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03-22-09 06:06 PM
kholek09 so they never ever, ever,ever, ever,ever, ever, ever, ever,ever, ever,ever, ever die
03-22-09 06:05 PM
Originally Posted by fearlessgod View Post
I think the Imperium will win out. If the Primarchs return or the Emperor awakens, a re-energized, stronger Imperium is posible. Plus, if (and I said if) the Emperor could reunify both the loyalist and traitor Space Marines, there would be no stopping humanity.

Barring that, Nids and Orks are the best bet to win out. Their numbers are too great for the Imperium to deal with, unless all the Space Marines were united against them.

dont you know the imperium?
if chaos wants peace, the imperium will execute them all as heretics.
incidentally. necrons shall triumph.whenever they are killed outright, they teleport back to a nearby tomb world to be repaired by tomb spyders
09-28-08 07:01 PM
PandaPaws Well I'm unsure who would win!

But I'm quite sure the Eldar won't! They'll sacrifice themselves in one final showdown having fully embraced the idea of their dead God that will emerge and destroy Slaanesh... the destruction of Slaanesh will create a vacuum of power within the realms of the Chaos Gods and as such they'll fall upon each other. This will pretty much keep them busy for a while... possibly even ending up on a 2 v's 1 (if I'm right in remembering there's only 4x Chaos Gods) situation... another God will bite the dust, and my money would be on Khorne that gets it! He won't strike an alliance! Where they go from there?!?!

The Tau... well they have just got to be next to take the fall... they can't pacify Orks and their numbers are simply not enough against the Tyranids... here's where the Imperium comes in... An Interstellar Alliance that subdues the Tau but allows them to exist within the Imperium of Man.

The Orcs and Tyranids will just continue to fight each other... one side is plain up for a fight, the other is just hungry!

But it's the Necrons that are my dark horse, possibly as I don't know much about them... an ancient race, gods as rulers, nigh indestructible... For me, they will extinguish all life in this galaxy... whether they have the ability to move on to others I don't know... but maybe they become the invading force in WH50k... maybe many lost ships in the Warp have ended up in other galaxy and doing rather well for themselves!

Feel free to pull my theory apart... ;)
09-27-08 10:56 AM
comrade Orks... you just cant get rid of them, if the Orks, and Nids Ran into each other.... well, I think it would devolve into a Eternal War zone. and you can't permanganate remove em, the can grow almost anywhere, even in space hulks.

And supposedly, Long Range Imperial Probes that can receive messages from other galaxies.... all they hear is Ork Chatter
09-27-08 01:58 AM
Lord_Murdock I say the Imperium will win, because eventually there'll be another Macharius-like figure that'll teach the galaxy the ways of pwn, and reclaim everything in the name of the Emperor! Either that, or they'll just pull some Death-Star-like thing out of their sleeves and eliminate every non-imperial life form in existence.
09-26-08 10:39 PM
LeeHarvey The term "Good Guy" largely depends on what side of the fence you are sitting on.
09-26-08 10:20 PM
Leaf In the end the good guy factions will win thats how it always happens

Even though there will never be an end war is forever someone always want something what better way then to take it the by force
09-26-08 09:09 PM
Originally Posted by imm0rtal reaper View Post
sprldancer is right!

Mankind will win out in the end. The second something serious enough to take terra down is realised, EVERY able bodied human, Marine and machine will come to defend her. With the Emperor and the Returned primarchs (Dorn, Lion, Russ, Khan, Guiliman, Vulkan and Corax) will stand at the forefront with a million space marines and trillions of guardsmen. In the ensuing slaughter, tens of trillions of warriors from all sides will be killed. Heros will rise and fall. The Emperor will make his final sacrifice against the forces of evil, but it will claim his life. Mankind will be left shattered, it's worlds cut off. Guiliman and Dorn will begin to rebuild and the next great crusade will be launched.

That's how i think it should go down. We may all play as different races, but WE'RE all human. So humanity will win in the end.

Or am i the only one who believes in a romantic voctory??:D

Besides, this way GW can have another great crusade and start all over again. Warhammer 50k anyone???:D
you forgot 1 thing - the emperor is a corpse. he is 99.9% machine. the only thing keeping him alive is the adeptus mechanicus and that won't be for long because:

in white dwarf for july this year, it said that they found failures in the golden throne's mechanisms that were far beyond their ability to repair

__________________________________________________ _____________
Khorne is a false god; so are tzeentch, nurgle and slaanesh. The only true god is barry white.

Oh baby.... lol
09-26-08 09:04 PM
XV8crisis dunno. probably nids unless the flow of them was stopped. I reckon the only way the imperium would win is if they allied with the eldar and the tau, the 2 "goodest races". but then those 3 would have to fight it out.

In my role as a tau shas'o i have to say tau, because of the strength of their weapons and the speed they are evolving and adapting at. However, i genuinely think that the imperium will eventually win, albiet costign the lives of exactly 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000,000,000(to the power 99) imperial troops. thats a smegload of corpses.

Its be funny if squats made a comeback in the midst of all the fighting and kicked everyones ass. Or at least headbutted.

__________________________________________________ ________________________
Thou shalt not place a bumper sticker reading "honk if you think im sexy" upon the rear of a sister's immolator, nor shalt thou honk if thou sees same.
09-26-08 03:20 PM
Bounty Hunter 999 its gonna be nids v chaos deamons in the end cos the emperor will die and a load of chaos deamons will flood into the universe and will fight a probably endless war till the warp is extingiuished or the tyranids run out of tyranids.
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