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10-23-13 04:17 PM
SwedeMarine I gotta agree with NTAW here. If you're doing basic codex marines then there is nothing wrong with starting out with a base of 3 tactical squads no matter what size game you are playing. I've recently started using more and more troops and moved away from vehicles because I prefer the ability to capture objective as opposed to having a large model that can do a lot of damage to 1 unit. Terminators tend to be overrated in my opinion and while I still use them I've moved more towards vanguard veterans or assault marines for hand to hand.
10-23-13 04:08 PM
Originally Posted by brianlynchmob View Post
I'll get him the crusader variant,
and some small magnets so that you can swap the weapons to a Redeemer if you choose!

Originally Posted by brianlynchmob View Post
for the troops would 20 marines for 2 troop choices be enough
At 1500 it's plenty, but you wouldn't be hurt from having a third.

If you're planning on going with a chapter out of the SM codex, I would suggest having a solid read over the Chapter Tactics and see which one is the most interesting. That will very much effect how the models will be assembled (in terms of special weapons) and what types of units will be bought. For example, my BA army gets all of my assault marines and my IF army gets all of my tactical marines because for BA assault marines are Troop choices and in my IF army all bolters benefit from Bolter Drill. Likewise, I don't have a devastator squad in my BA army because it's too stagnant a unit but do play two of them with the IF due to their sweet Siege Masters rule.
10-22-13 05:40 PM
Lord Pestilice As with what others said, pick a codex. That will help us to give you sound advice.

Lots of DA stuff? Like the Dark Angel theme? Get the DA dex. I dont own the DA dex, but if it is anything like the SM Codex, I would equip my HQ with a relic blade as opposed to a regular Power Weapon to give him more power to kill tougher things.

If you go with a SM codex and your boy loves dread, see about getting him the Master of The Forge, who allows you to take Dreads as a Heavy or Elite choice.

Definitely get another squad of basic Tac Marines. If playing against lots of orks, a Thunder Fire Cannon is a good choice.
10-22-13 04:08 PM
brianlynchmob Thanks guys, you'd think terminators would be hard to kill for my orks, but my son rolls would make even the most unlucky die roller to go "damn now that's unlucky" last game I did 2 wounds to his terminators, and 2 died. for him lucky is living past 1 wound to die on the second.

I'll get him the crusader variant, you just don't seem to get many models with marines, would the armies balance out better at a higher pt limit?

for the troops would 20 marines for 2 troop choices be enough or should I start with 30 or 40?
10-22-13 12:36 PM
Firewolf >> Hey mate. First off, by the look of it you have a good amount of DA stuff. It may sound obvious, but get the DA codex, either buy or borrow and have a good look at that. Your son may even like the history of the DA.

>> With what you have, if using the Marine codex, your single terminator could be used as a terminator captain, look at his weapons for wargear. You defo need more power armour marines, perhaps two more units. I don't tailor, as to me the sign of a good general is someone who can put a balanced list on the table, and take on anyone, tailoring is for the weak!!

>> Land raiders are way cool, i have a redeemer for my Space Wolves, and a bog standard for my Nurgle marines, but don't run them in 1500 games as to much of a point sink. Heavy bolter's in dev units are, imo, a must.

>> List wise, I don't actually have the new marine dex yet, but I have used it, and it pretty brick, but my group play 2500pt games.

>> Sorry I cannae be anymore help at the moment, but peeps on here will def beable to help. Good luck.
10-22-13 12:30 PM
humakt Well I think you will need more dakka if you wll generally be facing hordes of orks.

I would suggest uping the number of tactical marines. If you can use some of the heavy weapons marines in the taticla squads if you have squads of 10.

Landraiders look cool, but the basic one is a poor point investemnt. I would probably suggest taking wither a landraider crusader or a redeemer. This is a personal choice depening on wether you want too shoot a lot or flame.

I would suggest a standard Captain as your lord, wih a power weapon. This should let him get used to challeneg rules witha chance of surviving.

10 terminators is a lot to take, but would be a hard formation to destroy for orks at least. Not sure if I could fit that many in a 1500 point list though.

This is a good start to fill out the points.
10-21-13 11:52 PM
help a dad out list designing

I've inherited a bunch of marines and have taught my boy 40k by playing kill teams. he wants to move up to a full scale game as it bugs him to have figures in the case and just a few on the table I look at the marine book and I'm just not sure what he needs or whats good to use.

I have roughly 14 marines, 10 terminators, 6 heavy weapons marines, 3 DA bikers, and a terminator. I really don't know who the HQ's are. I essentially the marines from black reach, the dark angels from the new basic set, and a box of something that had a heavy weapons team

I'm trying to get my son a 1500 point list together and really need some help with a basic list with not to many special rules, chapter's not important, just something simple and easy to learn. he just wants some land raiders and more dreadnaughts because they look cool Xmas is coming so I can pick up models to get him a list.

He'll only be facing a ork horde for those who tailor lists. Thanks for any help.

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