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Thread: Which Warhammer Army Has the Most Interesting Fluff? Reply to Thread
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09-20-11 05:42 PM
Zakath Beastmen are intimidating, savage and horny Although they are dedicated to their cause the cause is chaotic and they dedicate themselves in a rather chaotic way.. Their aggressive nature (and battlefield tactics) appeal to me and to be honest, I think their (the whole race's) attitude towards all things impresses me somewhat..

On the other hand, I like Asrai, Asur and Tomb Kings for pretty much the opposite reasons Asrai have some of the savageness of the Beastmen but the Tomb Kings and especially the High Elves seem totally detached from such distracting feelings. They protect order, their domains and their families/riches. They are civilized and they have a certain..finesse The Beastmen still own them all, though
09-14-11 09:55 PM
Wingman I prefer the Skaven and Dark Elves.

The Skaven have a really rich background about how they came into existence and the fact that very few people know about the skaven being around they are a lot like the boogey man, entire villages have dissapered overnight after a skaven raid with no evidence to show.

The Dark Elves are the ultimate fall from grace, The book about how Malaketh turns to evil is cool and every unit has an interesting backstory. My two favorite are the writ of iron and the floating citadels. The writ of iron allows a minor dark elf to be a noble or represent a certain name but if they should fail the iron is melted and poured down their throat. The citadels are run by the coursairs and it's an actual tower that sails the sea!
06-22-11 01:08 PM
Ratvan For me it has to be The Empire, I recently moved to them from collecting Skaven and well they're affected by almost all of the other races.

They are besidged on all sides by almost everybody, orcs and goblins from the mountainous regions, multitudes of skaven lairs under their main cities, vampire counts and necromancers have castles (Blood Keep) and lands within their boundaries.

Beastmen occupy the wild places within the empire especially in the vastly wooded tracts of land that cover most of the empire.

Dwarfs were once the proud allies of the empire and many nobles still wear full plate armour (made by the dwarfs) and the elector counts weild runefangs (12 gifts for the original 12 tribal leaders of the empire)

High Elves (Teclis) founded the college of magic that all battle wizards are given training.

The Empire is boarderd by the border princes (home to bandits, ghoul kings etc) which leads way to Nagash's lands, more skaven strongholds, orc and goblin lands, tomb kings, ogre kingdoms, skink lizardmen colonies etc.

Also shares a border with Bretonnia

Then there is the crusades, pilgrimages etc a lot of history for a short lived race
06-22-11 11:57 AM
Masked Jackal Chaos and Dark Elves. There's just something appealing to me about the forces of evil.
06-22-11 08:54 AM
effigy22 For me it has to be the empire - the eternal struggle just to survive! Being attacked from all directions by inhuman monsters, being attacked within by chaos cultist's and beastmen. Political tension with Neighbouring human lands (Bretonnia).

Plus all the rich diversity within the empire! You have all the seperate states which have their own "style" as it were. You have the religious cults of Sigmar, Ulric, Shallaya, Myrmidia etc and within these they have their own knightly orders.

You got the engineers college and the college of magic - the empire is influenced by the other races too. Dwarves and Elves are a common site in the major cities of the empire doing trade or whatever the pointy ears do!

The empire truly is a blessed land!
06-22-11 08:30 AM
MightisRight Glory to the Dark Gods!!!

Chaos for me, in particularly the warriors of Chaos though the interaction between them, the beastmen and daemons is pretty interesting IMHO. I love how despite the power they have attained, they must still always fight for the favour of their Gods, challenging all, even other Chaos to prove their might. They also have a strange code of honour, not all good and noble like the empire or HE but fighting fair to prove their strength without deception or betrayal (except devotees of Tzeentch).

Also, their influence affects all other races, from corrupting the empire to Chaos energy creating the Skaven to being the entire reason for the creation of the lizardmen. They are strong enough to take on any and every other army and win due to the allure of Chaos leading to betrayal etc and the power given to them by the Gods of Chaos.

The different personalities of Chaos characters following different Gods are interesting as well. Khorne trying to prove their strength and glorify their God on the battlefield. Tzeentch trying to attain all knowledge and increase their power. Nurgle trying to show the whole world the futility of resisting Nurgle's foul embrace, revelling in all diseases and pestilence. Slaanesh trying to receive ever greater depraved pleasures, always wanting more and more as they receive their grandest dreams. And regular undivided guys like Wulfrik, cursed to challenge the greatest warriors the world has to offer to prove that he is the ultimate fighter. All trying to attain the ultimate goal of immortality and daemonhood.
06-18-11 05:45 AM
Angelis Mortis All of them have pretty good fluff and each races events overlap.
Fantasy is better fluff all round IMHO which is why I changed from 40k to WFB
06-02-11 03:38 AM
Gaius Marius I'd have to say Tomb Kings. They're shown to be pragmatic, not relentlessly killing the livign but allowing them to live side by side with them in some cases as long as they swear fealty, but still royally screwing over anyone who so much as looks at them.
05-30-11 05:28 AM
Akatsuki13 The VC affect every race? I don't think so. It's really only the Empire, Bretonnia, the Tomb Kings and the less talked about human nations that generally affect by their actions.

If there's one race who's actions have affect all the other races, it would be the Lizardmen. It's just that their actions largely unnoticed by the others. They helped the High Elves cast the massive spell that ended the First Chaos Incursion, they caused the huge earthquake that brought about the decline of the Dwarfs, while Magnus the Pious defended the Empire during the Great War of Chaos, the Slann bolstered the weakening Great Warding which lessened the influence of Chaos and helping the Empire win the war.
05-30-11 05:07 AM
Azkaellon To be honest i think Vampire Counts have the best fluff so far =/ they affect every other race in one way or another!
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