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Thread: Is it possible for every ork to unite together? Reply to Thread
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07-16-12 06:33 AM
N U R G L E I say no. That would be to suggest that the orks actually organize better than the Emperor and the Imperium ever could. There is nothing to prove the Imperium could ever unite. The Heresy I argue is the reality humanity was trying to escape all those years. Another discussion of course.

But if they couldn't... how could the Orks even dream of a united empire?
07-16-12 03:24 AM
Deadeye776 No. They way they are set up makes it impossible for them to ever be more than a valid threat, not an intergalactic empire. For them to have a stable Empire they would need order and laws, which if you know anything about them seems unlikely. They want to be a mass murdering horde, not a boring administratum of an empire.
07-15-12 11:16 AM
Originally Posted by LordOftheNight View Post
Yes and No. There are maybe huge ork empires in the unexplored galaxies, that dwarf even the imperium. Higly unlikely but orks are everywhere. Maybe they even annihilate entire systems of life without the imperium even knowing. Warlord of that power could certainly amass a shitload of orks.
Whilst your point is relevant and correct - there could be huge Greenskin empires in the void unencountered by the Imperium - I would suggest that any of them being larger than the Imperium is as good as impossible, not only due to the usual issues of centralised rule amongst the Greenskins, but also due to their lack of stable communication and warp travel technology.
07-15-12 08:28 AM
Brobaddon Yes and No. There are maybe huge ork empires in the unexplored galaxies, that dwarf even the imperium. Higly unlikely but orks are everywhere. Maybe they even annihilate entire systems of life without the imperium even knowing. Warlord of that power could certainly amass a shitload of orks.
07-14-12 04:28 AM
Serpion5 But snotlings still exist.
07-13-12 09:44 PM
akahdrin If the mushroom could be found again to give rise to the snotlings, then yes ;)
07-11-12 10:27 PM
PlagueMarineXenon No. The reasoning? Orks like a good battle. As soon as they even came close to defeating their opponent, they would see them as too weak and unworthy and go on to something that would give em a good ole romp. The other reason is that Waaghs only work so long as there's a strong boss in charge and things are going well. As soon as there's any signs of weakness shown, there's usurpers and infighting between groups of orks and the whole thing collapses in on itself.
07-11-12 09:58 PM
Engindeer alex567 hit the nail on the head.

I think of the ork Waaagh's as waves in the ocean. As long as there is wind to drive the momentum the wave continues onward, but when there is no wind the waves dissipate.

Imagine a sector completely overrun by orks. There's probably several warbosses fighting each other with massive armies, and all the orks do are fighting amongst themselves. Then suddenly, an incursion of (insert faction name here) occurs and the orks divert their attention towards the new enemy (because they are designed to band together when anything non-orkoid appears).

The biggest of the warbosses takes dominance, probably by killing the lesser contenders, and is made de-facto ruler of the combined ork forces. He is the one directing the massive Waagh against a (visible) target, but as soon as the immediate threat is over, the orks lose interest and through boredness, return to their petty squabbles as before.

The warboss can't be everywhere at once, and I don't think orks have any true loyalty, only respect for a bigger ork in their immediate vicinity.

Therefore I think Waagh's can only keep up the momentum by going planet to planet in hopes of finding new lifeforms to fight every time.

Also the orks have been designed to sustain themselves entirely.


The last orks are killed upon a random world.

The dying orks release spores that gestate and grow into a host of orkoid strains within months:

real orks (feral ork boys), laborers (gretchin) and food supplies (squigs)

The feral ork society will, if unprovoked, grow exponentially and suddenly more modern strains of orks will appear:

docs (doctors), wyrdboyz (sorcerers) and mekboys (mechanics / scientists)

The bigger the ork empire, the more advanced the ork society becomes, because only when at sufficient size will stompas and gargants appear, warmachines commonly seen during Waaagh's (Armageddon).

My guess is that orks can only stand to be crammed together up to a point. Then they move elsewhere or fight amongst themselves for territory. That's probably why orks are so succesful - they can grow from nothing and they will always instinctually expand.

That's where I see the Waaagh's 'gestalt psychic field' coming into play - I think it has a soothing effect on the ork psyche, enabling orks to unite whenever they have see and immediate common enemy, however it seems to be out of sight, out of mind for most orks.

In short:

A full-scale all-encompassing Waaagh would probably only be possible if you leave a breadcrump trail from ork empire to ork empire and then towards all lifeforms.

This is all speculation on my part, but I based it on what I've read in the old Gorkamorka books and Codex: Orks (3rd Ed.)

06-22-12 03:04 AM
Iron Angel
Originally Posted by Shattertheirsky View Post
Looking at Ghazghkull's Waaaaaaagh and the carnage that caused, is there any way the Orks of the universe could unite together barring unification by Gork and Mork themselves?



06-22-12 02:09 AM
alex567 The orks are similar to nuclear fusion, if you have enough fuel it will go on indefinetely but when you run out the reaction stops and your left with a bunch of crap at the end, which is difficult to shift.
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