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07-25-13 06:40 PM
Kreuger Uh oh.

What trend are you seeing in the pricing model that supports this?
I suspect that if GW saw an opportunity to capitalize on that level of tournament player investment they would be all over it. If competitive players really had that sit if power and represented such a destabilizing force on their supply chain I think GW would be feeding it not poopooing it.

But I don't know that there is any data to really support that there is "pressure" being exerted on GW by the competitive scene to produce flavors of the week.

We DO know there is constant (economic) demand from players for new models to paint and use, and there is pressure from a business standpoint to keep producing and selling to meet shareholder profit expectations. But I don't see players deeply involved in the competitive tourney scene abandoning the hobby because there aren't enough new and over powered units/armies scheduled to come out.
07-25-13 06:09 PM
Stella Cadente But tourney players never ever buy anything when they go to the store, maybe 1 or 2 boxes and a codex during an update, but that's it, why add to a list they got off the internet?, if it isn't required they don't make the purchase.

Now how could it possibly be that large numbers of players never ever buying anything could possibly harm a company?.......oh.
07-10-13 03:08 PM
ohiocat110 Maybe. Prices are also going up because of the secondary market. GW only makes money on the retail sale, and models can be resold any number of times. If retail prices are high, it raises secondary prices and creates shortages (supply and demand). Shortages and higher secondary prices mean people are more likely to buy new to get what they want.

I think the OP's argument would be more valid if GW were cranking out tons of new units constantly. That's the CCG/collectible-miniatures business model. The introduction (and power) of flyers supports that side.

Honestly I don't think the organized power gaming tourney scene is big enough with 40k to drive the game like that. As has been said Rouge Trader and Throne of Skulls tourneys don't necessarily cater to hardcore power gaming.
07-04-13 06:54 PM
humakt I don't think this is really true. My impression from chats I have had at GW when going to tournaments, is that they much prefer narrative style gaming.

Look at the current WHW premier tournament, Throne of Skulls. It is billed as a friendly weekend of gaming and the true tournament players are not encouraged. Even if you win all you games you are not guaranteed anything.
07-04-13 06:53 PM
humakt I don't think this is really true. My impression from chats I have had at GW when going to tournaments, is that they much prefer narrative style gaming.

Look at the current WHW premier tournament, Throne of Skulls. It is billed as a friendly weekend of gaming and the true tournament players are not encouraged. Even if you win all you games you are not guaranteed anything.
07-04-13 03:11 PM
Djinn24 The tourney scene is a joke and your saying in 26 years and 15 years of magic they just now did this. Doubtful.
07-04-13 03:07 PM
Originally Posted by scscofield View Post
For quite awhile now I have been thinking about this and I have come to the conclusion that this game's prices are ramping up because of the tourny scene.
Oh really?

The pressure to create new and improved flavor of the month armies has been forcing GW to churn out bigger and better things constantly.
A new codex is ALWAYS the flavor of the month, its not because its crazy over powered its because its new.

The competitive scene is not happy unless new trump cards are pushed into the system. If a model is broken in terms of power rules the answer is not to nerf it but to create something just as broken.
Well for as long as I have been playing this game GW refuses to try and balance all armies to the best of their ability. They instead create trump cards, So people have accepted that fact demand more trump cards. Also remember the players don't have the ability to put out an official FAQ.

To say its only tournament players that complain is complete hogwash. Everybody complains about something in the game whether it be a tournament player, or a casual player.

On the same point I would say tournament players would probably want more trump cards because they unlike casual players wind up playing against a lot of dirty power builds where as casual players avoid them.

The problem at least half the time is as soon as someone runs into an army that completely counters theirs they start crying and saying that the army is broken instead of just accepting the fact that some armies fair better then others against specific armies. People always want their army to be able to deal with everything the same which cant and frankly will never happen.

I think that GW has been taking steps to correct this issue with the releases of 6th edition but the damage was already done. They got a taste of what the Magic the Gathering style system can give a business. When you have massive sales to keep up with the new flavor of the month in a competitive system then you start to think in terms of how to maximize this aspect.

GW tried to step up to this demand with the Ard Boyz circuit but it backfired on them because they could not keep control of the product supply. Ebay and online sales skyrocketed because of the buy one month, pawn it off for the new flavor next month mentality.

Now they are back tracking on the matter but because of how the economy of it happened they also are taking more of a drain on the resources. They are pushing to get all of 6th out and have it be balanced but the backlash of 'watered' down codexes is losing them the people that were fueling the huge sales.

So instead of accepting this they have been upping the prices to try and keep themselves afloat in the hopes that the market will settle again.
Well most of this is your opinion and speculation so I cant really comment and I certainly cant say you are wrong. What I can say is GW is actually trying to control their inventory and require sales receipts in order to swap models to stop people from purchasing things off web stores or other stores at a discount and then go to their local GW and get full value in trade. This is also how they are hoping to stop people from trying to swap out old models for new ones.
07-04-13 12:58 PM
Magpie_Oz I really can't see it.

Maybe 5th ed had a mind for the tourney scene but my take is that GW have discovered that the tourney scene is not their "core market" and so we are seeing the wide spread narrative and randomness style of 6th ed. Much to the chagrin of the tourney gurus.
07-04-13 10:51 AM
Tawa Not sure how accurate that is, but anything is possible I guess....
07-04-13 04:32 AM
Jace of Ultramar Interesting idea.
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