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08-09-14 11:37 PM
New 40k player looking for some tips!

Thanks Serberk that'd be great. I got the codex today too and have put together a 2000pt list.

I've still never played a 40k game and it's all based on theory hammer alone, so any help is very welcome.


Bjorn the fell handed with assault cannon. Drop pod

Rune priest: lvl 2 biomancy. Terminator armour. Combi-melta. Psychic hood. Helm of durfast. Black Death


10 grey hunters. Close combat weapons. 2 plasma guns. Wolf standard. Drop pod.

10 grey hunters. Close combat weapons. 2 plasma guns.


Venerable dreadnought: extra armour, Fenrisian great axe and blizzard shield. Drop pod

5 Wolf guard terminators: one with thunder hammer and storm shield. One with assault cannon and chainfist. 3 with storm bolters and wolf claws. Stormwolf transport

Fast attack:

5 thunderwolf cavalry. 2 storm storm shields. One frost axe.

Heavy support:

6 long fangs: 4 missile launchers with flakk missiles. 1 lascannon
08-08-14 04:57 PM
serberk Just arrived home with the dex, will probably write a list or two in the next few days and comment here about what could be changed on your list as soon as i'll have had a good read of it =)
07-29-14 02:12 PM
scscofield I would hold off a few weeks. SW are about to get a new codex and it might cause you to change your list.
07-29-14 02:09 PM
Originally Posted by Zlatan View Post
Hi everyone,

Here's the list:

Space wolves 1,500 pts

HQ - Rune Priest. Terminator armour. Combi-melta. Wolf tooth talisman. Chooser of the slain.
Not a bad set up. Are the Wolf Guard going to be a group of terminators to join this one, or be parceled out into squads? I'd rather see this guy out on the battlefield, not in the Land Raider waiting on a charge.

Elites - 5 Wolf Guard Terminators. 1xTH and Storm Shield, 1x Assault cannon and chainfist, 3x storm bolter and wolf claw.

Attached unit - Land Raider Crusader.
What is the purpose of your Crusader? Other than Battle Transport. You lack a lot of Heavy Anti-Tank, you might want to consider a normal Land Raider, especially if any of the Wof Guard will be attached to squads-leaves enough room in the transport if you want to attach the leader if you send a termi to the long fangs, for example. That Assault Cannon guy, for example.

Troops - 10 Grey Hunters. Wolf standard. 1x plasma gun, 1x meltagun. Rhino

Troops - 10 Grey Hunters. Wolf standard. 1x melta gun. Rhino
Pretty standard. I like having some Wolf Guard with Power Swords or Power Fists to sprinkle in here.

Fast Attack - 5 thunderwolf cavalry. 1 with storm shield. 1 with frost axe. The rest vanilla.
I'd rather see all with Storm Shields. They are going to be a major focus of the Enemy's fire, you need the extra protection.

5 long fangs - 4 missile launchers.
Not bad here. I'd rather see, though 2x ML, 2xLas Cannon, as the Long Fang Split Fire ability allows you to use the best weapon for the best purpose, unlike other types of Dev Squad.

I hope this will be fun to use and semi-competitive.

Here are some questions I have:

1) What discipline on the rune priest would best compliment this list, and why?
AS has been stated above, there are a lot of good complementary psi abilities. Consider Pyromancy though, especially if facing Horde armies.

2) I notice a lot of competitive lists I've looked at seem very repetitive (e.g nothing but grey hunters and razorbacks with some long fangs). Is it possible to win in the current meta with a more varied list?
Play what you enjoy. The list you have is good, mostly lacking a focus for the squads.

3) Any general tips on the list above?

Thanks in advance for any responses!
And you do know "Hammer of Wrath" if you're a fantasy player. It's called "Impact Hits" over on the Fantasy side.
07-29-14 01:35 PM
neferhet yu'll get to grasp it eventually, just don't try to learn it in one game or you'll melt away!
in say 5 games you should be able to kick some arses.
About the list, it is good, altough you should check the new gunship and never mix melta with plasma in units. You could do a 2 plasma unit and a 2 melta unit. just some thoughts
07-29-14 01:22 PM
Zlatan Yeah I should have said I've just got the rulebook for 7th ed. Gotta love pay day! Making my way through it now.

It's tough coming from a warhammer fantasy background as I keep thinking "ok, so 'feel no pain' is 'regen' and 'rending' is 'poison' " etc, and I'm sure there are many little differences in the mechanics which I'm glossing over too much. I'll get the hang of it eventually I'm sure.

I'm now the proud owner of 3 painted wolf guard! I'll magnetise the arms so I can switch out weapons.

07-29-14 01:16 PM
neferhet well, before the codex i suggest to get the rulebook. otherwise all is lost!! :D
07-29-14 12:17 PM
Zlatan That'd be really helpful! I'll get the codex too but as I'm new at this I probably won't really understand most of it!
07-28-14 10:38 PM
serberk Glad of have been of help, my suggestions of course consider the old dex, i'll get the new one on day one and give you my impressions if you want. The new flyer transport if really purchasable as dedicated transport will be pretty a huge game changer for wolves, also depending on what the shield dread does it could be an other nice option, anyways, from what rumors entail we won't have to wait long for the dex hopefully =)
07-28-14 09:27 PM
Originally Posted by Zlatan View Post
I'll consider drop pods instead of rhinos and I'll keep a close eye on the new stormwolf too.
When 6th hit, my Blood Angel army was desperately looking to replace the then newly useless Razorback rush with something else. When I went with Drop Pods I brought my army ruthlessly back into competition among my gaming group, and now in 7th Pods carrying Troops in a Battle Forged army have Objective Secured. Yes. Please.
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