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03-03-13 08:22 AM
returnoftheclown The only story I have that comes close is the story of Jargo, the angry marine.

Last member of his squad armed with just a flamer. He killed a full squad of necron Deathmarks with his flamer, survived a volley of shots from a full warrior squad, managed to wound a wraith with overwatch which then failed its charge. He then killed the wraith with his flamer and proceeded to charge the other two, surviving two turns in an epic battle.
03-02-13 09:40 PM
LTKage I had a unit of 5 Scourges deep strike on proceed destroy/kill a Leman Russ, an Infantry Squad, a Company Command Squad, and Yarrick. I believe they also contested an objective.

It was a good day to be an evil space elf with hollow bones.
03-02-13 12:08 PM
Originally Posted by shaantitus View Post
But he did single handedly kill 60 guardsmen and got his points back.

Originally Posted by Magpie_Oz View Post
"Preferred .... Enemy "
Totally said that in a Dr. Evil voice in my mind.
03-02-13 12:06 PM
Magpie_Oz "He killed 60 men so I shot him with an excessively large calibre cannon !"

How "Guard" is that !
03-02-13 12:01 PM
shaantitus Nothing that epic. I did however have a squad of my traitor guard stormtroopers dropped in during a game against chaos. I was getting my ass handed to me and the dp had started taking things apart. The shooting from the troopers on the dp did a wound or two but when he assaulted he diced the squad and had a single wound remaining, but for a lone meltagunner who punched out the dp in return. I was most impressed despite loosing badly.

From the other side of the table. During a chaos attack on my traitor guard gunline a rhino full of plague marines were shot out of their vehicle and took some heavy fire before their one remaining trooper made it into combat with a 30 man guard blob. Which he then proceded to beat in hth. They failed their leadership and he swept them up and killed them. In this scenario i had sustained attack so they came back on next turn. And the lone plague marine beat them again. So i shot him with a leman russ instead. But he did single handedly kill 60 guardsmen and got his points back.
03-02-13 11:36 AM
Magpie_Oz Hmmmm... While were screwing over Daemon Princes.

The game comes down to the final turns and hangs in the balance. Horrific casualties on either side but neither Daemon nor Grey Knight has broken.

Castellan Crowe strides forth "We got this won you blokes" and charges the Daemon Prince contesting the "in the balance" objective. The first round of combat is inconclusive with Crowe giving and taking a single wound.

In the next CC phase Crowe doesn't use Hammerhand and is slain by the Prince in a single blow. The Prince stands there laughing over Crowe's corpse, Crowe casts his Psychic power "Heroic Sacrifice" and it all hinges on the single attack, all Crowe has to do is hit and the Daemon and he are both dead and the Grey Knights victorious !

I roll a 1

Nooooooo! , my mate and all the guys watching are laughing their heads off and shouting "Crowe Sucks ! Purifier Tax" etc

......... right up to the point where I say, rather quietly, "Preferred .... Enemy " re-roll, hit, die, win !

Crowe da man !
03-02-13 11:19 AM
ntaw ^ ha! It's good to remember it's just a game, eh?

My buddy didn't move his Daemon Prince up one game since he assumed he'd roll anything but snake eyes the first time he ever got to charge with the model.

Charge distance: 2". Distance to enemy model: 3".

I even offered to give it to him, but he conceded the charge out of respect for the dice despite how disappointed he was. The next turn my mindshackle scarab-toting overlord charged him and with some good (lucky as f*&k) rolls diced that sucka in half over a couple turns.
03-02-13 09:04 AM
Lanfear Chaos Marine lord of Khorne with Daemon weapon Axe of Blind fury runs all the way across the table shrugging off incoming fire from multiple squads and vehicles of Imperial Guard only to be piked in a challenge with a lowly Guard squad sgt who took his last two wounds from him with his chainsword. AAAAARRRRRRGH!!!
It did provide a laugh for all watching and I did see the funny side..........honest.
03-02-13 06:16 AM
Caledor I've got a couple.

Back in early 5th, Captain Lysander charges a mixed IG/SoB gunline and over the next 3 turns breaks over 600 points worth of models into running off the table.

More recently in an apoc game, a lone vindicare assassin gets a lucky shot off at a full strength baneblade and, after some extremely lucky dice rolls, kills it in one hit.
02-08-13 07:22 PM
Zero Effect Several from my battles with the Dark Eldar.

A Succubus taking on a Daemon Prince whilst she was down to a single wound and destroying him over several rounds of combat.

A fellow Dark Eldar player with a squad of Incubi charged my Raider carrying a squad of Wyches. 8 shots from overwatch 5 hits, 5 wounds and 5 failed saves wiping out the Incubi. We both looked at each other and was completely speechless! Even the GW staff member over seeing the competitive was dumb struck.

Finally Lelith, ran into a 30 ork boyz mob with his war boss and in the space of 4 rounds of combat had all the skulls she required for her trophy racks!
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