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04-29-12 11:35 AM
DasOmen svent kept to the shadows as he moved through the ruins of the base. smoking craters, charred corpses, all of these things did wonders to keep the ranger hidden as he discreatly rejoined the rest of the eldar as the battle ended. as the other guardians turned a corner, walking through some smoke left by a fresh battle, svent slipped into the formation as if he had never been gone, sad part was the guardians were none the wiser that he had left in the first place by how they were moving.

the entire thing felt off to svent, they had the ability to simply wipe these people from the map, and yet all they were doing was causing a distraction? then again distractions were rather fun in themselves, this being no accacption. it wasn't every day the lo'ranga was able to infeltrate a group of guardians, move amongst them and then help save a exarch. the only thing bugging him now was this blasted mask he had to wear to keep himself in disciuse. while they walked svent couldn't help but wonder how it may have turned out if the two forces, eldar and imperial, had joined forces in earnest and not worry about all this stealth and secrecy. he suspected there may have been a lost less casualties than there were.

once they got back through the gate though svent would have to make himself scarce, dissipating into the thick of the ranks should be fairly easy, it was getting back to the shrine before the exarch that would be the hard part.
04-19-12 11:12 PM
Anilar Eriel stood with his warknife stuck deep into the neck of the mon-keigh that had been shooting at them. His tailored genes, training and abilities no match to the flanking maneuver and concentrated firepower of Dire Avengers. But still too many of his brothers and sisters had died this day. The order to retreat had been issued the objectives had been fulfilled, soulstones had been retrieved. Eriel looked up watching the remnants of the Fire Dragoons created mushroom cloud exhaust itself, as the wall that would bring in the untainted mon-keigh crumbled.

Eriel wished to stay, make sure that the taint of chaos was no more, but that would be foolish, it was not the plan nor was it the way of the Dire Avengers, they were not to charge foolishly into battle alone and separate. They were to support the battleline following its flow. Supporting what ever elements that needed them, and now it was covering the retreat to make sure that no more lost there life. So Eriel sheated his knife, picked up his rifle and fell into the familiar movements of disciplined cover and retreat movements, he and his fellow dire avengers had trained decades for.

But somehow Eriel saw they were not the last to exit the base and the battle, the Fire Dragoons being behind them, one individual being further behind. As Eriel reached his wave serpent he saw the last Fire Dragoon turn and open fire with his fusion gun on unseen targets. Eriel stopped on the ramp of the transport, making his exarch aware that there was still Eldar engaged in the battle. Awaiting orders, Eriel kept watching hoping that the Dragoon would survive, there had been enough dead and he didn't want to see another eldar die.
04-09-12 10:51 PM
Honor the Fallen.

As Athbra finished setting up his many Melta-bombs at the colums of the forbodding command structure, he examend the building more closly,not only was it of inferior make but it was also coverd with the mangled and maimed bodies of mon-keigh and symbols to the disgusting "gods" of chaos. It was a mercy to the galaxy to blow it up.

He watched with barley surpressed glee as Qaunti took out the detonater and, invoking a prayer to the Bloody-handed one, detonated the explosives in a glorious and firery mushroom cloud.

"Such beauty..." Athbra breathed quitly to himself, but he did not have time to truly admire the scene, as two explosions erupted from the eastern wall.

Athbra looked over to Quanti to see if she knew what was going on, he off-handinly noticed her Helment and armour were covered in dust from the explosion{and he imagined he looked the same}.

"Excellent work, my dragans, but it is time for us to leave this forsaken place." Quanti said proudly,"It is time to let the humans pick at the scraps we left them!"

Athbra growled at this, he knew it was a joke, but he felt it was their duty as Eldar and Fire Dragons to destroy every piece of chaos taint to be found. But the logical side of him knew that would be impractical and to just let the more expendable Humans take care of it.

He noticed that his squad had already started running towards where the escape vehicles were supposed to be while he was lost in thought, and he was about to join them a sudden glare of light hit one of his helment's lens. He turned to it's source and saw nothing but a girder.

"By Fuegan's lance!" Athbar gasped as he saw what had made the light, a figure in deep orange armour was buried under the wrekage. He quickly ran up to see if the Fire Dragon was somehow alive, kneeling before his battle-brother and took off his helm. His face seemed fine at first glance, his noble featurs un-tainted by battle, but as he looked closer it seemed far paler then normal, like all the blood had been drained from it. He began to look down to the chest area to see how much damage he had taken there, and when he saw the ribs sticking out thrue the uncountable gaps and cracks in the armour, he knew he was dead and the armour was unrecoverable.

"Rest, my brother, your sevice to the dragon has come to a end." he whispered to the dead warrior, rejoicing as he found his soul-stone to be unbroken. He put it in a pouch on his waist and got up, the best thing he could do for the fallen warrior was to get his dimmed soul-stone back to the craft-world. Saying one last prayor, Athbra got back to his feet and began running towards where his squad had gone,and noticed with some annoyence that he had fallen behind most of the host. His run had gone by more or less uninterupted, he took in the full sight of the carnage that had taken place, entire areas filled with the corpses of heritecs and destroyed buildings.

He was almost at the exit when he noticed them, 3 hulking figures running towards what looked like a Rhino.

"How could we of missed that?" Athbra said to himself, bewildered,"It matters not, there are still pawns of chaos alive and I have not gained vengence for my fallen kin."

He put his armoured hand to his helment's side, where his com was located,but before he could open his squad's channel, a thought came to him.

"If I alert the host to these traitors pressence, more Eldar blood may be spilled,they may not even be a threat to the host! And if we spend too much time here,we may run afoul of the primitives." But as he thought this, his warrior-self once again took control,"What am I thinking? A trio of Mon-keigh could not possibly stand aganst the vengence of the Fire Dragons!"

Nodding to himself, he opened the Fire-Dragon channel sent his measage.

"My exarch, I have spoted a small group of what seems to be astartes close to our escape route,shall we enact the Dragon's wrath upon them? They may compromise our escape." Athbra reported as he used his free hand to bring his Fusion Gun to bear.

"One way or another, the fallen will be avenged."
03-25-12 07:54 AM
Serpion5 As Eldranna continued to dart between the clumsy swings of the astartes weapon, her supporting warriors gradually began to gain the upper hand. Eriel succeeded in flanking his adversary with the aid of one of his fellows. Jae and her squadmate charged through the fray. A bolt round clipped Jae's armour ineffectively, but the warrior beside her was less fortunate, being hit directly in the chest and falling lifeless to the ground in a bloody mess. There was no time to mourn the loss, as she closed the gap and ended the life of the marine brutally with a slash across his throat followed by a thrust through his chest plate from her lethal crackling sword.

Svent, bereft of his usual rifle was forced to rely on a mere shuriken catapult. Turning the unfamiliar weapon to the Chaos Champion that even now was forcing the autarch on the defensive, he unleashed a brief salvo of deadly projectiles. The distraction was enough, giving Eldranna the opening she needed to drive her crackling blade through the tainted marine's neck. As he fell, Eldranna moved to assist one of the Avengers finish off his foe.

Eriel and his ally succeeded in their flanking maneuver, managing to catch their astartes adversary in two lanes of fire where he could not position himself effectively. Dozens of tiny shurikens found their way through the joints of his armour, rending his joints and crippling him on the ground. It was a simple matter for Eriel to drive his knife between the gap under the marine's helmet and end the wretch's life.

Quanti led the Dragons the last few metres, signalling the order for the deployment of meltabombs on the supporting pylons of the Command structure. Their advance remained eerily unhindered, and only the sounds of the battle all around accompanied them as they completed their task unhindered and began to withdraw.

Carane succeeded in convincing the exarch to allow her to leave. As she passed overhead she witnessed Eldrad's triumph over his target as well as his accompanying warlocks succeeding in eliminating the rest of the astartes squad. It appears that asistance was not required after all. This was a relief as she prepared to circle back to where her fellow Shining Spears were waiting.

Drasi pulled up alongside the wounded Hawk. He leaped off before it had stopped completely and offered his hand. Pulling her to her feet he saw that one of her legs was broken in addition to the damage to her wings. Giving her a hand, he began to move her towards his jetbike.

* * *

At the same time as the Melta Bombs detonated, the Imperial Forces succeeded in bringing down the Eastern wall. Two humongous detonations tore the air apart and in that moment all hell broke loose.

* * *

Drasi: Before you can bring the wounded Swooping Hawk back to your bike, the two simultaneous explosions rock the ground beneath you throwing both of you to the ground. Falling debris pepper the entire complex and ill fortune sees your jetbike crushed by a large chunk of masonry. As you turn to the Hawk you see that she has been knocked out cold, dead or alive is impossible to tell through the armour concealing her form. Will you still try to save her, and carry/drag her limp form back towards the breaches in the western wall to the waiting transports? Or will you assume the worst and evacuate yourself?

Eriel, Jae, Svent: The Command Structure has been destroyed and the Imperials have breached the base, making it clear that the time has come to withdraw. Even as Eldranna orders the retreat, the Fire Dragons are already making for the exit. All that is left is to gather the spirit stones of the fallen and join the retreat. Do you feel that you could have done more? Do you think the Swordwind should have had a more frontline role rather than sneaking in behind a main assault? Or are you confortable with allowing the humans to take the brunt of the attack?

Athbra: During retreat, one of your fellows is killed by a falling girder. You must stop momentarily to retrieve his waystone, meaning the other warriors and Guardians will escape ahead of you. When you are nearly at the exit, you happen to notice a group of three astartes falling back towards a previously unseen transport in the shadows of another building. You can alert your exarch and divert to try and eliminate these, or you can ignore them reasoning that they are of no threat.

Carane: All is well with the seers, meaning you are able to rejoin your squad. As the Imperials breach the wall and the Command Tower is brought down, your exarch signals that it is time to retreat. Flying low, you make one last pass over the western side of the base to ensure that all eldar are able to retreat unhindered. You will not notice Drasi's predicament due to focus being drawn elsewhere. As astartes and humans scatter in the mess that is unfolding, you catch a brief glimpse of a humanoid figure that seems to shine with a dim golden glow. It moves quickly among the astartes and after less than a second seems to vanish from view. Perhaps a hallucination but even so this was not natural by the looks of it. Will you dismiss it as a trick of your mind or alert Eldrad to the situation once he and the warlocks are back at their wave serpent? Will you tell any others what you saw, knowing that you were the only one who saw it?

Requiel, Kendra: Neither of you posted, so cover the previous update then retreat back to the Wave Serpents outside.
03-23-12 06:03 AM
DasOmen Svent moved with the rest of the guardians, mimicking their movements right down to their in sync breathing patterns. he kept his body almost rigid as they followed closely to Eldranna as they entered the breach. the human onslaught of chaos fanatics were easy kills, like kicking gretchin with a spiked boot, it was so easy it was disturbing to svent, this whole thing felt off to him, far to simple even with the humans creating a distraction.

engaging the humans that moved to try and take their lives svent had to force himself to miss as the guardians opened fire. he aimed down the sights, minimizing their movements, pulled the trigger, and had to actually offset his aim to account for a guardian's accuracy least he give himself away as a ranger who were frankly known for their accuracy. his movements were also slightly slower than an average guardians, not as if he was actively watching them to then do what they did, but to resist the urge to just open up and kill the humans outright rather than what the guardians were doing which he considered playing nice. svent was being damn carefully not to reveal himself so early in the infiltration.

rather than go for his normal targets of right below a human's nose so that the round would slip on through a weak point in the skull and slice through the spinal cord, or aiming for the heart and lungs, in controlled bursts, or even debilitating shots to further increase an enemy's opening.... Svent fired like a guardian, aiming for just the general center of mass, forcing his shot groupings to become wider than he would like, and also aiming for obvious targets such as the larger cranium of the human onslaught. he could see that the guardians didn't exactly follow any school that showed a decent amount of trigger discipline when they fought off the human fanatics, it was just spray and no need to pray if it hit someone. needless to say they carved through the human meat wall with little effort.

as the fanatic meat wall was cut down and the ground resembled a butcher's shop that a krootox had stormed through, svent heard the order for the rest of the forces to advance. his mind raced as he forced himself to not let his eyes race to find new threats, he let it appear as if he had let his guard down some just as some of the other guardians did. when the chaos marines appeared Svent forced himself to be just milliseconds behind the first reaction from the guardians as they opened fired. he didn't even aim for the eyes of hte marines! he forced himself to make the same mistakes he saw the guardians making to keep himself undercover.

svent watched as the eldar up front died to a salvo of bolter fire, eyes now focusing on the same targets the other guardians were, however as the exarch flew off with her wing pack svent's manner of firing started to change as he slowly got the rest of the guardians used ot him not being there even when he was still, well standing right there with them. in essence one minute he was there with them firing on the chaos space marines, the next well... leave it to a ranger to be a sneaky bastard. no one even saw him dissapear so to speak.

Svent finally managed to pull the proverbial stick out of his ass when he snuck away, quickly slipping back into the feel of being on his own, the only down side in his mind was the shuriken catapult he had as part of his disciuse.

sneaking along svent maneuvered around behind the chaos champion, getting ready to make his move. if there was one thing rangers were good at, it was moving around without being noticed, even by eldar standards, and svent was no slouch there. waiting untill he was in a proper position svent aimed down his sights, no reason to miss now, no reason to hide... now it was do or let his new teacher die, and to be honest svent wanted to know what she had to offer. she did after all have a rather nice figure in his flawed and twisted opinion.... even if her attitude could use some work.

seeing his chance svent opened fire on the chaos champion, the first few rounds merely as a distraction to open up his target's defenses. he fired from one location and quickly ducked back into hiding, gone from sight and detection. his ploy had done the trick though, a slight hesitation, a slight opening was all he needed as he moved to fire again, this time from a different location where he opened up fully, practically shelling the champion with shurikens.

the exarch likely wouldn't approve, she'd likely chew him out, beat him around, and discipline him for his actions here... but hey, the fact she'd be able to do that after this battle was worth it in his mind.
03-12-12 05:53 PM
Santaire Drasi was already moving as the attack started. He vaulted into the saddle of the jetbike resting beside him and activated it. The vehicle hovered for a second before taking off and Drasi shot off towards the fort. He leaned in close to the jetbike to minimise the target he would present even though there was little chance of him being spotted. He set it on a course and killed the main engines so that it could glide to a halt. He waited a moment and then pushed off from the jetbike.

He landed almost silently and drew his sword and pistol in one swift movement. He paused for a second, taking in his surroundings before moving. He could hear explosions and weapons fire but that was none of his business. He continued running. A patrol rounded a corner and he killed the 2 men quickly, the first losing his head to a sword blow and the second leaving a bloody trail as he slid down the wall, leaving the 2 shuriken stuck in the stone. Drasi saw the swooping hawks fly over him in a delta shape, guns blazing.

He slid into position below the level of the defensive parapet and unlimbered his rifle. He slammed the but against his shoulder and straightened his legs. His eye gazed through the scope and the renegade's head came into view. He exhaled the breath he had been holding as he fired. The monomelecular round crossed the intervening space in a nano-second. Brain and shards of bone erupted from the back of the Chaos worshipper's head and his body staggered backwards and toppled over the wall.

Drasi was about to switch targets when he saw the swooping hawk. She had been hit in her temple's previous bombing run and now lay still in the courtyard. He knew then what he had to do. No doubt there would be some who would dissaprove at him abandoning his position but he would not let her die without attempting to save. Even should he fail he could not let her soul stone fall into the hands of the enemy.

He turned and began to run back to his jetbike. It went against all his survival instincts but just because he was an outcast that did not mean he had lost all sense of duty to his own people...
03-10-12 09:12 AM
Thebluemage2 Athbra looked at the wall he was meant to crush,he had just witnessed to fall of a Falcon,and was going to exact part of his vengence upon this wall,he readied his fusion gun and opened fire on the monstrosity,yelling a savage war-cry along with his brothers-in-arms as he did so.
The Warcry soon turned into a laugh as he and four of his fellow Fire Dragons easily created a opening in the Mon-keigh's disgusting example of a "Defense",why,a new-born could design stronger walls!
He stoped fireing when the opening was deemed sufficent,and followed the squad Exarch,a Female Eldar by the name of Quanti, who led them thrue the opening to seek cover behind what the Slaves of Chaos deemed vehicles,Rhinos by the look of them,surprisingly similer to there loyalist counterparts,while his fellows set up fireing positions,Athbra took out several Melta-charges and waited until their Close-combat cousins went ahead of them before getting ready to arm them.

"I shall leave the gifts of the Dragon to deny these primates use of these....Vehicles" Athbra stated with a bit of disgust at the end and quickly got to work arming the Melta-bombs in cruical areas of the Rhinos,such as in the engines and the unarmoured rear.

As soon as the Melta-bombs were set,Quanti ordered the Fire-Dragons to follow close behind the the other aspect warriors, when they were about twenty feet away from the Rhinos,Athbra detonated the charges,reveling in the following explosion like a artist marvels at his master-piece,Watching how the metal was blasted away in a glorious symphany of destruction and laughing at how frail their "Rhinos" were.

"Yes,this is a appropiate vengence for the fallen falcon. Athbra said to noone in pariculer, sounding satisfied.

Unfortionly, Athbra's awe was inturupted by a yell of alarm,Athbra turned to see several squads of "Normal" Heritecs who hardly looked fit to fight"Then agan,when are the slaves of chaos ever fit to fight?" Athbra quitly asked himself as he scaned over their enemy's forces.

"All infantry" Athbra thought with a hint of dissipointment, they would be unable to contribute to this battle in a meningful way,even as he thought this,the "skirmish" was over and he watched the last of the humans bleed out on the ground, they almost imedadiatly started moving agan.

As Athbra followed behind the Bansees and Avengers, he heard a loud cry from the front,
"Ambush!" A Howling bansee shouted before being cut-down by the Chaos Space-Marines who seemed to have materialised out of no where,
"That death shall cost you 5 Marines, Slaves!" Athbra shouted with the fury his aspect was known for,but before he could take a shot Quanti put her hand on his shulder,stoping him from firing, and saying in a voice that warrented no argument "There is nothing we can do hear.We must press on."
Athbra wanted to argue,but he knew it would only waste time and submited,offering a quick prayer for his fallen kin before they moved around the conflict.

"To that building,My Dragons!That is our destination!"Quanti orderd as she pointed towards a large building that seemed to be the Command structure a short distence away that strangly seemed to be unguarded.

Athbra had the stange feeling that this endever would not end well,"Why would they leave a command center unguarded?"He suspicisly thought to himself, but he pushed that thought away as he followed Quanti towards the accursad building,excited at the prospect of battle.
02-12-12 01:37 PM
Yru0 The transports insulated them from the sounds of battle, the dull thunder of cannons and frequent bursts of communications pumping the warriors' bodies full of adrenaline, Jae felt herself tightening at the tension, trying in vain to calm her thoughts for the coming storm. It was a tiny, seemingly insignificant, green light that shone in her helm that pierced every other sensation of the world, a single blinking indicator that the endless time of waiting was finally over. As one, the squad stood stoic still, the glowing eyes of masks and the slight shimmer of their blades illuminating the interior of the transport, until the doors descended and they lent their cries to the symphony of war.

The banshees were directed straight at their target, a lethal swarm of harpies deposited into the belly of the beast; they moved like a river, flowing deftly, gracefully, over and around obstructions to reach their foe. Jae found herself sprinting past a squad of Dire Avengers who were mercilessly engaging the hated enemy. Her sword soon soaked in warm red blood, Jae found her screech turning to cackling laughter as she and her sisters cut down the tide of Mon'keigh, their howls of war now cries of terror. Autarch Eldranna stood leading the charge with her personnal escort, Jae felt herself swarming forward along with her squad, the cries of the banshees joined by that of other eldar who followed their Autarch deeper into the bastion of the great foe.

As the eldar advanced upon what seemed to be the primary building of the complex, Jae began to feel a nagging sensation, that something was off; it was a natural instinct honed into a warrior through endless hours of training and experience, the resistance they had thus far encountered had been far below her expectations, and the route to apparently the main structure was clear, it could not bode well. Jae pushed aside the stray thoughts, the Exarchs and the Autarch would lead them true, and any doubts in her mind would lead to her own demise; the squad stormed oblivious onward, until one of Jae's sisters erupted into a cloud of gore.

The sound of the explosive shell and the cries of the attackers reached Jae a split second after she had witnessed the sudden death of her fellow Banshee, and in that time the formation of banshees shattered as each soldier dived for cover as per their training, their armour simply could not withstand such a bombardment. Jae was one of the lucky ones, she found herself behind the wreck of a twisted Mon'keigh vehicle, and therefore was saved the scarce cover it provided; other's were cut down where they stood. Jae saw a banshee realize her hopeless situation, and with her dying breath tried to launch herself at the advancing foe, before being disemboweled mid-leap; whilst a Dire Avenger crouched down to one knee, his futile action of defiance with his weapon buying the precious few moments needed for his brethren to reach safety.

The metallic explosions of bolt rounds detonating on the opposing side of Jae's cover accompanied the arrival of one of her sisters, who narrowly avoided death thanks to her battle prowess. The two of them exchanged a glance of mutual joy in seeing the other still alive, before the hammering of the ricochets ceased long enough for Jae to loose a few pitiful return shots from her shruiken pistol, the measly barrage serving its purpose of allowing her to survey their situation. As Jae duck back down before the Mon'keigh realized that he could easily weather whatever projectile she fired his way, she explained her plan to her squadmate; there was two more pieces of cover closer towards their assailant, which Jae believed to be a lone Mon'Keigh, the two of them would have to dash past his fire, and, even if he managed to hit one of them, he would not have long enough to stop the other from reaching her goal. The two women nodded in understanding before throwing themselves out from behind the transport, their sudden appearance matched with the flash from their firearms. All they had to do was run.
02-07-12 10:17 AM
andygorn Dispersing from the main formation to take station at the Southern bunker entrance, Carane's helmet magnified her vision:
With the attack underway, Carane had thought to see more of the debased cultists that usually swelled the ranks of the Fell Gods, yet these foes were evidently more heavily armoured, just like the ones she recalled from her own Craftworld's battle-stories.

'Don't get distracted, steel yourself for the coming fires' she reminded herself. Sometimes she feared she might become caught up in the battles for their own sake...the flash of duelling lasers and shurikens, the fiery blooms of explosions and wreckage. Such an existence was far off for one of her inexperience, but she was aware it was an ever-present possibility for her kind.

Re-focussing on her duties, evidently at least some of the humans had sought to establish a strongpoint behind sandbags and a gun emplacement, manhandling a bulky autocannon into position to strafe their lines.
Almost silently, hundreds of discs slashed through the air, carving open nearly half of the defenders as well as making a mockery of their hasty defences, yet they had been almost too late as the heavy gun began to frantically swivel, pouring shells at any Eldar which came into view.
Had the humans stayed on-target and concentrated their fire, they may have provided a real threat, but the sporadic and wild automatic firing which they threw up instead served them ill.
With searing bolts of lasgun fire splashing across the Spears' canopies, or cutting the air beneath the agile jetbikes, a second pass saw the humans cut down in their makeshift trench, unable to defend themselves from four directions at once.

With the nearest threat ended for the moment, the Exarch's restless motions on his mount spoke volumes about his eagerness to enter the fray instead of being held on the flanks, unable as yet to make a significant impact.

The battle-awareness of the squad went up to another level as they heard the dull crumping sounds of explosions and the high-pitched whine of replying wraithcannons.

"Sir, I do not mean to be disloyal, but Lord Eldrad may be in danger. I am sure that he knows what he is doing, but there may be times which even he cannot account for.
"The foe may yet attempt escape via these doors but, whilst we wait for them, can I have permission to leave the unit and scout to his area?
"If it is nothing and he wishes us to remain here, I shall return immediately, but if he needs assistance, I will communicate let you know to come and I will do my best to help him against the foe in the meantime until you arrive.

"We are one of the fastest units in this army, and one of the swiftest Spear Shrines on this Craftworld; you have taught us well. But if we lose Lord Eldrad, he will not be merely a 'casualty', or this a 'battle lost', or even a 'world lost'...his passing will shall be mourned by each and every remaining Craftworld soul.

"If I am elsewhere and I am needed here instead, then I will do my best to hurry back, but I take whole responsibility for my actions and for any ill consequences which occur if my absence causes them and where my presence would have made that difference."

"Just like Asuryan's chariot of old, my steed is also anxious to chase down the foes without mercy...let me do what we have trained for."
01-23-12 06:05 PM
Anilar It was time for battle, Eriel could taste it in the air. Every warrior present full of anticipation, as Eldrad strode into position among his soldiers.
Apart from the wraithguards and the witches everybody with there warmasks on.
Eriel himself had not felt more ready for battle, he had adorned his warmask with ease, much easier than he was used to. But still something was not quite right, but he could not figure out what and there was no time to ask anyone for advice. It would have to wait to the aftermath of the battle.

Eriel and his squad was released almost onto the walls of the enemy outpost, breaches melted into the wall by the weaponry of the fire dragoons, that were already advancing through to the inside of the fortified wall. Eriel and the Dire Avengers quickly followed them inside, and as the Dragoons took cover behind some enemy vehicles, the Dire Avengers opened up a coordinated fusilade of shuriken fire into the frenzied enemy soldiers that was counter attacking. Many of them simply cut down, by there lack of self preservation. But it also meant the enemies was getting closer that much faster. There return fire being pitiful inaccurate, and the shots that hit, only making small dents or scorch marks on the superior armour of the aspect warriors. But as the chaos troops were about to scream there warcry and charge the Dire Avengers, seemingly out of nowhere a squad of Howling Banshees crashed into the unaware humans, slaughtering them to a man. Only Exarch Aldrakkan having the weaponry and skill to follow the banshees into the bloody merciless melee.

Autarch Eldranna, standing behind with her escort, ordered the battle formation forward towards the central building, as they had defeated the first wave of humans. To Eriel one of the guardians moved in a way, that gave him a feeling of deja vu, but couldn't quite but his finger on where and when. But he didn't have time to think about it, as the formation quickly moved forward, suppressive shuriken fire being sent towards the building and the ramparts.

Halfway towards the building, all hell broke loose, as metal grey chaos marines ambushed the formation. Before everybody had reacted to the fight several Dire Avengers and Howling Banshees torn apart by the primitive but powerful explosive shells of the enemy's bolter weaponry.

The world exploded in noise shouts, orders and counter orders. The noise of the burst of enemy bolter fire exploding against what ever cover, eldars are using or simply fired into the air, where moments before a banshee had been. The shrill piercing sound of shuriken fire fired on full burst, as eldar was scampering for cover.

Eriel ducked behind cover together with one of his squad mates, they quickly comming into a shooting duel with one of the chaos marines. His obscene runes, making it hard for the Dire Avengers to keep there aim on him for long. And there shurikens seeming to be unable to pierce the armour of the marine. Eriel was once again reminded, as he had so many times before in battle, that nomatter how primitive humankind seemed corrupted or not, there aptitude for warfare was impressive, and there instruments of destruction are quite powerful and something to respect.

As the battle progressed around them, Eriel once spotted the Autarch in duel with the Chaos Champion, but it was quickly interupted by another bolter fusillade against his cover. Eriel and his squadmate was forced to abandon the crates they had been hiding behind, as they were torn apart by the explosive rounds. Eriel threw one of his plasma grenades towards the marine, the explosion and the shuriken fire of his mate making the marine duck behind the wall ruins of a old building.
Eriel sought cover behind a cargo truck, that was close to the ruined building, his squadmate hiding behind a hardened concrete obstacle.

Communicating with his Squad mate, Eriel expressed his intention of sneaking around the Vehicle and hit the marine ambush in the flank, asking for cover fire.
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