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  Topic Review (Newest First)
12-16-14 03:12 PM
MidnightSun Ethereal

5 Fire Warriors
5 Fire Warriors

Riptide with Ion Accelerator and Early Warning Override
Riptide with Ion Accelerator and Early Warning Override


That's the closest I can get with Battle-Forged, 998pts. No Markerlights, so the regular Riptides are pretty crap (I'd go for Fusion Blaster Crisis Teams, personally), but it's certainly a list you can make if you want and the Y'vahra suits have the big advantage of not needing much Markerlight support if any.

Originally Posted by Xabre View Post
Like anything Tau, it folds in melee, and I always felt like it was too eager to get close to the enemy.
Well, it does get a 4+ Invuln when it gets close, a Str6 AP2 2D3 auto-hit Overwatch and it can jump back into Ongoing Reserves if it gets into combat so you need to kill it in one round or it'll escape (and it's a Jet Pack dude, so it's going to stop 12" away for the Torrent Flamer then move 2D6" back so I really hope you have Fleet or a Battlewagon). Certainly something for the Tau player to be wary of, and a bad jump roll or getting too eager with the template and moving too close could certainly be capitalised upon with bad results for the Y'vahra, but the Riptide's going to be the thing getting closer to the enemy anyway as it really lets Tau push into the midfield more than they could with their old book.
12-16-14 01:54 PM
Xabre Hmm. good point. 1k list... um.. Cheapest HQ and troops would cost 154 points I think. That's the equivalent of two bare bones scout squads and a captain. Maybe less with kroot, I never run them. The Y's cost about 250 a piece, the R's cost 260, but the core Riptide is only about 180. So it COULD be done, with two basic Riptides, those minimal boots on the ground, and two Y's. I was mostly thinking in general terms, which was when I said 'if points allow it'. Honestly, it'd be almost the same level as the OP's 2 knights, Libby and 2 tacticals.
12-16-14 01:35 PM
Vaz Xabre - thought the points limit wouldn't hve allowed for the HQ and troop tax regrdless of how many slots there were.

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12-16-14 01:20 PM
Xabre Actually Vaz, thanks to Forgeworld, that was probably a Battleforged list. The new Y'Riptide is a FA slot, while the R'Riptide is Heavy and the standard is Elite. With enough points, a single CAD can now run 9 Riptides... 10 in Farsight with his special IC bodyguard.

If I remember correctly (I play tau but didn't really like the Y'Riptide), it's very short range compared to the rest of their army. Lascannons, as mentioned, and more long range firepower to take them out early. A Torrent and the 'ion shotgun' don't have more than 24" range. It does have some crazy manueverability, because it has a 'swoop' style move with an impact landing. Like anything Tau, it folds in melee, and I always felt like it was too eager to get close to the enemy.
12-16-14 01:15 PM
Originally Posted by Jolnir View Post
Cheese vs cheese. Only, make his go swiss.
Bahahaha +1, at least my cheese was bound....I could have gone 2 Knights and 5 terminators with Thunderhammer and stormshields....
12-16-14 11:24 AM
Jolnir Cheese vs cheese. Only, make his go swiss.
12-16-14 11:21 AM
Vaz What about not playing in an Unbound allowed Tournament? Or intrpducing a scalar comp score with penalties for spamming units.

Do those Battlesuits have access to skyfire? If not, taking an upkitted Thunderhawk works.

Alternatively, wraithknights, or Be'lakor+Spined Chaos Beast spam.

If someone is going to be a douche in unbound, then the only way to win is to be a douche back.

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12-16-14 08:40 AM
Originally Posted by HokieHWT View Post
so how does one deal with Riptides other than lascannons?
Outflanking near them or swamping them with hordes of cheap infantry with a couple of meltabomb dude in it.

With CSM i'd use huron or a slaanesh steed lord with 35 cultists.
With spess mareens i'd use Raven guard tactics and 3 X 10 scouts with meltabombs and meltaguns, plus meltavets in razorbacks, all scouting/infiltrating/outflanking.

Or am i missing something?
12-16-14 06:40 AM
MidnightSun Any kind of non-Terminator Armoured combat unit. Beat it in combat, it takes leadership on 6 or lower, you run it down.

Alternatively, yeah, Lascannons, Gravs and all your general anti-heavy infantry/vehicle weapons. The Y'vahra *does* have some fairly major survivability issues against those kind of guns compared to the Riptide.
12-16-14 02:58 AM
Mossy Toes Well, one Riptide will crack the LR with its 3+D3 Haywire, then the next will melt the Centurions themselves.


I don't know. I really, honestly don't know. Land Raider + Centurions, with Tigurius standing back casting Invisibility on the Land Raider?
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