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10-30-11 05:42 AM
Nicholas Hadrian Gist of it, Necrons are now established as having rebelled against the C'tan before their primary leader, the Silent King went off to seek new bodies for his people to transfer themselves into after they have rebuilt their empire.

Personally, I explain this away as; C'tan got up first, needed more souls to get strong again, gathered some loyal, minor lords to their banner, either that or subjugated some unintellegent warriors, insane destroyers ect. and that is the Necrons we knew from before, then Newcrons get up, look at them and go "Nuh uh" and C'tan are locked back up.

Pariahs are easily explained as having been the C'tan's desperation, forcing them to make use of souls they could not consume, the newcrons find this disgusting and distateful, since it's the same shit the C'tan pulled before and then wipe out the Pariahs.

All fits, all copasetic. Provided that is the angle they take. >.>
10-29-11 11:46 AM
Farseer Darvaleth Damn you all. My WD doesn't arrive until later today. Damn being further around the world!
10-29-11 10:57 AM
Nicholas Hadrian Meh I didn't like it at first but after a bit of thinking, rationalization and such, it grows on you.
10-29-11 10:55 AM
Digg40k Reading the bits of fluff that are attached alongside the advance order pictures I have to say I'm fairly impressed. I particularly like Trazyn the Infinite. I hope the Codex is as good.
10-29-11 10:33 AM
Nicholas Hadrian So... on a side note... who's read this month's White Dwarf?
10-29-11 05:58 AM
jaysen I like special characters, but I think that some of them should be limited to 2000+ games, such as chapter masters and such.
10-28-11 08:52 PM
Durandal I think the special characters being more common was a good move. They are balanced, and can add a much bigger variety to your army than the generic options.
10-28-11 12:14 PM
Originally Posted by Vaz View Post
Special Characters - from someone who started in 3rd and Special Characters were an "opponents permission" thing, I hated that the new editions changed it so that every 500 point list I was facing had some hero who was capable of changing the status of the galaxy present.

I'm not sure about special characters being a good or a bad thing. I like special characters and as long as they are priced right they do add a new dimension to the game. It has been nice being able to roll out Vulcan and have him battle it out toe to toe against

These days codexes seem to be built to have each special character give army buffs so allow different army types. Probably the wrong way to do it if you want special characters to be special and never used except in appoc. Lets be honest hear how often in 3rd edition did somebody even think of using a special character as it would potentially be vetoed by your oppoenent meaning a rethink of your army/strategy.
10-28-11 11:59 AM
Originally Posted by KhainiteAssassin View Post
Necrons in the old codex had no gear options, had no individuality, every played the necrons almost the exact same way or lost. that was the nature of the old book, you played one necron army, you played them all. the "FLUFF" did not support individuality, did not support special weapons, did not support any real growth, or special characters outside of the Ctan.
And that was bad, because... They were an extremely easy army to play against anyone in 3rd edition, able to counter everything in their all comers list. However, come to in 5th Edition, because the core rules have changed that much, it's become a challenge to play them successfully at all against other all comers lists, let alone tournament winning lists.

More options should be available, but it's perfectly easy to keep that fluff altogether as the "skeletons in space" that they were designed as. Now it's Vampire Counts in space, or Tomb Kings in space. As pathetic as Dwarves in space. Space Marines and Tau are nice, as they have no other equivalent in Fantasy, as are bretonnians, lizardmen.

Each of the Warhammer Races have a fairly unique outlook on the world. 40K, all have the same, it's like watching a land grab scenario.

New Codex, sure its becoming similar to the other races, but thats not a bad thing, despite your bitching and moaning on the subject about how they are becoming like everyone else, because they may becoming closer to everyone else, but its better then being the undead version of Tyranids without the dcool options.
So instead of undead Tyranids, we now get undead generic race #345634? Nice.

the new fluff allows for individuality, new special characters, various new weapons for the units, and a whole slew of new toys to play with.
Special Characters - from someone who started in 3rd and Special Characters were an "opponents permission" thing, I hated that the new editions changed it so that every 500 point list I was facing had some hero who was capable of changing the status of the galaxy present.

new weapons for units is not an issue i have. Special Weapons troopers and the like, yes. it's like zombies in fantasy - they may have a 2 handed sword when they were alive, or they might be using their neighbours arm, but it still has the same effect in game, otherwise a) it confuses things, and b) it makes very little sense that you have certain "specialists" when you're braindead.

You don't get special weapon Rubrics, do you?

New toys - all well and good with that. Special Characters and Individuality for the sake of Individuality however makes them like every tom dick and harry.

Space Marines - remove the Special Characters, and allow Chapter Creation, with rules for First Foundings. Tyranids, remove the special characters, and allow Swarm modification. Chaos Space marines, remove special character and allow Warband creation with rules for legions. Tau, remove special characters, and allow creation of the Cadres/Auxiliary forces armies. Imperial Guard, remove special characters, bring back regiments.

Special Characters are just that - Special, not intended for a 500pt border patrol.

If you wana be a little baby and whine about how the Necrons are not the souless atomitons with no personality you enjoyed, then feel free to stick with that aspect of the Crons as a DIY tomb world. cuz guess what, you can do that now
The same applies to the previous edition - if you liked the individuality of Necrons, then why didn't you use the necron lords wargear to reflect that?

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10-28-11 09:56 AM
jaysen So, Necrons basically want to eradicate all warp taint from the materium, which would include most sentient life, especially the eldar and humans. In order to do that, they need to start somewhere, so having small warp free kingdoms for them to start rebuilding would make sense. It would also make sense to have some flexible, higher order thinking types as the heads of these enclaves.

What I'm curious about is how do Necrons travel across the galaxy if they can't abide the warp? That would mean that they are limited to sub-light travel in real space. That would also mean that expanding their empires will be severely time constrained.
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