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Thread: Strategy = Flawless and then the Dice Gods say "nay nay" Reply to Thread
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05-28-13 03:05 PM
Chaosftw Sounds like you guys get no love... Its funny but at the time I know we all want to just choke a cat lol!

Last week I was playing against a tau army with my Death Wing army and I assaulted a squad of fire warriors with belial and 2 other terminators... well... Belial had one wound left from the last round of shooting and of course the tau player gets 3 potential wounds, belial is out front I "look out sir" and pass two of them and fail one armor save on one of the two guys in his unit (great)... then I fail the last "look out sir" and then fail his 2+ ... yes belial dies to over watch....

The guy was pumped but little did he know all I needed was one terminator to eat the warrior squad and make them run lol!

Still.. A sad day for Belial.
05-27-13 10:08 AM
Digg40k I charged the Avatar at a 5 Marine Tactical Squad, he lost 1 wound to an Overwatching Plasma Pistol and two in Assault to Marine punches...

Oh and he had fortune and only killed a single Marine.
05-25-13 02:20 AM

Who would've thought that overwatch would cause three wounds on a Reclusiarch and Sergeant?

Furthermore, why the heck did I have to fail those three armour saves?!?!
05-25-13 01:20 AM
Nave Senrag Not long ago, I had a SWS with flamers duke it out with a 10 man CSM squad + Ahriman over my objective for the game. My special weapons squad managed to lay down the hurt on Ahriman squad and took out a whopping 8 of them plus Ahriman with some terrific rolling, but it wasn't enough to knock them off of the objective so they charged in. They survived overwatch and because of the positioning, I needed to take out the whole squad to secure the objective. My opponent managed one kill between his two guys. I rolled the dice and my guardsmen flubbed every single one of their attacks, failed morale and were swept by the CSM who then consolidated onto my objective.

I haven't run SWS since that spectacular failure.
05-22-13 03:45 PM
DestroyerHive I saw a unit of 5 Terminators get shot with a large blast weapon from an IG player that wasn't AP2. It wounded all 5 Terminators. He rolled five saves and guess what he rolled:


The IG player was shouting, "everyone, come look at this!" And they both shared a good laugh.
05-22-13 02:45 PM
Moonschwine Was three inches away from a charge against a tervigon with my raptors who'd jump-packed up to him over some terrain, a good round of shooting brought him to 1 wound and I was pretty much set to remove him.

Grabbed the dice to assault and bam, double 1's. Next turn he wanders off after pooping some more gaunts out (8) and eventually goes and eats a Rhino. Then I proceeded to lose the Raptor squad to gaunt fire with horrible Armour save luck. Afterward that Tervigon ran around producing 15, 13 and 12 more groups of the little devils before burning out.

That day I just did not do too well.
05-21-13 09:59 PM
Romero's Own In one of my most recent games I was pitting my Tyranids against my friends Imperial Guard list. It was going well for me, it was a small 500 point annihilation game and four turns he was down to a lone Sergeant armed with power fist.

Well it turns out the dice gods don't like bugs as the Sergeant went on to beat down all my units and send them running. That guy must have been a bad ass.
05-21-13 08:59 PM
Originally Posted by Chaosftw View Post
oh man that is brutal... I can see one, maybe 2.... but 3 ... good god I would have flipped lol!
Dice hate me...

Had an epic loss in my first game against Dark Eldar. Not sure I could have won the game, but I should have not been tabled...when I failed 4 out of 8 2+ saves with my main Harlequin it was the last straw.

Just played a game against a chaos player sunday and lost my bike squad and my libby over the course of 2 shooting phases by failing 6/8 armor saves and then dropped another 4/6 to finish off the squad. Not to mention losing one of my razorbacks in one round of shooting by not making a single one out of the 4, 4+ cover save attempts (night fighting and enemy shooting through cover).

I usually manage to win games in spite of my dice, not because of them.
05-21-13 08:14 PM
returnoftheclown My horde of murderous daemons had fought their way up the board towards the cowering guard in the corner. I had taken quite a few loses to shooting but I was able to distract most of his fire with drones and soul grinders. And so I was finally ready to take the battle to him, to reap his souls for the dark gods!!!

But because I had neglected to include any tzeentch followers he decided to screw me over by making me roll double 1 on the warp storm table, followed by absolutely terrible Leadership tests. I was gunned down by overwatch, with only a bloodthirster hitting.

I have decided to give daemons a break for a bit and buy some new dice...gods like new dice right?
05-21-13 07:23 PM
Originally Posted by iamtheeviltwin View Post
My most recent game against the Tau. I still managed to pull out a win, but lost two squads because I failed three sub 7" charges in a row.
oh man that is brutal... I can see one, maybe 2.... but 3 ... good god I would have flipped lol!
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