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  Topic Review (Newest First)
02-29-12 09:10 PM
Orochi Oh of course. Fools mistake there.
02-29-12 07:28 PM
Tim/Steve Couldn't have armour of stars (my fav BSB defence if you have a life archmage) with a magic banner... one or other, but not both.
02-29-12 04:50 PM
Orochi PG death star?

Prince w/ GW, Vambraces of defense, Dragon armour of caledor, Other tricksters shard.
Noble w/ Armour of the stars (teleport if wounded armour), bsb - Banner of the world dragon, shield.
PG champion with amulet of light.

This combo gives you a challenge winner, magic immunity and a unit with all magic attacks.
02-29-12 01:58 PM
Ratvan I got to say that as much as I hate the build I think that the 1st list with the inclusion of the Banner of the World Dragon would be by far the better (but not most original) list with the level 4 taking Shadow and the level 2 i'd give High Magic to lock down the magic phase that much more
02-29-12 12:16 PM
Azezel Things which immediately leap out:

Why would you ever spend ten points on a longbow when you can get a whole 'nother Archer for eleven?

The Amulet of Light works in CC only, and is therefore mostly worthless to the Archers.

Why the Banner of the World Dragon? The Banner is great on a big block of PG since magic is the only reliable way to deal with them - but Lions are far more vulnerable in CC, so your enemy won't much care if he can't nuke them. He will be happy that you spent all those points, and denied your BSB magic items, though.

Lore of Shadow, again, great for PG, who have defence, but poor attack. Less good for Lions, who have good attack, but lower defence. Life would seem more useful.

Razor Banner? How often do you encounter 3+ saves? STR6 should be more than enough without armour piercing.
02-29-12 08:19 AM
Takana77 lol well fine hehe another idea shot down

alright then so if i scrap the phoenix star then how about this then. basically i've been posting a bunch of lists because i'm looking to get into a 4th army (empire, dorfs, O&G) and have an OK list that i really like (both models and cost), but just running through a bunch of ideas with other armies incase something really glares and pulls me in.

2,500 Points - High Elves of Chrace (even)

Lords: 360 Points (14.40%)
Archmage - Lvl 4, Annulian Crystal, Talisman of Preservation, Amulet of Light, Lore of Shadows

Heroes: 334 Points (13.36%)
Noble - BSB, Dragon Armour, GW, LB, Banner of the World Dragon

Core: 658 Points (26.32%)
Archers x30 - Musician, SB, Banner of Eternal Flames
Spearmen x32 - Musician, SB

Special: 948 Points (37.92%)
White Lions x31 - Musician, SB, Razor Standard
3x Lion Chariots

Rare: 200 Points (8.00%)
4x Great Eagles

- sort of split up the deathstar. would put the bsb and am with the archers (bsb has a lb). mage will mindrazor the spearmen block.

- the archer unit has all their attacks as magical and flaming which should help some especially at 30". The BSB also has a 3S6 magical flaming combat attacks if something gets close to them.

- i like korhil in this list moving up with the white lions (with razor banner) and chariots and eagles. hoping all of them will have a good chance of dishing out some damage. but, by taking him, did i nerf the list in some way thought?

oh well, C&C, thoughts, suggestions, advice, etc are always appreciated.



02-29-12 12:59 AM
Azezel If it were me, I'd stick with Shadow on the Archmage. The only spell you're loosing out on is Mindrazor (and you can still cast that on your Spears!), and the hexes are a really good boost to PG's lacklustre damage-dealing.

You probably could get away with loosing the Level 2, but if you keep him, I'd actually pick Heavens.

Thing is, a big block of PG is just so obvious a target for the kind of nuke spells that don't allow saves (even MR) that he BotWD does start to look pretty essential, even if it does mean missing out on Mindrazor.

And I assumed that the Magi would be bunkered with the Archers. Can't imagine why else you'd be fielding archers. So long as you are though, there's no earthly reason to but Magi in a frontline combat regiment.
02-29-12 12:11 AM
Takana77 to be honest, never really think about a magic banner on my bsb's (except night gobbo with spider banner). always kit the bsb out with armour and ward saves and elcheapo magic item.

If i take that banner than the lores are kind of odd choices to select to go with botwd. lore attributes and signature spells won't work. guess beasts on the level 2 mage, what should i go with on the lvl 4 am then?

now that my bsb is gimped combat wise, should i try to incorporate caradryan back in (from an earlier list version i had) so there's a decent challenge blocker(accepter) for the mages? and since his magic cloak would give the phoenixstar MR3 i could go with razor banner instead.

would need to drop something though. leaning towards 1 chariot and 1 eagle or should i keep them and drop the level 2 mage? lol grrr items i wanted go then too hehe darn it.

oh well, C&C, suggestions, advice, thoughts, etc are always appreciated.



02-28-12 11:52 PM
Azezel Instinct says your PG are an absolute gimmie for Dwellers, Final Transmutation and the Dreaded 13th. Conventional wisdom is to give your BSB the Banner of the World Dragon and have him in the unit if you're serious about the PG deathstar thing.
02-27-12 09:31 PM
2.5k HE phoenix star...

Probably going to be a few folks who see another deathstar and go stfugtfo, but it's still just concept atm. it's not like there's a vast number of units to choose from that are worthwhile in their army book hehe. I do have some concerns below.

2,500 Points - High Elves (2,497 Points)

Lords: 360 Points (14.40%)
Archmage - Lvl 4, Lore of Shadows, Annulian Crystal, Talisman of Preservation, Amulet of Light

Heroes: 339 Points (13.56%)
Mage - Lvl 2, Lore of Life, Silver Wand, Sacred Incense
Noble - BSB, Armour of Destiny, Halberd (i'd take GW but i'd be over)

Core: 640 Points (25.60%)
Archers x30 - SB, Musician, Banner of Eternal Flame
Spearmen x30 - SB, Musician

Special: 958 Points (38.32%)
Phoenix Guard x33 - SB, Musician, Banner of Arcane Protection
White Lion Chariot x3

Rare: 200 Points (8.00%)
Great Eagle x4

- Ok so everyone goes with the PG and forms up as 9x4 or 6x6 if needed. The 2 lores, sacred incense, and MR2 banner makes this unit pretty darn defensive to go along with it's 5+/4++.

- I could change the bsb from a halbred back to a shield. Would have taken GW on bsb but didn't have the points (i'd be over by 2).

- With points freed from bsb, i could change the silver wand to a scepter of stability of jewel of dusk. Felt the silver wand on lvl 2 life mage would help insure getting spells wanted. Also felt the incense was better for this concept then spending the points on staff of saphery. Could also take the channeling staff to try and get more dice on both turns.

- The 3x lion chariots and 4x eagles pressing forward (or to the outside for flank runs) should give the enemy something to worry about.

- Hopefully with a lvl 4 + lvl 2 + annulian crystal + high elf dispel bonus, should be able to lock down the no-save game ender spells (primary) and then bad hexes (secondary) unless its a cheesewhiz spam of dice to force IF. Ahh maybe i should drop the silver wand and sacred incense and take tricker's pendant for miscast rerolls; ohh that would be worthwhile /evilcackle

- Dunno how long my lvl 2 will last w/o any save so thats why it has life lore.

- Flaming banner sort of makes the archers somewhat useful being able to volley trolls and the like at 30", and on turn one if good placement.

Oh well, C&C appreciated as always. Again this is just an idea atm.



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