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01-27-14 11:01 PM
iamtheeviltwin These particular dataslates from the Vanguard are usable at any point level of 40k. They just use an apocalypse-style formation system to give a small advantage when you field models in a certain manner. They also are treated as allies, but do not conform (nor take up) traditional FoC.

I think all the new dataslates currently available are normal 40k approved. There may be a few Apoc only ones, but these Vanguard formations are not it.
01-27-14 10:32 PM
SilverTabby With the Dataslates - are they just Apocalypse formations (so usable in bigger games only) or actually alternate FOCs for general use?
01-27-14 05:23 PM
Creon The Dataslate system may have changed the early idea of an extra FOC. With the Formations, we essentially GOT the extra slots from there. AFter all, three Hive Crones, thirty gargoyles, and 18 spore mines with full movement in one army seems pretty good to me.
01-27-14 05:11 PM
Squire After the initial gnashing of teeth I'm not too disappointed with the new codex. There's a lot of disappointing shit in there but lots of good stuff I'll be taking advantage of, like: mixed weapons in units (hidden sword/lash in warrior unit); cheaper fexes; venomthropes giving shrouded; cheaper flyrant, biovores and zoans; thorax swarms for tervigons etc.

I'll never take codex rumours seriously again though. Practically none of them turned out to be true, and I suspect those were just a fluke
01-27-14 05:01 PM
Creon Bastion w/Aegis lines added, with maybe Bioelectric Fields (power fields) and an AA Venom cannon (Icarus Lascannon) is a good build for the Bugs. Also gives you an interceptor Str:9 ap:2 weapon with skyfire to help out the Hive Crones.
01-19-14 08:31 PM
Anubite Lol i had 2 games so far with new nyds, using similar set ups i used before. ermm - mystic spores and doom. and atm his ig/demon combo so far is 2-0 up in one game me only causing 4 wounds lol

So my first and second impression is that with out getting the new models you really dont stand a chance. I have found a few ways that might work but again because its not something i ever used before i will be forced to spend a fortune.
01-16-14 08:48 PM
MidnightSun Aegis Line positioned up against your table half, and then shove Dakkafexes up against it. 4+ cover is really, really nice on them.
01-16-14 07:29 PM
SilverTabby I should possibly look into structures more. I played with an Aegis defense line last night (using Sisters), and had we been on a smaller table I think it would have worked marvellously. I haven't found any rules in the 'Nid codex saying they can't use fortfications or fire them (hell, I have spare Tyrannofex guns I can convert to be the equivalent of a Quad-gun), so it may be time to invest...

Or just stick to my usual routine of Charge And Eat Everything. Who needs guns? Unless there's one I can fire my Carnifexes out of. That would be cooool...
01-16-14 02:16 PM
Originally Posted by SilverTabby View Post

What rulebook is this coming from? The BRB has no terminology for 'auras'.
They say treat those in bunkers as if they were in a dedicated transport for various things, and the dedicated transport section has nothing about area effects from passengers in it.

What is the Standard of Devastation?

From what I understand (having just sat doen and read the whole lot), you're right on buildings extending the effect *a bit* as as with transports, you measure ranged effects from the hull if you are embarked upon it. Buildings are treated as stationary transports, so measure from the portion of the building you are in. A bunker would be from it's walls. Something like the much bigger ones that are joined by battlements it would be from whichever part of the multi-part building you are in/on, not the whole thing. That's just taking the piss. So it would extend synapse, but not by *that* much, and you'd be stuck in one place...
Right, we're talking about putting a Zoanthrope in a Fortress of Redemption to increase synapse coverage. There is no debate as to whether effects that give a benefit in a radius around the model ('auras') work in transport vehicles - there is precedent for this (the Standard of Devastation, from Codex: Dark Angels, also projects a 6" radius of effect, and that works from inside a building/transport vehicle). The question is - if a Zoanthrope is in the central tower of a Fortress of Redemption, does the Synapse range extend from the central tower or the whole building? I believe it extends only from the central tower as the Fortress of Redemption follows the rules for multi-part buildings, essentially making each area of the Fortress a separate structure.

TL;DR: You are correct.

As such, there is little reason not to take a Bastion instead of a Fortress as the Bastion has a larger footprint than any individual section of the Fortress.

Lictors really, really want to be Infiltrating. Infiltrate + Homing Beacon on a resilient-enough chassis for that price is brilliant.
01-16-14 01:48 PM
NostromanNeckTie Truth, so you just put a synapse creature in each part

Not to mention you can put Lictors in it for an oversized homing beacon.
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