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04-18-12 10:57 AM
Originally Posted by Grins1878 View Post
Looking good so far mate! I've always had a soft spot for Nurgle, poor festering blighters! :-)

Are they all the old lead mini's (other than the FW ones of course)? I recognise two of them as I have them in my cabinet at home! :-)

Yes most are the old lead mini's with the exception of the FW ones and a few of the current GW PMs and I also used alot of the current GW PM arms on them all.
04-17-12 12:10 PM
Grins1878 Looking good so far mate! I've always had a soft spot for Nurgle, poor festering blighters! :-)

Are they all the old lead mini's (other than the FW ones of course)? I recognise two of them as I have them in my cabinet at home! :-)
04-17-12 11:23 AM
REDEATH Preview of my first ForgeWorld Death Guard and MKIII Armor Plague Marines fully magnetized!

04-17-12 11:16 AM
REDEATH Yeah Heresey is not letting me attach pics anymore so I had to web link them


04-16-12 06:30 AM
Scythes Sounds like you had a pretty good day, good job on the matches. I dunno if the pics shows for anyone else, might be the blocks on my govt internet. Keep up the good work.
04-16-12 03:09 AM
REDEATH OK UPDATE TIME....As you all know I was shooting to have completed 1850pts painted by April 1st for a local tournament BUT life was against me as my 4 year old son broke his arm falling off the jungle gym in the park with me....and then last week I was sick as a dog I lost a lot of quality painting days...I got as much as I could done and went to the tourney.


1st Match - I was doing ok vs Crimson Fists untill turn 3 when I shot a landraider crusader with my Dreadknaught's twin linked Lascannon and Missle Launcher, and 3 melta guns from 2 Plague Marine Squads all failing to stop thes damn thing (2 of the meltas were in 6" range and hit but rolled 1+1 and 1+2 for the armor penetration rolls GAAAA!) The land raider continued onwards and dumped out Lysander and a bunch of Thunder Hammer/ Storm Shield Terminators right into squad typhus and started killing off my terminators I even dumped in 2 squads of Plague Marines to try and save Typhus but they all got pounded to hell. It was down hill from there...but all in all the havocs overperformed as expected killing off 2 1/2 squads of scouts from a distance and the defiler was dead on with his battle cannon vs 2 squads of devistators with 4 missle launchers each getting his points back easily. So it was a loss but was a good game.

2nd Match - VS Raven Guard doing great up untill the end again when another Landraider Crusader full of Thunder hammer and Storm Shield Terminators gets through my gauntlet of fire all I was able to do was kill the weapons on the damn thing and they started mushing up my plague marines and losing my objectives they held but in the end we both failed all primary and secondary objectives and it came down to victory points and I came out a winner of that match whew.

3rd Match - VS Necron Holy cow Starts off Dawn of war night fight and guy had 2 of those Doom Scythe death ray vehicles and 5 of the Night Scythe with Crazy Tesla Destructors he goes flat out first turn and I cant hit him b/c of bad rolls of course second turn all the death ray and tesla crap starts with all that Arcing and all my guys bunched up by 2 objectives if it was not for feel no pain on the plague marines I would have been toast again and in all 3 matches the two 4 Autocannon each Havoc Squads proved their worth and shot down 3 Tesla vehicles and the 2 death Ray vehicles and I toasted a necron overlord lord quickly who was ballsy enough to run flat out into the middle of my plague marine squads with his command barge and my Melta gun Plageue Marines Squads were able to kill his vehicle and him. In the end it came down to Victory points and killing the necron vehicles had been the smart move and killing his overlord put me over the top and I came out with a win again due to victory points.

I learned alot and the Autocannon Havocs are here to stay. Here is the Army shot I went with...

I am now guning to finish by april 28th for another RTT but that one is only 1750 pts...All I did was drop the dread, add one terminator, change the terminator with autocannon to heavy flamer and tweek the PM squads to add in 2 plasma guns in 1 squad....but I was happy with the performance of my 1850 list so I will complete that list right after I finish paonting for the 1750pts
04-05-12 09:35 PM
REDEATH No I will not be stoping at 1850pts I still have 3 Obliterators, a Land Raider, touch ups on my Daemon Prince, and the rest of the Havoc types parts Missle Launchers, Lascannons, Heavy Bolters all 4 of each sitting on the bench.

Also I plan on making a Chosen squad out of only Classic Chaos Nurgle Renegades and make them have either Plasma Guns or Meltas with magnets. (I currently have at least 1 of every classic Nurgle Renegade model I just finished my collection last week with the Manikin head model) My PLOG in the Warseer forums ( http://www.warseer.com/forums/showth...EATH-GUARD-log) has a very detailed log of all my Death Guard Painting.

I also plan on getting a Forgeworld Chaos Decimator and nurgleize it similar to my Defiler...Money is the only thing holding me back from moving on that right now but it is all in my head and it will look awsome.

And here are the two Classic guys in this squad...

04-05-12 08:18 AM
Disciple_of_Ezekiel Almost finished! It feels great once you reach your goal. Will you be expanding on them or will you leave it at 1850?
04-05-12 03:47 AM
1850pts that I ended up taking with me to tourney

1850 pts update...shot of what I took to tourney april 1st and shot of latest finished squad that final night b4 tourney

03-30-12 01:18 PM
Disciple_of_Ezekiel My apologies, they look awfully similar to the Ork weapons...no worries, still cool nontheless.
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