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Default All about you

G'day my names Brad, ive played 40K for a fair few years. i started off with a bum steer with the GK's, moved to the Bas and led into it from there.

Armies ive played: GK, necrons, Eldar, heretic =][=, nids, BA, FT and various others with some dabbling in WFB
Age: 17
Other sites im on: Storm Bolter which i mod on, B&C, the Herdstone and others mostly under the alias of SCW

What brought me to HO: a nicely worded PM from Jezlad :D
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Hey, I'm Galahad (Galahad_Knight from B&C and Tauonline) Most call me GK, but I can see how that would be confusing from a 40k point of view ;-)

Been playing off and on for many, many years. Started as a casual collector, every now and then I'd buy the latest edition boxed set to see what's new and promise myself I'd play it. Eventually my younger brother got into the game and dragged me back in for 3rd edition. Played a bit,t hen got distracted when d20 came out. He brought me back in when 4th ed came in. Since then I;ve dropped a metric buttload of cash into the hobby, so I'm making an effort to play at least once a week

Primarily Blood Angels, but I'm getting into Tau too.

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Hello, everybody. My name's Chris but I'm sure you've already figured that out. I was born and bred in northern England and I'm still here. I have many interests. To many to list in a quick intro post. So I'll just say I'm a rock music lover, an animal lover, athlete and gamer. I paint/collect/play Eldar (working on my 2nd Eldar army) and have just started breathing life into some Imperial Guard..
I spend alot of time on 40kforums (if not a little too much). Jiplums gave me a PM and scooped me up from over there.

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Ooooh! Oooh! My turn!

Name's Scott, but I'd answer faster to Xabre anyway, so let's stay there, shall we?

I started mini gaming a few years ago with a crudely constructed Mordheim league built by some friends of mine. Shadow Elves were the order of the day, and their shooty death brought me my fame and glory until a friend of mine learned what a mounted knight and a bunch of squires could accomplish.

From there I swore I'd never get involved in one of those large scales miniature games... and was promptly beaten over the head by the idea of how cool the Dark Angels could be.

I lost every game with the angels and their Plasma Cannons. After the crushing defeat of my Deathwing to a bunch of gaunts (you never saw so many 1s...) I retired the army, switching to Necrons.

Over a year I assembled a serious Necron Force, and never lost with them. I dabbled in Grey Knights for a while, and put together a beautiful (imho) Grey Knight Battlefleet Gothic force, with Forgeworld strike cruisers and my own custome built Inquisition Black Ship.

Now I've sold my Necrons and have moved onto Chaos, simply because I'd rather lose with an army with flavor, that I can enjoy converting and painting with....

Granted, I haven't played 40k in months... I spend most of my time nowadays on WoW.

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Hey guys names Aj. Known on the forums as MCA, Astador, or Master Chaplain Astador. I've been playing 40K for almost 10 of my 16 years. I play Black Templars, Dark Angels, Deathwing, Flesh Tearers, Cadians, Death Korps of Krieg, and Tau.

I got a pm over on B&C and came here! so here I am now
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Well i'm known as jigplums everywhere but my real name is dan. I got into the hobby when a friend bought me a white dwarf mag and a blister of dwarfs and a blister of space ork's for my birthday. I still have my longbeards that i painted all those years ago, that have affectionately gained nicknames like Rainbow, and bug eyes. Yes they look good
Myself, Ryan el Johnson and Jezlad began playing fantasy, and highelves were my first ever army, although at the time i had a compliment of paper cut outs to boost numbers, i have managed to add models to them over the years. We moved over to 40k some years later and i started out with eldar with what i think of as my main army. There are very few 40k armies i haven't used in some form, usually borrowed from friends to hand them there arse a few times a see what they learn from it. At the moment I've qualified for the GT finals and still trying to come up with that list that can see off any opponent in a competative environment, without having to buy a whole new army.

Anyway HI guys and welcome to heresy.

Check out my gamer Blog

Jezlad "I actually commented that Jigplums list was the least scary list I faced. Then took a pasting"
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Hello all, name is The Wildonion or Liam to my friends and I am 16. I am a resident of the states and have played 40K for about a year now, started up Fantasy with my buds when the new edition came out. I have played Marines since the start, I have a small 1000 point Genestealer force for City Fight, and I intend to start up the Dark Eldar come February and my Birthday.

As for other sites that I frequent, there is 40K Forums and 40K Online; the former is where you find me most. I arrived this morning after a PM from Jezlad and hope that I can live up to the expectations he has set.
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Hello everyone my name is Paul, I am from the east coast of the United States but im currently in New Zealand for a vacation. I have been into warhammer for about 8 years I have more armies than I would like to count and Im ashamed to say I've only ever finished 1 of them heh.

I used to be a MOD on the 40kforums and I spend most of my time on the net playing a game with the hardest learning curve ever called Neveron. If you are interested in Btech though give me a pm and Ill try and get you set up there.

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I'm in the army cadets with my friend and we both play 40k too. I use marines and have some guard tanks but they are just for the models as guard are not so good as marines and i will be starting a chaos army too when i get my christmas money
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Hey up i'm Neil, aka Skcuzzlebumm, Skcuzz, Pink Nid dude, that guy from Flame On with the funny hair etc

Been into the hobby now for a little under 16 years and have been gaming for around 14! - Jesus i feel old saying that. Gaming wise (trying not to sound smug) i have really been there and done that tourney wise (you will nearly always see me on the top tables been loud) and now have begun to take a more relaxed approach to my armies, designing them around a theme for looks rather than gaming ability. Though despite that i still seem to win far too many games for my own good (i am notorius for been able to control dice - believe me ask anyone who's played me) but have a laugh no matter what. That to me is the main thing - having a laugh, its a game that involves pushing small toy soliders around and throwing dice about. I still never understand why ppl get that serious about it, i really don't.

Apart from winning far too many tounries my greatest achievements wargaming wise has to be 2 things (in my eyes): 1. Been nominated for Best Army at the GT, that was soooo good and is now my goal each year. 2. Been one of the 4 founding members and still today a key driving force behind Flame On!
>>> For those who have never experienced Flame On at a tourney (we aint hard to miss making all that noise and wearing red believe me) we are a group of gamers based mostly round Manchester (though have members as far flung as Greeece), who love drinking as much as playing. We all have (in our eyes) a really good attitude to gaming and make it as much fun as possible (like i said you notice us lot at tournies). Thats not to say we aint damn good at the same time. Since our founding we have racked up a terryfing headcount of toruney winnings and awards, most recently coming 3rd and 4th at 40k GT heat 1 and 3. We can even boast to have probably THE BEST 40k gamer in the world (i shit you not he is literaly number 1 in europe if not the world) as a memeber. Underestimate us at your own cost, but befriend us and you'll never be without a drinking partner or 20.
Think i've said enough for now (you can see i'm proud of flame on) but no doubt you'll see me around.
Oh yeah i currently play Nids and Marines but have effectivly played with/against and understand every army under the sun these days (even the Tau meta-game is not beyond me now). So feel free to PM me into a thread for advice etc.

Field Marshall Lord Neil Alister Mackenzie Kerr the Marquess of Lothian
aka Team Scotland 40k Captain 2012
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