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09-19-14 09:30 PM
Mossy Toes
Originally Posted by Miester_Zef View Post
O.o and deny my traitor guard a radical inquistor of their own?! Perish the thought.
Now that's the kind of attitude I like to see!

With Guard, I'd probably bring an Officer of the Fleet in with my CCS to choke his reserves. I'd probably also bring my Vendetta and 2 Hydras, holding the Hydras in Reserve (since they don't have Interceptor, so can just be shot off the board by arriving flyers/Drop Podding Sternguard with combi-meltas). Coteaz also certainly seems like a good bet.

For CSM? Hmm. I like the Typhus+hordes of Plague Zombies (probably just using traitor guard minis as zombies!) idea. It's hard to get solid AA as CSM, but a Heldrake with HAC might do it--especially alongside a Crimson Slaughter sorc with Balestar, Presciencing the 'Drake.
09-19-14 01:08 PM
the_barwn I guess if you wanted to outcheese him, some Eldar Allies

1 farseer or 1 autaurch on a jet bike (please use the special rule to make reserves -1 for your opponant)

2 units of either Fire Dragons in wave serpants or 2 units of warp spiders

hmm maybe even a unit of swooping hawks for the nice pie plate lols
but my favourite against those juicy drop pods would be a unit of d-cannon support weapons with a guardian blob around it & lots when the d-cannons eat everything
09-19-14 08:47 AM
mayegelt Trouble is you cant take out the Drop Pods before they land, so killing everyone inside. This is because Interceptor happens at the end of the enemy movement phase. Also Inceptor can only fire at 1 target.
However as kinda said above. You want lots of Pieplates. Things like Vindicators / Soul Grinder / Leman Russ to eat his deepstrikers.
Otherwise things like small squads of Chosen CSM with Plasmas can work well as he cant charge on landing in Drop Pods, so you have a free turn of rapid firing marine killers in to him.
Otherwise you could go for something like a army with a load of Maulerfiends and stuff. They will rip open anything he has, but also are very hard to kill as walkers.
Also as said above things like Nurgle Terminators or Plague Marines are great for slowing people down as it will take a lot more to wound them and they will likely still have a Feel No Pain save.

Something else you could try is take Typhus or Necrosius and have loads of Plague Zombies. As they are still only 4pts each and are fearless they will happily hold his units up for the entire game. His squads I would assume if he is trying to table you will likely have a load of power weapons or whatever if he knows he is against CSM. And that means it will be probably 200-300pts a squad of 10 + the drop pod and stuff. You can have 35 fearless zombies for 150pts. This will take that 10man squad even with 100% Hits / Wounds & failing your FNP saves at least a turn or 2 I think to kill 1 squad.
Also remember that Helcults are nice if you have the dataslate for them. And you can if you have 1 of the 2 characters listed above have Zombie Cultists as the units with the Brute.
09-18-14 03:49 PM
Vaz With the change to Interceptor/Skyfire, it's better against flying vehicles only. The Quad Gun is better versus FMC's, but still won't kill one. I'm not sold on it against flyers either. It's got a greater chance to penetrate, but it's still only a 1/6 chance - the Quad Gun at least has a chance of hull point stripping.

If you're needing antiair though - get yourself some of your own flyers, either allied in or otherwise, or take some Tau allies.

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09-18-14 03:09 PM
ntaw With the change to the Vehicle Damage Chart I would take the Icarus, it's also the less expensive option. It has Interceptor, so it gets to fire at things coming in from Reserve without Coteaz even being there. What you should do is load up some Heavy Weapons Teams in the blob you're putting him in and capitalize on Prescience and I've Been Expecting You. Don't forget Flamers for Overwatch. Personally I play a 30 man blob with Autocannons, and instead of ripping an ADL (which I find makes play a bit too static for me) I match the squad with Azrael of the Dark Angels for a 4+ Invulnerable save and take a couple squads of Deathwing because I love Terminators.
09-18-14 02:41 PM
Miester_Zef Ok i got my coteaz, and i am planning on sticking him with a 40 man guard blob. if i stick them behind a ADL and have coteaz man the quadgun(or icarus if better) does the quad gun get to fire at each deepstrike as well?
09-07-14 03:37 PM
Miester_Zef Im already eying my brothers grey knights bits to build coteaz. Muahaha!!
09-07-14 03:26 PM
Originally Posted by Miester_Zef View Post
So i should put in a deathstrike for example. He either has to go for it or risk having it launch.
That's the idea, though I personally don't like the Deathstrike very much.

Originally Posted by Miester_Zef View Post
And unlike him (who doesnt risk his pods any closer than 12 inches to the edge) i love the drift dice and they love me. He drops about 5-6 pods
I do my T1 DS lists in conjunction with Inquisitors and Servo Skulls, when you only scatter D6" and have Inertial Dampeners you can be pretty ballsy with placement. Since he hasn't figured that out, use it to your advantage and put squishy units in areas you know he won't try to DS, and bubble wrap them in stuff that you don't mind dying or will at least give the squishy stuff a cover save.

Originally Posted by scscofield View Post
Good options too, only reason I suggested Cortez is. E cause of how cheap adding him would be.
100 points is a damn steal for this level of character. Though it's definitely Coteaz
09-07-14 02:15 PM
scscofield Good options too, only reason I suggested Cortez is. E cause of how cheap adding him would be.
09-07-14 02:03 PM
Vaz Or Tau. You want Interceptr, they be your bastards. Riptides lurve them so grouped tacticals, and putting a drop pod in range or his blast is going to see them go bye bye.

Or, ally with Horus Heresy Legions where you can field squads of Space Marines with Interceptor. Alternatively, pick up an Admech force.

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