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  Topic Review (Newest First)
08-23-08 04:27 PM
TheCoshMan I play IG with a more or less pure infentry army. I have found that it is a very potent force.

The first thing, and probably your best weapon is that most players will over look all of your cruddy little men with their glow wands.

But glow wands enmass are a strong weapon. I once took out a very sizable unit of genestealers with the combined fire of about three squads.

I themed my army on candians and stuck with the fluff so have every squad with a autocannon and grenade launcher. it is a very good combo i find. I can munch my way through most enemy infantry, and have enough numbers to not have to worry about enemy tanks.

I also use a vetran squad with shotguns and three grenade launchers. their extra BS and all their weapons being assault along with flank attacks make them a VERY good unit, well worth their money. they once had fun against a necron destroyer lord, killed that thing FOUR times!!!

Their is still the option for tanks if you want them in a normall IG army. three leman russ's if you so wish. though i would take two and an basalisk if i where you.

the new IG book is ment to be having a lot of the old tanks re-introduced as well as the odd new one i think. And what with SQUADS of tanks, their is going to be a lot more armour rolling in gaurd armys.

saying that, a LR with sponsons and a few upgrades is about the same as a basic guard platoon with heavy and assault weapons. except for the battle cannon, the platoon has much better weaponry and will last longer.

wow... you can tell i aint been on for a while
08-23-08 02:19 AM
delta555 i love the way he just potrayed infanty but if you face some big shit get armoured fist squads instead of platoons they will be even more agilele and live longer plus stronger weaponry and more than that just imagine a tank company acompanied by troops all in tanksi did that with a few guys at the storeonce it was amazing having your side of the table completely covered by around 30 tanks ofcourse no one got out of their tanks cause we was to busy fighting the biotitan

chimeras i think would be a good option for you
08-23-08 01:51 AM
KellysGrenadier I'd build an an army. The Imperial Guard can be said to be a very tactically challenging army to play. Due to their standard equipment Guardsmen require more thought to play than many other armies.

It can be argued that Guard infantry are perhaps the finest infantry soldiers in the game. Given the right equipment and leaders, the IG are a solid infantry choice that can take on heavy infantry to super heavies.

Along with this it can be said that the Guard possess the most potent infantry weapon in the game; the humble, often overlooked lasgun. As I believe most infantry models are T3, and so more often than not the lasgun will be wounding on a 4+ more often than not. The only undeniable weakness of the lasgun is its inability to penetrate any form of armour. This is negated by one fact that is perhaps the hallmark of the Guard; the sheer, frightening volume of fire. Lasguns will overwhelm the most specialized and elite of infantry squads, as not many units can withstand the combined might of 100 or more lasgun shots.

Not only that but the Guard have a fine and diverse selection of weaponry. From lasguns that break even the strongest infantry, to man portable meltas that will pop a super heavy, the Guard can be equipped to deal with any threat.

The poor armour save of the Guard infantry can also be addressed with the right doctrines. Jungle Fighters and Carapace Armour increase the survivability of the Guards (literal) lifeblood in an astonishing way, comparatively speaking. While this costs points, so does anything that is worth its salt.

I say this so you reconsider the wildly held concept that Guardsmen are impotent in combat, when in actual fact the brave soul behind his flak jacket, clenching is lasgun in nervous hands is perhaps the gravest threat on the battlefield at any one time.

Remember the infantry.
08-23-08 01:33 AM
Casual_T Depending on the army compaosition the armoured comany can actually be cheaper.

1 Troop in AC=$40

1 Troop in Guard=$35+$35+$35 (4 squads + command)

Now if you want to order forgeworld stuff for AC
08-22-08 03:59 PM
morfangdakka Well I would say do both. You aren't going to be able to do both right away but you could start a guard army and with the a few extra tanks you could have a armored company. So you could switch between the two.

Just doing odd jobs and saving your money will help a bunch.
08-22-08 10:48 AM
Wilder You could just wait and save up for the Russes. Do a few favors for people like watching the animals, mowing lawns, or whatever else you can think of for some extra cash on the side.
08-22-08 10:17 AM
weasly I would wait for the new edition of IG to come out. In the new rules Russes will be available in squadrons of 3, so in one FO chart you could have nine! With this you can mix the two up.
08-22-08 09:53 AM
imperial guard army or armoured company ?

i really dont know which one too choose i want to do a guard army because of the modeling and conversion oppertunities but i dont want to do a guard army because of their crap weapons and armour save ( lasguns are about as harmful as a flashlight ) i want to do an armoured company because i love leman russ`s
and laying down lots of fire power but i dont want to do a rmoured company because of how much it will cost me. please help me choose !

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