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01-18-12 12:14 PM
Rems The Red Duke is a Brettonian, currently inhabiting Mousillon. They're have been other rulers of Moussilon who dabbled in necromancy or vampirism but he's probably the most famous.

For a Mousillion themed army i would go with Brettonian Knights for Black Knights, Men at Arms for skellies and zombies and ghouls can stay as they are. Given the Brettonian penchant for force of arms i'd stick with mainly vampire characters, combat focused, with necromancers for support.

Some alternate Blood Dragon models (who originally come from an Empire Knightly Order actually) i would recommend GameZone miniatures Vampire Knights as alternate models if you're interested; they're fantastic.
01-18-12 10:28 AM
Giant Fossil Penguin Thanks for the fantastic replies so far, Heretics!
I think I'm getting a bit confuse with my fluff which is making my theme a bit less focussed (although what's been offered so far has been ace). Is the Red Duke actually anything to do with Mousillon or was he buried in a different place? In fact, was he even Brettonnian? I know he came down with a bad case of the Vampires after his body was brought back from a Crusade on Araby, but was he a Brettonnian Duke or an Empire Knight?
Should the Red Duke be from somewhere else, then Stephen_Newman's list really comes into effect. I might add a Coven Throne, with the reason being that the Lahmians like the idea of a Duke, even if he doesn't have a Dukedom. Being on Crusade in Araby, he could conceivably have travelled near to Lahmia, maybe even a Lahmian being the one to give him the Blood Kiss.
should Mousillon also be seperate to the Red Duke, then I can see that force being more with the Necromancers and the more 'risen graveyard' feel- Mortis engine, Hexwraiths, Ghouls and some Zombies.
Which idea do you reckon would have the stronger theme-idea driving it?

01-17-12 09:29 PM
Creon I converted Bretonnian Knights for my Blood Knights.
01-17-12 09:19 PM
revan4559 Just going to give a quick recommendation if you do blood knights as their models are very expensive. With my own blood knights i converted them out of High Elf Dragon princes as the shields and armour are very suitable. All i did was green stuff in the open part of their helms.

Anyway of your ideas i would go with the Blood Dragons / Red Duke as a theme as i just love their fluff.
01-17-12 08:31 PM
Barnster Black knights would also be fitting, the basement of mousilon castle is meant to be full of black knights, Im sure you could use banshees as fallen damsels as well

I would recommend picking up the red duke book, if your interested in creating a themed force I've just started it but so far so good
01-17-12 06:13 PM
Creon Don't forget a Necromancer Lord in there. After all, the Damsel of the Lady who died of plague during the Crusade is still helping her Knights!

Ghouls who carry the Grail reliquae...well, they ate him, but that's not important.
01-17-12 04:05 PM
Stephen_Newman To give a little idea here is a quick 2000 points army list I drew up for a Blood Dragons force:


Vampire Lord (level 1) with Heavy Armour, Shield, Barded Nightmare, Ogre Blade, The Other Tricksters Shard, Talisman of Preservation and the Red Fury, Quickblood and Dread Knight Vampiric powers-443 points


Vampire (Level 1) with Heavy Armour, Great Weapon, Potion of Strength, Talisman of Endurance and the Quickblood and Dread Knight Vampiric powers-207 points


50 Skeleton Warriors armed with sword and shield and have Full Command-280 points

50 Skeleton Warriors armed with sword and shield and have Full Command-280 points


30 Grave Guard armed with sword and shield and have Full Command and carry the Banner of the Barrows-410 points


6 Blood Knights with Full Command and carry the War Banner-370 points

Total-1990 points
01-17-12 03:55 PM
Stephen_Newman If I had to stick to a bloodline to best describe a red duke/mousillion army I would go for Blood Dragons.

This would mean you would rely more on Vampires that smash people in the face rather than hang back and survive. Skellies would be you core choice. Apart from this I suggest shying away from units heavily associated with the other bloodlines such as Ghouls, Vargheists, Varghulf's, Dire Wolves (although with a little conversion they could be hunting dogs), ALL SC (ecxept Krell and Konrad as they fit a Blood Dragons theme), units of Banshees/Cairn Wraiths, Crypt Horrors, Corpse Carts, Bat Swarms, Fell Bats, Coven Thrones, Spirit Hosts, Terrorgheists, Black Coach and the Mortis Engine.

The resultant army will be one that relies less on magic and much more on smashing people in the face. Blood Knights can be ferocious on the charge and Hexwraiths can be used as the spirits of dead Questing Knights with a little imagination. Grave Guard would probably be used and have a Vampire Lord and a normal Vampire if possible.
01-17-12 01:46 PM
Alexious Hi

In short... crusade.....die..... revenge.....die again..... rinse and repeat.

I would go typical units of a fuedal barony... etc.

Men at Arms... skelies. (Zombies are fresh!.... not after being away on Crusade)
G.Guard... elite guard.

I think a necromancer or two would be fine.. as they released the red duke? Possible?

Good luck.
01-17-12 10:50 AM
Giant Fossil Penguin
VC theme

Taking advantage of moving back home and having all of my GW stuff in shipping crates for nearly the next 4 months, I'm finally going to start a VC army; the new minis look too good to pass up and I've been a long-time admirer of the Skellies, Grave Guard and Blood Knights.
What I am going to do this time is stick to my theme as close as possible, whilst collecting as many cool things as possible. My problem is that all of my stuff is packed away and I can't find any info on the two themes I'm thinking of: a Mousillon army, or something to do with the Red Duke. Can anyone help me find something online? Lex is too sparse and I can't find anything that helps me.
If, however, someone feels well-versed in the fluff, could you give me an idea of what units might be appropriate? Every time I start gathering my theme-fu, I get side-tracked by oooh, shiny! and zip off in another direction.


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