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  Topic Review (Newest First)
02-18-12 10:14 PM
neilbatte I like the list, Have you thought on using lore of light, the unit buffs especially the init + ws 10 spell will make your flaggies a nightmare to beat.
02-17-12 06:55 PM
olderplayer Interesting build. I would go with at least one and probably two mortars and at least one master engineer. The engineer is critical to making the war machines worthwhile. With larger units and horde armies being common, you really want those pie plate mortars (at least until the new book when the mortar hit will be the 3" instead of the 5" template) and the engineers to make sure you hit, even if it means giving up the second unit of flagellants. The other reason to add mortars is to make the enemy come to you. Sometimes, cannons can't kill enough to win VPs unless they have monsters and small units. Mortars can rip up whole units. You need the enemy to come to you to allow the handgunners to shoot because of their move or shoot rules. If you have to march out with the greatswords and flags, then your handgunners will be left behind and vulnerable to being flanked and unable to shoot threats to the war machines.

I'm not a fan of that many greatswords. A good opponent with throw chaf at that unit and shoot it up and tar pit it and then try to defeat the rest of the army in detail. A dwellers, transmutation, or shooting by salamanders, mortars, warp lightning cannons, etc. wll eventually take that unit down faster than you think.

Also, I'd drop one warrior priest and boost the defenses of the other warrior priest. You have enough magic and magic defense already.
02-17-12 04:28 PM
Takana77 Hehe, yeah thinking I might go ahead and change atleast 1 maybe all the handgunners to archers (x14) and that would free up a few points for wargear. Maybe get some MR in there somehow on the wizard or priest so the GS block gets MR vs spells that allow a save?
02-17-12 04:05 PM
Takana77 Alrighty so to sneak a razor banner in there i changed the lector to a general as i prefer a ward save on my bsb (don't think i've ever taken a magic banner on an empire bsb). And if I go with Lore of Life, then my wizard should go with the GS block for ToV/LB. Dropped one cannon, which makes me feel almost nakid (or at the very least, my fly is down) but we shall see hehe. And wound up with 2x basic WP's (5+/4++ after prayer should be fine).

2,500 Points - Empire
Lords: 413 Points (16.52%)
General - Dawn Armour, Shield, Sword of Might, Ironcurse Icon, Talisman of Preservation
Wizard Lord - Dispell Scroll, Talisman of Endurance, Lore of Life

Heroes: 326 Points (13.04%)
Captain - BSB, FPA, Shield, Holy Relic
Warrior Priest - GW, HA
Warrior Priest - GW, HA

Core: 648 Points (25.92%)
Flagellants x30 (10x3 or 6x5)
Handgunners x12 - Marksman, RHG (6x2)
Handgunners x12 - Marksman, RHG (6x2)
Handgunners x12 - Marksman, RHG (6x2)

Special: 813 Points (32.52%)
Greatswords x55 - Musician, SB, Razor Banner (10x6)
Great Cannon
Great Cannon

Rare: 300 Points (12.00%)
Flagellants x30 (10x3 or 6x5)

- Wondering if I should shuffle wargear around to get a dragonbane gem and dragonhelm on wizard and general respectively vs. flaming?

- Maybe move the priests into the flagellant flankers? won't affect points as they cost the same.

- Dropped the musicians on the HG's, so should I find a way to get those back in somehow (for quick reform) or don't worry?

- Should I perhaps change my handgunners to archers so they can move with the blocks since it's not a gunline anymore?

Oh well, C&C, suggestions, advice, etc. are appreciated.



02-17-12 05:48 AM
The Son of Horus Seems fine to me. I'd try to wiggle a Warrior Priest in there just so you have some more buffs going on-- you could even cut a cannon for it. The army runs on beating stuff to a pulp in close combat with the greatswords and flagellants... two cannons to back that up to get rid of really big monsters and monstrous infantry units that'll mow through the Greatswords are plenty, I think.

I'd take Lore of Life over Beasts. Your units are already plenty hurty with Flails and Great Weapons. But nobody's wearing functional armor-- even heavy armor on its own is one of those "makes you feel better" saves that doesn't really help much. But raising models back and raising their toughness both keeps the unit in the fight and makes the fact that your armor sucks a lot less important.

I'd consider giving the Greatswords the Razor Banner, if you can find points for it. I mean, if you're going to do a deathstar, you might as well go all the way with it.
02-17-12 04:38 AM
2.5k Empire melee heavy...

Been awhile since i've toyed around with any of my gw stuff, but was thinking about a list i might try out in the near future. I normally like to go with a couple wizard lords/engineer/captains or lector/priests/captains, but want to sort of mix it up a little. yeah gunlines are fun but gunline after gunline after gunline etc gets monotonous to say the least hehe.

2,500 Points - Empire (2,496)
Lords: 508 Points (20.32%)

Arch Lector - Hammer (sword) of Anti-Heroes, Dawn Armour, Shield, Van Horstmans Speculum, Dragonbane Gem (attached to GS's)
Wizard Lord - Lvl 4, Dispell Scroll, Talisman of Preservation, Lore of Beasts or Lore of Life (attached to 11x HG's)

Heroes: 135 Points (5.40%)
Captain - BSB, FPA, Shield, Biting Blade, Holy Relic (attached to GS's)

Core: 655 Points (26.20%)
Flagellants Warband x30 (10x3 or 6x5)
Handgunners x12 - Marksman, RHG, Musician (6x2)
Handgunners x12 - Marksman, RHG, Musician (6x2)
Handgunners x11 - Marksman, RHG, Musician (6x2)

Special: 898 Points (35.92%)
Greatswords x58 - SB, Musician (10x6)
Great Cannon
Great Cannon
Great Cannon

Rare: 300 Points (12.00%)
Flagellants Warband x30 (10x3 or 6x5)

Concerned about having only 3 cannons/warmachines.

Still not sure whether to go beasts of life for wizard. Beasts will allow blocks to dish out more pain, but Life will allow blocks to last longer.

Other folks are meh about flagellants, but I've had better luck with them than not and you can't go wrong having 2 of them on the flanks.

Big beefy block of GS's moving across the board will be a fire magnet but whatever it touches will cry like a little girl.

The lectors wargear has done well for me plenty of times, but not adamant about it.

I could change the captains blade out for the ironcurse icon if the fire magnet effect is too great.

I like HLR on my HG marksmen but it feels like cheating hehe so have been using RHGs past few times. Can't go wrong with a few shots at higher bs.

Oh well, C&C, tips, advice, suggestions, etc are always appreciated.



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