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  Topic Review (Newest First)
11-19-11 06:38 PM
Takana77 Aye, when i mentioned magic/magical i meant spells.
11-19-11 04:23 PM
Atreyu MR only works with spells. Not magical attacks.
11-18-11 09:38 PM
Takana77 Hmm well I was hoping that with both characters having MR2 (so a +2 bonus to any ward save vs. magic) that the knights and warriors are conferred MR2 as well (pg. 72 brb).

The lord has armour of morrslieb and collar of khorne and is mounted with barding and a shield. This nets him a 1+ AS with 4++ vs. non-magical attacks and a 4++ (6+ and MR2) vs. magical attacks. His attached unit of knights also have 1+ AS and 5++ vs. magical (lord's MR2).

The hero/BSB has chaos armour and shield and fury of the blood god. This nets him 3+ AS and 4++ vs. spells (not sure if the additional MR2 stacks with that because of how it's phrased for the FotBG daemonic gift, so it could be 2++ vs. spells based on rules now) and 5++ vs. shooting (Blasted Banner). The warriors get that 5++ vs. shooting (Blasted Banner) and a 5++ vs. spells (hero's MR2).

All that combined I thought seemed pretty good for magic defense for an army without casters. Even w/o a caster I can still attempt dispels. Probably won't dispel suns but if someone is minmaxing to spam IR purp suns, then I probably don't want to waste time on a game vs. someone lacking sportsmanship.

As for the frenzy charging I had hoped to offset that with a LD10 bubble covering everything depending on setup/deployment (lord/bsb/standard of discipline). Guess I could field the lord on foot and get 2 units of warriors in there somehow.

11-18-11 08:10 PM
olderplayer You have no magic and no magic defense. There are too many hexes and direct damage spells out there that will slow you down and cause problems and too much shooting that can kill those expensive units without you having magic defense.

I like seeing the Ogres unit. It is surprisingly good and works in synergy with chaos knights (knights are vulnerable to killing blow but have best AS; while chaos ogres ignore killing blow . The combo of MoK (frenzy, do not panic), chaos armour, and GW makes them much better than Ogre's current Ironguts unit for equivalent points (unless the ogres get a high charge roll and the charge).

Also, while an all-Khorne army can be fun to play it is a pain to win with. You will be taking a lot of tests to restrain charges and will either have to bunker your units tightly together to stay in range of the BSB and general or risk having units baited away, especially if they take out the warhounds early. The other problem is that the chaos knights risk running ahead of the other units, pulling the general out of range.

I understand the Khorne theme, but I'd still max out the ward saves on the leadership unit.

I really think WoC armies need war shrine's and their gift of chaos blessings to be fully competitive in 8th edition (pains me to watch someone rolling and re-rolling the 2D6 and not a great game with the favour of the gods on a character or champ in a unit, but that #12 stubborn and 4+ ward save is a game changer and the war shrine can fight in its own right).
11-18-11 05:59 PM
2.5k Blood Bath List...

So thinking about what to do with possible holiday cash and thinking of going WoC Khorne army. My 2 main armies atm are Empire and O&G and was thinking about going into stunties or OK or VC awhile back as a third, but other things took priority back then. Lol I know it will be a big change going from 3 phases down to 1 for Khorne but there's always been that hidden evil urge way inback of mind to play them. Always loved the models and the baroque/gothic feel.

Anyways 2,497 Points...

Lords: 359 Points (14.36%)
Chaos Lord - MoK, Shield, Armour of Morrslieb, Ogre Blade, Collar of Khorne, Chaos Steed

Heroes: 175 Points (7.00%)
Exalted Hero - MoK, BSB, Shield, Fury of the Blood God

Core: 1,108 Points (44.32%)
Chaos Warriors x29 - MoK, EHW, SB, Musician, Blasted Banner
Chaos Marauders x40 - MoK, Flails, SB, Musician
Chaos Marauders x40 - MoK, Flails, SB, Musician
Chaos Warhounds x6
Chaos Warhounds x6

Special: 855 Points (34.20%)
Chaos Knights x8 - MoK, SB, Musician, Standard of Discipline
Chaos Ogres x8 - MoK, SB, Musician, GW, Chaos Armour

Worried I screwed up on the magic items, but reading how magic resistance works on characters and attached units, the warriors and knights should be good vs. magic. So there's no magic, no shooting, just the "Ride 'til we find them, kill them all" mentality. Seems like all the units will be pretty hard hitting in close combat and have LD10 from General/SoD/BSB. Kinda looking forward to converting some ironguts for this endeavour hehe. Took the ogre blade on the lord as a fluff/background element; thinking maybe he bested a bruiser/tyrant in 1v1 awhile back (took his weapon) and the rest of the tribe pledged loyalty to the chaos lord and the blood god in exchange for being allowed to live (or some such thing).

Oh well, thoughts, tips, suggestions, advice, C&C etc are always appreciated.



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