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11-15-13 09:12 PM
Deus Mortis The nervous silence in the truck was broken by the sound of men on a faint channel crying out in pain, begging the God-Emperor for mercy he either did not possess or did not see fit to bestow upon them and crying for the loving arms of mothers that they would never see again before final gurgling to their demise. “Oh shit.” The driver hissed to himself as everyone in the truck was suddenly alert. Something out in the ice and the howling winds had found them and was coming for them. At this pace they were all just a meal being served in the tin cans that they called the convoy. If they didn’t move now they would die. Screams of the damned and dying kept echoing through the vox like malevolent ghosts and Juliette gripped the flamer that lay squarely across her lap tighter. She began to grind her teeth and some part of her wondered why she felt relieved that her fears had not been misplaced. At least she wasn’t going crazy.

Juliette couldn’t tell whether the drivers own nerves or the orders to pick up the pace forced him to put their truck up at least two gears higher and cause the engine to growl with the sudden change of pace. Either way the convoy, which had previously been slow and cautious in order to minimalize casualties, was not picking up a pace such that if anyone was left behind, they were at the mercy of whatever faceless monsters were coming through them through the blanket of snow and hail. Juliette noticed that the driver closed his eyes and was muttering a pray, or something. “Hey!” Juliette snapped her hand lashing forward and striking his arm. “You’ll have time enough for piety once we reach the refinery. Concentrate on the bloody path!” The driver looked shaken, but at least he kept his eyes open while he muttered a prayer Juliette was certain would go both unheard and unanswered. No one would save them but themselves now.

The convoy lurched forward at alarming pace, like a wounded animal desperately trying to escape a far superior predator. Juliette ignored the driver’s desperate prayers, and kept an eye out of the window, waiting for some creature to emerge snarling with blood cooling on its vicious claws. The only creature she could picture was the one she had first fought. She saw it lurking in the shadows, just about to pounce on her. The image of it had been burned onto Juliette’s psyche. Her fingers curled a little tighter around the grip and shaft of the flamer as the thought of the creature surfaced again and Juliette forced herself into focus, however fragile that state was.

A resounding crack echoed through the truck and the world fell away to the side. The sudden change of orientation sent Juliette into the firm embrace of her seatbelt as the ground beneath them gave way. Out of the window Juliette could see that the truck was tilting at the wrong angle to the rest of the world. “Shit!” She swore loudly as the truck fell away with other parts of the convoy. The initial fall forced the truck to roll lengthwise and Juliette’s seatbelt pinned her into her seat. The windows broke and splintered from the impact of rolling. The snow banks fell with the vehicles and stopped the truck rolling more than once. The truck was still sliding though, and with Geminar’s terrain they could likely be about to slide right off a cliff.

After a few seconds of sliding helplessly with the snow and ice, the truck dropped into something. The impact sent Juliette into the tense seatbelt once again, almost certainly leaving a bruise running from shoulder to hip and across her waist. Her flamer had been thrown from her lap to the other side of the truck, but it seemed mostly intact. Juliette undid her seat belt and got out of the truck. She walked to the front to have a look at the driver. He was slumped over the steering wheel, immobile. Tentatively, Juliette touched the man’s neck. No pulse. She pushed him back into the seat and felt his chest. Several of his ribs were broken, probably on impact with the steering wheel. Likely, his internal organs were punctured by the splinters of his ribcage. The very bones meant to protect him had likely killed him. He’s obviously undone his seatbelt while they were sitting still and had been too busy praying when things had gone to hell.

Juliette pulled him out of the driver’s seat and let his limp body fall into the snow. As she looked around, she realised that he was far from the only one. Most of the men and women who had fallen with the ice were dead; flattened by falling vehicles, crushed on impact or speared by broken ice as hard as steel. There were a handful of others crawling from ruined vehicles or from under snowdrifts, but far too few. Juliette was surprises to see even a few sentinels had made it. At least she wasn’t alone again. But they were all in big trouble if they didn’t move soon. Only a quick look upwards told her that this was a skate tunnel, and with the stench of this much dead, likely they would not have long before some found them.

Juliette kept looking round, and noticed that at the far end of the cave there was a blast door. The ships that made up the Geminar’s crust were usually buried much lower than this, but it did give Juliette an idea. Likely, skates wouldn’t have been able to breach it, and those damn xenos were unlikely to have found it. It would likely offer a temporary safety from any roaming skates, and hopefully the xenos too. There might be a powerful vox system that they could salvage and talk between the base and the refinery. Also, there might be some salvageable material they could use or take back to base, if and when the convoy made the return journey. Hopefully they made it. Juliette had to stop herself again. It would be easy to slip into despair if she thought about the possible fate of the convoy. *Focus on the moment* she told herself. *Do what you need to stay alive just a little longer.*

Her spirit steeled, she opened the vox. “Everyone, sound off. Whose still out there!” Names started slowly travelling to her, and she did her best to learn them. They needed to know and depend on each other if they were going to make it through. “I’m Juliette…” she said after everyone had spoken “…but you can call me Jewels, if you don’t already. We need to get out of this tunnel. Skates could come back at any moment, and we don’t want to be around when they do. We also can’t get topside for a bit. So, I say we head into the bowels of that ship. It’ll offer us some safety from the skates and whatever else is after us, we can check if it has any supplies we can use, or a vox system we can salvage to contact either the base or the convoy. If you don’t like that idea…” Juliette paused, but she wasn’t quite sure why.

“…then you are more than welcome to try and go it alone. The rest of you, on me. Bring everything you can salvage from our fallen comrades, we’ll need it all. I’m the truck driving towards the blast doors.” Juliette took all of the equipment she could off the driver; his gun, his pistol, his grenades. She took it all. It wasn’t going to help him where he was now. She threw it irreverently on the other front seat and then placed her flamer on top of it. She turned the engine on and smiled with the throaty growl it responded with. By all accounts, survivors and working equipment was more than she would have had any right to expect. The truck’s wheels spun as it moved away and covered the dead in snow, putting them out of sight as much as Juliette tried to put them out of her mind. They would have time to mourn when this nightmare was over. Now it was just about survival, and grief served no purpose there…
11-09-13 07:38 AM
RoleplayKutu Oliver almost dozed off, the torrent of abstract thoughts drifting about, but when the crash came, it would even wake up the dead.

As the signal came, everything happened too fast. Guardsmen shouting orders, wheels spinning, engineers complaining and then the fall came. The avalanche swept the middle of the convoy down, and during that the front trucks in which Oliver was in in their attempt to avoid it fell down too.

It all happened in an instant, shouts, tumbling, darkness and a crash and then all was black. The thoughts Oliver was previously considering would pass through his mind again, but this time they were sinister, evil looking, and it almost seemed that the visages would turn alive and shred him to pieces to the point where he would almost cry in his sleep and the bitter taste of his tears woke him up.

It wasn't tears though, but blood. When he recovered he inspected his surroundings. He was still on the side seat of the truck, but the truck was front face impaled in the ice and where the annoying guardsman previously was at this moment there was only a giant frozen rock that seemed to have broken the truck in half. Some kind of gear had hit his forehead from which a small wound would bleed but it wasn't something that prevented him to move. His gear was almost intact below his seat so he moved the backpack on his shoulder and used the Chain Shovel to shove the stuck door open.

Oblivious to the position of his truck, the door fell off and he with it and he tumbled down for a good 5 meters down to a snowy hilltop. He steadied himself up with the shovel, limped towards the nearest vantage point and observed what had transpired. The fact that his truck being from the first was actually in front of the avalanche had made him land on a small hill a good 10 meters or so above the general level of the disaster. Below him he would observe half buried vehicles and sentinels, and the casual body freezing here and there.

Looking up to observe more he realized that even his position was a part of an ice cave. Knowing he would be useless from there he slid down the slope towards the place where the initial crack had happened. Every body in his feet was already dead and he didn't see anyone since most survivors if any should be on the other side of the big mound of ice. As he was circling it, trying to find out if anyone had made it, he didn't stop to salvage any trucks in his hurry.

If anything bad happened to her, he might as well take the head of whoever gave that order...
11-08-13 06:16 PM
DasOmen Static on a distant signal broke over the vox channels as cries of pain and terror echoed amongst the white noise as the storm waged on. The cries amongst the noise didn't stop as the troops pressed on. Eventualy the order was given to pick up the pace and some ammount of safety and caution was thrown to the icy winds. Emediately the convoy picks up speed as everyone begins to rush towards the refinery. what was attacking them, the situation at hand, and what awaited them there oro if there was even a refinery left was known only to the emperor himself... but press on they did.

Roars broke though the howling winds as the engines of the transports revved and the machine spirits seemed to shout in defiance of the blizzard that raged on. The convoy was going to make up for lost time, casualties be damned. Everything was all going so well in the rush too, but on geminar things didn't go well for long, and soon all the extra agitation caused a landslide causing part of the path to collapse in on itself sending several trucks downwards presumably to their doom.

You are in the portion of the convoy that collapses and slides down a sheer cliff in the midst of a landslide that consumes the back end of the convoy. trucks, sentinels, troops and tanks all tumble downwards. you manage to survive by riding the torrent of ice, snow and earth just well enough to save your lives, however many of your comrades are not so lucky. trucks lay upside down, standing straight out of the ground like large misshapen lawn darts, and even at awkward angles. bodies are everywhere as far as the eye can see amongst the calm of the chaos.

you all have fallen into what appears to be an ice cave, however things are not exactly as they seem. it's obvious to you what's caused the cave in. marching over it in the first place would have triggered this, though the quickened pace just expedited it. Skate tunnels are all over the place and it has weakened the ice drastically. ahead of you in the ice cave is an iced over metal blast door. it's common knowledge that geminar is a starship graveyard of sorts, though most are deep within the ice. you can almost hear the cries of the dead from beyond the ice covered door as sounds of the past still seem to linger and haunt the area.

despite the fall, you're all pretty much ok as well as a handful of others. a few trucks are salvageable and even a few sentinels made it through the careful reactions and movements of their pilots, Including "your" sentinel.
11-03-13 07:04 AM
Cleanser If there was one thing Boris hated about this damn planet, it was the constantly low visibility in this weather. His sentinel plodded along the cliff face, stopping momentarily to wait for the men with the sonar mappers to point out a suitable path. It was dull and incredibly slow, but it was probably the only way they could safely get to the refinery. Boris sat back in his seat and let out an exasperated sigh. He closed his eyes for a while before turning to the sentinel next to his.

The other sentinel was completely covered with snow and looked as if the entire thing was about to freeze over and fall apart. His own sentinel must have looked just as bad. This entire experience was complete and utter hell, but it would be over, sooner or later.
10-29-13 11:48 PM
Farseer Ulthris The gentle vibrations of the transport felt soothing to Joric, he supposed in a sense that it was worth the long 5 hour drive through Geminar's icy wastes. He was familiar with most of the ore refineries in the area, but this particular one he had never come across before. He realised that it wasn't with thinking about until they arrived. In the meantime, he turned his attention, desiring to establish a better connection with his new, improvised fire-team.

"So...how long have you guys served in the PDF ?"

Meryn, Antii, Jussi and Vladek all stated that they were fresh out of basic training. Einarth simply responded with.

"All my life it seems, lost track of the years I've served. You?"

Joric smiled.

"5(?) years, certainly enough time to deal with bandits harassing settlements and supply convoys, plus the occasional bold skate."

Einarth stroked his beard.

"What made you folks join the PDF?"

Vladek spoke first.

"Decent pay."

Antii spoke next.

"Me and Jussi joined to support our mother and three siblings. Puts food in their bellies."

Meryn seemed more hesitant in speaking, when the words finally came out they were simple.

"To prove myself."

Einarth placed his hand on Meryn's shoulder.

"To your peers? To those closest to you."

The boy simply shook his head.

"To myself." He then turned to Joric, as he brushed a lengthy strand of hair aside.

"What about you eh?"

He pondered this one, never before had someone asked him his reasons for joining the PDF.

"I suppose you could call it paying a debt to our homeworld for my family's success."

"An intriguing reason." Replied Einarth

"Well I just couldn't carry on playing cotton-wrapped rich kid, there is a reason my family is where its at, and by the Emperor I will repay that fortune in kind; in blood if need be."
10-29-13 10:11 PM
Deus Mortis Juliette rode in the back seat of one of the convoy trucks, her new flamer resting squarely across her legs. Her breathing was quiet and controlled. She had not slept well the previous night, every couple of hours waking up expecting to hear the attack klaxons but instead only heard the sound of snoring, a sure sign that she was the only one on edge over this whole thing. However, here in the back seat in the silence that followed the fraying tensions, Juliette realised that someone else had woken up at the moment which she had fallen back into a restless sleep and they too believed they were the only one bothered by recent events.

Pain bloomed in her head and she massaged her temples as if trying to placate some spirit contained within her own skull. She yawned and caused the only sound that the interior of the truck had heard besides the dull rumble of the engines on stand-by for several minutes. No one spoke, but then what would they say? They might ask what was causing the journey that should have only taken an hour to take at least five times that, but they all knew that weather like this on Geminar made travelling hell. It was only a statement of the sheer necessity of their mission that they ventured out at a time such as this.

The convoy still wasn’t moving and the howling winds outside gentle rocked the truck from side to side in a parody of a mother trying to calm its children. Juliette rubbed her eyes and pulled her hands slowly down her face, her face turning upwards to look at the roof of the truck as she let out another slow, controlled breath. She shivered, but she had ceased noticing or caring whether it was from the cold or the fear that something could approach them in this weather and they would have no idea until their entrails painted the interior of the truck and their corpses would be left as frozen reminders of their failure. All Juliette could hope was that they arrived at the ore station soon and the gathering of resources and journey back was uneventful. At this point, survival was all that mattered and she was determined to do just that, at any cost…
10-29-13 02:22 AM
Gavoon Gordon hated the Cold. Even through his heavily warmed clothes and armor, he still felt a chill deep in his bones, and he couldn't help but shiver. But he kept moving forward, he had to, concentrating fully on making the next step, getting out of the cold. He gripped his shotgun tightly, digging the stock into his shoulder as the barrels pointed down. The metal of the gun was cold, freezing to be exact, even through the heavy gloves he wore, but the gun was useful, and he didint dare drop it.

He glanced to both sides of him, both men where equally freezing, shivering and shaking and hands held close to their body, as they marched forward. God Emperor, how he wanted to be inside, maybe at the old bar, a few shots would keep the heat in him, he wouldn't have to worry about being frozen or torn apart by Emperor forsaken beasts.

But he kept moving, one foot at a time, he had to, the Emperor demanded it - and he did not plan on disappointing.
10-24-13 06:49 PM
RoleplayKutu "We are wasting time."

The guardsman grunted at his response and exclaimed: " Ain't need a bloody kid to tell me that. I've been losing the scouts like the women lose their children in the mines. Why don't you lift that pink arse o' yours grab me a mapper and scan the planet for me huh?"

"Don't start arguing now just slow down the advance. The way the convoy is moving we might as well as have missed the refinery."

"Shut up." Replied the guardsman.

"He's frightened to death, thinks he will leave his bones in the snow after surviving the alien attack. Can't blame him." Oliver thought as he was sitting next to the guardsman who happened to be driving the convoy truck. There were a couple more with sentinels and guardsmen ahead of them but for their part they were in the very front. "Where accidents start to happen."

After replacing his power shovel for the chained one and getting a new ice pick he went straight to the department offices to learn what their next orders would be. He had completely lost track of where his previous comrades were and he wasn't sure if he was sad or happy about it. On his ascent he had glimpsed Gordon arriving at the armory but none else and for that he was at least glad.

"She shouldn't see me like this, all bandaged and bleeding from a dozen places." At least he hoped she hadn't without being able to guess what reaction he might have provoked.

He also learned on the incidents before his arrival, of the skate having trapped the civilians and for the heroic rescue. Of course she would rescue them he had no doubt. The fact that he had dreamed about it in the ice cavern made him feel pretty uncomfortable though. Neither his own rescue was anticipated. He had tried to avoid priests and psykers for the greater part of his time because they never really helped him, not when he needed consolidation as a child nor when he was suffering the drills of the recruit. But this time they had come, maybe when he really needed them not when he could just use their help.

For the next moments of their pacing, he toyed around with his chain knife. The faded emblem on the hilt had been destroyed by the acidic blood of the beasts while two teeth on the edge of the saw were somewhat bended. Nothing would keep it from tearing heads apart though and he was glad to have it. Had it not been for it he couldn't rely on a shovel, and some man-sized guns to protect him from bloodthirsty omnivores.

"Have you seen such a sign before?" He asked, pointing the hint of the knife to the guardsman driver.

"All I see is I could feed me family fo' weeks with that piece of rust o' yours boy."

"Don't get me wrong, but boys don't run soiling their breeches when the enemy of the Emperor arrives." Oliver replied.

"Oi! I had orders to help another front. I'm the driving one don't ya forgetting!"

Ignoring the driver's endless complaints he looked out the seat window. All he could glimpse was total white although more rocks were visible now. His mind drifted past, to his childhood. He thought of himself in the small pit where the other kids were playing. The bigger ones were beating him because he had no parents but theirs weren't better. He could still remember proud guardsmen dads boasting how strong their son was beating that orphan. Until the day the orphan beat them. Not in groups when all the kids gathered to play but one by one, that day, before each of the kids went home he would come and ask them to apologize.
And when they would come at him then he would put all his ferocity in grounding them down. Soon word had spread and he had never been bullied again. Even his drill sergeants commented on his stubbornness on the fighting lessons. Young as he was he didn't have tremendous strength but he was svelte enough to see the blows coming. He wasn't like some agile men he had seen who could dodge till their opponent fell down from his own fatigue but he could dance well enough to land the blows he had to and so far his skill was what had saved his life.

As his gaze was fixed on the snow, the images of his past started materializing before him. His foster parents, the bullies, the sergeants, his comrades-her especially. She was more beautiful than he pictured her the stabbing snow creating a serene halo around the face he longed to see more than anything else in the world. And for once his imagination took hold of his senses. The face remained in the snow and although he knew it was just his thoughts he couldn't help but feel wordless.
"H-Hey, all right?" he muttered followed by a deep sigh as the wind changed direction and his fantasies became shards. "How can you be so stupid? You should have found her in the armory, maybe the blood loss would prevent your face from blushing." He would say to himself.

"All right? Sure perfect, got's me pile of shining gold, I own a grand hotel in some exotic island planet and I spend my day eating food with more spice than you could imagine. What the heck is wrong with you boy?" the annoyed guardsman barked at him.

"Mind your bloody business." Oliver snapped back and that was the end of it.
The sonar mappers who were shortly dispatched returned to the window of the truck and handed the readings to the driver.
"Har! About bloody timed they mapped the hill right. Alright we should be there any moment now. Hope no bugger tried to pinch us in here now."

"Yes, less we become bug snacks." was Oliver's final thought before the convoy started speeding a bit. He was trying to push his heart's desire in some corner of his mind for the time being(without success though) preparing himself for whatever might happen....
10-22-13 08:07 AM
DasOmen The battle was over but the war for Geminar was just beginning. for whatever reason the tyranid scourge had not been seen for an entire day, what they were doing or why they were absent for a follow up attack that the PDF were expecting was anyone's guess. one thing was certain however, many of the other villages, towns, and bases across geminar did not fare as well against the tyranids, many had fallen and the survivors and refugees all fled to the site of the fallen governor's tower. this was both a good and a bad thing, good because with them the refugees and survivors brought supplies and manpower, bad because it meant the target on them kept getting bigger. so much biomass in one spot was going to get the attention of something particularly big and nasty. the tyranids had the power to overwhelm and destroy anything in their path, all the forces of geminar could hope to do was hold out as long as they could. The feeling of helplessness was the best friend of the people, or so it seemed.

Farther gale however was not blind to this. he knew with the burst transmission sent, they had to hold out and they couldn't do that in their current state, So the farther was preparing to do something normally unthinkable on geminar. he was going to capture one of the smelters and convert the entire facility into a factory of war! the closest one was an hour away from HQ on a good day... today was not a good day, it would take the convoy much longer to get there. Taking up the roll of the new planetary govoner Farther Gale after receiving council from the surviving military commanders, Instituted a mandatory conscription of every man, woman, and child into the emperor's PDF to defend and retake geminar by any means necessary. it wasn't an easy thing to do, but Gale had a way with words, it was like the emperor had blessed him with a silver tongue.
================================================== ==========================

you are apart of a convoy heading towards the nearest ore refinery. it's a trip that should take only an hour, but it's taken you nearly five already. A geminar blizzard makes traveling by sight impossible so traveling via sonar mappers is causing things to go a bit slower. every twenty feet a trooper with two guards walks along the path with a sonar mapper, broadcasting the data back to the convoy trucks and the sentinel pilots. despite the zero visibility things seemed to be going rather well, if you could count walking and driving across a narrow cliff face with a hundred foot drop was going well.

there is no individual update for this update, so please feel free to post where you are in the convoy, what you are doing, and how things have been going for you.

for vehicles it's single file save for the sentinels which walk two by two. infantry are about 5 by 5 to allow for some maneuverability. the cargo trucks carrying an army of servitors and tech priests are all tracked vehicles made specialy for geminar. think of half tracks from WW2 but with skis at the front instead of wheels.

(the next update will be next Monday)
10-20-13 07:31 PM
Gavoon The sentinels pushed forward, drilling through the debris, and Gordon couldn't help but marvel at the strength of the machines, even while large parts of the machines were broken or dented, they pushed on, clearing the way for he and the rest of the soldiers. The one in the front seemed to be drilling through a do


He fell backwards, a shock wave slamming into his chest, and making him fall into a trooper behind him. He was pushed forward, nearly stumbling, but he somehow managed to continue standing. His eyes frantically searched for the origination of the blast, his las rifle engaged in case of the unthinkable - enemies inside the armory. But thankfully, it was merely a sentinel, belching smoke from its cockpit as a man was pulled free from its dark embrace. He lowered his lasrifle, the few troopers around him doing the same as they came to the same conclusion. It was pulled back quickly, and the doors to the armory where breached and the sentinels marched forward, and Gordon followed shortly after, he absentmindedly noticed that the few other soldiers seemed to be following him - his entourage had raised from a single soldier to four now, strange.

Gordon was happy to note that the armory was clear, and civilians were now rushing towards the exit, he had enough time to note a trooper standing on what appeared to be an ammunition crate before the civilians surrounded him, pushing past in an attempt to get to the exit. Gordon pushed through the crowd, the civilians apparently noticing the armed troopers in their midst made way, and Gordon couldn't help but smile, there was some advantages to traveling in a group.

He and the rest of the men following him finally made it to the other side of the crowd, and he spotted a gun and a pile of ammunition laying in the corner, who in the Emperors name left that in the corner in a room full of civilians? He made his way to the gun, glancing back to make sure the other troopers were still following him - they where, good. The bile of ammunition he had noticed was actually a pile of shells, and Gordon couldn't believe his eyes at the sight of a weapon - it was an ugly shotgun, with four barrels. He handed his lasrifle to the soldiers next to him, that shotgun looked like it could tear a Skater in half, he needed that kind of firepower.

He emptied his bandolier of lasrifle cartridges, noting that he only had four left, before filling the openings with shells - lots of them, enough that it weighed him down a bit - before he lifted the shotgun, Emperor, this gun was heavy! Its ammo cartridge seemed to be along each shaft, he filled the shotgun with shells, before hefting it up, he pointed at the soldier he had given the ammunition and gun to.

Go find an officer, give em' the gun and them we're here encase you need some extra support

The man saluted - SALUTED of all things - and ran off to find an officer. Gordon couldn't help but shake his head, he was a simple trooper, not an officer.

“Get more ammunition for you lasrifles if you need it, when your done, meet back here.”
The rest saluted and went their ways, and Gordon continued shoving shells into his bandoleer. He still couldn't understand why they were saluting him, he was only doing his job, it wasn't like he was an officer.
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