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12-19-13 03:55 PM
Originally Posted by FORTHELION View Post
I like the ravenwing list, now only if I had all those models. lol. I'm gonna try and make a list with as much as what u proposed and I'll add in some deathwing to make up the points. I've plenty of termites, knights and dreads. I don't have sammael, so maybe a Libby on a bike and azrael to make them all scoring. what you think?
Can you proxy or burrow stuff? land speeders are about the same size as rhinos,dreads are same size as attack bikes.proxy any sergeant or libby on a bike as sammael i dont see the problem. If you wanna switch stuff out i would suggest tacticals rather than terminators you can have more models and rip the benefits of standard of devastation ergo more firepower. Azrael is pointless in a bike army,take him for full tactical army or with Belial for hammer and anvil tactic. If you wanna drop some landspeeders replace them with 3 autocanon dreadnoughts or 2 contemptor ones with that aussault cannon.

Still last time I proxied 3 paper landspeeders as LS Vengeance they worked out great wiped 4 terminators right on their ds with one large blast and kept killing big blobs of marines,took out a 2 predetators. just keep that techmarine with inv bubble and darkshroud around plus maybe 5 black knights or at least 3 bikers.
Now if you wanna change the list around drop normal bikers, keep black knights. take 3-4 groups of tacticals on razorback with lasplas and another group or two on a rhino and lots of plasma.
12-19-13 03:02 PM
FORTHELION I like the ravenwing list, now only if I had all those models. lol. I'm gonna try and make a list with as much as what u proposed and I'll add in some deathwing to make up the points. I've plenty of termites, knights and dreads. I don't have sammael, so maybe a Libby on a bike and azrael to make them all scoring. what you think?
12-18-13 06:31 PM
Stormxlr Double post but kinda had to make a difference.
check this out, I thought of a few list during the day time, however multiwing or full deathwing dont look like they would work well against infantry spam at that price point.
I decided to bring lots of plasma to the table to force cover saves or fnps or its insta death with ap 2

Ravenwing list imho would do best.

And here is a Greenwing list for 2500

12-18-13 02:09 AM
Stormxlr @FORTHELION I was looking for advice but it doesn't look like i will get one here, heresy doesn't have a lot of list discussions. So i don't really mind discussing your problem defeating your brother, ill post my list for 2500 here, no need for a new thread (unless mod thinks otherwise.)
12-17-13 08:15 PM
FORTHELION No its not apocalypse. I think its just a numbers thing at the end. I get slowly whittled down. He runs alot of tacticals with rhinos preds and razorbacks. I don't want to be hijacking your thread here, if your looking for some advise on your list.
12-17-13 04:39 PM
Stormxlr @FORTHELION Is it an apocalypse game for 2500 ? Why does he win though, can you give some insight?
12-17-13 02:17 PM
FORTHELION I've a 2500 point game coming up against my brother. He plays ultramarines no fliers. games are usually close but he usually comes out on top. Regarding the assault squad that was some feat pulling that off.
12-16-13 11:01 PM
Stormxlr Thanks : ), also Assault squads are too often overlooked, they provide decent firepower against most infantry, highly mobile and are expandable. Bikes don't do nearly as well in CC and cost twice as much for less models.
In a 800 point game today i wiped out a 10 man squad of guardians with wave serpent in shooting and assault, then next turn 5 dire avengers got killed by bolt pistols and by turn 4 they slaughtered a wraithlord with krak assault. I lost three man.
Why 2500 pts? Such arbitrary number.
12-16-13 08:58 PM
FORTHELION nice list you got there. Not sure about the assault squad though. Anything they can do ravenwing do it better, although I know your trying to keep it fluffy so I can see why they are there. I'd love to see your list for a 2500 point competive list mixed wing. I always looking for ideas to add to my own list.
12-16-13 05:00 PM
DA Greenwing 1500pts fluffy/competative

Planning out a competitive yet fluffy list for my Dark Angels army, here what I came up with.
My meta doesnt have a lot of flyers some helldrakes, but its quite competative so no easy fights.

I am using 2 Mortis Dreads those have FW rules that give them Skyfire and Interceptor if they remain stationary during previous turn.

HQ (145pts)

  • Ezekiel (145pts)
Elites (250pts)

  • Mortis Pattern Dreadnought (125pts)
    2 Twinlinked Autocannons
  • Mortis Pattern Dreadnought (125pts)
    2 Twinlinked Autocannons
Troops (520pts)

  • 5 x Tactical Squad (160pts) Plasmagun
    • Razorback Lascannon and Twin Linked Plasmagun
  • 5 x Tactical Squad (155pts) Heavy Bolter
    • Razorback Lascannon and Twin Linked Plasmagun
  • 10 x Tactical Squad (205pts)
    Plasma Cannon , Plasmagun
    • Rhino
Fast Attack (180pts)

  • Assault Squad (180pts)
    9x Assault Space Marine (153pts) 2x Flamer
    • Assault Space Marine Sergeant
      Bolt Pistol, Chain Sword
Heavy Support (405pts)

  • Vindicator (135pts) Siege Shield
  • Vindicator (135pts) Siege Shield
  • Vindicator (135pts) Siege Shield
Assault squad can be swaped for Techmarine with servo harness ,powerfield generator, and 4 servitors
to walk behind Vindicators and fix em.
If your local meta doesnt allow ANY FW rules then instead of Dreads take Nephelim jetfighter for that Air superiority.

Everything starts on the board. Ezekiel goes in Razorback with tact team that got a plasgun. I cant say about movement yet but design was to be mobile, and take out heavy hitters before turn 3, keep hoard sqauds busy with assault squad, let vindicators do their job of wiping out everything that tacticals cant.

I generally like to run fluffy lists but in a way that will not hinder them useless. So Ravenwing generally don't go with uninitiated battle-brothers (unless required) for those who read Ravenwing novel will understand why, Deathwing ussually goes alone or with RW support and so on.

Depending on the reception this gets I will post my lists 2k list for GW and also some RW and DW lists. If its bad I will stay in my mancave and continue to refine my tactical skills :3.

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