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05-04-10 10:01 AM
the-graven Liked the report, actually I expected 1 unit of 15 and a scar-veteran with 14 saurus, but well I have never been good at guessing what someone is gonna field.

I like your idea of the waywatchers, I really love them, if I would play WE I would field some glade riders, some waywatchers and of course DRYADS(how can you not love walking trees ), and as lord choice a Treekin(or Treeman or whatever they are named), but that's my idea, I guess your going for a fast moving shooty army with Waywatchers, Glade Riders and Warhawk Riders?
05-03-10 08:54 PM
Vaz I'll give it a try. A camera hasn't gereally been a priority for me, so I'll probably need to borrow one.

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05-03-10 08:23 PM
Yilmar Wow the charm has been truly nerfed then! And yea thats quite unfair compared to those half dead fools which seem to have everything.... except shooting haha.

I also like the way you're planning to expand your forces. Creating a solid fire base to draw the enemy in while still harrying their flanks with glade riders and soon to be hawk riders (right?). Also always been a fan of the waywatcher models. For a while I had this idea of converting some into Empire huntsmen for my army. However it was to expensive for me at the time and I had no idea how to un-elf them without losing to much coolness from the model.

Would you mind posting a pic of the waywatchers when they are ready with their noble?
05-03-10 08:04 PM
Vaz Haha, I should have gone for the HoDA instead of the Lamentation. It still worked out okay in the end.

It grants the user a bound Steed of Shadows Spell ;) It's worse than it was - The Vampires now have Talisman of the Lycni which does exactly the same thing. I don't know why, considering that they have 3 Flying Mounts, the ability to fly as part of a Vampire Power, and access to a spell capable of moving the unit during the magic phase which can be cast multiple times upon them, so it's a bit redundant.

I'm thinking of massively increasing my ranged damage, and breaking out the Waywatchers. I have 43 to spend - which means I can buy a 9 Waywatchers (3 Sets and 9 = 27), a Noble with Bow (8), and a Waywatcher Lord (8). That way I have my rare choices set out, and a nice little bit of ranged damage. They can be used as either Glade Guard, or Waywatchers depending on the points level, and gives me a bit of choice.

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05-03-10 07:31 PM
Yilmar Wow does the charm of the jaguar give you a move of 14inch!? Can only remember its magical properties from the previous armybook, and that said a move of 9inch. So did the charm have a huge upgrade or were you wrong in the appliance of it?

Anyways a great read.
What will you buy for next month?

05-03-10 05:30 PM
MaidenManiac Was really surprised not to see the (mandatory) Hail of Doom arrow in the list Vaz

Good going so far, despite you playing the most booring army ever created, then again Im not there so I dont have to face it
05-03-10 04:30 PM
Vaz Okay, played the game against the Lizardmen last night. Very good match to be honest.

500pts Wood Elves
Heroes = 166pts
Wood Elf Noble (Great Weapon, Light Armour, Shield, Elven Steed, A Blight of Terrors) = 166
Includes the Lament of Despairs Campaign Reward

Core = 258pts
5 Glade Riders (Musician, Standard Bearer, Horsemaster) = 156pts
5 Glade Riders (Musician, Standard Bearer) = 147pts

Rare = 50pts
Great Eagle = 50 (Until I can afford 2 more Warhawk Riders)

= 497pts

500pts Lizardmen

Saurus Scar Veteran (Charm of the Jaguar Warrior, Halberd, Shield, Light Armour 122pts

10 Saurus Warriors (Spears, SaurusChampion, Musician) = 138pts

10 Saurus Warriors (Spears) = 120pts

10 Saurus Warriors (Spears) = 120pts
= 500pts

I was gobsmacked to be perfectly honest when he laid down his troops Never really imagined so many. However - I was happy that I had no ranged units or Nasty Razordons.

So, rolling the dice to decide who goes first, I won, and elected to go first - I wasn't sure at this time whether the Hero had the Charm or Blood Statuette, and he'd been placed in the unit - so I wanted the first go.

Asrai T1
Movement was extremely simple - move as far apart from each other to enforce a split, but remain mutually supportive.

I started off the games damage with the Lamentation of Despairs - however the Leadership Test was passed :/.

In the shooting phase, I targetted one of the Saurus Units - and killed one with all of my firepower. I was thinking that I might have been better taking the Hail of Doom Arrow, but can't be a chooser now.

Lizardmen T1
Their movement was simple as well. Move forward 8". I found out that it was a Nike Saurus, and found myself dispelling the charm of the jaguar warrior. This annoyed me, as I would have to do some really clever maneuvering to bypass that 28" move.

Nothing more was going on - so it was my turn again.

Asrai T2
Movement around the outskirts of the enemy units continued - moving out to the 28-30" boundary to keep my archery in range but avoid a nasty bastard of a Saurus Hero, meant that my Arrow fire was even more disgraceful - killing only 1 more.

Lizard T2
The movement of my Elves had split the Lizards in 2 (the Hero and his bodyguard against my own own nobles bodyguard, and the other two units hunting down the other) - but the best news was the mistake my opponent had with sending his Hero against my Noble - confident in my movement, I elected to let it through, and then gang bang him with my Eagle and Glade Rider Charge.

Needless to say he was short (1"), and that ended his turn.

Asrai T3
I promptly declared a charge with both the Glade Riders and the Eagle, and then skipped the other Glade Riders into the rear arcs of the other two Saurus Regiments.

The Saurus Hero held his ground despite the Terror check, (passed on a 8, even with Cold Blooded), and the Elves and Eagle hit home.

Shooting phase saw me triumphant spectacularly killing 3 with 5 Shots (once again, the Horsemaster missed), bringing the total to 5 killed - panicking the unit, and even the cold blooded nature of the lizards couldn't stop the panic turning them back to their animalistic natures.

In the combat phase, I'd had my Noble challenged, and instead, I chose to keep him alive, and get the eagle involved as well (4+ Armour Save doesn't meet with S6 very well). Switching to his hand weapon and shield, the spears of the Glade Riders just bounced off his armour, but the eagle scored a deep wound. In retaliation, the Scar Veteran killed 2 of my Glade Riders, but the combat was lost - in accordance with attrocious luck, he once again failed his Break test, and was chased down by the Eagle.

Lizards T3
At this stage, even my opponent knew it was all over. We called it another victory for the Wood Elves.

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05-03-10 11:33 AM
Originally Posted by Vaz View Post
Edit @ the_graven - Eternal Guard are a definate maybe, but although I like the models, I'm not sure I want to spend 15 (?) for 5 Foot Models. I'm lining a game up tonight against a Lizardmen Saurus Heavy List, with no ranged units. I'm expecting a NikeVeteran.
About the Eternal Guard, that was just an example of infantry, i meant just take some infantry, you can go cavalry only but you'll be so heavily outnumbered and you would lose every Combat Resolution. Just do what you want, I would take some Dryads(I just love walking trees ) but you are not me, so just do what you want, it's about the fun anyways,

05-02-10 05:15 PM
Vaz Thank you for the rep - that was very kind ;)

I have been a fan of fast armies - I've spent a good 7+ Years playing Warriors of Chaos - so having something a bit more flexible is really nice. I've been playing with a friends 2000 Strigoi list - it's not especially the most competitive, but with 4 Units of maximum size Fell bats, Flying Strigoi Lord, and dual Varghulf, It's quites funny when you go first and get a first turn charge with your Ghouls.

I thought I'd try something similar, so I might go for full Air Cav, but I also love Waywatcher models, and being Skirmishers, they are nice and fast, and with Killing Blow Arrows, they are quite effective. I'm taking a break from standard "tournament" lists, and I'm having a go at making what I like the look of.

Truth be told, I've been a massive fan of the winter theme armies, not using any Tree Spirits whatsoever, so I'm giving that a try.

Edit @ the_graven - Eternal Guard are a definate maybe, but although I like the models, I'm not sure I want to spend 15 (?) for 5 Foot Models. I'm lining a game up tonight against a Lizardmen Saurus Heavy List, with no ranged units. I'm expecting a NikeVeteran.

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05-02-10 04:58 PM
the-graven I like this, who's gonna be your next opponent? And as some advice don't go cavalry only take some dryads or eternal guard when at higher points armies.

Plz continue this, + rep.
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