boy and ended up playing with PVA glue, to the clowns suggestion of making a card for the birthday boy/girl? Yes? No? Well PVA glue is certainly not kids stuff! This handy white sticky mess is vital for making fantastic (Or not so fantastic) bases and boards, such as sticking down flock and static grass, or applying your plasicard to the base. It dries clear, so is perfect for flock material!

16. Cloth

Yes, a cloth. Yes. Don't look at me like that. A good old cloth is valuable for that age old art of drybrushing, or simply using it to dry your brush. A cloth is much more environmentally friendly (And lasts longer/cheaper!) that using fresh sheets of kitchen roll.

17. Pin Vice + Drill bits

This gadget holds drill bits (The long dark metal things daddy puts into his electric spinning wall hole making thing) This kinetically powered tool (Hand powered) is used for drilling holes into models. Be it to install magnets, bullet holes, etc etc. This is used instead of a drill, as some prefer, since it's a lot more controllable than a 10,000 rpm drill that'll most likely go through your expensive model, your parents expensive table, and the floor if you're not careful! (Well, may be not the floor)

18. Hand drill (Eg, Dremel) + Drill bits

Alternatively to a Pin Vice, you can buy a hand drill, which is electrically powered and quicker than a Pin Vice. More expensive, and requires some experience in my opinion, but probably worth it to the mature hobbyist.

19. Hobby Saw

No, it's not an Ork weapon! But it is dead killy. The hobby saw is used for things such as removing the 'tags' off metal models feet if you plan on making a very stylized base for the model to stand on.

20. Copper rods/paper clips (For pinning)

Copper rods are small metal cylinders used for attaching metal model parts together where glue can be a little less than sturdy. (Like on a large metal piece such as a Techmarine Servo Harness) a hole is drilled into both pieces and the rod inserted to give a good, firm hold.

21. Hot wire cutter.

Roll a 1 and it explodes! Naw I'm just pulling your lasgun, a hot wire cutter is brilliant for scenery creation. A simple glide through polystyrene and you have your beautiful shape of your dreams. Essential for those who adore making theme boards or their own scenery.

22. Putty Oven

What? Yes, a putty oven! (*Add link* is a home-made 'oven' utilising your lamp to warm and fast-dry green stuff. If you just can't wait, build one of these!

23. Hobby Vice

For holding things that little bit more still!

Now, this is all well and good, but what about if you have to use the dinner table? Oh hell! The plates are inching towards your Golden Demon Award figurines! Uuuggghhh, the spaghetti stains!.. what if you don't even have a table? Then look no further..

23. Portable desk

This can come in the shape of either a fold-up table you can stick in the corner of your room, to a purpose build board for holding paints and brushes. Quite useful indeed.

So there you have it! I hope this has helped some of your newbies out there. Please comment on anything I should include.

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