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08-11-12 02:06 AM
darkreever Without a word, the Ultramarine librarian began to follow after Tev towards the distant sounds of fighting. The Ultramarines that had been guarding the drop pod followed suit, covering each other from potential attack as they made way through the foliage. Cleite snorted at this display, not because of their actions, for it was a sound tactical move, but more-so the fact that their attempts to move silently were sad at best. Without a word to Roath, Cleite made his way along the advancing groups flank, sticking to the shadows of the forest as his training had taught him to do and before long they were upon a scene of the rest of the squad fending off attack from similar foes.

Cleite recognized the hunched forms of raptors and a sneer painted itself on his face without thought. Traitor marines in general were a bastard perversion of their ilk, but raptors were even worse. Some, he had learned over the years, were little better than frothing animals; and indeed a raptor fighting the honourless Korvus was doing so on all fours. Despite not having a weapon beyond claws, the thing was giving the veteran warrior a hard time, but ultimately the reach of Korvus’s chainsword proved the better.

And then the Ultramarines entered the fight, taking aim with bolters and spitting out lethal hails of fire. The rounds appeared to have the desired effect of throwing the traitor marines off, forcing some to fall back from advantages and causing direct damage in other cases. Despite this sight, despite seeing the likes of raptors being gunned down or cleaved, Cleite forced himself to remain out of the fight. If he rushed from the trees now, he would give himself away to these Ultramarines, give away the fact that Tev was not the only one who had been searching for them, and giving these Ultramarines a better idea of their strength.

No, if they turned out to be nothing more than another trap then they could not all be ensnared in it, squad Korvis would need any and all advantages it could muster in the end. And so, instead of taking to the air and taking the life of a vile traitor, Cleite clenched his teeth and simply observed; keeping his senses open for any further movement to indicate enemy reinforcements.
08-04-12 06:17 PM
Bane_of_Kings Sergeant Korvis, Shaan, Korvus and Reishi engaged the traitor marines. One had already been cut down by Korvus, the body of the Power-Armoured Red Corsair now was split in two, and they were an enemy down. Shaan and Reishi had been yet to kill a Red Corsair, leaving the enemy sharing even numbers with them, although the Astartes' morale had been boosted by the death of one of their marines, even if it had been Korvus who had slain it. Striking from the shadows where possible, the Raven Guard utilized their training instructions against the Raptors, who were engaging their loyalist counterparts in battles both in the sky and on the jungle floor. Sergeant Korvis took the jump pack on another Red Corsair by striking from behind, but before he could deliver the killing blow, one of his red-armoured allies attacked the Sergeant from the side, causing him to break away, fall back to the shadows - where he could strike again at the oncoming attackers.

Cleite: You watch the Ultramarines, lead by Kalan, follow the Raven Guard past you as though they move to aid Tev, still not speaking. It appears they were genuine after all when you see them engage the Red Corsairs in direct combat, but this still raises doubts. Why are they here, even if they are loyal? What is their objective and why are they going outside of the Codex Doctrines? And remember what the Sorcerer did to the Chimeras - could the Ultramarines only be a temporary ally?

That was when the Ultramarines entered the fray, lead by Librarian Kalan, and it proved that the injured squad was true to their word, giving the loyalists fresh hope and surprising the Red Corsairs. Although they did not fight with the stealth tactics that the Raven Guard did, the Ultramarines were still a formidable force even with the Red Corsairs still having the advantage of the air, although Korvis' Astartes were countering that.

All: With your Ultramarine allies, you now find yourselves outnumbering the Red Corsairs. Your side has thirteen marines - including a Librarian, someone who is clearly Ultramarine Sergeant judging by his heraldry, and a Raven Guard Sergeant, whilst the Red Corsair Raptors now only have four astartes, and one of them has a crippled jetpack. Your goal is simple - defeat them, using the Raven Guard way. Remember, you are fighting with a fellow first founding Chapter, the Ultramarines. Do you attempt to show off your fighting skills and demonstrate your 'superiority' over the sons of Guilliman, or do you see the advantage of working with them.

GM's Notes: You will have to work together to ensure that the same Red Corsair does not get killed twice by different people. There are four. One Ultramarine can be killed, although again, you may have to decide who gets to first write about the update for that one. (Ideally, the first person who posts - so the others can highlight their reactions).

If anybody has any issues with this post, like there was a few with the previous one, contact me as soon as possible either by PM or in the recruitment thread and hopefully I can sort it out. I'll admit that I'm not the best Roleplay out there, despite running two/three in the past, they all failed and I'm trying to get a complete one this time. I should have this finished by the end of the year at the latest if all goes to plan, but hopefully I should be able to finish it sooner.

Deadline will be Saturday 11.
08-04-12 12:50 PM
Lord of the Night Korvus crouched in the bushes as the "bait" advanced forward. He did not envy them their unappealing task, not only having to serve as a lure for the Chaos Marines but also to have to deal with the unbending Ultramarines. The latter was the part that he was mostly thankful he did not have to deal with and that the brute Cleite would have to suffer instead, he could stay back and serve as reinforcements if need be, plus he knew that eventually a crack about the Codex would come out of his mouth and the Ultramarines would be all over him and trying to lecture him on the greatness of the Codex and that their Chapter should stick closer to its tenants rather than the teachings of Corax. Korvus snorted, the day that happened was the day he would spend his own life in combat pointlessly and with gratitude.

Before he could make a sarcastic remark about the Ultramarines he heard the throttling of a jet engine and looked up to see a pair of blood-stained talons driving right at him. Narrowly bringing up a gauntlet he grabbed the taloned-boot and used its momentum to hurl it over his head and into the dirt. It was then that Korvus got a better look at his attacker, he both grinned and inwardly sneered at the hideous traitor before him. Its hands and feet were taloned and it walked on all four, scuttling like a bird mixed with a reptile. Its helmet was sharp and narrow, like a raven's skull, but carved into the shape of a screaming daemon with scars running through both of its eyes. Its armour was the typical random nature of the Red Corsairs, a mix of reds, oranges and blacks. Its gauntlets were so filled with claws that a weapon would be superfluous, and indeed the heretic didn't carry a blade. Its howl was horrific as it lurched forward, it's jets boosting itself forward like a rocket towards the lone Raven Guard.

Korvus saw Shaan and Reshi band together and would have joined them but the Raptor stood between him and his fellow Raven Guard. Quickly drawing his chainsword he gunned the ignition and met the traitor's charge with a powerful side-strike that threw the traitor off-course and opened up a large gash on its helmet, which bled black ichor. The traitor screeched and its claws exploded into life, lightning crackling across each bladed finger. Korvus barely had time to enter a defensive stance when the traitor barrelled into him again, this time striking the blade head on with one talon and using the other to score a cut across the silver aquila on Korvus's chest-plate. Snarling Korvus drew his bolt pistol with his free hand and shot the traitor's leg, the Raptor wailed and smashed the pistol from his hand, trying to drive its claw further in while its other claw threw sparks into the air as the chainsword ground against it.

Korvus lashed out with a head-butt and bought himself a second, enough time to tear his chainsword free and drive it into the traitor's shoulder, he kept his calm as he carefully bisected the traitor from shoulder-to-hip, accepting several scratches from the razor claws that left scars on his shoulder pad and across his gorget. The chainsword roared as it cut through the traitor, it's severed top-half falling to the ground. Turning his gaze he saw Shaan and Reishi firing at the traitors and moved to support them, grabbing his fallen pistol from the ground, and snapping off-shots at the circling Raptor pack as he went.

08-04-12 02:50 AM
darkreever “ Cleite, Roath, Tev; you three will go to the Librarian's location. If his cry for help is genuine, then we have nothing to fear, and we can find out what the Librarian is up to so far behind enemy lines without risk of losing more men. However, if there is no Librarian, or that Librarian is a tool of the enemy, then the rest of us will be waiting in reserve: to strike. Victorus aut Mortis." Korvis said, finally making the decision for the lot of them in regards to what would be done and silencing any further discussion over who would be acting as bait. Cleite did not like it, that three would go rather than the two he had advised, but the decision was ultimately not up to him and so he did not argue. There was a moment of joy that filled the warriors heart, that sergeant Korvis would give him the honour of being one to undertake this task, in addition to the fact that the foolish Korvus was not also given that same honour. It did not last for long, for Cleite would need all of his focus on the task at hand rather than something superficial like his dislike of the dishonourable elder squad-mate.

"Victorus aut Mortis," The words all but flowed automatically from his lips, and without another word he was off with Tev and Roath. It was not long before the forest began to show signs of recent and violent intrusion. The content of chemicals within the air, and the lack of noise from indigenous creatures being dead give-aways. Brothers, I suggest that we approach from three separate angles, just in case this is a trap. Tev said, and Cleite found himself agreeing with this sentiment; it was a sound move that the veteran had chosen. Though it weakened them as a group, the fact that they could strike or observe from multiple angles allowed for a better chance to gather information.

Cleite moved to flank the veteran marines right side, and it was not long before his enhanced vision picked out the blue and gold form of an Ultramarine drop pod. As the younger assault marine got closer, he noticed Ultramarines near the downed craft; and that fact disturbed him. Sergeant Korvis had spoken only of a single Ultramarine librarian, not several of their warriors. And more, there was no sign of danger or trouble that he could make out. Before any of this could be relayed or confirmed with the others, Cleite spied the black form of Tev breaking cover from the trees to approach the Ultramarines. He spoke, his tone little more than that of accusation and reproach and hardly what the younger warrior would have considered even if he ignored these inconsistencies.

“Take care little wing, there is something amiss here. Something that even a wizened warrior like Tev cannot see; or will not.” Cleite whispered in the battle cant used by his Raven Guard brothers through the vox unit in his helmet. That Tev was able to make use of his gave Cleite some meager hope that his message would be carried over to Roath. Before any of the Ultramarines deign to answer the questions issued by Tev, gunfire erupts from elsewhere in the forest, and it does not take a superhuman warrior to guess from whom it is likely coming from.

Tev informs the Ultramarines of the likely cause, and Cleite cannot help but curse the veteran’s haste. If he had taken even a moment to think about what they had been told, what they had known, then the older warrior might realize the potential folly he had just made. Until this moment, these Ultramarines were unaware that there was anyone else of beyond Tev, and now he had betrayed that fact.

As much as he wanted to follow the quickly retreating form of Tev, it was more important that Cleite held his ground and kept an eye on these Ultramarines, lest this truly be a trap and the others find themselves beset by attackers on two fronts without support. “Hold your ground little wing.” He whispered to Roath, holding his own position while hoping that his concern proved to be untrue and these space marines truly were allies that could be counted upon.
07-27-12 11:26 AM
Romero's Own Corvane nodded in agreement as the Seargent issued orders. Corvane had been thinking carefully about the multiple options available to the squad and he could see the wisdom in the plan. He turned and followed the other ‘watchers’ into the trees where they could cover the rest of the squad if it was, as he suspected, a trap. Corvane himself moved away from the rest of the group and crouched down into a large bush where he could watch the progress of the other half of the squad better. He saw them reach a drop pod that bore the marking of the Ultramarines and engage in conversation with a Librarian who was being guarded by a handful of Tactical Marines. After deemng that it was indeed not a trap Corvane turned back to the rest of the squad, onlt to find himself face to face with the distinctive figure of a Red Corsair Raptor.

Corvane only had seconds to react as the roaring chain-axe swung at his neck. Corvane dropped to the ground and swung his chain-sword up into the Raptor’s torso. The revving blade made contact and cut through the ceramite armour that the Chaos Marine wore. The Raptor staggered back and Corvane fired four rounds into the Raptor from point blank with his bolt pistol. Not waiting to see if the Red Corsair fell Corvane turned and set off through the trees. He burst from the foliage in time to see Alesso running towards him with more Raptors on his tail. Corvane’s years of training took control and Corvane fired his bolt pistol past Alesso with pinpoint accuracy. Alesso drew to a halt and turned to face the fast-approaching Chaos Marines. He heard Alesso’s voice cming in over the static that had filled his vox since the crash.

"Brothers! We are under attack! Defensive formation!"

Corvane quickly arrived at Alesso’s side and continued to fire at the approaching Red Corsairs.

“Understood Brother Alesso, I am at your side”

Even as Corvane fired in controlled accurate bursts his hand clenched the hilt of his chainsword as he revved it into life.
07-26-12 03:46 PM
Malochai Aethon nodded grimly at Korvis’ order. Without waiting for anything else, Tev turned and started to carefully push his way through the vegetation that surrounded him, looking warily around. The thought, ‘This has to be a trap,’ flashed through his mind but he instantly dismissed it.

“Regardless, we have to investigate!” he murmured to himself. “Astartes could be in danger, we have no choice.” And with that, Aethon put the thought out of his head and concentrated, searching for signs of Chaotic interference. His hands flexed, the left clenching instinctively around the hilt of his chainsword, but he resisted the urge to rev it. An anxiousness started to eat at his stomach, and try as he might the thought couldn’t be banished.

Drawing close to the origin of the suspect message, he stopped, and, quickly, spoke to his battle-brothers over the comm. ++Brothers, I suggest that we approach from three separate angles, just in case this is a trap++

Leaving them to decide whether they would or not, he started straight forward, taking a few steps before breaking out into the small clearing, bolt pistol aimed ahead and chainsword held at the ready. He immediately took the scene in, and numerous questions ran through his mind, and then annoyance replaced them. ‘Typical of the sons of Guilliman,’ he told himself. He focussed on the squad of marines themselves, and then saw the librarian himself. ‘So it wasn’t a trap.’ He lowered his pistol slightly and stopped his chainsword revving, to show he wasn’t going to attack them. He thought back to the last time he’d fought side-by-side with Ultramarines, and cursed them again for their arrogance.

“Brothers of the Ultramarines Fifth Company, I am Aethon Tev, of the Raven Guard Second Company.” His voice was biting and cold, clearly portraying his feelings towards them.

“Why are there no records of you operating here? Hell, what, in the name of the Emperor, are you doing here?” he asked. None of them could see his eyes, but they were hard as steel and full of determination. No-one replied, because the sound of gunfire shattered the peace, tearing throughout the forest and resounding heavily in the close air. Tev turned his head, and waited with baited breath, thinking, ‘the others,’ with the slight shudder of shock. More gunfire, sounding like a thunderclap, reverberated. A second passed, thoughts flickering through his mind, and then he came to a decision. He had to help the others, and they probably couldn’t do it alone.

He looked at the librarian, who, despite not looking at him, seemed to be thinking the same thing. Aethon nodded at nobody in particular, gunned his chainsword and said to the Ultramarines. “The rest of Squad Korvis. We’re already depleted. Will you help?” He’d already started moving, assured they would feel the same sense of duty to aid him as he had to aid them.

He streaked away through the trees towards the continued sounds of gunfire, steely determination once again showing on his hidden face. The Raven Guard punctuated his already inhuman pace with short burst of his jetpack, and after only a couple of minutes he saw a flash of red before him. He thought back to the exploding Chimeras, painted in Red Corsair colours. He slowed down slightly, trying to ensure he’d retain the element of surprise when he showed himself.
07-26-12 09:17 AM
HOGGLORD Alesso stalked through the trees, his hand inadvertently slid over his bolt pistol's handle. He was glad he wasn't in the 'bait' group, his role had never been loud or aggressive, it had always been that of silence and patience. He only noticed the action when the weapon hung loosely in his hand. He did not re-holster the weapon, he'd never had any reason not to trust his instincts before now, why should he start?

Pushing aside low hanging flora, Alesso stopped. He stood for a few moments, scanning the surrounding trees for any movement other than his two brothers behind him. Nothing stirred, not ever the wildlife. Alesso's sense of unease grew, his grip on the pistol tightened and his eyes darted in the shadows, his heightened senses making him aware of just how empty the forest was. Something was wrong here. Alesso sensed a trap.

"Brothers, we should-" He began, but stopped when he heard the familiar noise of jump packs above. He flicked his eyes skyward just in time to activate his jump pack, blasting him backward before a screaming, red being smashed into the ground next to him. Alesso blinked rapidly, lying on his back, his jump pack propping him up in a sitting position. He looked up at the power armoured being standing in front of him, a chainbladed axe revving in one hand. The red corsair raptor strode towards him raising his bloody weapon above his head. Alesso's bolt pistol spat a trio of rounds at the approaching warrior, who twitched as the bullets sparked and put small craters in his red plate with each shot.

The Raptor roared and threw himself forwards at the Raven guard. Alesso had one thing to be thankful for, however long ago this heretic left the emperor's light, it had been long enough for him to forget the strict battle discipline that all astrates were taught. The insane warrior threw himself on top of Alesso, who rolled back a little and slammed both boots into the raptor's exposed chest. The heretic fell backwards with a roar of indignation, giving Alesso time to rise.

He ran back a few steps to his brothers' location, half turning mid run to lose another four shots off in the general direction of the raptors.

"Brothers! We are under attack!" He said over the vox, attempting to hail the rest of the squad. "Defensive formation!"

He reached the rest of the combat squad and turned to face the traitors, hoping that his brothers would form up on his left and right. He raised his bolt pistol and shot at the raptors in the trees.
07-25-12 07:29 PM
Bane_of_Kings "Very well," commented Korvis, looking up at his brothers as they made their way through the Jungle. "Thank you for your input. Cleite, Roath, Tev. You three will go to the Librarian's location. If his cry for help is geniuene, then we have nothing to fear, and we can find out what the Librarian is up to so far behind enemy lines without risk of losing more men. However, if there is no Librarian, or that Librarian is a tool of the enemy, then the rest of us will be waiting in reserve. To strike. Victorus aut Mortis."

"Victorus aut Mortis," the six other Raven Guard warriors echoed, before half of the warriors under Korvis' command advanced ahead of the rest as Korvis told them the location of the wounded Ultramarine.

Cleite, Roath, Tev:

As you make your way through the undergrowth, you remain watchful for clear signs of the enemy. It doesn't take long before you come across a small clearing, where you find a Drop Pod bearing the colours of the Ultramarines sitting dead in the centre. There, you find an Ultramarine that is clearly a Librarian, surrounded by a squad of five Ultramarine Tactical Marines, bearing the colours of the Fifth Company. Relieved that this is not a trap, several questions leap to your mind. Why are the Ultramarines operating against the guidelines of the Codex Astartes? Why is there no evidence of other Ultramarine force operating on Thorodon Major when the Raven Guard were informed they were on Thorodon Secondus?

Before the Ultramarines can answer your questions, you hear gunfire from nearby, and realise that your brothers are under assault by enemy forces. After the initial signs of hostility between the depleted squad of Ultramarines and your own forces, you must take up arms together as you rush to find out why your brothers have fired their weapons.

End your update shortly before joining combat. There are five Red Corsair Raptors engaging the other half of the squad.

Korvus, Shaan, Reshi:

As you hang back from your three brothers allowing them to advance, what are your feelings about being denied this honour of being the "bait", or do you view it as an honour? Do you prefer lurking in the shadows rather than being thrust headlong into danger?

As you wait for the call from your brothers who are finding the source behind the Distress Call, you find yourselves attacked by a five-man squad of Red Corsair Raptors, descending from the skies above. You find yourselves outnumbered, and must hold out against the Chaos Space Marines until the remaining members of your squad arrive, although in this update, you must not post about your reinforcements arriving - that will happen next update.

The Deadline for this Update will be Wednesday 1 August.
07-25-12 07:27 AM
HOGGLORD Alesso listened to his brothers talking, weighing up the options in his head. Both Cliete and Korvus had a point, considering the most recent events, the chances of this being a trap was frankly overwhelming. On the other hand, Alesso knew that they could not allow any imperial servant to die if they could help it. The Tyrant of Badab was a grave threat to the imperium, he had been for many years. If they could damage him badly now, perhaps even slay the tyrant, then it would save dozens of imperial worlds and countless imperial lives. But the imperium needed every able-bodied soldier they could muster to overcome this devious foe.

Alesso winced slightly at Cliete's use of the word 'bait', which was, in Alesso's view, a rather blase way of considering the life of an Astrates. But Alesso couldn't fault the logic in his plan. If these heretic scum thought they could outwit the Raven Guard, their leader was more insane that Alesso had previously imagined. Unlike some of their more belligerent bretheren, the Sons of Corax were the silent blades, thrust in the dark. Nothing evaded their notice and none can stay their wrath.

Korvus also gave a valid argument, none of the Ultramarines would dare to break the tenets of their precious Codex, they were quick to remind anyone that it was Guilleman who wrote the Codex Astrates and they were pressured by that knowledge to follow it's rules to the letter. It was doubtful that a librarian of that chapter would be deployed so deep in enemy territory, especially unaided. It was too suspicious a circumstance to ignore the obvious threat of a trap.

Alesso stepped forwards and spoke. His armour a shade of dull orange in the flickering fires of a burning tree. He faced Korvis with a steady gaze under his expressionless helm as he addressed the squad's leader.

"I agree with them, if there is even the chance of a fellow astrates in need somewhere then we must do all we can to help, but let us not ignore the obvious potential threat, our foe is devious and we should remain vigilant. We should prove ourselves to be the perfect example of the Raven Guard, striking unseen from the shadows and outwitting those who are foolish enough to believe themselves beyond the reach of our blades."

He paused for a moment then spoke again. "If you would allow it, Brother-Sergeant, I would take my usual role in this strategy, to stand and watch from the shadows, until the enemy come within our reach."
07-24-12 06:26 PM
Lord of the Night Korvus bristled as Cleite once again mocked him. Was he really fool enough to take the chance that a pack of screaming killers were descending on their position right now? Koruvs took a step forward and prepared to settle things with the brute once and for all, he didn't need to fight him, just make it clear that despite his blunt nature Korvus was a team player, he just didn't talk like one. Before he could begin his lecture Sergeant Korvis stepped forward and silenced any retort that Korvus may have made. He was not about to disregard the Sergeant just to snap back at Cleite.

Korvus nodded as the Sergeant agreed with them both and gave the order to move out. As he began to walk briskly through the brush Korvus raised an eyebrow as Korvis approached him, ideas about the Sergeant's intent formulating in his mind even as the Sergeant closed in and began to speak. Korvus nodded as the Sergeant explained his agreement with him on the matter of the Sorcerer. Korvus gave his assent to the Sergeant's suggestion, when an ugly thought began to implant itself in his head. He cursed inwardly for not having seen it immediately, but before he could share his new theory with the Sergeant he noticed that Korvis was listening to his vox.

"Brothers," Sergeant Korvis addressed the Raven Guard who were now surrounding his position, having not heard the vox that filtered through his ears. "I have just received a vox, however impossible that it may sound, that states we are not alone in these jungles. An Ultramarine Librarian has apparently managed to find himself in a dangerous situation and is requesting our assistance. This is a decision that I am going to leave to you, for a change. Do you think that it is a trap laid by the enemy, or is this a real Ultramarine?"

Korvus nearly chuckled. A starch-shirt of Guilliman was here? Alone? That violated so many precepts of the Codex that the idea was laughable, not even Ultramarine scouts would operate like that. A Raven Guard would, but the Codex was not the same to the Sons of Corax as it was to the Sons of Guilliman. He found it hard to believe that a single Ultramarine, a Librarian at that, was alone behind-enemy-lines and contacting for their help. It sounded like a trap, and the chance of that was too great to take.

"I say we send scouts sir, no Ultramarine would be operating so far into enemy territory alone, and definitely not a psyker. Breaks too many regulations of the Codex. We already know the enemy has a Sorcerer, one that can get into our heads, and they know we wouldn't ignore a distress call from another Chapter. If it is them though then they know we survived, so their Sorcerer can probably still sense us. I say we help them but we don't all go, its too risky. Cleite and one more should go, examine the situation. If its a trap, then I say the ambush idea is a good one, if its not then we find out why an Ultramarine Librarian is here alone and operating so far beyond what the Codex says they should be doing."

His intention made clear Korvus walked up to the Sergeant and offered his latest thoughts. "Sir, something came to me a moment ago and I think we should consider another possibility regarding the Sorcerer and his knowledge of us. Cleite was right about those transports carrying Corsairs and I was wrong, I thought traitors were smart enough not to blow up their own Marines. But I was right about the explosives, and those transports seemed like they'd been prepared to explode. Which means that Sorcerer might have known we were coming before we even got here, and if he did then they might have been preparing for us."

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